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12. Period Tomagia (12)

How did Viera Dun swallow the Mother Earth? The Mother Earth is an overwhelming being without self. Huge data is a collective, cloud-like concept.

In that case, if Viera Dun has infiltrated her mind like a virus, it shouldn't be too hard for her to become a complete opponent.

If the intermediate medium is Luciel's adra, it's easier to understand.

Luciel was a creature that many gods and demons in the heavens wanted to capture while wielding a common front. In some places, it was compared to 1,000 horses.

Pieces of that existence. It was worth blooming glamorously when I met Vieradun who was holding the angle of imagery in front of me.

But, "But it's weird.

Even if Luciel's adra is a treasure with a great branch.

The Goddess of the Earth is above him, no less than fierce.

Even though there was no self, there was desire. I don't think he knew he was in danger. There must have been some kind of defense mechanism.

If so, there was only one reason why Viera -dun could have joined the Mother Earth.

'The Mother Earth would have wished for it, of course. This is just a conjecture of Yeon Woo everywhere. Viera Dun may have actually swallowed her mother, and Mother Earth may have accepted her for some prey.

Only the parties know what they've done.

But right now,

I could see one thing for sure about Yeon-woo.

We met again.

His eyes sank cold.

All the way to the temple.

Yeon-woo felt that the road was always open for her.

Now Titan and Gigas are at war with the gods of Olympus as they invade. The sanctuary was filled with thunderstorms, lightning and flames, making it no longer an environment for Dozens to pass through.

A fierce battle that won't leave a trace if swept away by mistake. I thought the world would collapse like this.

So, I was prepared to unleash my usual power from the awakening of solvents to the wings of the sky to open up the path of breeding.

But when I crossed the road, I didn't have to.

Strange battles continue to erupt just where he is, and the branches of gas don't gather around him. Precisely not on the road to the Temple of the Pluto.

At that moment, Yeon-woo could realize.

This is an invitation from Persephone to him.

He knew he was coming here, and he ordered his followers to open a path so that they could comfortably come.

So Yeon-woo gripped her teeth even more.

It means there's something you want. And his anxiety would be that much more likely to come true.

And when he gambled.

“Are you here now?” Persephone sits on the throne of Hades, in a dark and quiet temple, waiting for the kith.

Her seductive smile gave her a dark sheen that seemed to overwhelm everything while somehow attractive.

A few months ago, when I first met her, I had a completely different impression of her in the fresh spring garden.

Dark, gloomy, damp. How it looks in winter.

And along with her, the dark aura was also familiar.

There was a familiar look coming out of Viera Dun somewhere.

['Infected Ground Mother Shin' stares at this side 'At first, it was too weak to feel, but the external gaze became darker. I could see that Yeon-woo was not looking at God, but at the clock.

Percy twists one leg, ash on his back, carrying such a huge existence.

Then, behind the throne, a large plateau of ropes hang from the ceiling. If you're holding something with a shadow as a thread, you can see it at least six times. Yeongwoo was able to sense a dark power in one of them.

“What happened to Hades?” I didn't have to ask. But I wanted to make sure.

Percy rolls one lip up and heads up. The biggest cocoons were swinging.

“He's doing just fine. I wanted to wake you up, but you were asleep so deep. I'm afraid you'll have to say goodbye next time.” Cold is cold. Somehow, it felt similar to what Hades used to build.

Percy taps the heel with his fingertips, then turns his gaze back to Yeon Woo.

“More than that, I invited you because I wanted to have a more constructive conversation with you.

“What do you want to talk about?” “Before we discuss the details.

Why don't you take a seat first? ”Exactly! As Persephone applauded, suddenly, two large tables appeared in front of the kith. It was a dining table full of mouth-watering dinners.

Percy slowly descends from his throne and sits across from Yeongwoo.

And he just sat there and gestured.

Yeon-woo looked at it quietly, and asked without sitting down.

“What are you going to do now?” “The meat is delicious. It's too bad I'm enjoying this alone.” Persephone smiles lightly as she slices her steak. Then, he grabbed the wine glass and lightly lowered his lips.

“There's only one thing I want to say. I want you to turn around." One of the eyebrows of Yeon-woo was dreaming.

The clock was also silent.

Forward. It meant come to yourself.

“You want me to come under?” “No. You know, I don't put anyone down. Leading someone, crowding them, taking responsibility, far from me. I'm talking about catching a son.

Let's join hands. There's a hard suggestion that might be better than the words of a transcendent who treats the players like worms.

“I # # #, am highly appraising of you. Even though you're a player, all you've accomplished is one remarkable thing, starting with the Wise Stone, a multifaceted object, to the power of darkness. I think I know why the heavens are so full of you.

Possibly, the one who made the celestial world noisy, Persephone smiled while stealing the steak sauce from her lips with napkins.

“The Battorina Faust • • • • • • • recently, that's all there was. It's great just to be shoulder to shoulder with them.” “And I have the same opinion as my husband. If you have a democratic player someday. It's probably # # #, it's probably you. The Percellés put down their fork and knife quietly.

“So I'm sure it won't be a bad idea to buy the branches of the future high and hold hands. because I'm going to inherit the first question completely. How about it? Won't you join us?” Percellne reaches out to Soft Cow Egg1. It's as if he wants you to hold his hand.

Yeon-woo stared at her hand silently for a long time and asked.

“Is that your will, or the will of the one behind it?” [The Infected Ground Mother looks this way "] Does that matter?” “is important.

“I am the incarnate and the immortal. His will is my will, and mine is his will.

“Is that so? That's what Doyle said.” “That's right. How about that? That's not a bad offer for you, either.” Percy smiles brightly as if he could refuse.

“The Goddess of Earth, an alliance with Gigas that will soon overthrow Olympus, and a guarantee of imminent stature.

This will help you grow very much in the future. And then we can win the race through transcendence.

You can put the ceiling underneath your feet. ”She listens quietly to Persephone, then looks up.

I stared at the creature behind me, not at Percy's.

“You said you had nothing more to see in the summer, and you acted like you were a real god. Was this all you could think about, Viera?” Persephone's expression is hard. It was because I knew what Yeonwoo said about Viera Duninukun.

“# # , stop it.” “I wanted to do something big. It's the same after all." Yeon-woo empties one end of her lip.

I thought there was something worth the cost of telling Percy to hold hands.

Eventually, I was able to escape my greed even though I went up into the kingdom of heaven.

And even Percy, who became a puppet and said this, laughed.

- Are you making this offer because you're obsessed with what's going on between Dunne and Jung? This only meant that they mistreated their brothers.

Rather than holding hands, I would rather think highly of you than talk about buying branches from the future.

What he needs is probably his brothers, the King of the Childs, and he never heard of Hades' need for a throne of fame: ["Infected Earth Goddess" gazes this way.] “Yes. Keep living like that.

And go higher. Gracelain's cynics became darker.

“Wouldn't it be cool if I dragged you down to the ground later?” Percy gets up on the table.


Yeon-woo was faster than that.

“Declare a Realm.” Oua-young tried to stir up the solvent just before she got up.

Overwhelming_Dragonic Presser has started swooping all over the place. Thanks to the large number of the divine and wizard's factors, Fresher broke the habitat table when it caused a gust and shook the temple. Dinner and drinks were spread out and danced in the air.

The dragon scale that was born turned upside down was dark. It's like you're holding a void. It was even harder and sharper than before.

Quaternary solvent awakening.

[Tier 4 power is unlocked. [Power: Mana Control] [Mana Control J Description: Gorong Calatus refined power over eight steps to allow contractors to adapt quickly to solvents. Step four of them.

Within the sphere, the dragon has always remained a great and ardent being. It was so powerful that it could bring the Mana Stream to life and implement the law.

The Mana stream that flows through the world is the source and report of all Manat in the world, leaving great beings untouchable.

However, since there was only one person who could reach here, it was the only polyp blessed by Mana.

The contact of elements made in step 3 is deeply accessible to the Mana stream with the basin, and the ability to attract some according to intimacy is added.

The higher the affinity, the higher the amount of Mana that can be controlled, and sometimes it is possible to implement some of the laws and approach the realm of 'Jean Jean.'

However, when managing Mana streams, there is a significant repulsive effect.

• • • • [Realm of the Dragon, 'Vida is enhanced for Mana. Over a certain realm, we have been able to exert dominance over powerful magical powers.] [All stats increase by a certain amount over a certain period of time.] [You are halfway to the polyp.] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Values are provided.] [10,000 Public Values have been obtained.] [20,000 Additional Public Values have been obtained.] [' Kwon 'thwashing 'was achieved successfully' Yeon-woo continued to progress steadily after forming the drinking dragon, and finally reached the critical point of the three-way solvent.

Thanks to this, four-letter Awakening was much easier than I expected.

It was due to the large amount of factors that were already in possession of Wina, and the rapid growth was achieved with seven zebras before imitation.

That's how it felt to have a four-letter solvent awakened. It was' frustrating '.

Kwon! Everything in the station came like its own pawn. The original sensation was also sensitive, but beyond that, it was able to sense and control the area behind the object.

Mana Stream.

It was because he came into contact with the cross section of Idea, the raw material that embodies the world and gathers the truth.

“How dare you raise your sword at me?” The Percellés have made quite an impression. It was because he thought he dared to put a knife to himself by insulting God who refused his offer and served him.

Her livelihood becomes a tempest, mixed with the dragon presser, and the temple wiggles as if it were a flash.

But as far as I'm concerned, the Dragonic Presser of Yeongwoo, which has not yet been uprooted, could handle the energy of Persephone.

In the flooded shadow, thorn-like things jumped up and down, invading the territory of Yeongwoo and threatening to stab the center of Yeongwoo.


“Who's giving you the knife? Too misguided,” Yeon throws in the cynics, without any sign of embarrassment.

At the same time, while opening the subspace of Yeongwoo, I pulled out the servigrid and drew the grain that Yongsin was hiding.

['Vigrid-???' Reveals the hidden true name, 'Durendal'.] [Heroic Victory: All sides] Durandall had a legend that he was so sharp that he cut down the riders and horses when he struck the enemy's helmet.

Thanks to this, the preliminary departure from Vigrid passes through countless shadowy thorns and fades to the side of Percellne's face.

Percy realizes that he wasn't aiming for Yeon-woo later, but the heights behind him, and turns around.

Déjà 20129; Dág-cà, = Spatula! The shadow that was making the cocoon split. Hades, who was trapped in it, is clearly revealed. He doesn't even flinch as if he's fallen asleep.

Kochi was a kind of factory made to squeeze Hades' power into the soul. If Hades were to be taken from you, you would have taken away your authority over the commandments that must be obtained.

According to Percy's will, the shadow has moved to reclaim the cure.

“As you can see, I'm not interested in married women." Before that, Yeon-woo clenched her fist straight forward. One day, the shadow of the crescent stream is enveloping Hades. It was immortal.