Second Life Ranker

Vaporization.天 動 (3)

Is there anything I can do? 'The whole time I was on the clock. Jung continued to ask himself the same question.

Tartarus is turning.

Hades closes his eyes. The Earthworm chased him away, leaving for the stage.} No. 1.- • He continued to be troubled by the fact that he could not help his brother like this.

I want to do something. There was a limit to a body that had only a soul.

And now all the way to Allfowon.

He felt more powerless than ever before.

The feeling I felt long before I closed my eyes. It was the feeling I felt several times in the privilege I repeated many times.

I didn't want to have to go through that again.

Why do I have to feel this dirty again?

After all, I can't help my brother until the end, when I'm blaming myself like that.

- Even for those who had been unlucky and short + people, they eventually continued to circle along Jucheon. You finally drew a statue.

Olfowon snorted and dug into his ears.

At that moment, Jungwoo opened his eyes unknowingly.

It was a word that pierced his opponent that he did not even know. Although it was shocking to me that what I had said until now was' just a moment when it was empty because it was real. '

Rather, I'm glad I got a clue as to how to reverse this crisis.

'Let's do it.

So Jungwoo quickly started organizing the plan into his mind.



I asked an old friend for help.

Luckily, the friend nods happily.

Former owner, wherever you want to go. "Gomawi.

Don't say that. "Nemesis said, smiling lightly.

"I'm not saying thank you to a friend. I was so grateful that I smiled.

The middle two emotions, which seem to have gone back and forth, let's hurry up. "Looking at the Nemesis like that,

Jungwoo was able to hold the sword again.

“Midnight -!!” I hear your voice behind me. That voice disappeared far away.

He smiled unknowingly. There's just so much to worry about now and then. I'm not going to kill anyone.

“How else can I die if I'm already dead? Right, Premiere?” Nemesis, who was following the Jungwoo, was suddenly taken off the black scale and turned into a golden ringworm.

Nemesis lives in a dream and in a void. Appearances were easily altered. So now I wanted to stay the same. It was a ritual.

And, in fact, Jungwoo and Nemesis were feeling like they were going back in time.

Five years ago, when I encountered a giant enemy called the world of towers.

They were the only remaining allies in the world. It was also the last thing left to understand each other.

So no matter how different the competition was, they could only see each other's eyes.

Of course, their conversation patterns were no different than before.

That is childish. Be more agitated. Jungwoo looked at Nemesis and shook his head. You hear the sound of Nemesis smiling softly.


“I'm sorry to involve you in such a dangerous task.” Jungwoo has already 'been through death once, but sincerely apologized to Nemesis for walking the road that may or may not be dead. Both experiences were self-inflicted.


Don't be ridiculous. This is because I want to. Even if I tell your brothers that I am the Lord, I value my free will most. And this is my choice. Nemesis silenced Jungwoo's apple as he examined it.

I've waited a long time for you, the former master. And we met again, and we were together like this. After that, I chose to say it, and I looked at Nemesis as an insult to me.

“Preliminary.” Hmph. You don't need to be touched. • • "How about a little sentimentality?” Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. "I still have a lot to do.” Jungwoo turns around, smiling in a bloodshed.

“Okay. Now.” Let's begin. "Nemesis slowly melts into thin air, making a huge headache. The space cracked and the food spread, and the air began to sink.

The world surrounding [Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream] As the world around Jungwoo gradually deteriorated, there was an overlap between the dream world and the real world.

With this, it became possible to have some kind of relationship with reality. It was a force built on the boundaries that Abraham taught them while studying the underworld.

And at that moment, the world had never been slower.

Jungwoo felt like a giant hand was coming over him. Originally, it was the hand of Olfowon who raided the kite and usurped the throne of the order.

Jungwoo pulls out the Serpent Dragon Slayer and swings it across.

Saehaan's blade burst into a shimmering light. The flame of light that began at the end of the sword also flushes out Olfowan's hands as he cuts through the space in one fell swoop.

Guaang - The Wave of Light. The once-in-a-lifetime signature skill spreads, flooding the sky, and pushing Aurora away from Allfowon.

I didn't stop there before reaching out, but I shook the fog that was forming the all-fou circle as it continued to spread like a net.

Too much light, too much thump, too much thump! The world is crumbling so hard, it feels like a residual wavelength.

Given that no one has been able to cope with Allfowon so far, it has been a tremendous blow. For the first time, he managed to stop his aggression and strike back.

High ranker in sixth place, Havon Wing.

He succeeded in returning to his old self.

Peek-a-book_But maybe it's because I haven't recovered yet.

I turned my arm wide as I turned my head to the side as I heard the sound from inside my body. For a brief moment, the spirituality that was forming his form was slightly muddled and restored.

“I'm going to use the knife for a while, so I can't control my strength this well.” Isn't that too much? “It's okay. It's okay. I've been sleeping, resting. And if you have a conscience, you need to pay for your meal today. How long can you keep living like a local?” Jungwoo smiles nervously, but his eyes are firmly fixed on the Geollpod.

The rolling waves of light continue to push Aurora around Olfowon. Though the ashes and fog fill the pushed back.

Just a moment. Jungwoo can see the hazy cost beyond.

The seven were clearly nuclear.

If he had specified that the body of Allfowon would be there, there would be no need to wait any longer.

Jungwoo spread the wings of the sky more widely than ever before, and opened the magic that had been remembered many times during the meeting.

Brute force. A large number of marshes swept through the sky around him, and a magical cannonball began to be launched on Olfowon.

Pufferfung-magic cannons tear apart the mist of Allfoone. Every time, the fog breaks open the beacon of light, reclaiming its vacancy. And so the laws that were forming the stage moved. The commandment inscribed in the law says, "Exclude midnight."

Such commands came as strong constraints that were inevitable for those, including Sa Non and the liver.

Jungwoo, who had already lost his hernia before his life, was only a little burden, but not even a chain that tied his hands and feet.

Especially after the love of Calatus the Jung.

Of course, he was given some authority to interfere with the law. Even if it wasn't enough to handle Allfowon, it was at least possible to push away what was going to hurt him.

Overshining! Thanks to you, I was able to quickly traverse the setting sky.

The fog cracks and Aurora collapses with every swing of the attack. The tentacles protrude out like a beehive in the chaos of innocence.

In the process.

Jungwoo felt strange without even knowing it.

It's exactly the same as when you broke through the Red Dragon siege to get to the 77th floor.

I remember fighting desperately.

'That makes me feel bad.' Jung glazed coldly at the eyes and drew down the dragon slayer again.

The orb-grey fog cracks it.

Jungwoo was able to reach the center one day.

Strangely enough, the center that should have been a person was empty.

Like it's supposed to be.

There was nothing but a round system built into the air.

The blurry space refracted and looked like a person. There was nothing in Jungwoo's eyes that opened the dragon mouth.

The underworld.

It was actually made up of more than one room on the 77th floor.

Olfowon was able to comfortably manage any staircase through 'Cheonan', and because he was so powerful, it was possible to build a conscious world where merely projecting the negligence could shake the stage and implement the laws of physics.

Given the fact that Abraham used all kinds of magic and alchemy to create an emotional world, this is an absurd ability.

The voice was forming right in it.

I knew you'd come this far. It's been that way for a long time. No matter how hard and difficult things get, you can handle yourself. It was so different from me who was held captive by destiny, so I liked it. A voice that smiles joyfully.

However, Jung Woo's expression was hard.

Then I twisted my head to the outside and grumbled.

Can't you just use your old tone anymore? Condera. That makes sense.

I didn't hear you. Olfowon bursts into a joyful smile. The transparent seal shakes well.

Then I said it again.

"Yes. I don't think you came all this way to convince me. How did you come to think there was a way to stop it? Although I'm not sure. There seems to be. At that moment, Jung felt an invisible gaze looking up and down at him.

With that power? A voice filled with doubts.

It wasn't making fun of Jungwoo.

It was a really pure question.

Olfowon once destroyed a polyp. It was also a barrier that the King and Queen of Summer had never crossed.

Even though Jungwoo expressed his strength as a wing, he could never break it.


Here's a hint of what you said. What did I say? Yes. The words that I am now, the statue of the world. At that moment, Olfowon swallowed the tears.

The bitter smile spread.

Do you know what that means? Knowledgeable. Around the clock, around the time, the particles that were composing Jungwoo's zeal began to crumble. The particles became one by one. And the typeface connected again and became a 'sentence' and was released like a thread for a year.

The writers that made up the diary. The chapter became a paragraph again 'and began to invade the imaginary world that Allfowon was composing.

With numerous perks, the diary was stacked with countless layers of thoughts, and even the underworld of Olfowon was threatened by its rigidity. In addition, he already had a strong will on his own.

'Jungwoo's will.

"What if I'm here, and I'm a Zanum?" Yeon-woo gripped her sarcasm ,0 The root sky shook.

Even after Seo Jungwoo went into the gray mist, the stage where the fighting continued was still chaotic.

Different ideas have complicated shapes in my head.

Against Allfowon? With that body? No matter how much energy is stored in the clock, the more power you consume, the discharge will be faster. Furthermore, Jungwoo was at the time of maximum stability.

No, more than that. You can't hide a secret if you go right before the discharge.

What if I told you a secret? What would Jungwoo look like? It must have been a big shock, I had no idea.

So I had to stop him.

However, I still remained blocked and did not move at all. Regenerative skills are being developed with the help of the Wise Man's Stone, but they are still lacking in mobility.

Is there any other way? Is there any way you can help Jungwoo and save her for me? But I couldn't think of much. Do I have to be jealous of Allfowon like this?

The desperate heart, stained with anxiety, was putting him on edge.


Jiaying-Jiaying's brothers, who were acting on his hands, feet and neck, all vibrated together. Just as Margie laughed at Yeon-woo's stupidity.

Fool. And a voice rang out in my head.


It was him.

I felt like I could use it now.

How can this be the only thing.

Still not enough, very much. Why do you have a bowl and do only that? Mildly Mixed Laughter.

I can't help it. I'll show you how to use power. At that moment.

Along with an illusion that a massive, pitch-black darkness rises to the bottom of his chin.

Yeon-woo's mind went off.

Instrument Kick.

Asrai, I thought I heard a laugh like that.