Second Life Ranker

7. Period Tomagia (7)

“Stop it, uncle.” Athena gives a sharp glare. She always looked at Yeon Woo and Jung with her eyes, but for now she was sharp as if she could pierce Poseidon right away.

Poseidon distorted the impression of seeing his nephew. That cheeky nephew was always like this. I was hindering what I was trying to do.

It's the same now.

I don't even know what the Black King is, and I've never been there. I can't believe I just stumbled on an old story. It was never just the power of mortality.

However, he was not my nephew to listen to.

No, even after all that.

“How dare you block my way?” Poseidon could not ignore what he was trying to do. Even if it's my niece.

“Unless otherwise noted • • • • • • • Oona. I'll kill you too.

Poseidon releases the cold pressure roughly. Nice Pluto, who was so overwhelmed with cold sweat for the appearance of my personality, had to avoid the storm.

Athena and Harmesh's expression is rigid.

The zero-pressure of Gusuo-3 replacements pushed out the atmosphere, creating a huge storm.

I wonder if the Temple of the King is shaking like this.

“Poseidon!” He snarls, turning his head toward Hades from above the altar. Welcoming Olympus' family, he sprinkled his power with a frowning face.

It was anger against the arrogant brother who dares to act on his land.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Black lightning strikes from the sky, and the earth flutters up and down.

This is his sanctuary, and Tartarus is his territory. The will of God was always buried in the sanctuary.

The overwhelming weight of the son-in-law subsides.

Suddenly, the faces of the other Olympus gods appeared on the altar were horribly dull.

In fact, they had just appeared as the Saviors of Dardardardardardaros, but they had always been eager to help.

I could recall later.

Whatever Hades was in the past, in the days of Gigi Tomagia and Nidanomagia.

Though after that, when he ruled over the commandments, he was almost never exiled from the heavenly realm and became a forgotten being in their minds.

At the time, even Zeus was a tyrant who bragged about his great defeat.

Hee Hades could never bear to dishonor himself.

“How dare you take a weapon from my territory without my permission? You'd turn me against you, wouldn't you say?” Whenever rolling, rolling-Hades utters a word, the black thunder thunders louder.

But Poseidon also ruled the same Olympus. I confronted the impression without losing.

“Brother! You're the one who 'he! Have you forgotten what it was like to be black? Our brother threw his life and brought it down! I faced Kronos as it looked like an anticipated wall! However, before the words of • • • Poseidon end,

Grrrrr! Dozens of thunderbolts of aggregated black lightning once more fall at Poseidon's feet.

Poseidon turns back in surprise. Hades' eyes were still troubled.

“I give you one last warning. The chapter; Put it down. The child in front of you is my friend and guest.” Friends and guests.

I felt unwilling to let it go.

Hades took Poseidon's hand as he hesitated.

The gods of Olympus were restless. If Hades and Poseidon collide like this, it would be the end of everything. Even if we all hold hands and fight together, it's only good for Titan and Gigas if there's a judge in the country who doesn't have enough.

The problem was that Hades and Poseidon both had strong pride and would never yield.


Poseidon turns his broken blade to the side, unable to bear the tears. A part of the sanctuary that was nothing flew away. The storm has lifted the cold pressure, but the atmosphere is still boiling hot.

However, Poseidon was still complaining about whether or not he was angry.

Then, I turned my head toward Yeon Woo and stared at him with the squirming eyes.

“Lucky for you now.

I will never forget the shame and humiliation you have brought me. ”An enormous zero-sum crushes Yeon Woo's shoulder. Normal play can be overwhelming enough to let you faint or to crush your soul.

Peace-young laughed openly at Poseidon. It was ridiculous to be stubborn as a child even though I was prideful.

"As you wish” Poseidon's temples made a lot of podcasts. Just for a moment, I thought he might defeat Yeon, even if there was a real clash with Hades in his mind. Eventually, I had to press it.

It was obvious that if I tried my best, I could easily kill him, but it was obvious that I would not be pleasantly attacked.

A new player. It was a burden on my character.

In the end, Poseidon suppressed his impulse with superhuman patience and turned his body to the other side.

Xerxes, who followed Poseidon, flourished, and eventually greeted Hermes and Athena instead of chasing after Yeouido.

It also includes the goddesses who appear to be Hasegawa, Sunra and Demater.

That's it.

After the fierce reunion of Olympus and Dardardardardaros.

The squish-athena pushes the sword in her hand back into the vault until Poseidon and the like are fully retreated.

But still, a sharp, evenly spaced surgeon was not leaving her side.

Harmesh smiles faintly at her.

“You know what, sis?” Athena narrows her eyes to see if this mischievous little brother is trying to pull another prank.

However, Harmesh's grimace is fierce and he does not erase his evil smile.

“If I look so fierce, I'm afraid of men who approach me with affection and leave.” Athena only realized her mistake and quickly recovered.

But it was already after the bus left.

Yeon-woo was staring at her.

“Thank you for your help.” Athena nods in unison, slightly bewildered.

He acted like he had a lot to say in person. See, am I right? At that moment, Harmesh's aura rang slightly in her ears. The whole time I saw Yeonwoo again, I saw myself rolling my feet, and I remembered the image of Harmesh.

What did he say then? You said if we actually met, we'd have a story to tell, right? I was adamant when I said, "Cut the crap." I met Yeonwoo like Hermes said, and all I wanted to do was embarrass her.

The child he had taken care of before, now he knows the old days surrounding his brother. and the things that surround it.

Does he still blame me? I couldn't open my mouth because I kept thinking like that.

I'll take care of your place, so tell me the story. Harmesh grimaced and glanced at Yeon-woo. At that moment, Athena wanted to smack his face like a chimney, but she had to endure the soup.

“In a very short moment, Athena once again thought about what to say. But the outward question was too simple for him to think. 'She was also in charge of the basement = 1- She wanted to beat herself up,“ No. Thank you. "“ Glad to hear it. ”After a brief conversation, there was a strange silence between the two.

The other people around me were confused about what was going on 1- 01- The moment I looked at the two of them alternately.

[Parallax cracking] Suddenly, the world stops, except for Yeon and Athena. No, precisely, Yeon-woo began to slow down indefinitely, accelerating the speed of the accident. And according to his intentions, Athena was able to very easily adjust the speed of Yeon's accident.

In this noisy environment, an environment was created where only two people could have a conversation.

At that time, as the clock struck, Jungwoo's zeal slowly slipped out. He glanced at the god who had watched over him from a long time ago to the privileged Eyre.

The moment I first saw Athena, it was a thought in Jungwoo's head.

You must be the first face I've seen. Somehow the day was ripe. Probably because of those eyes and that. The sad look in your eyes. However, there were eyes that cheered for me until the last time I closed my eyes.

So Jung Woo.

When Un7 met her, he finally got to say what he wanted to say.

I never thought I'd see you again.

Athena's eyes tremble up and down.

The person who stood by me until the end, was Athena. "Athena kept her mouth shut.

Jungwoo was smiling brightly.

Of course, I blamed Athena a lot. because he's been watching me from the beginning, and he's never looked at me like this. because it was offensive to just observe, and when I wanted to catch a straw at the end, I wanted to help somehow. "As Jungwoo fought with the enemies, he remembered the message that appeared just before closing his eyes.

The god who cannot reveal his name looks upon you with sad eyes. Probably would have.

And that message kept appearing in privileges that could not be repeated.

Never, ever.

In a way, it was a view.

He was also a thankful person who kept him by his side until the end.

But I always thought the same thing when I closed .

Luckily, you're not too lonely. The thought of Orloth taking care of me. In fact, Athena had no reason to help Jungwoo.

It's just a glimpse into the future and a display of compassion.

However, I could not intervene separately. The elaborate system in the tower continued to cut unnecessary interventions in the celestial world in the name of causality.

It was also true that Athena tried to help Yeon-woo and Jung at all costs since then.

“Say that • I.” • Thank you, Athena stole the eye area with a slight smile. There were a few tears. I've been trying to figure out what to say if I'm connected to Tartarus and I run into the Fellowship again. I was so thankful that they came to me first.

And looking at those antennas.

Jungwoo thought so. God, but you're such a pretty girl. I've always felt it from looking at myself with sad eyes, but it seems worse than I thought.

How could a man so young have become the goddess of war and wisdom? Obviously, when I was growling against Poseidon, I couldn't be so scared and confident. Now I was like a sister living next door.

So, Jungwoo suddenly remembered my mother.

Hwak-Jung unconsciously flapped his wings and approached Athena.

Close enough to feel your breath.

Athena takes a step back without even knowing it. No man has ever come this close to himself in his life.

Normally, I'd just be asked what the hell this is. Looking at the clear eyes of Jungwoo, I lost my grip. Rather, I was embarrassed.


Warack-Jungwoo hugged Athena during application. Like I said, it's okay.

Athena was embarrassed at first. After realizing that the warm body temperature was trying to soothe him, he nodded thanks.

“How dare you touch the Jade Orc without permission. Don't you know that even if you get identified, it's not enough?” After a long time. Athena was a bit ashamed as she pushed Jungwoo away or grumbled with her lips sticking out. He pretended to be solemn but cute.

"Fahaha! Are you really the goddess of war? You seem to be crying a lot more than I thought. Jungwoo smiled without even knowing it. Athena's lips are more than a few feet long.

Then Jungwoo noticed that Yeon-woo was staring at him, and laughed.

Yeon-woo shakes her head.

No, I was just wondering what Cesana Ananta would look like if she saw this. ”“ No. You can only warn Braham. • • • That's not it! Athena smiles slightly at the brothers who gossip like that. Somehow, the two of them seem to overlap in appearance with Harmesh. I mean, it was something I used to feel like, but they were cute.

Then Yeon-woo pushed out loud, prowling Jungwoo with her hands, and gladly met Athena's eyes.

“May I ask you a question?” Reconciliation is over.

Then, when I met her, it was time to ask the question I wanted to ask.


At that point, Athena opened her eyes slightly and nodded, noticing roughly what question Yeon-woo would ask.

“I know you saw a prophecy when Jungwoo first came into the Rhetorical.” • • • • Correct. It's very short. ”Athena nods heavily.

I knew it. Yeon-woo asked me a small question.

“Was there friendship with me in that prophecy?” “Yes.” “What did it look like?” Athena hesitates without a quick answer, and finally takes a deep breath.

“But first, let me fix you one thing.

The prophecy I saw is true of you; but it was not all of you, a mysterious answer.

Yeongwoo and Jungwoo's eyes widened.

“What's that?” Athena's expression is hard.

“There was only one person. ”