Second Life Ranker

15. Period Tomagia (15)

The first thing Yeon-woo saw was a battlefield that became a mess.

The gods crumbled, and the battlefield in which the armies and clans clashed choked with the sight of it. Especially when I saw the pillar of light soaking black, I realized.

Bierra Dunne's aim was a success.

There was no way to stop that right now.

Even if she inherited Hades' throne, Yeouido had not yet lost her mind and prosperity. There was no limit to the power I could give as a king of order, and there was no limit to helping Olympus.

Hades knew it well. I was only talking about escaping when I gave you the quest.


Rerouting. Rerouting. Rerouting Tartaros when Orloth has everything.

So Yeon-woo wanted to do everything she could.

[Sighs] Slow to a point in the world.

Yeongwoo quickly examined the scenery and began to check what she could do.

Where the group comes first.

“GrooÖ/z!” “Woojeon is braided • • • duck/bird 23608;/5/cannot/will soon break/weaken” “Sigh." 0/How they can be unfolded/where they can be unfolded,/A little more; a little more. "As far as Bali is concerned. Then, in the middle of the maelstrom, the persecution jewels turned into topaz and built a large boundary around it.


The Kung-Fu clans have thrown as many bodies as they can to break the barrier.

Galilee splatters the bows relentlessly to keep the clans from approaching her, while she shoots them straight away and cuts them off as soon as they find anything of higher rank among them.

The one who was most busy moving was the liver.

The liver has been continuously practicing its spells, resting in and out of the boundaries.

Lightning strikes and a gust blows. Whenever I drew, my family kept dying. And the blood spilled in the meantime has made the Blood Sword even stronger.

Covered by the blood and flesh of the enemy, I could feel even the sparse ears of a liver.

However, such a figure flashes to the allies with a cord of salvation.

Lost in the command system, the Dis Fluto was fragmented and stranded in an abundance of titanium-ggas.

I'm barely pushing through the cracks, but I don't know when I'll be swallowed up by the storm.

The liver only appears in dangerous places.

“to be held here w//7h Ö. Follow my life! 49547;" to clear a path through the clans, secure an escape route, and lead us to the location of the Groitz boundary.

After collecting the fragmented Displuto one by one, I was able to regroup.

You straighten up the large shield and start pushing the bundles away, raising the spear high.

As Yeon instructed, she was focusing on uniting the Discover Pluto into one place.

But it wasn't a problem at all.

It was because the more numbers kept rising, the better it stood out to the enemy.

"Annihilation of 7th, 3rd and 4th legions!" Table7LimonÖ,/with sunrise0/• • • • • • M7//I told you not to go "Grioz here 77“ feasts are only on the right side of the cliff. ”I've been informed that Ram, the spiritual leader of Nice Pluto, has been killed, followed by news that the army has been annihilated in turn.

Titan often tries to protect the pillar of light that floods into darkness.

Even though there were limits to the limitations that Groitz had built, there were limits to the number of people who could accommodate it, and put it in a barrel that kept colliding. I had no choice but to wear it out.

Julpicar's jewels are slowly fading and appear to be at risk of breaking.

We don't really know how long we can hold out.

The more I painted, the more Galilean and his liver gripped Doug.

To save one more.

We've been running around the battlefield together these past few months. Disc Pluto was a valuable colleague to them. But there were still too many people in danger everywhere.

1.-Wonderfully, Titan Krios found this place and was approaching.

One of the 12 gods leading Titan, he was approaching with furious eyes as if to avenge his father's death.

Just as I guided Grios here, the number of clans that came around him was blown up and tightly surrounded by invisible boundaries.

And finally, when the great shadow of Grios landed on the back of his liver,

Yeon-woo came down unraveling the poem.

The left wing rises as high as it can pierce the sky, widening as it can. As the firepower intensifies, it turns silver foam, and the moment it breaks in three places.

Death descends.

The bundles surrounding the boundary collapse like dominoes without knowing it. I wonder if they're the ones who were just being fierce.

“It opened its eyes to Groitz, who discovered Cain • • • Creek:“ Cain! ”“ Cain is here! Cain's here! "“ We can beat him! ”And then later, there was a glow on the face of Nice Pluto, who discovered the lotus.

It was a symbol of victory for them.

Now that there was no hope as death rose to the chin, the appearance of Yeon-woo was enough to boost their morale.

Yun glanced at his colleagues in Dis Fluto, slightly smiling, then looked back up at Krios, who was standing like a tall mountain.

Anything "Crios was no longer approaching this side. It was because of the intangible powers that came from beneath my feet like a plague.

The wings of death contain 666 different sources of death.

As Titan Toe died and was consumed by the horror that was coming.

Crios fell into a delusion that 666 gods and demons were impregnating his conscience.

It is thanks to the enhanced power of death while achieving a four-letter solvent Awakening.

But Grios was not as amused as Toe. He struggled and struggled, but was overcoming the interference of the gods of death and demons, as if to tell him why he was called the head of Titan.

It was also possible because the light's climate was getting worse and stronger.

Crios roars in an unbearable manner. I wonder if the world is ringing.

But that was enough for Yeon-woo. What he needed was time.

I burst my selfishness with all my magic.

It didn't even have to be directed separately by Yeongwoo.

There was only one road open already. The direction where there was a fatal failure that was successful after Yeongwoo first joined the Discover Fluto. There was another pillar of light there.

Where do you want to go • • • • • • • • •! "Grios saw Yeon-woo's back running away, and his hands twisted down.

666 powers were still consuming his flesh, though it was dangerous at first glance. But now it was my duty to stop Dis Fluto.

Dis Fluto has been bothering those prisoners for years. I didn't know how to bother them in the future if I didn't get rid of them now. I had to get rid of what could be dangerous.

Yeon tries to confront Grios, gripping Beagrid tightly. No matter how long it takes to evolve a four-letter solvent, there is a limit to the wings of death.

So, for now, I wanted to harvest the wings and buy myself some time.


Suddenly, an intense price crashed into Grios' neck.

Crios sits flat on the floor, unbalanced. More than half of her throat was split, and Kim Eun Smoke soared like blood.

Grios screamed in anger.

Overexertion-This time, another flame rose high from his chest and immediately filled his whole body.

“Dare? Dare?” Looking at him like that. Athena growled, stifling.

She was always sad and fragile in front of Yeonwoo and Jungwoo.

At this moment, I was intensely shining my eyes under the helmet, as if to tell you why I was called the goddess of war.

“It's not you, it's me. How dare you leave me in front of my children? What are you doing?” A whistling_moment; as the space opens, nine petal shields flow in succession and the air begins to be embroidered.

It looked as beautiful as a • flower toy. It was Aegis, the one who symbolized her.

Athena wears one of the Aegis on her left hand, plunges into the air with a huge spear in her right hand.

She crosses the room in a fierce glow and writes between her eyes.

Grrrgh! Grios' skull is shattered. Once again, another massive flame storm fills Grios' gas.

The cracks that started from the glabella spread along the shoulder, and the black smoke poured in endlessly.

And to help her like that, Harmesh showed up, and Geofam put the Garrigeon on the ground.

It popped - but the results were not at all light.

The ripples spread out along the ground, and the ground begins to rock up and down. Immediately, six Boa Snakes boasting giant swings turned upside down, rushing towards Duina and Crios.

The tallest one blurs Grios' body like a rope, and the others bite his limbs.

- A pair of kidneys were forcibly torn up into the air. The black smoke spills out like a fountain, flooding the ground thickly. The snake chews, eats, and clears Grios' stubble7.

Grrrgh! Grrrgh! While Crios struggles with pain like that.

Harmesh glares at Yeon-woo as if to ask her to go quickly. His eyes were filled with sincerity, with a slight smile.

As Yeonwoo, I was always sorry and thankful for their help.

He bends his head and turns his body in the opposite direction. This time, you spread your right wing wide as you grasp the left wing.

[A red flame blazed above where the black flame that seemed to have burned the wings of the sky sank.

[Black Gubidara - Wise Man's Eye] [Yongsin 'an] [Golden Eye] As both eyes turned golden, I noticed other titanium and velocities approaching to catch the Discover Pluto attempting escape, and the Wise Man's Stone began to overheat as it raged: it was designated to burn rapidly through a parallel operation of the Lion Ghost.

Then you pull the beagrid inward and spray it firmly to the side.

Vigrid-?? 'opens the hidden name,' Durendal '.] [Herald: Sunrise Storm] The storm concentrated on Vigrid rocks the world like the tide. Numerous enemies have been swept away as if they were full of zebra and sacredness.

Especially with the power of numerous struggles, the power was even stronger than it was when it first arrived in Yeongatarus.

Fruit-room, hill-nose rr! In the middle of everything being swept away.

Yeongwoo treads the path of the wind, turning back to the wings of fire. Then he took the lead on Nice Pluto and began to break through.

It was the beginning of Exodus.