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22. 天 動 (3)


I wasn't there.

We're on the bridge.

Hearing Maestro's laughter, I could feel his consciousness fading away for a moment.


That wasn't exactly being a conscious director.

I felt 'melted' by something huge.

I feel like the ocean is flooding because it's dark and I'm afraid of it, and it's growing down my neck.

I'd be a doctor if I drowned there, even if I had instinctively kicked myself. When I came in, I was so comfortable that I could play easily.

And he suddenly regained consciousness, and all the water that was so vast was his consciousness.



I felt so hard to express in words.

Infinite power surges.

The purple energy of the Wise Man's stone, which began to resonate with the Dragon Heart, was swirling properly in no time.

An arrow - Black Energy paints a pulp.

Purple vision flows through his body.

Winds surged along the over-wide stage. An enormous wind that seems to be swept away immediately if you don't use magic. The ground shattered. Olfowon's weight, which was filling the stage, disappeared no matter how long.

Instead, there was a lotus that was emitting an immense amount of strength.

The wings of the sky were shining purple as if they were reaching the sky.

I've just drowned in fatigue.

He seemed to say it was all a lie.

It was a different feeling from the power of the throne, which I awoke while empowering the god of death and demons.

If the power of the throne only dealt with 'death,' it seemed to be dealing with something higher now.

There was something so deep, like an abyss.

That's why I wanted to go crazy.

I wanted to destroy everything with this overwhelming power, this irreplaceable power! So.

“Instrumental" felt so good that I burst a smile that I didn't even know I was there.

Then I opened my eyes wide. Was my laugh like this? “Kick-ass. The air outside is, uh, okay. Very.” Yeon-woo mutters so unknowingly. I smiled with joy. I took a deep breath of air outside.

It was refreshing.

I woke up after sleeping for a long time, but my body was sluggish. How about that? This moment of opening up your base is fun and pleasant. Although the stage is full of the air of Allfowon, he has an unparalleled room.

Apparently, the 'bowl' was better in debt than he thought.

Giggle, giggle, giggle.

I realized Yeon-woo.

The present self was a natural rain, but not a natural rain.

It was clear that consciousness maintained its natural right, but its behavior, habits, instincts, and unconsciousness were the same as that of Maestro: No, even consciousness was hard to cut off at the touch of Maestro.

This freshness! The impulse to destroy! This isn't how you feel.


• • • Well, anytime. ”Yeon-woo, who is not Yeon-woo, twisted his head to the side while smiling in relief.

His eyes were glowing purple and ominous. The mask that reminds me of the devil felt more peculiar today.

“Get rid of that son of a bitch, if you can.” Yeon-woo mutters so softly, her fingers bent like a claw. And it was swinging to the side.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, when

As the fruit and fruit-space crumbled, there were five enormous sub-wavelengths.

Kuaaang! With the sound of a massive explosion, Aurora and the gray fog that covered the sky were forcibly torn apart.

It clearly reveals the deep connection between Jungwoo and Olfowon.

“I found you, you son of a bitch.” Yeon-woo smiled coldly, looking at the conclusion of the suspicion of Allfowon, not Jungwoo.

The purple wings fluttered into the sky at once as it was flapping. A huge sodic boom rises where he was, shaking the ground up and down.

The stage is agitated.

A monument.

It was not so long ago that Jungwoo realized that he was' the real Adah. '

Occasionally, there was a time when the zeal would slip, but it was only because he had been in the adra for so long that he repeated the privileges and felt that his soul had fallen a lot.

- You'll feel better when you rest.

I think if anyone heard that, they'd think it was me. You don't have to tell me. Yeon always tried to comfort him who was anxious that he would fade away as soon as he pretended to be born.

He pouted and grumbled, but felt a little comfort in his brother's comfort.

In fact, if I take a break from my brother's words, I thought that I would be able to get my mother back soon because the prince had returned.

And when it stabilized, I thought maybe I could build a temporary body like a homunculus, like Brahmin.

After that.

'You could have been on stage with your brother. Maybe it was worth looking over on 77 floors.' I wasn't worried about revenge.

As always, he did what he always wanted to do. He was also confident that if he was given a new opportunity, he would not repeat his past mistakes.

So I was going to cut off all those things that caught me, and with my brother, with my new lover, with my daughter who I didn't know, climb the stairs, climb over Allfowon, and reach that noisy paradise.

Then he jumped to the heavens, jumped to the 99th floor, and he thought he could reach the top floor, the 100th floor, where no one could reach him.

And then I thought about Bill's wish.

'Please make everyone happy.

It may seem trivial, but it was an important wish to him.


'Those things are all useless now.' Because I wasn't Jungwoo.

To be precise, it was just a carved image in the world that Olfowon said.

The notion that the privileges are stacked over and over again, namely a cluster of typography and data.

The amount of data has become too much Nami spirituality and has become the closest form of friendship in order to have a shape.

In other words, it was the journal itself.

Jungwoo has been aware of this since the battle with Aether. The archers who appeared to be meaningful among the fallen zealots were clearly seen in the diary.

It was the writing that bound him in adra and tortured him countless times, actually in the body.

Like Margie's flesh and blood. It was a component of who I am.

Perhaps my brother knew about this immediately.

Now that I think about it, sometimes I look at him and I talk all the time. I was worried about my brother and wondered if I might find out the truth; so I was shocked and moved. I also tried not to reveal my feelings as much as possible.

'It was weird there, too. It doesn't make you a liar.

Jungwoo thought of his older brother and smiled at him. How do I look so good? Apparently there are more than one or two of them who were fooled by their performance. I couldn't understand it.

However, one obscure fact was that we could never know where 'real' Jungwoo was.

It's the only part of all the perks.

Since I created the diary in adra, I can see that I have no memory.

And in terms of the presumption that the dinosaur calatus was still alive, it was all a vague speculation as to what it had to do with it.

'Poor brother, in the end everything is in place.

It's clear you were happy to have your first lost brother back. How much it hurt when I knew it wasn't.

But if you think your sister's identity here was trying to manage her mind secretly so she wouldn't get hurt, So desperate, there was no such poor man.


Jungwoo wanted to help that poor brother somehow.

I can see you're crying again.

But I wanted to help you one last time. That stubborn little brother.

It's a good thing I didn't see my husband crying when he got old.

Laury-Jeong unravels all the bows that made up him. The sentences and paragraphs spread throughout the underworld in chains to bind Olfowon.

You know, it's not going to change much, right? "Olfowon's gaze at the center of the underworld continues to be printed," he said.

Jungwoo was trying to infect the underworld with diary data.

The underwater world is a star world composed of more than a caster. If such a place is overwritten with other data, it is inevitable to dispose of it.

Ordinary beings - from the moment they implement the underworld, the "ordinary" phase has gone beyond - but the deprivation of the underworld will be devastating.

For Olfowon to be able to practice 'Cheonan' as a free material, the underworld was nothing but empty and new to be taken.

So, even if Jungwoo sacrifices himself and succeeds in stopping the underworld, it means that Olfowon can re-enact the underworld to impose sanctions on Yeonwoo.


Yes, I know. It was not that I didn't know Jungwoo.

He was also once trying to find a way beyond the Orl Pavilion, like the Kings of Unsea, the Queen of Summer, and the other kings of Ahol. Of course I found out everything I could about him.

And then the results were very simple.

Access denied.

That's what Allfowon was.

But can you at least buy us some time? Time, Bee? "Even you won't be able to quickly recreate the world from the ashes. Olfowon lets out the sound of a struggle to find no one.

Is that just an idea? If you use my livestock, I'll just have to come down myself. However, Jungwoo's eyes remained still.

I know you can't draw right now. The resistance of the Cannabis Gods and the Creators has been heard recently, and everyone knows it.

That you were tied to your ankles for the first time. Olfowon was still silent.

So at least you'll have time to escape. • • • • • After that, what if I come to you? Of course, you will follow. But in the meantime, I think you can find a way. You can avoid the system. I'm just a little tired right now, so I just need some time. Jungwoo's smile darkened.

He is very cunning.

The personality didn't just come out of nowhere. Mmm! Olfowon was seduced by the depression. If you go this far, your golfing will hurt.

Nothing hurts more than a man who doesn't fear sacrifice.

No matter how self-absorbed he was, he was afraid to die, but he was willing to throw himself away for his brother.

Moreover, no matter what Jungwoo said, he did not appear directly on the 35th floor right away.

But I can't let you do that.

As I was told, there were no exceptions.

I can't help it. Personally, I like you, and I admire you, but I can't let you do that. Guwoo-jeong was very nervous. From now on, it was real. Even if it was more than enough, it wouldn't be hard for Allfowon to do everything he could.

But even so, at least 'there was a desire to dress it up. That should buy Yeon time to escape.

'So in the meantime, bounce. Please.' Jung grips the dragon slayer tightly. I swung my wings wide and rushed into the underworld. The amount of typography that was printed also increased that much.

And the moment of conflict.

The gray mist and Aurora surrounding them suddenly burst out with a huge shock wave.

This is a world built by Allfowon.

It was a place that wouldn't budge from the shock.

Olfowon looks back at you, surprised as well. While Jungwoo was flying away, I turned my head and looked very stiff.

Yeon-woo stood there, tempted by something resembling Yeon-woo.

You are attracted by the grim and ominous purple energy.

Bro, how did you get here • • • • • • •! Jungwoo tried to shout back, but something resembling Yeon-woo howled and cut off her waist.

“Who told you to be a fake, smart guy?” “My sister in years. No matter what anyone says, no matter what the fuck, it's my brother. That doesn't make a difference.” Jungwoo's pupils were shaken.

The more I do.

The eyes of Yeongwoo twinkle with a purple glow.

“So cut the crap and come back. Come on!" Yeon-woo pulls her right hand wide and inward, as if not to listen to Jungwoo's words. As the vortex formed, Jungwoo's body was sucked in. Jungwoo couldn't help but avoid it because it happened so fast.

At the same time, Yeon aims for the eyes of Allfowon beyond the underworld, and immediately rolls her wings out of the gray fog with Jung.

Allfowon quickly projected you to catch Yeonwoo and Jungwoo. The gray mist clumps and chases after Yeongwoo. Now that we are so close, we have an opportunity to defeat the Dry Irregulars.


“Faust. Stop it.

Follow. the Directions. According to the commandment of Yeonwoo, space is divided between Yeongwoo and Allfowon.

More than ever, there were two active inferno sites.

The Boo-Fast, who temporarily recovered his former memory and strength from the black lotus that became one with Maestro, reaches out to the world again and reaches out to the old enemy.

With a huge explosion, the fog of Allfoe breaks and bounces off.

However, the attack on Yeonwoo to catch Olfowon did not stop there.

Jiaying-Black's brotherhood trembled.

It was an act of power.

['The lion's restraint is triggered.] [Who would you like to summon?] “Summer Queen.” At that moment, the sky split.