Second Life Ranker

13. Period Tomagia (13)

By the time Persephone's shadow reached the high ground, the beast had already swallowed Hades and had quickly retreated.

“Dare!” Persephone's face is now deformed. It meant that I was that angry.

He refused his offer; now he wants to steal it to Hades, which he barely has. Considering that you have not absorbed all of the Divine Power in the sanctuary, it is unforgivable.

Percy swings his hand roughly. The shadow rises roughly like the tide.

However, Yeon-woo was moving ahead of him this time.

[Sky Wings (Temporary)] Expanding the wings of battle and death at the same time.

Over-exploded! A violent explosion erupts between the winged mildew and the Persones, blowing away all shadows. Just for a moment, I am confident that I will not be pushed away by any gods like Yeon while both wings of the sky are tapping.

The explosion covered the temple and smashed both the marble floor and the pillars. Urgh, the temple settles as it stands.

The expanded shadow clears all the debris from the Mooney Shrine. Mercellne realized that the swarm had already fled and burst into a roar.

“Get it! Get it!” Along with her hysteria, the eyes that remained in the shadows chase behind the pits.

Yeon leaped forward, grasping the wings of the sky to reserve her strength.

Hades is in his arms. He looked so parched that I thought he was dead.

'Still alive.

He was still breathing.

But it was hard to call it polynomial.

It was so shallow that it would snap even if I hid. The Divine Spirit is so fast that it's empty inside. Above all, the stature of the body ( ) was crumbling. If I let it go like this, Hades might die.

What am I supposed to do? 'I was going to take it to Athena Harmes, but it was easy for Olympus and Titan-Gigas to get the attention of their enemies if they did so in the current situation they were living in.

The enemy wishes to take Hades completely and take the sanctuary.


'Perhaps the staircase to Olympus, the pillar of light, Titan and Gigas had always longed to escape Tartarus and ascend to Olympus; now that the gods of Olympus had come down themselves and connected the stairs was the best time for their children to pursue.

So I had to protect Harness somehow as a brother-in-law.

I had to stop the confusion and restore my powers. The problem was that Yeon-woo, the player, never knew how.

The same is true of Jungwoo. Even though she has repeated so many perks, she is not to be known because she has been linked to God or the Devil.

No, there was very little known about the transcendent in the first place.

Just in case, I thought I'd put up a channel around myself.

[Agares gazes at you with taste again.] [The Thai couple watches you carefully.] [Vimagildara laughs at the war of the gods in a moment.] [A few gods have expressed deep concern about the Mother Earth.] Neither God nor the Devil tried to help Yeon-woo in what she was about to do.

Rather, the majority of the people watching the situation is interesting, and very few are concerned about the Mother Earth.

For those who can be Olympus and competitors, this is an opportunity for them to make a difference in their social impact.

In the end, Yeon-woo had to solve this matter by herself.

Your hair is so messy.

"But it's • •, right? '• Why didn't I understand this?

Hades represents Olympus. Even if Fiirscellaneous were the apostles of Gaia, it could not have been so easy. He's had to deal with Niphon and Titan and Gigas all by himself.

Moreover, it would not make any more sense if I had felt the end of myself and known the identity of Pycelles' when Yeon-woo came to mind.

Farr. Hades' eyelids shake slightly, and it drifts faintly. Hades frowns in a daze, then looks at the lotus and laughs in a daze.

“Here we are.” Hades casually gazes his tongue toward the back of Yeon-woo.

From far away. The expected shadow rushes to catch the kite. On the forefront, the strange gases, hipolitos and polybotes were meaningful.

“Did you save me?” Hades quickly notices the situation and shakes his head. Now I thought I'd never wake up again. Lucky or unfortunate. It happened like this.

“I see. You failed.” And based on it. Hades noticed that the throne of the commandment he was about to pass down was not properly handed over to Yeouido.

The reason is simple.

The god of death and demons who watch this place with respect. While discussing the cost price of Yeon-woo, it seemed to be holding in the system to continue postponing the throne.


Damn it, Allfoone.

In the first place, it's only because he's so discreet that he can't even inherit his status.

In other words, my stomach fell out of place.

“Why is that?” Hades frowns harder, not knowing the words of Yeon-woo. I was about to lose my temper. I feel like I've been stripped of my powers so much that my body is screaming my teeth out.

“What?" “Why did you try to kill yourself?” Hades was silent for a moment. Silence was bewitched.

Why he was so easily beaten by Persephone, the leader of Olympus. The reason why titanium and gases could appear so modestly in the Temple of the King.

Hades tried to give his head to Persephone without any resistance.

That made Yeon-woo feel betrayed.

“I know you feel guilty for Percy. Your myth is famous in the summer.” But you know that heresy is nothing but a deception about those who believe in you all the time. ”Hades tried to comfort himself as much as he tried to make many people miserable.

Olympus came down to help him in the end, even though he did have a little nervous warfare with him. Citizens of the Order who trusted and followed him, and who had not stopped living for centuries, and who had relied on Disc Plutog. And Yeon-woo, who did him a favor.

Those who believed in Hades were struck by lightning because they fell asleep.

“Did you want to give me the throne of the kingdom as a privilege, but a salute for those who will come after you?” Of course, Hades didn't just want to die either.

The king of the commandment, a privilege that was inadvertently incurred after being inherited by Yeonwoo.

Hades would give up his throne to have Yeouido recover Nice Pluto and escape Tartarus safely.

Titanium and gases that want to go up to the heavens must have prevented some awareness of Olympus. Athena and Harmesh. would have been able to stop it.

There must be a lot of other arrangements here and there. To wake up one day without confidence.


Even so, deception was deception.

“I used to run away a long time ago.” Hades smiled bitterly and said.

The smile was almost self-help.

“Even pretending to be responsible for everything on the outside. Eventually, when I encountered a difficult task, I was in a hurry to avoid, hide, and escape.

“Even when I fought Kronos, I slept backwards with a ridiculous excuse to put my youngest brother on top. When building Olympus, he gave up his back to take on the commandments because he hated the pain.” Hades has always been a fugitive. Others may have looked like they were sitting on a fancy, fancy throne, ruling over all.

He was always one step away from the world, and he was a bystander.

The same was true for the Percells.

Forcibly entered into a marriage in opposition to a beautiful woman.

She came to a strange place and ignored it, knowing that it was hard, and longed for her to look at herself without any effort.

But when I found out that Percy had grabbed Gaia Waxon, I ran away, too.

I had no choice but to persuade her. He simply fled to Tartaros to defeat Titan and Gigas at all costs. Despite knowing that Percy lost his back at all, and now...

Hades said he loved Persephone, but was trying to run away again. I don't like this place getting complicated.

“That means you don't want to be responsible for accidents, right?” After listening to all Hades' stories, Yeon-woo said coldly.

Hades' help grows.


“Do you intend to continue to turn your back on the many people who believe in you?” Hades hasn't spoken in a while.


Gurgle-Continuing to narrow the distance from the rain, I saw gases. And you see the dis pluto and the Olympus gods still struggling beyond the rubble of the collapsed building.

Suddenly, Hades becomes more thoughtful. All sorts of emotions were crossing his face.

Then I bit my lower lip and looked down at my hand.

The hand was already translucent.

The fury shifts and the divine splashes like water.

I was sure it wouldn't go on like this.

Yeonwoo glanced at Hades like that.

Only a few days ago, there was an absolute being who looked at the world. Why do I only look so dangerous now?

“What do you want me to do?” “Take responsibility.” In the mask, Yeon Woo's eyes burned.

“What you've done.” Hades winces at his lips for saying something, then nods heavily in silence.

“I'll do that. Can you put me down for a second?” “But.” If they're in a rage, don't flatter them.

No matter how long it takes, ”Hades narrows his eyes and gently flushes his urine.

“It's still worth it.” The shadow of Gigas and Persephone does not run, but suddenly hits an invisible wall.

Bang, bang! They yelled at me to erase this. But the system didn't budge. I couldn't even hear the strange sounds they were screaming.

Hades comes down quietly from the kith's arms.

I was out of balance for a moment, and it rained. Yeon-woo tries to help, but she reaches out and stops him as if he's okay. At that moment, it seemed as if the king of commandments had returned.

I don't know what changed in his heart that he wanted to give up everything.

But I knew one thing.

That he's trying to make a cost.

“There is no room for me to rise again, for I am already broken.” Yeon-woo tries to tell you the cost price, but Hades reaches out and stops her from speaking.

“But if you have a clear line of succession, And if we get it right, we can fix the confusion somehow." Hades quietly draws his sword from his waist.

Privileges are not executable due to the constraints of systems blocked by Allfowon.

Then there's only one way left.

Not only the privilege, but also all the power that he possesses, forcing the uprising.

If so, the gods and demons who are staring at this place and measuring something won't be able to stop it. Allfowon had nothing to say. Never before has a transcendent given his mortal everything.

But in fact, Hades is only returning what he received from the lake to him.

There was nothing bad at all.

And one day, when Yeon-woo's turn was desertion and transcendence. When you wake the Holy Spirit properly, the Disc Pluto, who will follow him now, will be able to bloom splendidly.

“From now on, I'm going to start Shenyang. The heir # # # should bow to one knee and bow his head in reverence to the previous king. ”