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17. Period Tomagia (17)

“This is what you look like until the end.” Persephone mutters a little as she looks at Hades, kneeling on one knee with her body supported by a sword.

If a stranger sees anything, he looks like he's having a big fight and taking a break.

She was just as cool as the winter. For a short while, all sorts of emotions passed over the cave.

My husband always complained. I was a mean husband who took her young days, but I could almost change my mind from time to time.

He always loved himself with all his heart. However, I can't express my heart as stubborn as my stubborn personality. She couldn't have known how hard I tried to shut you down.

So after the contract with the Mother Earth, I thought about it for a long time.

Whether to proceed or not.

No matter how much I blamed my husband, I was somewhat relieved at the time as long as it was over.

As soon as I signed with the Mother Earth, I hesitated because I also knew that my mother, Olympus, was going to be in danger: When Hades first learned the truth and went down to Tartaros. In fact, it was before the Apostle deal with the Mother Earth.

If Hades hadn't run away and had a deep conversation with her.

If so, the consequences of what happened today.

I thought something was different.

“Bad man.” But it was also a worthless assumption.

“Because of you, I ended up being bad. Who turned his back on his father and betrayed his family. On the contrary, you have remained magnificent.” The outcome has already come to light, and the incident has happened.

There was nowhere for her to retreat.

“So I'm going to stay the bad guy.” Persephone sits with one leg bent and strokes Hades' face with his hand. There was still warmth on the less shaved face.

But this warmth will soon be gone.

At that moment.

The bodies of the victim-Hades are fragmented. The dust vanished in the wind, and... Persephone's expression was stiff.

Percy opens his hands after a handful of dust encounters.

The powder was slipping through the cracks of his fingers.

I'm sure I didn't catch what I needed to catch.

Something very important.

The throne.

The 'Spirit of Death' that was taken from the darkness that only the Lord of the Names could have.

After dark, countless societies took it. At Olympus, Hades must have taken it down to the commandment. Why is it invisible? It was never possible to disappear because it was not something I could leave behind. In case you were wondering, it was the same with Hades. After all the powder in Hades' shell disappeared.

Then Percy came up with an idea later.

“No way?” Without Hades. Maybe he already gave it to someone else. It reminds me of Yeonwoo, who fled after saving Hades.

But what the hell? The throne could never be so easily handed over. The opponent must be mortal. If the system refuses, and Allfowon doesn't approve, then how? Do you think I was prepared for this? Then when did all these complicated questions start popping up in my head with a tail, but the fact that the power of the throne to seize has not changed at all.

The power of the throne was imperative.

To make Tartarus your sole authority. It was because the right to set up was in it.

The Pycelles rose slowly in place.

• • • After all, it complicates things. I knew it. I knew it. ”Persephone let go of the struggle she's been holding to her end with such a soliloquy.

Huaiak-her body disappears with a gust.

Instead, the shadows flood out along the sanctuary like food.

It was around that time that the darkness began to rise above the ground.

Like Margie drenching her ankles and knees with water. Black Darkness, too, hoisted a black cock on top of the knees of those who remained in the battlefield.

The thin azrang twisted each other like a quail, and began to soar into the sky as a big tentacle.

Hundreds of thousands of such tentacles.

It was as if a giant cage was wirodriguing through the sanctuary.

“What is that?” Just when Athena, who was holding Crios' neck, looked up in horror. Harmesh's gaze shifted as well.

The same was true of Ares and Poseidon, who dealt with Nipon.

“No way!" “No way!” As the tentacles that formed the cage began to unite, Kim formed a sphere.

But I didn't know what it felt like there.

There's a lot of power here that can never be regained. The common enemy of all gods and demons, the Mother Earth, was trying to empower herself.

“What the hell are you doing, Niphon?” Poseidon has been distorting his impressions and looking at Tifu.

The Nippon detonates the mineshaft again.

“Hahaha! I see our queen has devoured our minds. He never wanted to lose his dignity.

Didn't that work out for you? ”Scary to the end of his laugh.

An over-black sphere exploded, this time spreading darkness along the sky.

And slowly began to take shape.

Didanese shaped like a beast are enormous enough to look as small as a shell.

Despite the appearance of the upper half beyond the horizon that Darkness created, it was in the shape of Persephone that was large enough to cast shadows all over Tartarus.

With the wings of darkness torn from behind.

While attempting direct extension with the earthworm, Percellene, who had become a creature that looked at the earth, roared a long time.

A thunderstorm erupted.

The men who fought in the battlefield were confident and all were swept away. The temple that built the sanctuary was uprooted and turned into a huge mountain range behind it.

Percellene was too big to be nurtured or disorderly.

However, the intense will she emits could be guessed by all beings in this room, without having to speak separately.

Find it. D.

Woman. Seok..

Yeah. Ah. Ahh. Hahn: C.

The Percells are rolling their giant eyes out. He administered his will once again to Tartarus.

[& Vigrid -?? 'Opens the hidden name,' Durendal '' [Herald: Giant Slaughter] The overblown flame rages.

[Successfully defeated Titios. You have added a new feat of karma.] [Greatness that no one can easily accomplish [You have succeeded in plundering the sacred fragment from Titios. Holiness is added to the Tribe of the Throne, [You have gained an additional clue of transcendence.] If we lose Grios and Niffon, Titan_Gigath's pursuit of the moat is not over.

No, I was castrated.

They rushed in, as if they were going to take this opportunity to end the dysruto's life, and then eliminate all the buds that could be a problem.

Of course, stopping them was part of the liver-almost alliance.

You loosen Sanon, Ghost, Rebecca, and Wealth to grab their ankles, whilst stretching the wings of injustice across enemy lines.

Now I was confused as to how many threats I cut and how many new ones I made.

Perhaps the Wise Man's stone was overheated because there were too many battles at once. There is a powerful purple magical body with a four-letter awakening. However, it is not enough to relieve the fatigue received mentally.

Fortunately, each new assassination allowed them to rob a small amount of their sacred property.

I've only ever known about divinity theoretically, although I didn't know how to use it properly.

Having inherited the throne from Hades, I can sense some sense.

Sacred was the power to 'let there be anger'.

Growing up is not necessarily a good thing.

Obviously, the weight changes, so you can hold a favorable notice in the event of a dispute.

If it became too large, it was likely to collapse.

It was because it was a great burden on the soul just by keeping it. And there were more places to attack when the conflict broke out.

But the story is different if you have a lot of divinity.

The power to maintain a divine personality as an uprising. In short, it gave me a solid durability.

But it wasn't easy to get this sacred thing.

It was the sum of many faiths, or the amount of enlightenment that made it possible to replace it with subtle transcendence.

However, unlike many gods that had already secured numerous followers, there was no limit to gaining divinity as a mortal compass.

It is a fatal weakness in alliances where there is so little rage that the power of the throne cannot be exercised properly.

However, if they rob the sacred city and become new killers, this child will be different.

I was able to improve my strength and awaken the power of the throne little by little while filling my tribe.

Kurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Light! [Power that was temporarily locked with additional acquisition of divinity, you have successfully unlocked further questions. [Power, Use the Eye of Darkness, and follow the Law of the Order.]] A little, but I was able to use the power of the throne to awaken it a little.

The power of the throne was so easily tied up with wings that it was so hard to control 1- de 00 by will from other gods and demons, but the power of the throne did not need to be painted.

It was from a god he had already secured. It can be hard to use for your own.

I can't believe he just swung around with a bat and a beagrid.

Yeongwoo soon realized that they had almost completely moved away from the temple of Pluto and had failed to attain their destination.

The corpse of Gronos, an expected mountain range between the Temple of the King and the Mysterious Faith, was seen.

The closer you get to Banker Gronos' corpse, the quivering clock in your chest shivers. The black king's frameset was reacting the same way.

Ggoonos also possesses the power of darkness. You're responding on your own.

But Yeon-woo didn't care about that.

• • • is coming again. ”A bird chase is chasing us across the ridge.

"Damn, they're fighting without circles today. What the hell is Olympus doing on the wall? They grumbled as if they were bored. It was fun to grow up in a real fight, but to some extent. If I kept repeating like this, I would support it.


Man • • This is the one who kills you • That guy, again! Aren't you sick of it? "There was a very familiar side to the forefront, Iapetos. The one who knew he was going to let go of his personality and let go, was rushing towards me again in the form of a giant figure of what he had done.

Of course, it was infinitely weaker than in the previous battle, but it was a different resource than the lower personalities that had dealt with women.

He was full of murders that would kill Yeon Woo for sure. He must have wanted to repay the humiliation he had received before.

“My king.” At that time, the Nice Pluto looked at me with a worried face.

“I don't have much time left, so go up first.

Yeon-woo wouldn't listen to the answer. He flew toward Apetos, spreading his wings.

There are many swarms on the wedge, but this time you pull out the wings of death and struggle. As numerous powers begin to roll like a cog, power rests on the throne's power.

Yeongwoo clashed head-on with Iapetos.

With the sound of it, Iapetos bounces back. His eyes were wide open. It was because I didn't think I would be pushed out of my strength. How did he get so strong in the last few months? However, Yeon-woo rushed up with her wings again, as if she didn't even want to answer his question.

I've already used it several times, so I don't have much time left to keep my wings in the sky. I had to see the battle in there.

Vigrid wags a flower bead at the end of the guaiang_. His chest fluttered like a black smoke fountain. Chronos' correction. Smoke naturally sucked into King Chilhok's despair.

Iapetus' eyes turned red. It was the same thing again. It was unacceptable to take away his power like that.

However, Yeon-woo was not strong enough.

Every time there is a collision, there are large wounds inflicted on Ieapetos' agenda. The more I painted it, the more she got internal injuries as she hit physical limits. I repeated my arms and legs were broken several times by Iapetus' power and then regenerated.

And then, with the big clashes, the two of them push each other away.

When I wanted to flap my wings to make a match again. A mutation occurred.

The Black Tide approaches before Yeon Woo even notices.

Queen! This is nothing • • • • • • •! Before Iapetos could say anything, Kim was "eaten" during the year.

However, the Black Tide tried to grab Yeon Woo as if it were a hat.

The earthworm? If not, Viera Dunne? I don't know exactly what that is. But the black tide, which looked like a sticky swamp, was not in his nature to do anything about it.

Jungwoo also realized the crisis and shouted.

Yeon-woo gripped her teeth and began to quickly retreat back, setting the sun on her wings again.

Meanwhile, I gathered all the secrets and ghosts I had scattered all over the place.

If I ate in the darkness, it would be hard to find them, too.

'Don't let that thing get to Disc Pluto.

Yeon-woo quickly searches the side of the dysfunction and bites her teeth. The Displuto has just arrived at the pillar of light. The liver lamp was helping Nice Pluto climb up the pillar of light to the upper staircase according to the directions of the kite.

I had to buy myself some time.

So I'm turning the other way.

Kim seems to know the idea of the kite; he steers rapidly towards the pillar of light.

Yeon-woo returned in the same direction and sprinkled power.

I tried to delay the Tidal Wave's approach somehow, but there was no chance of stopping at all, just for a few moments while the skill reached me.

Let go. Ah. Ra.

King: Left..

Even the righteous man from the Sea Sunset annoyed Yeong-woo. The voice of the Earth's goddess, mixed so hard to know whether it was Percellnae or Viera Dunne, was full of obsession with beeswax.

Then Yeon-woo was able to reach the place where the light was.

The problem was that only half the people climbed on the pillar of light.

This is really urgent.

Yeon-woo eventually stopped retreating and tightened her staff. Even if there was a risk of being eaten in the tide, we had to stop it first.

[Sighs] In a moment of such urgency. Yeon-woo wanted to come up with a countermeasure.

But how? The Mother Earth and Persephone's horses have chased you to the bottom of their jaws. Even with the wings of death and struggle, you were able to stop them alone. I had to help • • Athena and Hermes, etc. were tied to their ankles over there, and it was hard to do that.

At that moment, Yeon-woo could read the many gazes that were looking at her.

[The Royal Highness watches over your throne.] [Gsittigarva watches over your throne.] [Izanami watches over your throne] The eyes of all death gods and demons.

They have been watching him silently since Yeonwoo was chosen to take the throne from Hades.

I didn't know why at first.

Now I feel like I know.

They were all trying to help him.

It is not something to be watched and tested as it has been. As the future king of Hades, as his successor, he was placed 'on par' with himself. Even if it's not right now, I think it will someday.

And when I think about it, Yeon-woo realized that she had a new hand.

As time went on, the goddess's lips were a few 7 yolks long before the Tidal Wave was over.

“Come here.

Scary enough to end it.

The black, red and swarm erupted along the huack-kite's body. The wings of death burn more beautifully than ever before.


All the gods of death and demons. 666 transcendents came together on the flesh of compassion.