Second Life Ranker

18. Period Tomagia (18)

[Nergals have succeeded in strengthening themselves.] [Halphas failed to console.] [The Grand Army has failed to become strong.] I felt dizzy as I warmed up.

It was absolutely ridiculous that 666 gods and demons tried to console themselves by borrowing the wings of death through channeling.

When Poseidon tried to force him to borrow the body of a Bentique a long time ago, he was also encouraged by the gods.

There were so many numbers that I couldn't even compare to now. Of course, I thought it was possible to handle it.

If the Commonwealth didn't have a throne of commandments. I never would have tried if I hadn't tied them to one category with the wings of death.

Several gods and demons put great pressure on Yeon-woo just by showing their will.

I feel like my soul will be squeezed out.

Though he said he grew up, he was still too humble in front of the various personalities.

Is it because of the power of the throne? Yeon-woo was able to survive on her own will without falling apart like before.

When the body reaches a critical point.

The dragon scale has been greatly turned upside down.

A thicker, harder scale rises and envelops the body as hard as it can. The dragon's wings and the dragon's tail reveal their complete form.

Along the volcano-flurry, the presser spread like a violent wave that only the polyps emitted.

The energy of the 'real' dragon was spreading so clearly that it was not just a very simple polyp, but a polymorphic polyp.

It was because of the changes engraved on the heart.

Kudeuk, Kudeuk! Yeongwoo's heart repeated the heartbreak as it shook, then restoring.

The resting place became harder and more shaped like a braille bead.

The heart is also the center of life through many blood vessels, but it is also a magical organ where all magical forces are generated and distributed.

Such a heart was raging.

It was stripping of its existing functions and transforming it into a number of higher organs.

And according to this. It also warped the magical circuits connected from the heart.

As the shape changes to the new shape, the large and small circuits merge or break, and the rarely used circuits are partially discarded.

A new circuit diagram was created around the heart as thicker, larger amounts of circuitry were pioneered.

Brainy! That way, the newly formed heart pumps roughly. Blood flow is rapid and magical power is emitted.

Dragon Heart! It is a symbol of the dragon, and the source of all the power they had was finally born.

The magical power supplied by Lae Chiang Hart is notoriously different from what Yeon has enjoyed.

I felt like I had been planted in the body by forcing the Mana stream that I could feel during the four-letter awakening.

I was that upset and discouraged.

It was a five-letter awakening.

[Unlocks Tier 5 power. [Power: Elemental Construction] [Elemental Construction] Description: ArchaeoDragon Calatus refined power over eight steps to allow contractors to adapt quickly to the solution. Step five of them.

The magical force generated in the Dragon Heart can be contacted with the Mana stream in the atmosphere, and the flow can be induced to arbitrarily use and build elements present in the region.

It can draw magical force from the center of the dragon and release it externally.

At this point, the magical power used interfered with Idea, making it possible to build magic by choice, based on skill level.

It is possible to concentrate only the desired elements in Mana. Clustered elements may be used to more efficiently implement magic, depending on use, or may be used to carry out primitive attacks.

The Dragon Heart was enough to serve as a pillar to harden the body of the dragon, which had only been hardware so far.

Where is he?

As the Dragon Heart pumps, the Wise Man's Stone resonance begins.

Magical circuitry generated by the magical institute emitted multiple amplified forces in the shape of the ul (co) of Mobius. The tension engraved on the body of the dragon is lifted once more.

I wanted to burst out a smile at the moment of making love.

Yeah, this was it.

The moment you've always wanted! When you first acquired the Wise Man's Stone.

I vaguely thought, if I could complete the Wise Man's Stone and put the Dragon Hearts next to it together, how great could I be?

Dragon Hearts were a must-have part in order to be easy. Didn't you see for yourself how the Summer Queen who lost her Dragon Heart had fallen?

And the Wise Man's Stone is a magical force known to breed dragon hearts, so it was all speculated that resonance would be that great.

But this was far beyond that expectation.

Double? No, triple? No, it was hard to estimate exactly. Depending on the use, it seemed to be a few times superior.

[Halphas has tried to reintroduce. Success.] [The Thai military has tried to reassess. Success.] And the innards of the gods and demons, whose body was strengthened, failed to be strong, are reentered.

Below. You've grown quite a bit. "I thought I heard the laughter supposedly from Maestro.

And the more I draw.

I could feel the power of the category gradually becoming clearer.

As the power of the throne, which was only a blur, became apparent, Yeon-ju was able to clearly understand what the divine spirit was.

Yes, this is death. The only concept that can bring a fair foundation into all that is alive and not alive.

Of course, the existence of Yeouido was too small to fully understand the big concept: It was a big income in that it was able to guess what form it was.

So Yeon-woo put the added power on the female staff as much as she could.

[Power Front Opens] The three pairs of wings of the sky spread as far as possible, raising a black flame on the beagrid at the end of the balcony.

When the high concentration of magical power entered too much; rather, it appeared as the shape of the hard error distorted.

The swallow raises a vortex, forcefully gripping the spear. I swung the female staff roughly to the side of the vortex.

It was the power of the polyp acquired by achieving the 5th Awakening.

[Bress] Polyps often use attacks that condense and burst certain elements in their mouths. As the so-called Dragon Bress, it was only as powerful as Gussel because it had collected only a single element.

However, Yeon-woo developed Bress slightly differently. The reason that the polyp sprayed Bress through the mouth was because the body was comfortable to use as a medium for handling the elements, but the weapon that was holding the salt was much more comfortable.

Guava! An error emanated from the end of the Festival crossed the world as a Breach.

The dark tide that came through here split precisely in half.

Despite being overwhelmed again, Yeon-woo does not miss a short delay in the tide.

'Yes!' Lu Xiaoyu widened her eyes and squeezed the female pole tighter and burst the brace in a row.

“Grow up, woman!” Bress, which began along the over-voltex, was poured out over the next tidal wave like a rainstorm.

[Osiris has succeeded in strengthening.] [Izanami has succeeded in strengthening.] Endurance has continued in the meantime: Bress' power has grown strong.

The fire rises to an enormous height above the place where the female staff sits. It was appalling to see how the world turned upside down, tangled with darkness.

The more she painted, the more she gripped her teeth.

Momentary Awakening and Determination Forgot Physical Limits. There was a limit to how long it lasted.

In fact, it was great just to remain so strong.

Thousands of gods and demons have joined forces, yet only a mortal has beaten this far. Beyond the power of the throne, it would not have been possible if you weren't so strong in spirit.

Fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fuel! Fortunately, while Yeongwoo was single-handedly blocking the Mother Earth's horsepower, a significant portion of the disk fluto was disappearing beyond the pillar of light.

That's how I reached the last 12 divisions.

The liver that remained until the end of Cain! saw this side of Dis Fluto and urgently sent selfishness. It meant to come quickly.

I nodded loudly.

Won-he- and - as soon as the body overheated, it was already a match for its limits. After staying like this, there was a concern that the 1-de-Gohart and the Wise Man's Stone were too hot to explode.

The scale rises red, giving off a burst of steam.

Yeongwoo gripped her teeth once more, raising the female pole from the ground up.

As the chunk of ground turned upside down, it soared for tens of meters. In the meantime, the fireflies fry the sparks, creating a big wave of light and unleashing even more lightning from the sky.

Khu-rang, Khu-rang_Over-effective! In the place where the lightning had fallen, Bimagildara's steam went out to eat the darkness while Guwidara smoked a gorgeous localization.

[Bimagildara rejoices at your performance statue] [Gernunos watches your performance statue with calm eyes.] The dark tide continues to clash with the scattering of flames. With its wings, it quickly retreated to the side of the pillar of light.

A deep orchestra bursts out from the dark tide.

Let go of me. D.

G. Thing. Silver.

My. Thing. E. c.

Then, as if not to miss Yeongwoo, the dark tentacles squeeze through the mesh of fire and rush out toward Yeongwoo.

Guarruh-young once more sprinkles the brace and pushes the tentacles hard. As soon as the liver entered, he also entered into the pillar of light.

At that moment, the world was turned upside down.

[Hidden Stage, 'Tartarus has escaped.] [Entrance to designated place, 35th floor' Cheonan ( ) side. "W-what, this?” “Where do so many people come from?” “Proprietary? Do you know that one?” “I haven't been able to see it lately, but what the heck?

Stages have already been populated with a lot of commotion.

Suddenly, the giant portal opens and an unknown army spills out.

The move to the 35th floor was a request from Yeongwoo to Abraham.

By inheriting the throne of the Order, Yeouido was able to establish authority for Tartarus, and based on that, it was possible to assign the coordinates to Abraham.

The floors cleared by Yeongwoo were a total of 34 floors. They were going to go to 35 floors, so they were fully utilizable.

Originally, the destination would have to be outside the tower that was transferred to Yeongadarros.

The reason I took the stage was because this was the 'area of authority for managers'.

This was a place of system surveillance and protection, under the name of Causality: the intervention of the celestial system was inevitable. Naturally, the power of the Mother Earth, a mythical being, had to be weakened just as much.

'It should be easy to clear the 35th floor as well.' This is where Yeon Woo came out, and the darkness was rising high. His righteousness was strong in the chaos of the stage.

Let go. Ah. Ra.

However, Yeon-woo smiled softly and sprinkled the brace again. Beagrid's blade cuts through the darkness.

Rrrrgh - he cried like he was trying to show himself through a narrow hole.

[Detected divine presence attempting to intervene on stage.] [Admin appears "What is this? I'm so scared!” “The Mother Earth? What the hell happened to you?” Oh Hyo Hyo! Looks like our troublemaker # # has had a little bit more of an ordeal this time. Awesome. Oh-ho-ho-ho! ”As a result, the chief managers were on the move. They have this expression that the Mother Earth is baffled by the appearances of the House.

Tartaros is a new territory that administrators cannot monitor. So he had no idea what had happened there.

However, Ijuke smiled as if he knew what had happened when he saw Yeongwoo breathing harshly from afar, repairing her glasses.

At the same time, they start to move.

[Activates suppression] [Intervention of existence is interrupted.] [The intervention of existence is cut off "As the guilty managers and the herd turn, the law of the world began to burn, and the stage began to roll. The giant portal that staged the 35th floor with Tartarus has begun to close.

No. Done. C.

No. Done. C.

The Darkness of the Mother Earth is struggling to let go of this.

In a cool voice, Yeongwoo grabbed the female staff in reverse and shoved it into the last portal.

With a loud scream from the Mother Earth. The connection with Dardardaroth was completely blocked as is.

The noisy 35th floor was once again silent.


Piranha - [All trials have ended.] [Do you want to go to the 36th floor?]