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8. Period Tomagia (8)

“and • • • • • look at the atmosphere. That's harsh." “Even for you guys. I heard Olympus is worse than that. God is a god, after all.” After the gods of Olympus retreated, the liver and the group could only sigh.

Even though the liver was quivering, other colleagues were nodding as well.

“Olympus is one of God's many Pantheon • • • • • • • societies, the largest of which is Deva and Asgard. I have no choice but to draw because they are the leaders of such a place.

Abraham laughed as he recalled his days in the kingdom of heaven.

In fact, Olympus was classified as one of the most attractive streets in the heavens. Most interfering with the summer and many incidents. And it was also the place where the most generations of "solids were made.

And that tradition was still going on.

Only for a short time. The gods of Olympus are clearly moving in two large groups.

Old gods, including Poseidon and Hera, and young gods centered on Harmesh.

Some of them shot around as if they weren't too keen on such things, but they usually noticed that those belonging to one place were reluctant to approach another.

Moreover, the deeper the emotional goal and the more intense the gods were, the more they did not even look at the rest of the group.

This meant only one thing.

There is a great conflict between the generations. 'I was briefly told that Zeus had become more aggressive after he fell asleep.

Is it true? 'It was the Brahms I had always hated when it came to heaven. But I've always been interested in the noisy Olympus occasionally.

But there was something that was different before and now.


I'm just paying a little attention to Yeonwoo, who has been around a lot of rumors in the heavenly world recently. The gods of Olympus did not pay any attention to the other players.

Rather, some people frowned publicly, saying that it was unpleasant to breathe the same air.

Same old, same old, same old. 'Abraham laughed calmly and laughed at the gods of Olympus, and looked at where Yeongwoo had been.

People didn't notice it at all. Abraham clearly knew that a conversation had come and gone between Yeongwoo and Athena through a connection. I just didn't listen because they were both doctoral conversations.

By the way.

"It's a little awkward.

Abraham couldn't figure out why he was so bothered without knowing it.

In fact, Yeon-woo has been receiving a lot of attention from various gods and demons, but the most common contact was Olympus.

From the presence of the King of the Seulks, who will be deeply associated with Olympus, to the blessings of Harmesh and Athena, to the musical tales of Poseidon, to the battles of Tartarus, after the name of Olympus.

Given that the achievements engraved on the system are the main determinants of the high player's branch.

In fact, it was not a good thing to associate with one place without being an apostle, so Abraham was concerned about that.

After this, the seeds of chaos were completely engulfed in Olympus.

Yeonwoo told me to be merciful to leave as soon as I finish my business with Athena.

However, "causality" was not something you could shed just because you wanted to get rid of it so easily.

Tak! Finally, Abraham silently covers the book he was reading. And you shake the barrel of several pieces of dead meat out of your chest. I didn't want to use this. I was frustrated and couldn't help it.

With a groan, Galilee laughs.

“What's that? I've never seen you before.


“Dot? You didn't believe much in that stuff.” “But I don't deny it.” “To see the moon?” “What's to come.” Abraham replied, and quietly pulled out a dead man. On the tip of my head was a letter that I did not know the meaning of. What only Abraham could know: It was also a great chest.

“But what does it say?” “No. Nothing." Abraham shakes his head as hard as he can, putting his brisket back in the barrel.

It felt like my heart was still pounding. It doesn't come out very well for some reason. What happened? Is there a mismatch between Olympus and Yeon?

So I shook it several times and pulled out the scorecard again.

But every time, there were certain results.

Heavy chest.

It meant there was nothing good about being associated with Olympus.

'I should ask him to hurry.' There was nothing good about staying in a place like this.

Just when Yeon-woo was here. Abraham tries to reach out to him, but his footsteps falter without his knowledge.

We didn't know each other even though we were wearing masks, but we could definitely feel it as a link.

Yeongwoo's face was frozen solid. The connection was filled with all sorts of intense emotions, unlike usual.

“What's the matter? Is something wrong?” “Abraham.” Yeon-woo hesitates for a moment, and opens her mouth carefully.

“I mean, sometimes spiritual beings do it. What are the chances of that becoming a reality?” I never thought of that question.

Abraham quickly thought that there was a reason for his conversation with Athena.

A prophecy. Or a prophecy. Obviously, it was not just a good word for God and demons.

“If you're not a prophet, sometimes you're wrong.

The prediction is not a confirmed outcome, but a cross-section of the process. There's a lot of fits. ”Prophecies and prophecies were in fact difficult to describe. There was also a king who listened to the prophecy and tried to avoid it in the same way that Dory did. To Olympus, to Deva.

After all, predictions are nothing more than a cross-section of the future that is likely to follow the causal rate, and so on. Abraham was a believer. He was once desperate enough to rise to the ranks.

“So • • • • if you have a portrait of Abraham and Galilee, Cesar and Anantha sitting next to each other.” At that moment, Abraham remembered a prophecy he had seen just before he lost his divinity. The five smiling people in the picture, all of a sudden, why does that come to mind now? “I'm not the other daughter. Nothing. I must have said something out of the blue.” Yeon shakes her head rather than asking questions.


The voice of lonely Athena echoes in his head.

- But I didn't know who that one was. I saw it with God's eyes.

; you finally told me. However, Athena slowly walked to the temple where the gods of Olympus would flock, although she had no idea whether this would be good luck, bad luck, or any other silver.

Seven years ago; eight years ago? In fact, for a god who lives for tens of millions of years, just a handful of times ago, I had a hunch that a "coincidence" would be the motivation to put her through so much trouble right now.

At the same time, she was following Harmesh's advice, looking for pieces of dark matter.

Dark was a necessity for her, for Harmesh, and for her siblings who dream the same dream, and that was the affirmation! It was all I was given was a trust that would appear in the lower reaches.

Fortunately, Poseidon, etc. who regarded the dark as not trusting the trust so much, only had the obsession to find it ahead of them.

Then Athena was given a strong 'feeling'.

I feel like the cost price will appear on the tutorial page 31.

The repertoire, which is happening as an annual event, is now not much of an entertainment for Olympus gods, but that day alone felt strong.

So when Athena looks away, the person she sees is straight away.

Novis participated in the tutorial with an invitation privilege. Not only was he talented, but he was also disqualified as a player because his physical and physical abilities were poor.

He thought he would die without passing through compartment A, or he would be frightened to death before that.

I kept staring at him for some reason.

The player who thought he was going to die soon grew up searching for a solution.

Saving colleagues, sometimes making deals. That one step forward was enough to resonate with Athena's family. "

And eventually, when he graduated from the top, she screamed without even knowing it.

She was always there to protect heroes and give them hope. Jung was a child who could become the seed of such a hero in no time.

And I realized...

The fact that he's the key to the blackness.

Also, it's not going to end well.

A total of three prophecies touched her eye area. Things we wanted to do together. But in the end, the two previous things were released sequentially and became a reality. It is the death of Jungwoo and the Awakening of Yeowoo respectively.


There's one last thing left.

Athena had no idea what the edge would be like now.

Because foresight only tells you a certain outcome.

The process did not know how it was done, whether it could be missed, or whether it was confirmed.

Even if it's God.

Maybe she saw it, just while one of Yeon-woo or Jungwoo was away for a while.

If so, she'll be the only one in trouble.

However, it was hard to think that Athena would draw a picture.

because the person who smiled in the last prophecy looked like Yeon Woo or Jung Woo.

Doatena was able to reach the center of the temple one day. But of course, Harmes, who thought he would be in the room, stood with his arms crossed and his back against the marble ridge.

“What are you doing here?” “Of course I was waiting for my sister, Athena frowned.

“What else are you going to say?” If anyone hears me, I'll think I'm bothering my sister. Are you disappointed, Yi? ”“ And it wasn't? ”“ Well, I can't deny it. ”Hermes winces, smiling maliciously.

Athena took her hand to Kim's house after she came down to Tartaros, annoyed by her busy brother.

Harmesh makes a fearsome gesture by using his haunted, winged boots, the Tallaria, to spread his distance.

“Ehae. Let's talk, shall we? Don't you know peace? Peace?” “Peace is nothing. Have you forgotten what my position is?” “By the way, it's not necessarily fatherly to see without a knife. How can we compromise our simple, irresponsible father? You'd compare it to her, wouldn't you?” Tak! Athena pushes her half-drawn sword back into the foam bin.

When it comes to “# # #, • • •“ looks like it ended well. You need to ask.

“Then?” “That's it.

Hermes points to the temple with his thumb.

The temple was wide open, and all the doors through and out of the window were visible to the inside.

There was some concern that the contents of the discussion would leak out before the appearance of the gods, but none of them had the guts to come near the Gods of Geolimpos.

However, Athena could easily witness the commotion within the temple.

It was an argument.

“Are you sure you want to give the power of darkness to a filthy mortal? You know better than anyone what that power is! That was never supposed to happen!” Poseidon jumped out of his seat with a red face like a basil and yelled at the whale.

Hades, on the other hand, just sits there and throws a cold joke.

“I've already given it to you. I think that's my answer. Hades!” Poseidon eventually couldn't resist and knocked the table hard. The beard trembles. Unbelief and awe settled in my eyes.

And it was the same with the other gods of Olympus, who were silently watching the conversation between the two men.

Hasnia, Hara, Demeter, Nereus, Doris, Limos, Diggae, and Enormia. Even the gods, such as Apollon, Artemis and Dionysus, who shared Athena's will, were surprised.

Zeus' Astraphy1 and Poseidon's Triana were all just forcibly absorbed by the mystic powers, but their resources were completely different.

By giving up water for him, Hades had already broken his old vow and turned his back on the player called Yeongwoo.

In a way, they regard it more closely than the apostle Ram.

What if it was something that was damaged and difficult to make? It has to be deeper and deeper.

Stubbornness is a symbolic image of the warmth of the myth.

Hades gave his future to Yeon-woo now.

It's not the same: “You should be surprised like this.” Hades twists his legs in a squatting position, his fists clenching his chin. I rolled up one mouth very cynically.

“If the child gains his status at any time, he is also willing to inherit this' regal status. I'm going to freak out; Hades' bombardment declaration froze solid.