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10. Period Tomagia (10)

Earth Mother.

Since ancient times, there have been many names for the Goddess of Earth.

Gaia, Ishtar, Havat, Tiamet, Virazu, Yumir, Jewa, Margo • • • • • • and Viera Dun.

The names of the myths were different, and the seclusion of the earth and the demonic society had a wide range of influences since time immemorial.

It was because the earthly body was more than what existed before the "heavenly world" was completed, or before the universe was properly implemented.

The Mother Earth has done a great job of fostering a world that was near nothing.

He built mountains, hewed ears, and let rivers flow. And I conceived life and filled an empty stage with nothing.

In a certain sense, the earthly god had a function as the Creator.

But the Mother Earth was banished from her own creation.

Suddenly, the universe and the world began to roll away from her hands.

Existing universes have spawned stars over and over again.

In the place where the universes collided, the small universes grew together with the explosion, forming the world, and again, the multiverses were wrapped in layers and formed dimensions.

Many heroes were born in infinitely expanded worlds, and even those who gained divinity based on mythology began to be deceived and transcended.

They called themselves gods, demons, and dragons, and so on, hoping to be called "the transcendents." And I wanted to go up.

The Goddess of Earth was offended by it.

As an extravagant being, I didn't have this grandchild.

But she still had the idea that the universe and the world were her children.

In the view of such a goddess, what the transcendents wanted to do was challenge themselves.

The youngsters are still trying to escape their restraints and control without knowing the subject.

Freedom? There were no words like that in her head that embraced everything.

But the earthly goddess, who is too much, is willing, but unable to move directly because there is no self.

So the Godmother constructed an incarnation that would punish the wretched children on her behalf.

The incarnation began a long war with the transcendents, unleashing as much magic and ghosts as it could.

It was often the war against the great beings seen in mythology.

Gaia's war against Gigantes, 'Olympus' killing giant Yumir and 'Asgard' making mountains and fields, 'Dilmoon' hunting ferocious dragon niamets, 'Bridge' and 'Bridge' sealing the first time and taking power from the Mother Earth, and 'Le Infernal'.

The war against the Mother Earth began simultaneously in each universe and world.

And they became a great myth, and they became a system.

One way or another, the goddess had to flee as if she had never been able to overcome the struggle.

It was a moment when many universes and resources gained freedom.

And the transcendents ruled the world by grooming war-torn organizations.

Though, soon after, there appeared something that would not cool them off even if they ate it, and they locked them up in a world called "heaven."

But Poseidon had not forgotten the glory of the day.

I used to wield the infinite world in my hands.

Of course, the Mother Earth wasn't completely exterminated. The war has continued periodically ever since.

By the way.

In Poseidon's eyes, such an earthly goddess's appearance flashed momentarily.

Even though it seemed like a mistake, that feeling disappeared immediately.

However, the horror that flowed from my back did not come easily.

The feeling was for the first time since the doctor, who was black, had been at war with Kronos.

Oops! But Poseidon's sudden applause breaks my mind.

“Come on, stop.

Demeter appears as he crosses between the two.

“Percy, how about this?” “Okay, Mother.

I couldn't refuse my mother's request after a long time. And I took a step back to make Poseidon realize the subject.

Then the shadow that was calling Poseidon released quietly.

Fluffy-Poseidon sits back and chokes and breathes. Then I stared at them furiously.

Demeter clapped again, trying to make up for the cold atmosphere.

“Since my husband and wife have been together for centuries, I'm sure you have a lot to talk about. Let me give you a couple's time. Tomorrow will be a long, new period of tomatoes.” Demeter looks down on Hades, who is silent.

However, Hades' expression was still unknown.

After the meeting that was so confusing.

Only Hades and Persephone remained in the meeting room, and there was a cool silence. All kinds of fancy drinks and foods on the table looked fabulous.

Tubbuck, Tubbuck and Pi1rcella smiled brightly as they looked around the temple of the king they had just found.

“This place isn't the same as it used to be! There's nowhere to go. You, too.” But Hades is still sitting there, watching her silently. I didn't say anything.

The Pycelles pout with a slightly fatter look.

“It's been a long time since I've seen your wife, and you have nothing to say?” At that moment, Hades' eyelids flutter.

The voice I've wanted to hear several times a day over the last hundred years. A long time ago, it was the voice that taught him the feeling of love for the first time.

“How have you been?” Hades' voice trembles.

“How do you think you're doing? How many wives will be able to relax when Jiabi doesn't come home for a long time?” Hades felt like a chimney when he asked if it was really true.

• • • Did you? I'm sorry. ”I pushed the urge.

My eyes sank sadly. Then the silence settled again.

Percy smiled quietly as he looked at his husband who was silent and silent, both now and then.


I look at Hades with confidence.

Somehow, the smile that was warm like the warm sunshine of spring disappeared everywhere, and only the cold of winter covered my face.

“That day. Did you see what I was doing?” Hades kept his silence silent.

But in my head, it was reproducing what had happened hundreds of years ago. The day he left the list. It was a day that had gone completely to Tartarus.

-Everything is to the will of the great mother.

It was just a coincidence.

When I went down to Purabura after hearing that there was a change in Tartarus, I went back to the list to cool off for a while while while holding a workshop on the sanctuary.

Percy was alone in the couple's bedroom, kneeling quietly, praying somewhere.

Looking at it. I wonder if he wished for the return of his physician, but he was happy for a while because he finally thought his wife was interested in him.

Hades was able to realize that it was faith in something other than its own origin.

Faith from God. Then I felt the power to return, as if I were at ease.

Who do you think they started with?


It could lead to the rebellion of Titan and gas.

“I see you've seen it. Just in case, I hid it to hide how I made that mistake." Jerbuck, jerbuck. Percellne slowly approaches here. As Ingg drops her room into the cistern, the shadows spread and flood the room.

Hades looked at it and thought,

That color seemed to see itself that day, after realizing who Persephone was, I thought a lot about it.

Letting her go could jeopardize the entire order, including Erebos, as well as Maltartaroth.

The reason they had Titan and Gigas in Tartaros was to force them away from Gaia.

If Fercelle were here as a gynecologist and as a middle ring to a broken line, it wouldn't have been any more dangerous.

Beyond the rule of thumb to heaven, the entire 98th floor, including Olympus, could face the threat of Gaia again.

What the past Olympus and many other transcendents wanted to prevent could happen.

So I had to kill Percy right away.

I don't think I've received the power of Gaia just yet, so I was able to make it work.


Hades couldn't do it.

I took it to Kim's house, but I couldn't get rid of it. Killing his wife with his own hands. How to draw.

She was the wife who had to have a marriage that she didn't have in mind because of her love. I couldn't hurt her like that again.

Then there's only one way left.

Without a glimpse of Persephone's rise, it was enough to put Titan and Gigas' rebellion to rest in advance. And if they cut off access to Tartarus, the Percellés had nothing to do with it.

Hades finally made his decision to return to Dardardardardaroth, and hundreds of years later,

All this time, the plan has failed.

The sacred city of Ker-nam was constantly being taken away from the rebellion, and Nipon, another apostle of Gaia, consumed Gronos' power and eventually transcended Hades' influence.

It was then that emotions gradually dissipated from Hades, and only cynicism and self-help remained.

Even if you stall like this, you know what's at the end of it.

And then there was the connection with Olympus again.

Eventually, the Percellés came down. The moment I wanted to avoid somehow came when I just kept putting it off.

“You knew all along. Why didn't you tell the others?” Persephone approaches Hades and asks a question. It was a riddle I couldn't solve in the last hour.

I'm pretty sure he figured out his secret when he didn't come back. Why didn't you tell Olympus about it? If he had, the Titan and Gas uprisings wouldn't have been this serious in the first place.

By the way.

“Because I loved you.” In a bold confession, Persephone's footsteps pause.

Hades' eyes burn brightly, unlike a quiet voice.

Those eyes. I can still remember.

The look I had when I first met myself. He didn't say much at the time, but she instinctively realized that his fate would change. And without hesitation, she was forced to marry with a commandment like being kidnapped.

I asked around for a lot of help. But they were all rejected. I heard that no one wanted to be the king of the kingdom, and that if he was born as a god, he would not be able to get married at the time of the year.

Percy's got it in his pants. At such a flowering age, I couldn't bloom like a flower, and had to leave my mother's side and be left in a strange place.

My husband tried to calm himself down and try to change his mind somehow.

There was no turning back once, and I finally reached this point.

Now she had the power.

Many of the resurrections and deaths of Titans in Tartarus have been sacrificed, bringing more power to the Mother Earth to Percy.

Huaa! The shadow rises high, tying Hades together.

Hades does not resist even as death approaches his chin. He left his fate to the Percellés. As he forced her fate long ago, this time it was her turn to do so.

“You're a bad person.” Persephone moves her length back, quietly whispering in Hades' ear.

“That doesn't make any difference.” Somehow, a dagger protruding from Persephone's hand pierced Hades' heart.

Red blood begins to cast its shadow.

As they absorbed Hades, the shadow that covered the temple of the king turned red as well.

At last • • length Ah • • • • - Great woman • • • • • Your daughter • • has opened the road • • I will see you soon • • • Many eyes have been opened. When the Queen Dowager opened, Titan and gases, the owners of her eyes, began to protrude out as they tore the shadows apart.

It was the beginning of Periodtomagia.

And the time of day.

Huaa! Yeon-woo suddenly opened her eyes as the wrath of the King in question shook and vomited black.


Tyring- [Hidden Privilege Offered with Condition] [Privilege: King of the Order]