Second Life Ranker

16. Period Tomagia (16)

"Hahaha! Kill them all, kill them all, kill them all, kill them all, kill them all! Is there still a place like this?" Sanon and Ahn run hard and swing their swords at each other.

It wasn't just Yun who became strong through the battlefields of Tartarus.

The same was true of Sanon and Han.

Especially in the realm of fame where the dead live. Of course, there was no better place for Sanon and Han to regain their skills than here.

Especially after one battle, we were able to harvest much better souls than we could get on the staircase.

Sanon and Han could feel the tide growing differently every day.

For this reason, Sanon was in the process of moving beyond her skills and making a new progress in her life.

It was a new mystery to him.

The wall of 'ranker', which was so eager to leap, but could not eventually be crossed, was now as close as it could be to reach.

That's why the everyday experiences of Sanon were new. And it was not once or twice when I thought that what I was experiencing was actually an illusion or an illusion that I had just before I died.

But he was really here.

This seemingly overwhelming power was Orloth's alone.

And not only did she stop there, but she tried to properly own all the power she had, so that she wouldn't miss out on the rapidly growing fellowship.

Recently, there has been a slight decline in speech because he has been distracted all the time by the diversification of the heavenly bodies.

It was the main area of focus that Sanon focused on.

The new spirit and the flaming spirit were the new law in the language of the tribe of external horns. How to move your body. Like a pine tree that doesn't lose its greenery even in harsh environments, and a bamboo that moves quickly doesn't break. The new spirit was so well-struck by Sanon, who walked the degree of the sword.

Above all, the symbol of the new spirit is the neck (poem. Enhanced the selected flame wheel to enhance the skill 'Volcano'. Fire burns more splendidly in the trees.

And the consequences of such self-discipline were being exercised nonetheless.

Every time I swing my steam, the flame that erupts sweeps away the enemy's confines and throws him away.

And the soul that was formed from it became a form of discussion and a new power.

What did my master say about this. What did he say? Yeah, I was. "It burst into laughter.

It was so much fun that even the frenzy was buried.

"This is a bomb, what do you think!" And such joy was feeling the same way.

[Ghost absorbed. Locked clash partially released.] [You absorbed a ghost. Some of the locked clashes have been released.] [You've absorbed a ghost.] [With great enlightenment, all locked battles have been released.] [Continue your work as a ghost from now on.

Every path you take will engrave deeper into your achievements. [Ouch] One day, one of them was caught up in the light and the crowd. Though it was obscured by explosions that blew up all over the battlefield, he was physically undergoing new changes.

I feel like I've made him feel uncomfortable, like he's released his restraints.

When he realized that it was a liberation of rage, Han could burst into laughter in a moment: "Finally. It was finally the moment I longed for.

The moment I regained my power as a god. It was a moment to reclaim lost years. He enjoyed that moment without missing: He sprinkled nine blades all over the place, swung, stabbed and lowered them as he danced.

His movements were much more concise and sharp than before.

Like Sanon, he also gained a change by exploring the heavenly bodies.

The areas that were of interest to Hangul were oil performance and brass.

Flow is a method. Walking was the most important thing for the nine swords in the ground, and performance was perfect here.

The river that bends along the mountain path is gentle, but sometimes floods. Then, when it becomes an ocean, it causes sunrise and storms that overturn the world. It was too well adjusted.

And the steel cannons that followed dealt with the sharpness and rigidity of iron. The blade became even stronger.

Fruit-rolling-rolling, roll-rolling-down the path of these two Death No-Falls.

The spirits continue to stretch out their shadowy branches without rest, and the lost and wandering souls wander in their homes. The more I painted, the fog of the ghost sprinkled on it spits out more roughly.

The darkness descended by Nemesis restrains its enemies, and Niger hides in the flames that scorch the earth, swallowing everything that touches him as if it were the sulfur of hell.

"Dear Owner, All. Death." And the riches that govern all this add up.

Machine Kick, Machine Squeeze! On the land where death is prevalent, a new death is coming like a wave.

The Deserter of Dis Pluto had to draw attention in many ways.

The stranded Nice Pluto pushes the barrier away too much and starts leaping toward the moat. The sound of cheering for Yeon-woo grows louder. The herd quickly arose.

The impediment was immediate.

I'm sorry, but you have to stay. The eyes of the Nippon, which were looking down at the battlefield of the gods, were fixed on the pits as they rolled down.

The violent thunderbolt drops in front of the mildew as she reflexively swings the beagrid toward it, realizing that the force in the lightning is unusual and lightning strikes the wings of fire as it flicks.

Depending on Yeon-woo's inevitability, Nice Pluto stopped running in unison and became vigilant. Sanon, who was focused on pushing the clans away, stared straight at me with a stiff claw.

I felt tense.

Her hands are sweaty with beagrid in their hands. A piece of Woman's staff flew around him, waiting for orders.

As the lightning strikes, a man appears, disappearing the dirt that had risen.

Grow your front hair hot and fluffy.

I didn't feel the energy to do this, but Yeon-woo had to feel her heart tighten. Even Yongsin didn't see any flaws in him.

Perfection, meaning outstanding presence.

Then, when her eyes opened, her head was dazzled, and she could recognize him at once.

At that, Yeon Woo and everyone around her were very nervous.

Who would have guessed that the king of Gigath would be so busy fighting the gods of Olympus himself? Why did he show up here?

“I must apologize to you, heir to darkness.” Niffon rises cold with his hands.

Muscle regeneration, gang! But the jaw ends here, too. “This is where I need you, so I turn my sword and sword this way, just as the horses' heads and tails rolled, and Asanon and Han protected the kith.

Although my master is a bit more charming. Phew! You seem to be more popular with men these days, right? "Do you feel like joking now?" Abraham, liver, Galilee and Groitz each held a weapon tightly. Dis Fluto was also a splendid face.

So far, they were cautious about the chief of the enemy who had driven them into this state and their commitment to defeating the new owner.

But Nippon takes a step forward, smiling, as if all that was a joke.

There is a violent storm.

A storm so intense that I think it's possible to stand like this.

Yeongwoo grips her teeth, putting them together, making a pole, and placing a beagrid on top of it.

The emergence of Niphon was also a bit anticipated.

The King of Questions was superior enough to have been the King of Titans, the Gürzwizard. Perhaps, but as a fool and a goddess, there was always a goddess.

A phone claiming to have inherited Kronos and harnessing his power. You don't want to send Yeouido, the new heir to the King of Questions.

He's going to try to hold on to it, use it for self-control and experimentation.

Is there any way out? 'Yeon-woo rolled her head without a month, looking at the phone blocking her face alone. I've done a lot of computations using the poetry divide.

Wajang Chang - “You want to see what's going on? There is no other option for you to do this.

Niffon's skill was simply destroyed by following Yeon's speed of thought. to prevent the lashes from rolling.

Yeongwoo frowned and vomited blood. I felt a lot of strength in my hand holding the female staff.

I wish I could use the power of the throne I inherited from Hades. Still for a long time or less, he never provided such convenience.

Do I have to get caught like this? That's all I could think about.

After all, I think I'm going to try to resist this kind of irregularity by 0} %, but I'm going to spread the wings of death struggle.

“Rawr! Here we go!” Kuang! Another cost fell strongly in front of Yeon once again. Without even the slightest bit of forehead fire.

I thought it was warmth gas to help Niffon at the moment of impact, but fortunately, his adversary was on his way to Niffon.

The man was over two metres tall and boasted enormous muscles and big. I have a strong impression that Pant is here for a moment, more than anything else.

Yeon felt one of the channels surrounding her become clearer.

[Ares smiles widely at you.] [Ares wants you to pay attention to yourself.] The man glances at the kite, rolling one tail over his mouth, and roars at Niphon, as if watching.

Rrrrgh! The power of the Nippon rises like a lie. Nippon's expression is stiff.

“What kind of joke is this in Irene, Ares?” Ares. The son of Zeus, of the twelve who ruled Olympus, and the whole body that ruled the war with Athena laughed as the world died, “he laughed! This is the basic way to be seen by my Apostle! Don't you have to look fabulous as a god first?” The Apostle looks at Yeongwoo with his fat words. When did I become an apostle of Ares?

However, since there was a rumor even in Yeongwoo, he narrowed his eyes and looked at Ares, wondering what this meant. I thought I was up to something, but it didn't look like it.

Tiffany frowns.

“An apostle? You mean an heir to the Dark has become one of your own?” “No! But it will soon.” Ares grinned, striking both fists valiantly.

“From now on, I'm going to be happy to show off my good looks.

A full-body, gorgeous body with a huge back that saved you and your colleagues from a crisis! Wouldn't that be cool? This guy looks like a douchebag to me. ”[Agarez laughs at that nonsense.]“ And this body is a vessel of struggle and war. Our beautiful apostle stands in the path of pursuit and desire to walk. ”[Agarez was shocked. [Look where Agares wants to go.]]“ Also, since I'm the same Olympus, I can guide you as a senior. So, Niffon, I need you to clear a path for my apostle. ”[Agarez is restless] [A message from Agarez has been written] [Message: Me! Accept me! I'm better than him! I could be greater! I'll be more helpful to Nihee!] [A message has come from Agares.] [Message: Go! Hurry!] [Agares' message has been temporarily interrupted with the user's permission.] Yeon-woo sighed as she interjected a message from Agarash that only increased in the nonsense of Ares' declaration.

Thank you for coming to the reinforcements. Seems a little strange to me.

He knew that Ares was quite a nuisance in Olympus because he was known for his weak personality. He was so desperate to have himself that he laughed.

I could almost understand why.

Ares was usually very interested in himself. It's just that Athena, his arch-enemy, keeps sucking Donnie's fingers, and then she wants to show up while she's dealing with Grios. To make a strong impression on his words.

Even though it was so simple to think that I would be able to help myself. In a way, it was his idea.

There is a sigh of agitated Agarash there.

[Many demons look at Agarose and Ares, shaking their heads.] But Ares is also one of Olympus' best fighters. I didn't think he'd be able to outrun the hippo if he helped.

“You think he'll take me on alone? What did Hades do to me in the end?” Niphon unleashed his rage, as if he did not like the confident attitude of Ares. Hilly, Hilly. The light began to ring as a cloud filled with clouds along the sky.

To punish him at any time.

But Ares grips his fist tightly and grins fiercely. Like the lion in a lion hunt for a giant elephant.

“I don't know why you think I'm here alone.” Tifon frowned, slowly deceiving his senses and noticing that there was a cost to aim this way.

Beyond the forest, a handsome man with long golden hair was aiming at the demonstration. It was Apollon, the God of the Sun.

On the other side, Artemis, who is holding his guard, quietly draws a pair of swords.

Also, there was a fragrant scent that revolved around them. Dionysus' 'toast. It was also a fairly famous beef in Tartaros. A power that shrinks the recovery of the spiritual power, allowing "resurrection" to also happen at various times.

Among the Twelve Days of Olympus, two generations of mountains came out looking for themselves.

“It's a trap.” Niphon clears his tongue.

They must have devised a plan when they saw that they were leaving the battlefield and knew they were going after the descendants of the Dark. Even the League won't be able to deal with this many substitutes at once.

“Haha! I know you've regained your original strength, Tuffon, as you liberated yourself. I don't know if I can handle all of us here.” Ares grins ferociously and draws his sword.

Nippon looks at the surrounding representatives, as if they were never meant to be.

“Yes. It must be hard. But.” Niffon's eyes gleam sharply through the warm hair: “Hard work, as do you.” Hwaaaa_Moment, Niphon's body went out. Instead, there was a violent storm that began to tear up the atmosphere.


Ares and the others moved in unison, as if they had waited. To defend our alliance.

Whee! The world is starting a war.

Yeon realizes that this is the opportunity they have created and runs into Rosemary Flame, breaking ground towards Darcy Pluto.

Nipon stretches his windpipe between the four replacements, as if he would never let go of such a pittance.

Ares tries to move toward you, but the blade winds seem to reach Yeon Woo first.


As the space opened, a new alternative appeared and twisted the intestine, and the blade wind of the phone was completely revived.

“You will now be treated as the heir to Hades. The next time we meet will not be possible.” The blue-haired alternative leaves the words and rushes past the kith and into Nippon.

Near 0s' Poseidon • • • Yeonsei always seemed like an enemy but now mutters the name of the person who helped her.

I ran again.