Second Life Ranker

19. 天 動 (1)

[Gsittigarva has ended his determination.] [The Greater Shanghai Military has ended their commitment.] [Ishma-Daiva has terminated his commitment. [Scam_Yeon sat on the floor feeling a strong feeling of devastation. The spiritual force that was filling the body was drained back inward, and the dragon heart and the sage's stone slowly stopped working.

Though 666 transcendents were strong, it was only a matter of five minutes. The aftermath of that was not great.

The wings of the sky were so long that I thought it would be impossible to trigger them for a while.

My vision is spinning.

What would have happened if Dragonheart hadn't created a universal corporation?

It was horrible just thinking about it.

“Ha, ha, ha.” Yeon-woo breathes and it has no strength left to breathe. I felt like I could die from physical discharge if I was this hard.

Nevertheless, the stone of the wise man with infinite magical power could not be seen deep enough to somehow relieve fatigue while supplying a purple energy.

Then, with some consciousness, Yeon-woo was only able to look around.

The place was ruined.

It was hard to recognize the shape because the whole area was turned upside down. There were many traces of mystical power, large and small, everywhere, including the sky.

'Roughly.' I didn't realize I was so busy locking the giant portal. The traces left by the Mother Earth were too large.

The stage is shaking like this just by throwing away the will.

So what happens if the body of the earth-born appears? I had no idea.

“Cain!” At that moment, the group rushes forward. After exploring Yeon Woo's surroundings, she helped by using a technique that boosts self-healing power. Immediately, Abraham developed oil magic with divine power.

Quickly seeing any trauma. Yeon-woo asked the liver.

“Doyle and Hanova?” Doyle's still sleeping. Luckily, Henova had Victoria evacuate to the outer tower area beforehand, so there was no problem. ”Yeon-woo nods, thankfully."

“Nice Pluto escaped safely, too.” Yeon turned her gaze toward Dis Pluto.

Soldiers who met with their eyes tried to get up from their buttocks to meet the new owner.

But Yeon shakes her head as if she didn't need to draw. It was as earthquakes as it was, no, more so.

I lost my home with my lifelong master one day. It must have been very disturbing. They needed a break to clear their complicated minds.

The soldiers of Nice Pluto thanked me for taking the funeral for them.

Although there is only half as little power left in the peak period.

Their eyes were burning more vigorously than ever before.

I was worried what I would do if I was frustrated. Luckily, I didn't have to draw it.

'More than that,' Yeon-woo turns her gaze to the message window on her retina.

[You have completed the first requirement for Sudden Quest (Exodus).] 'Why is this the only recognition we have yet?' The first requirement for the Exodus quest is to buy the new Discover Pluto '.

This was originally stored up during various battles, and it was not too crowded because it was recognized as the King in escaping from the Mother Earth's Horse.

But it was strange because I still hadn't come up with the message that the second condition, 'Escape from Tartarus'.

You're saying the exodus isn't over yet? Is there a soldier missing from Tartarus? It was so chaotic that even if there were one or two stragglers, it was not a big deal. But the system couldn't have been so discriminating.

Or what other threats does the Mother Earth pose? But how? 'Yeon turned her gaze to the managers.

The chief managers were busy running around. First of all, they were suspending the stage mission with their own privileges and using the backup data to quickly repair the damaged areas.

Just as Ifuke was coming this way, fixing his one-eyed glasses.

“Oh Hyo-Hyo! # # #, you're already the second time since the 23rd floor. So you've been on the 11th floor for quite a long time, and you've been doing quite well. Perhaps you're a hobby of destroying stages on the 10th floor.” Beyond the one-eyed glasses, a tearing eye draws an arc.

“Next time you break something like this, give me a hint. That way, we'll be mindful too, Oh-soo!” Maybe he wanted to; Yeong-woo nods, smiling bitterly.

• From now on, "Oh Hyo Hyo. That's good, that's good.

As expected, # # # speaks very well in this way. And, ”Ifuke's eyes narrow.

“I think we need a consultant on this. Will you follow us, please?” Managers manage every staircase closely. However, there were many areas where they could not see.

Between the transcendents and the managers were pla/Ö/ouleÖD/unknownst, Jerra Jigsaw 77; when the best L//7h root/hungon * was determined, transcendent 21405; the unilateral % muscular/7/4 root/people were transcendent/dalliant/g//or/caring milkman.

Hidden stages were usually hidden in the 98th floor of the heavens or end of the 0th floor.

The same goes for Tartaros. Hades' setting prevents the administrators from seeing what happened in Tartarus.

Then this happened. Of course, we'll need to find out exactly what happened to them.

And this time, Yeon-woo was trying to cooperate because she also used managers who wanted to make the match.

If you don't help, there may be some objections in the future.

The duvet, which was watching the appearance of the pond as if it had concluded, could one day embrace the sharp poem surrounding itself.

1- Nearly all of Nis Fluto stood up and surrounded the surroundings of Iülke. A blood-free dawn came upon him.

A fierce rush of energy rises.

However, Everke glances around the soldiers, fixing her glasses to see if she was okay with such fierce force.

Hmm? What kind of drill is this? Did I do something to displease the men of the order? I've lived to think of myself as a corpse, except out of respect. Heh heh heh heh heh. "Without permission, we cannot take our king lightly.

“Our king?” Everke tilts her head, realizing the cost price and soon bursting into laughter.

“If not, it was suddenly announced that the king of the order had changed. That was a secret I shouldn't have told you. Hmm! Interesting!” Even though I expected the Exodus event in Dis Fluto to have something to do with the throne of the Reign, it was hard to believe Yeon-woo was the main character.

Because you can't imagine that a player will inherit the throne of the commandment: It was a far-fetched event that could not have been possible on the common sense ship of Ifuke, even if it was Yeon Yuan.

Then Nice Pluto glanced at Yeongwoo, wondering if they had done something wrong.

Yeon-woo smiled bitterly in the mask, but pretended to be a natural and told Ibulke.

“I'll help with the investigation. Instead, you want me to do it like this?” Everke has a zipper on her mouth.

Yeon-woo nods, and the duvet laughs nervously.

“Oh Hyo Hyo! You don't have to rate it that much. I'll do the same for the other managers.

You don't have to tell people about all this fun stuff. He didn't add any hindsight. For him, Yeon-woo was always a boring and boring everyday thing like showers.

“But as a friend and chief manager of my dear friend # # #, I would like to join you.” At that moment, Everke's eyes flashed in her one-eyed glasses.

“It is also a matter of territorial invasion that so many of the soldiers of this order have entered the stage, which is the realm of the players.

As with earthworms, there can be the same inhibitors over there, so you'd better be careful. ”In Dis Fluto, even though it was minor, there were some who were self-respecting.

From Gigi Tomagia to Acronyms 1: , by face, ordinary players have powers they cannot touch.

With hundreds of them together, it was enough to break the balance of the stage.

Therefore, as a stage priority system, it could have treated Disc Pluto as an Irregular.

And in fact, it started to show a little bit of that.

Familiar with the Tartarus environment, Disc Fluto doesn't seem to match the air in the new stage; his complexion is pale together. It meant that their power was being controlled little by little.

We may end up with a little paper right now, but it could trigger some kind of containment.

But Yeon-woo didn't worry about that.

The new habitat and base camp incursions with the third quest requirement were already in mind.

A Dungeon of Wealth would be enough.

The dungeon made of several red dragon intrenians is now almost finished.

It was large enough to accommodate disc fluto. If you set your preferences for Tartarus, it would be an ideal place for a new habitat.

If it were here, the system wouldn't be big enough. If you took the disk fluto out and tried to stage it, it would be considered irregular, but it would work if you just accepted it.

Later on, it was a desertion, and when they sat properly on the throne, it was time to take them out.


Ifuke flinched his index finger to the left and to the right, as if he had already guessed the idea of Yeon-woo.

“That's not what I meant.

It's the blind spot in the system. # # can handle it. But in this tower, restraint is not just about the system. ”Yeon-woo narrows her eyes because she doesn't understand the meaning of Everke. There are other inhibitors besides the system? I've never heard of it.

I sent over to Jungwoo to ask for his opinion.

I don't know, me neither. I've never heard of it. "I don't know," only the answer came back.

So I'm asking what that means.

Hills, hills--suddenly the silent sky begins to fall on them.

The restored super managers halted this task and raised their heads as they grimaced.

The group looks upward, gripping the spear and shield tightly, feeling an unusual atmosphere.

The sky was twisting.

The phenomenon of the crumpling of space gave me a strange feeling that was hard to put into words. I was frightened, I was astonished.

I couldn't tell which way was left or which way was right.

Then, as the sky split open, Aurora, who boasted many colors, leaked out and filled the air, and there was a great cloud of fog in between.

Side by side, side-by-side. It gave me goosebumps. Despite not attempting to awaken the solvent, the dragon's scale rises as the skin itself flips. The scale rises thicker than ever before.

It meant I was that nervous.

By someone who doesn't know the end.

That's what the Mother Earth would do if she tried to do it herself.

No, maybe more.

An enormous existence was descending along the broken basins. By forcing the restraint set by the chief managers, it revealed a sense of pressure that surpassed the stage.

Disc Pluto was also very nervous. They've dealt with Nippons many times in women's college, but that's nothing compared to that.

I could feel the expression that the sky was moving.

And that's it.

It was the first time that Yeongwoo had seen it, but it was ripe during the day.

Jungwoo suddenly appeared next to Yeon-woo and laughed in a mischievous voice.

For thousands of years, it has become a barrier for many players, for transcendents, against hatred, and for managers, against exceptions.

He was about to come down here.