Second Life Ranker

20. 天 動 (2)


1 - 1 - 1 - ruler of a giant mountain.

He has been regarded as the strongest since the creation of the tower, and has never crossed even the so-called king of the one-footed tribe.

The pressure he was releasing was enormous.

I wonder how such a thing could be God.

[Ksinigarba roars.] [Hel stands vigilant with his wings held high.] [Halphas aims at the opponent with a calm gaze. Gernunos takes a violent step.] [Many gods look at you with furious gaze.] [Many demons watch the battalion in a wary manner.] New and devils' reactions connected by kite and channeling were also changing in real time, but their various reactions contained a common feeling.

It was a strong hostility towards Allfowon.

It was also a matter of knowing how many gods and demons Allfowon had frustrated.

The real purpose of Allfowon is unknown: Yesterday, Allajo/will be the only thing that has kept 77 floors/dlings/24339; hha, cleaving the sky and braids/for a very long time.

Fla0/Fishes cannot go up öh7/h, Gods and the villages in front of them cannot go down the path. There.


Hades once said that as he passed by. Allfowon distinguishes the heavens from the rivers, and the gods and demons call it that.

Olfowon also said he longed to clearly separate the realm between the transcendent and the mortal.

If the transcendent intervenes on the stage avoiding Allfowan's surveillance, he will be punished immediately, and if the mortal enters the transcendent's realm, he will be expelled immediately.

Tartaros is a little ambiguous, so he's just looking at it, but he also said that if Dis Fluto wants to intervene on the stage, he'll leave immediately.

Allfoone's actions, when viewed by gods and demons, were also more like managers than play: no, more like the will of the system, to be precise.

It was as if the system was moving on willingly as if it was more like what Allfowon was doing.

So the gods and demons judged the object of eternal hatred as follows:

'The apostle of the tower.' Such a creature opened its mouth.

I could not help but wonder what was going on. The new king of the throne. I can't figure out how to celebrate this, how to be vigilant, how to do it. This is the first time, and it's embarrassing for me, too. Yeon-woo's impression of Olfowon was different from that of 'strong' or 'intimidating.'

'It's ringing, too. Wouldn't it be like • • tens of thousands of square feet of crowds all in one voice at the same time?

There were too many voices mixed together. And in fact, there were not a single or two faint sensations beyond the fog. Many energies with different substrates were mixed together and were being expressed as one type.

Is there really one Allfoone? I was beginning to question that.

But a stage-packed giant presence was releasing only one will and continuing to speak.

And the soldiers of the commandment. I couldn't make it past the Wedge, so I left you in such a frenzy. This is a clear breach of the treaty. Did you not know that? Even though the giant mist, "presumed" by Allfoon, is still in heaven.

Nice Fluto is vigilant with a tight waist. I felt like a giant gaze was watching me.

The beast seems to be worried about how to deal with the puppies who invaded his realm without fear.

A day puppy! But they still have Elite Soldiers who defeated Tartaros. The officers of the commander's rank were subordinate, but they were also confident.

However, in front of Olfowan's enormous gaze, they were regarded as nothing.

They swallowed the drought.

I made a pact. I had no idea what it was.

I don't know the details, but I heard from Gahades that it was a covenant between heaven and Olfowon.

Never intervene in each other's territory more than necessary, and if so, they will never reject the imposition of helpless sanctions.

The disadvantage of Allfowon's taking it upon himself was the disco fluto.

After rushing up to the stage, the foreign air is making me feel strongly like my body is not following me.

If Olfowon tried to impose sanctions separately, it would have been inevitable.

And we were also aware of the overall situation.

After receiving the throne, a great deal of Hades' knowledge was passed on to him. It also contained the contents of the covenant.

'Damn it.

I thought I could put an end to the chase of the Mother Earth and Titan-Gigas.

Across the mountain, you encountered a volcano that was too big.

'We have to convince them somehow.

Fortunately, unlike the greedy Earth Goddess, Olfowon was able to persuade and negotiate. I also had to seek cooperation on the terms of the agreement.

He was never the one to fight.

So how do you say we leave the difluto behind?

Normally, the hair that was going so well did not turn poisonous today. I was so exhausted from the constant battle and tension that I couldn't keep up with my will.


Olfowon, do you remember me? Jungwoo fixed his gaze in the sky and slowly stepped forward. Yeon-woo is surprised and tries to stop him, but Jungwoo reaches out and holds him back, saying he's okay.

Olfowon soon heard a cheerful laugh.

Even though I was unlucky and short, I kept circling along the main road. You finally drew a statue. Yeon was impressed that Olfowon's voice seemed to be directed toward her, not Jungwoo.

The award drawn.

Do you think he only sees the cost? "Yes, it's been a long time. That's the kid from back then. But I don't want to talk about it anymore, I looked at Jungwoo and said.

Jungwoo nods heavily.

Thanks to what you said at the time, I was thankfully able to be like this. What have I done? Your hope was so desperate that Sook-un only shaped one thing, and Yeon-woo realized one thing in the conversation between Jungwoo and Allfowon.

I thought about installing a journal in the arrogant stone, but I think I got the idea from my conversation with Olfowon.

I wanted to thank you though. Thank you for saying that. I'm so glad you look healthy. "From the beginning of the old story, the atmosphere seemed to return surprisingly well.

Jungwoo also spoke with a slightly brighter complexion.

Then • • However.

The answer that came back was cold.

"These are the people who helped you, you want to say that. He added that the situation was inevitable.

You also said you'd keep them quiet so they wouldn't mess with the Summer. Jungwoo shut his mouth when everything he was going to say was cut off. Olfowon's tone is still sweet, but the contents are sharp as a knife.

But there are no exceptions.

Yeongwoo and Jung felt like their hearts were tightening.

When I started closing my eyes once, I often asked to close my eyes after that, so that was the beginning.

Debt! Nice Pluto stands up and lifts his armor together. You place your shield in front of you, and raise your spear high.

Deep speculation begins to fill the battlefield.

"Why, there is nothing easy to get to. I hope this is all the karma my human master made." As he slept with his tongue, he pulled out the sword breaker and plunged the ground firmly.

Light! Sa_non, in the wedge, flew into the sky as he burst into his signature skill, Volcano. Red flames spread to all directions, and both Commander and Rebecca began firing back fire to cover him.

Along the air, the giant eyes widen. As numerous barracks were built, the magical cannons struck Allfowon, and the liver and Galilee attacked in unison, following his will.


Sanon had already reached the high rank of Ramker, and all of his supporters were skilled.

Though I can't stop Olfowon, I thought I could at least try harder.


Aurora, who was surrounded by a thick gray mist, thought it was spreading, and something began to fall helplessly.

An A-Nunon realized the identity of the crash and hurriedly started running toward him.

Despite what just happened, sanon was so badly injured that he was about to break his body. His appearance was getting lighter. It meant that existence was close to death.

The impression of the Discover Pluto was rigid. They had always known that Yeon-woo's family was too strong to stand by.

And how did he get so easily without using his hands? It was too dangerous.

Even the traces that Sanon left of Olfowon didn't look much different.

The liver and others thought the same thing. I started to develop my signature skills with all my might be defeated by Olfowon.

Along the liver-wielding Blood Sword, a vast crack in space causes numerous red trajectories to shoot into the sky. It was the art of pulling the tactics to the top.

With the help of Abraham, Galilee moves his body relentlessly, and Groitz unleashes a tremendous beef effect on his group by pulling the most ferocious Zul-Picar power.

Disc Pluto has also unleashed his rage. The speculation becomes a vortex and threatens the stage for all time.

Stages that were filled with the Mother Earth's intervention and had only begun to be recovered were again chaotic because of the chaos of many personalities.

“Aaaaah! When will you get this sorted out again?" ”The chief managers screamed as they wrapped their heads in rats, thinking they had too much work to do.

I tried to escort them downstairs with administrative authority so that they wouldn't get caught up in the same message, but the system was still feeding off the same thing.

[Error] [Error] “What the heck is going on?!“ Oh Hyo! Looks like you're watching the King go berserk. Oh, fuck me. Oh-ho! "“ After that smile, you damn Goblin! Do something! ”The laughter of Ifuke and the horrors of the other managers spread.

Twinkle! Aurora thumps once more. For a brief moment, a massive swarm of light floods the stage blind.

And then I opened my eyes again.

All who had challenged Allfoone sat on the floor vomiting blood. There was nowhere to speculate until just now.

Jean, whatever this is, I've been aiming for Allfowon, holding on to the heart. He had no idea what was going on.

All I felt was that when the light flashed, the magical power suddenly stopped like a lie, causing the skill to be incapacitated, and the body was severely damaged by its repulsive power.

The Mana Stream, which needs to be flowing through the atmosphere, is stopping like a lie, and so is the System Essay. It was a series of things that could never be made sense.

It looked as if the system was moving accordingly, as specified by • • • Allfoone.

But Olfowon, as if it were natural, was still as it was in the sky.

It's projecting this way, even though it's on the seventh floor, not showing properly.

And deep down, the throne of the Order must never exist here. • • • Until the fragments of black can be accommodated, but no more. Olfowon's gaze naturally turned towards Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo gripped her teeth. I wish I could fight with you.

I couldn't keep up. It was because I was exhausted in the battle against the Mother Earth.

So I forced myself to rely on power.

[Power '5th Solution Awakening' is inactive] [Power, '5th Solution Awakening' is inactive.] continued to fail.

It wasn't just that.

[Connection with Nergal is unstable, Power, and Distinctiveness' will cease '] [Connection with Iranian groups is unstable. Might, One-Man Killing' will cease.] [Your connection with Agares is unstable. The power, the aphrodisiac, ceases.] [A message has come from Agares.] [Message: Olfoone, this son of a bitch again [Failed to receive message due to unknown error.] [Message from Agares] [Message: Don't Stop Saying • • • • • • • •!] [Failed to receive message due to unknown error.] The channeling that surrounded him had always faded or been broken, but the wings of the sky bound the powers of many gods and demons. Of course, if the channeling had been broken, it would have been impossible to develop.

So I have to make things right. In that situation, Allfowon was born again. The throne of the Kingdom of the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Yeongwoo was considered to be a threat to the ecosystem of the stage and moved to rob it.

Once more, the light flashes.

At that moment, Yeon-woo felt a huge hand covering her. I couldn't resist. It was only a clarity of consciousness in a world that had been so slow. I tried to resist, but my body couldn't keep up.

Should it be taken away so powerlessly? The moment I thought about it.

You can't do anything monthly without me. Jungwoo suddenly appeared in front of Yeon-woo. Armor shining in silver and the wings of the sky shining white. I looked back at Yeongwoo and laughed.

Yeon-woo wanted to shout, "Don't do that," with her eyes open. Dangerous. I wanted to say we shouldn't stand up to unstable people yet, but we're a little premature, unlike conscious.

Let's go, Miriam More than the name Nemesis, now Hajung Woo seems to be beating the ground more vigorously and flew to Olfowon. After that, Nemesis followed the fierce one.

A long time ago.

It was the second coming of the Havon Wing that made the tower go up.