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9. Period Tomagia (9)

“That's what I'm talking about!” The first thing that comes to mind is Poseidon.

Poseidon's face now flushed with anger and his body trembled. I've been restrained from Hades for years. But I was also pushing the limits of my remaining patience.

Of course, Hades was not at all aware of such things.

Don't scream, Poseidon.

No one here is deaf.

Hades' grief grows darker. “Did you say mortal? Ridiculous.

So how many times has that Pilmule got her ass handed to her? What are you, an idiot? What, is that how it's gonna be? ”“ Don't insult me! ”“ Insult? If it's insulting to talk about the truth, I'll do anything. ”Hades straightens his waist, releasing the right hand that was twisting.

“And so are you.” Hades glances at the left. Hastia, Harla, Demeder behind Poseidon. And the gods who join their faction.

The appearance of Olympus, who arose in the name of darkness, was ridiculous to his eyes.

“It's been a long time since it rained. You guys are the moonlighters, aren't you? The past is the past. Why are you so obsessed?” “Because it's not just the past.” Hera has risen from her grave. She was the wife of Zeus and queen of Olympus, and on behalf of the three Zeus brothers who were interested in foreign notices, she had the right to speak as much as they did.

“Then?” “Our identity. We, who were merely shepherds, could sit on Olympus' throne.” As I took Gronos down, I was trapped in the abyss without any further effort.

Root = So Olympus was able to gain a solid throne.

And then the blackouts come back? That means that a fire that we thought was definitely wiped out in the past could rise again and consume them.

If there is a source of disaster. It was right to bud in the growing challenge.

Hades smiles, however, as if it weren't fair.

“We have more strength and perseverance than we did in the war. And I sat on the throne, with greater influence. I heard that Dark Days are returning.I wonder how it will compare with Gronos' resurrection. Even if they were to return, we wouldn't be able to destroy the asteroid we built.” The soup kept her mouth shut. Hades was right, to be honest.

The days when they took out the darkness were still before the tower's system was firmly established.

There was a lot of struggle and struggle, and there was a lot of upheaval in the process.

It was a time of confusion when the faces of those who sat on the throne differently each day.

Elohim's old gods, Protogenos and Vaniers, have fallen into such chaos. In the meantime, the victims were high elves, multitudes, half-horses.

Then, after a violent chaos, several gods and Demon Doctors appeared, and the world stabilized.

As the system was established, so many years passed. The celestial system was so rigid that it hardened.

And the gods and demons have remained part of the system, expanding their influence over the tower every day.

The tower leans forward, accepting new players every day. And so did the gods and demons.

In the darkest days, he was clearly a great being. He dealt with darkness, death and chaos since the cool of the universe, so clearly he brought fear to the gods of Olympus.

But when the order of the universe is captured. It was Hades' idea that Olympus no longer needed to fear him.

“Depending on the times, we could bring in the dark and turn that despicable Gaia into an ally.” In Hades' words, the eyes of Apollon and Artemis glowed strangely. All young generations with Harmes, Athena.

Unlike the bored Eastern generation, it was clear that the younger generation needed the dark and followed him.

At least they weren't the only idiots in Olympus. Hades muttered like that and asked Poseidon, who was frozen in his heels.

“Otherwise, don't you have the confidence to take the throne you're sitting on? Is it really that dreary?” “Of course, I don't think I'm going to change your mind by saying this.” Those who call themselves gods are like that. He tries to lose his way here because he's right. Independent, intolerant people.

All the gods and demons Hades had seen all the time. You dragged Kronos down. Do they know they're looking exactly like Kronos? In fact, Hades has resigned to Tartarus in the past for a reason. I can't read anymore with those idiots.

“So I will do what I have decided to do. When he realizes it's dark, he's desiccated. I will appoint you this seat, so don't talk anymore.” In fact, Hades' seat originally came from the darkness. I was right to return it to the original owner.

Poseidon considers Hades no longer to be persuaded, and stares at him with open eyes.

“Are you sure he'll get credit?” “Then?” Hades remembers the wings of the pits throughout the battle. Death and struggle. Death originates in the dark, but the struggle is different. Orloth was his, and his achievements were being engraved, and if given a chance, there would be no days left before he would be reborn as a myth.

“For tens of millions of years, this has never happened since the tower was built. Even Allfo's aide didn't make it. But does he have a personality? That's not fair!” “You've got to get it straight. Olfowon is just not doing it on his own. Poseidon, I can't take on dozens of guys like you.” Poseidon clenches his fist once more in contempt of his brother. The blood vessels swell as if they were about to burst. He was patient with superhuman patience.

Hades, however, continues to scratch at his heart, as if to look to the castle.

“The same goes for other players.

Have you ever seen the Summer? In it, players are already ready to be demoralized, ready to be demoralized. Two or three of them! Not enough to take the fight to them, but they're all over the place. But it's still not working. Do you know why? "The question that Yeon-woo kept asking for seven years. Dis Pluto's deputies are imitative, but why are they comparable to the nine kings; or low? And why was Astrius killed in the first place? The answer to that question was simple.

“It's because that damn Allfowon ripped the heavens and the streams apart completely into a bottomless pit. I have disabled the system, but how can there be a dependent player?” • • • which means. Do you think # # #, he will be able to achieve enough self-esteem to avoid the oppression of Allfoone? ”While all the other gods are silent, Demetmann gazes at Hades in silence.

She was a calm child among the six brothers and sisters. Personally, she's also Hades' mother-in-law.

Hades nods.

“Liberation, actually.

“Even if it is not, the child will always gain respect for his liver.” Poseidon screams.

“There is no way that Allfoone can make sense of this.” Hades chopped off his horse's waist in a heartbeat.

“No. I trust him. He will.” Hades has a strong will in his voice. Poseidon and the like kept their silence silent, and Apollon and the like looked at each other.

In fact, Apollon, Artemis, Dionysus, etc. had not yet made a decision about the alliance.

Unlike Athena Harmes, who is confident, and Ares, who is full of favors for her.

He was making them * willing, but on the one hand, he was worried that the mortal, like Poseidon, would be able to truly inherit the darkness.

I thought it would be better for one of them to lead the Darkness in the right way as an apostle.

Jamar was unable to do so because he saw Azrael being sucked into the brothers of the king of queries.

But if Hades is telling the truth...

I didn't have to doubt it anymore, “and that's when it was time to drift like this wretched throne of commandments. For me and for the old man, it's like running away. It cools down,” Hades laughed with many thoughts, looking at the complex Olympus gods.

Everyone but Hades is silent.

Poseidon's eyes were still full of pussy; he said: “The larvae must eat the leaves, and the birds must flap their wings.

A mortal masters the art of battle? This can never happen. That is blasphemy against us. ”“ mortal, mortal. Don't you ever get tired of saying that? We call ourselves immortals, but we're not really immortal, are we? "“ Even so! There is a birth that cannot be denied. Against that rule. ”Poseidon said as he slowly got up from his seat.

“That principle, I will make it right.” “You mean to interrupt me?” “Embrace it. Now that we have something in common, all I have to do is hold hands, but I have to kill him somehow and bury the black in the ground.

The fangs are clearly visible between Hades' beaded lips.

“Can I take that as an opposition to me soon?” “Don't you think you can do it?” The spirit of Near Hades and Poseidon clashes once more, shaking violently up and down.

Now, whether it was really a fight or not, it was a last-minute blur of breath. Dust and stone splinters from the ceiling as the Temple of the King trembles up and down.


“Stop it. What is it with you two as adults of Olympus?” The door of the temple opens wide, and a woman walks slowly. An orphan goddess with long, dark green hair. But every step she took pushed the powerful waves of Hades and Poseidon away.

All the other Olympus gods who were in place were surprised.

No one even knew how much it had changed since he had not returned to heaven for a long time, wanting to wait for his father.

But she was so powerful that she could hardly compare to when she was in Olympus.

Perhaps equal to his husband Hades, or beyond him.

Despite the mere appearance of the temple, the atmosphere was already revolving around her.

It's Persephone.

The goddess of the earth, daughter of Demeter, king of the land, wife of Hades.

The goddess who was able to take the two statues, 'Warm Spring' and 'Cold Winter,' stopped walking and looked at Hades and Poseidon alternately, and Hades shook his head as she met Persephone.

In the last hundred years, my wife has returned from a deliberate disappearance pretending to be focused on Tartarus. I was anxious to meet her from the moment I performed the Beacon Ceremony, but when I met her like this again, I started humming.

Like a frozen stream melting in the warm spring sunlight.

Even the King of Myung Kyung Kyung Kyung Kyung who was always cold, was returning to the old days with the feeling of first love for this moment.


On the other hand, I felt bitter.

There was no warmth or compassion in Percy's eyes.

It was just heavy.

'I wanted to see you so much, I never forgot a day, but you weren't.

I thought that avoiding you for a long time would make me a little cooler, but I didn't. Am I, to you, merely the object of a noble marriage, the king of commandments? 'Hades had to barely suppress the words that had climbed to the top of his neck.

Poseidon, on the other hand, distorts his impression of scattering his divine power.

“Where do the gods speak, do they meddle? Do you trust your husband?” Poseidon laughs, alternating between Persephone and Hades. Hades' face is hard for the first time.

“You're ugly.” Persephone snorts as if she didn't have anything to deal with.

Poseidon's expression was stiff.

“What?" “My husband is my husband, and I am that man. If you just cut it that easy. Yes, if that's convenient for you. But that's not going to change your ugly face.” “Four years and then Hades and then his wife. Poseidon could no longer endure the insult and went to the trident. The moment Hades was about to get up from his seat in surprise.

Boom! Poseidon suddenly turned into a frog tied to a tentacle that had been torn from his shadow, stuck to the ground and clung to the ground, and only Poseidon somehow managed to get away from the restraints of the shadow.

The more I draw, the tighter the Shadow Tentacle tightens and tightens him, and

A number of solid lines were drawn between the wide-shadow lines, and the eyes hidden in them were revealed as they opened up and down.

Hundreds of thousands of eyes were blinking as they looked at Poseidon.

At that moment, Poseidon also creeped up along his spine. An unknown anxiety filled his heart.

So I forcibly raised my head and looked at him.

She gazes at this side with calm eyes. With dry eyes that don't have a lot of affection.

It came fearfully to Poseidon.

It reminded me of someone.

The eternal arch-enemy of all gods, including Olympus.

Titan and gas, and all the other things in the world, and the origin of the pectoralis dorsi pregnancy, are maternal.

Godmother, Gaia.