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11. Period Tomagia (11)

[Succession of privileges.] [Failed.] [Succession of privilege [has been disabled.] [The succession is still incompatible and will be interrupted momentarily. [Restart review.] [There is still an active discussion about your rage.] [Just a moment.] [Any privileges that were discontinued will determine whether to proceed afterwards. While Yeongwoo was brief, I could feel something growing deep inside my body.

I feel like I've been freed from prison that's been holding my soul back. It felt like I had gained true freedom.

It was a sensation I had never felt before, so Yeon-woo was surprised.

However, such a sensation soon disappeared with a message that it was "incapacitated."

Yeon-woo instinctively thought that it was one of the many stages of transcendence, commonly referred to as deflection.

It's only me & I haven't realized yet.

However, every time something similar happened, I kept getting followed up by a message.

Discussion of conflicts? The message that has been spreading since the killing of Astrios is still just 'the host' over and over again.

It was a word I couldn't understand in Yeongwoo.

If that discussion is positive, do we get a sense of moral fiber? But as he knew, desertion was something he had to do on his own. It was never given or done by anyone.

'No, there is. It may be a heir,' but it is not just a positive inheritance. What you can't accomplish on your own is just as dangerous.

'I don't intend to refuse.' After all, the discussion of gods and demons was still a mystery to Yeon-woo.

And here's a new number 7 crabs.

A privilege I've never heard of.

The King of the Order? That must be an alias for Hades.

Why Mani does it because it inherits from him.

It seems Hades is up to something, seeing the wrath of the changed Queer King shining through his ears.

I didn't know where it came from.

And it felt like I was going to say goodbye to Hades before it went down. What does that have to do with anything?

I wanted to ask you a pretty thorough friendship comment about the tower, but he was sleeping on the clock. Since the Young Master was still so great, he often had to rest like this.

“Brother Cain? Hyung!” Yeon-woo was distracted for a moment, and she quickly woke up to the sound of calling God harshly.

Doyle and several others stare at him.

“What's the matter?” “No, I just need to sort something out. So, Percy said something was wrong?” Doyle nods with a dark expression.

When Yeon Woo met Athena and came back. The group's expressions are heavy. It was a quote from Doyle after meeting the Gourcellenes.

- He said to get ready to leave with him soon. What does that mean? Doyle was an apostle of Persephone and went to receive her as she appeared on Tartarus. It was the first time I faced God as an apostle.

However, it was Doyle who was neither an apostle nor a believer in Persephone. He doesn't miss the strange sensation he felt when he met the Percellés.

“When you meet the people who helped your husband, it's usually hard work, hard work, or underground, right? However, it must be • • • • • •. No, I mean, aren't you and Harden related?” What was it like? ”“ In hundreds of years, if you're going to see your husband who is looking for 0} 1, you should be happy. • You seemed to commit to the cost price. ”“ Commitment? ”“ Yes. Like I was just waiting for this moment. It's like being in a war and being longevity. Well, it's a little splenic. It wasn't like it was a pleasure or anything. ”Since Doyle is so noticeable, it is suspicious that she will soon notice 211. Teyeon also assumed that her relationship with Hades and Percellne was different from the other couples, so she could not come to some conclusion.

The rest of the party is deliberately lost in thought, and suddenly their livers are choking and their shoulders shrug.

“Ah. I thought it was really important. Hey, I told you to cut the water with a knife. It's not like someone else is involved in a relationship. And your bitch husband, no, his wife has been wandering around for hundreds of years without a call. I barely found it. Do you think it'll be fun? They'll catch it like rats.

“Well, is that so?” “Or get a divorce, or do the gods get a divorce? The group looks strangely different.

“I heard Zeus cheated on his wife several times. But you can't call it a divorce.” Abraham smiled softly.

“He's got a lot on his plate.” That's what Abraham said.

Let's stop talking nonsense and go back. It's none of our business. ”The group nods quietly. The truth is, Hades and Persephone had nothing to do with any of the relationships. All they have to do now is get what they need and go back.

I'm getting ready to leave like that.

It was then.

Suddenly, something gray sweeps out onto the ground with the group and disappears.

It happened so fast, few people saw it.

The party rejoices at the fact that they are leaving the tiresome tartartaros, and Nice Fluto is still celebrating a visit to Olympus.

'Divine power?' However, Yeouido quickly realized that it was the divine power of Hades that spread along the sanctuary.

Following the sanctuary were scattered mystics.

Yeon-woo looked back at Brahab in surprised eyes, and he would also look at me with a stiff look. Suddenly, they both try to warn the group.

Whoa! Suddenly, a lot of black shade spreads along the ground, and countless eyes open on top of it.

And Doyle's eyes flipped over.

“Gaaaak!” Doyle shakes his hand at the liver right next to her. Like a beast that meets a natural enemy. The Black Blade that had spread from his fingernails was a threat to the thousand horses and the Persians' spiritual power. He had no idea Doyle was going to attack him, so he was bound to be put to shame.

As the black blade slits his throat and tries to pass by, Galeed, who was behind him, hurriedly steps forward and plunges Doyle to the ground.

Light! At the same time, Victoria urgently memorized the . According to the restraining spell, the invisible chain ranks Doyle first.

“Grrrrrrr!” Doyle twists his body around, telling me to let go of this like a repressed beast. Magi's eyes fluttered. The blood vessels burst along your face and forearms.

The liver came up with a stiff face and knocked Doyle's neck out with the blade of his hand.

“What is this sudden anomaly? The liver looks at this side along the ground, disgusted by its blinking eyes. Doyle's seizures have something to do with this. But that didn't last long.

Thousands of eyes begin to rise above the ground.

Like tearing a sheet of shadows from the ground. Each one of them boasted of the unpleasantness of the other.

Titanium and gaseous bonds. Everything I saw on the battlefield screamed as one.

Giggle, giggle, giggle! “W-what, this?” “Why were these things enjoying the festival • • • • • • Nice Pluto suddenly became a face filled with awe.

But they weren't the ones who cared about it. They moved quickly to fulfill their master's orders. It was one of their orders. Kill all who are alive.

Gaaaak! "Ambush! The Titans have been ambushed!” “Form up!” “Weapon!" Nice Pluto, who brought his weapon quickly, began to move quickly. However, most people left their weapons in their homes to enjoy the festival, and the sanctuary was heavily guarded.

“Alternative • • Surprised at the faces of the group who were swiftly wielding weapons and defeating the colonists.

This is Hades' sanctuary. Especially the temple of the king who was the center. I didn't think there would be such an attack.

But the spirituality that surrounded the sanctuary had vanished. In addition, the dark clouds began to envelop the giants in the sky.

Gruuuhh Olympus is over there. Brothers. Kilometers of Giants started attacking the temple as they opened their bases together.

In the lead, not only the 12-week EI ammunition seen by the Fatherland, but also the gases that had not been encountered.

Gigas looks a lot different from the gigantic Titan. He's a creature with a lion's head or the lower half of his head.

The ugly Mo 2 'problem, like the children of Gaia, who conceived all kinds of magic objects and ghosts, was that they gained even the correction of Chronos, and that each one of them was as strong as the Didanese. No, but some individuals did.

The gods of Gap de- uh- 1.-1- near 0Olympus noticed the situation and began to move busy.

It doesn't matter how they got into the sanctuary. It was enough to find out after turning off the emergency fire first.

“How dare you! It's not safe here!" Poseidon unleashes his power with his trident held high. As the storm rages, you start pounding on the ledges with a huge thunderstorm.

Apollon raises his bow and throws out sparkling arrows in the light of the new Haan, and Artemis picks up a thin stream and confronts Gigas.

The other gods, including Athena, Ares, Harmesh, Dionisos, and others, all began the battle openly.

Gigi Tomagia! Titan and Gigas, who were defeated in the battle over the former reign of Olympus, began a new war together.

The Temple of the King turned into a battlefield of the gods in an instant.

“Victoria, get Henova and Doyle out of here first.

Find Ram, Galilee and Groitz, and repair the Discover Pluto line. Abraham, come with me to the temple. ”Yeon judged the situation as calmly as possible despite the sudden commotion.

After this, the passageway to the outside must be closed as well. Now it was right to clean up the heat and end the chaos.


'I'm used to the energy they feel.' The energy from the gas was never strange. It wasn't just Kronos' correction.

I had to find the cause first.

The group moves in a hurry to fulfill Yeouido's instructions without much vomiting.

At the same time, Yeon-woo rushed down to the temple of Abraham and King Craig.

Where the biggest battles are taking place. It was a place where a mortal wig lacking in self-control could hurt, but Yeon-woo had no intention of caring about it at all. The same was true of Boram.

Brother. This. "Eh. That's right.” And Jungwoo was thinking the same thing, and he was just coming out of the clock and fixing his work.

["Infected Mother Earth" stares at you.] Jungwoo bites his lower lip as he sees a message that only rises from his retina. Ever since Aether died, this message has not been about leaving her side. But to my brother, she was the one who couldn't talk about it.

I see. Yeon-woo nods heavily, just reading the remnants of her energy.

“Viera - also her energy.

What the hell did he do? ”It was the goddess of the earth, to be exact. The earthly goddess was already infected by Vieradun, so it was the same.

It was that I did not know whether he had written 2 `⁄ 44589;

In the shadow that covered Hades' sanctuary, the goddess of the earth was emitting too much power.

What the hell did he do? I couldn't help it.

But one thing was certain.

Who the Mother Earth is working with - Viera Dun.

It's Persephone.

There was no one else who could have done this except for her who had a lot of strange suspicions.

It was also quite a metaphor when I think about it.

In the myths of Hades and Persephone. Unlike Hades, the Le Célénées were always the ones with the scars. Even though she was vicious and rebellious, it was not hard at all.

Then, did Hades know this would happen? I thought it would be. Perhaps he was foreseeing his end.

It was not wrong what I heard when I received the ear.

- I'll have to say hello. Thanks to you, our army's morale has increased a lot.

Without you, Tartarus would have fallen at once.

Hades' smile did not leave Yeon-woo's head. He looked cynical and cared for his henchmen. He was never the one to go like this.

Above all.

I couldn't let Viera Dunne do what she wanted to do.

The webbing grips its teeth and treads the path of the wind.

I hope Hades is okay.