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14. Period Tomagia (14)

“Hades?" “Come on.” Hades digs a ditch like there's no more time to wait.

Yeongwoo bites her lower lip tightly. I don't know what Hades is up to now. He tried to hand over everything he had before he closed his eyes.

The throne, the power & the divine • • • • • • • The myth of Hades, all of it.

Yeonwoo was trying to save him and convince him to reclaim his will to live again and clean up this mess of Tartarus.

Hades had no way of reviving Class 2 `x.

“I am already a retreated generation.

The blackness of the past fades, like the mother of the earth fades. Now is the time for us to relinquish our place to those like you and fall behind history. • If I already caused this death, who will follow me if I hold the sword again? ”Hades smiles slightly at the stiff eyes of Yeongwoo.

A smile unlike any other cynical or self-help I've ever built. It was the first time I saw it as a lotus.

However, the smile looked so familiar to Dohades.

I really want to be the king of the ruthless order he's seen.

Did he ever smile as brightly as he does now? “But if a new heir becomes an issue, It could be enough flares for resurrection.” Hades was telling me to use myself. He's doing it anyway. The only way to control the Discover Fluto is to lose.

However, if he stepped forward and stopped his enemies, instead, his successor leads the new Discover Fluto, the story will change.

We could reorganize the organization under the new owner, raise morale in honor of the deceased prince.

Hades wanted to be such a prince.

And I wanted to let Yeon-woo take Nice Pluto and Myeonghae.

He should be able to do enough.

“Though it was late. But Maggiology still wants to be a good king in the memory of his henchmen. Can you help me?” But Yeon-woo grips her teeth, still unable to make a quick reply.

If there is no other way, there is no way to bring Hades back to life, my head spins wide.

I was also worried about Jungwoo, so I called her sweetly.

Bang, bang! At that time, it was the first time there was a commotion.

The shadows were getting darker. The actions of the gas to break the barrier have been busy. It seemed like it was going to collapse soon.

The look in his eyes told him to hurry up.

• • -Okay. ”In the end, Yeon was forced to kneel on one knee. And I slowly lowered my head and took off the mask I was wearing on my face.

Hades nods and looks familiar. Then he said with his sword, placing his head and shoulders in order.

“Can the heir, as the new king of the throne, make a covenant with heaven and earth to fulfill the rights and obligations granted to you?” “Medicine.” “heir # # # is the new king of the aristocracy, able to continue the history and traditions of the old tasks of the aristocracy, can you be confident?” “I am confident.” “Good. # # # hereby declares that he has left his succession to become the new king of the throne.

[Hades blessed me.] [Hades' blessings have fallen.] [Successfully accomplished with the authority of the successor who was temporarily interrupted "[Congratulations! Successfully inherited the throne of the new order.] [The title 'Master King' has been obtained.] [The title 'Master of Guinness' has been obtained.] [Titled 'The Divine Spirit of Olympus'.] [All Abilities increased by 30.] [You obtained a Shard of the Holy Spirit.] [I learned a clue to transcendence [I achieved a new achievement that no one had achieved before. Additional Public Values are provided.] [You have earned 100,000 Public Values.] [200,000 additional Public Values.] [All residents in the tower have been formally declared to have a new king of the throne.1 [Do you wish to state your name?] [has been declined. You have no known limitations. However, all residents of the Tower will be aware of the fact of the new Lord of Commandments, and will cast a cheerful criticism on the new Lord of Commandments whenever you make a great achievement." [I have succeeded in gaining my status as a mortal, but I am still not qualified to completely digest my status.] [Your status will be reset to match your current status.] [Powerful 'Land Declaration' has been temporarily locked.] [Power 'The person in the dark is temporarily locked.] [Become qualified for your position. The higher the' gap ', the unlocked power and power can be unlocked.] [The opponent is now an incomplete king of the commandments. The throne you sit on is coveted by many gods and demons. In the future, a lot of competitors will get in the way of taking your place.] [Win against them and continue to grow to defend the throne. The stronger the throne, the bigger the mythological sheep you will accumulate.] [All the gods of death nod at your accomplishments. [All the demons of death laugh with their teeth bared for your succession.]] [The left part of the sky wing (Death) has been enhanced.] [A handful of gods do not think it is appropriate for you to sit down.] [Many demons see you and lure you. Good angle! Yeongwoo could feel something embedded deep in her body rising up.

The soul was in great growth. And the things that were forcefully pressing on the female soul became tense and slowly broke off.

It was a little bit, but I could feel like I had been freed from the harsh cost price.

And the exotic energy from the soul seeps into the body and mixes with the magic.

[Arm attribute has been added to its magical properties.] The nature of the magical power that has been predominantly enraged by anger has caused a sudden deterioration. Being king of the kingdom is such a change. The dark smell of darkness knocks the tip of your nose.


Floating_[Sudden Quest "Exodus" has been created.] [Sudden Quest/Exodus 49856; Description: Tartarus is currently experiencing a crisis in Yellow that has never been experienced since it appeared in the world.

Titan and Giga, prisoners of war, rebelled under the patron of Gaia the Earthling, and the Olympus shoes that came down to support Tartarus are in danger of being taken from them by the ladders to Olympus the Tychickey.

This is the emergence of a new period of Tomagia, which was thought to be an old myth.

In such chaos, you sit in the difficult seat of the throne of order.

It was declared the same for all the residents of the tower.

Many of the soldiers of the Order look only to you, their new master, and they long for you to quickly repair this chaotic army.

Please grant their wish from now on.

Escape Tartaros, the battlefield of the gods, safely from the threats of Titan and Gigas. Then find a new habitat and regroup.

Time Limit: Limit Conditions: Criteria for achieving the throne system: 1. Gain the trust of Nice Pluto as the new king.

2. Escape Dardardardardardaros by leading the Discover Pluto away from the threat of Titan and Gas.

3. Escape the threat, find a safe habitat, bring the base camp to life, and anticipate the future.

Reward: 1. Power 'Declaration of Land 2. Summon Disc Fluto 3. Tartaros Reconstruction Qualification4. The new Divine Sculpture and the recurring clues of transcendence were the last quests Hades asked of him and the duty he had to carry out as king.

“It's going to be hard, but • • •.” Please Hades patted the shoulder of the cow with a smile.

Yeongwoo glances at Hades for a moment, nodding her head and putting the mask back on her face.

I flew away quickly, spreading the wings of fire as far as I could. I knew this was my last encounter with Hades, but I didn't say goodbye.

There's only one thing he can do now. As the Lord of the Order, all I had to do was honor Hades' decision to make the final decision.

And watching you leave like that.

Hades thought.

Even Yeon-woo is so funny. After living like a desperate man on the run for hundreds of years, I never thought I'd change my mind if I heard a few words now.

Am I that thin of an ear? It wasn't.

Not because her ears were thin, but because all the words that Yeon-woo had told her were true: For the last time. To protect the faith of those who believe in themselves.

It is my duty to be the king of the namesake. It was not a forced position as Lord of Olympus, but a word of faith that made him move, so I wanted to be cool enough to finish.

You can't be the bad prince in the memory of the new king.

Bang! Bang_At that moment, the crack in the seal breaks and Kim's shadow enters like a tidal wave. Gas rushes towards him with fierce teeth. Though I thought I could capture enough Hades Pond to last a lifetime after I lost all my vital powers.

“I can't believe I'm being ignored by these buggers. You look lovely, Hades.” Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Hades snores and swings his steam to the right, as the terrifying thunder falls and the gaseous hipolitos continue to bleed away.

You still have that kind of power? The remaining gases and bundles are in shock, causing mild damage.

“Those who don't even dare to look up, trample the king's path?” Hades clears his fangs. He squeezed the last of his strength so fiercely that he told us why he was the king of the commandments and Olympus' eldest brother.

“After this, no one will pass without my permission.” “Sorry. Chief.

Ram grips his teeth as he looks at the blade coming out of his chest.

On the other side, there is a blue-haired head with sad eyes.

I've always had a lot of playfulness, but when I got into combat, I was more serious than anyone and cared for my colleagues.

I never thought I'd surprise you behind the scenes like this.

And when I realized that the energy of sensitivity along him was similar to that of Nippon, I realized later.

Titan and gas touched not just the • • Rimpos, but also the Discover Pluto.

“I couldn't see too far.” I understood the excuses, not the excuses that Visa gave me. One day, the sanctuary is being taken away and the military is leaning in. It must have been stuffy and frustrating.

In a dark situation where the future is invisible, Niphon reaches out. Perhaps it was hard to refuse, and I was dizzy as to how many soldiers would choose such as Visa. If I had known this, I would have hung myself in my past life, but I would have had more servants.

As soon as the heart was already pierced, it became a late regret.

But even so.

“No need to be sorry.” There was a line I shouldn't have crossed.

“I'll do the same.” The suppository-Visa was swept away by the shock wave without realizing how she had been beaten. You didn't think Ram could pull off this kind of force even after he was seriously injured.



Ram sighs and looks around the chaotic battlefield.

There was a great battle between Nice Pluto and his clans on the earth, and in the sky was the temple of Olympus and Titan-Gigas.

Lightning strikes, wind blows. The flames rose, and as the darkness settled, they erased everything. As mortals and lowly priests, it was an unparalleled battle.

But unlike the glamorous look of it, my insides were so frustrating.

Despite the massive violence of the clans, Disc Fluto has been collapsing from the inside since the sudden appearance of the traitors.

So is the sky.

The moment I wanted to make a tight tangle, Nippon's eyes appeared as it opened the red sky.

The New Testament descends.

The cost seemed to be flashing, and many of the Olympus gods were wiped out.

You, Themis, Potos, and Mikelog have vanished without a care to stop them. There were a lot of invisible faces all the time.


The staircase that connects Olympus and Tartarus, the pillar of light, slowly darkens from the bottom.

As soon as the light's climate changes, the Celestial Invasion, which Titan and Gas so desperately wanted, will also be successful.

And the plan had already been set in motion for success.

In this moment, the owner of Tartaros was Niphon.

Athena and Harmes moved urgently in our hands. Poseidon, who was not good with them, became one, causing even stronger storms.

“Whatever it takes! Don't let them get to the pillars!" ”“ Raise • • • • • • Rall! What the hell is wrong with Waldo and Jami? Lost! ”The gods of Olympus, who seek to protect the pillars of light, attempt a siege to take it.

The problem was that the more the pillar of light melted, the more they were regaining their old identity.

The constraints created by being trapped in Tartarus are slowly being released. Guia's intervention was equally roughened.

Now • • • • - the sky will open or the earth • • • - O Great Mother • • • • • • Look down at your children • • • Nippon saw that and it burst into laughter. At his word, the invasion of Olympus is almost over.

Looking at it. Ram was unable to collapse. It was as big an injury as it would've been a few times already. I couldn't go down like this.


I had to protect her somehow, but...

How to • • • • • • •? Now that Hades has been disconnected from the channel. She also lost all her powers. All I have left is my original body.

With a body like this, how do we reverse this? At this very moment, Dis Fluto was still dying. At this rate, we couldn't avoid annihilation.

So Ram forcefully walked. To somehow lose one more of my men and colleagues. I wonder if his insignificant power will help.

But no miracle happened.

She wants to circle the world around her, and she feels like she's sitting still. When he regained consciousness, he was already on the ground. The intestine can only be used as a cane to create a winter idol, but your head is too heavy.

0 0 Does it really have to end this way?

Do I have to blow up everything I laughed and cried about with my colleagues because all my efforts have been foaming up? This is so lame.

"Hades, please.

That's when I tried to calm down without enduring the heavy eyelids.

A miracle has come.

I can hear Asrai somewhere.

And beyond the fading vision, three pairs of black and red flames seemed to cross the world like wings: it did. I know it is a symbol that has always brought victory to our battles.

You're here. Finally. "Ram can sleep with a smile on his face.