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23.天 動 (4)

Bro, this replaces • • • • • • •? Falling from the high skies to the ground.

Jungwoo couldn't even stay awake the whole time he was with his brother.

He couldn't understand what was going on.

How the sinful man, who was deceived like a slutty puppy, was able to penetrate the underworld wrongfully.

The legendary archaic archaeologist, Faust, who once stood against Olfowon a long time ago, said why the Summer Queen's body, which was clearly said to have died lonelily, was there.

It was smoking a dragon peer like a really living creature. Like you're the only one in the world.

I roared as I slammed my wings without a veil. The atmosphere was trembling.

Jungwoo had already seen the Bone Dragon while looking at the sub-space of the lotus several times.

But the Bone Dragon over there was much different than usual.

It was more intense and intense.


The energy in the Dragon Pier ripens during the day.

'No way • Jungwoo's eyes widened.

“Ismereos?” At that moment, it passes from the Bone Dragon to Yeongwoo and Jungwoo.

It is only this time to help. He was something I would have tried to do someday. "Between the eyes of the fallen Bone Dragon, a purple glow blazed like fire.

There was a deep outrage against Allfowon.

A deep anger toward a creature who had taken away his own people in the past, and had struggled to leap through them for thousands of years, but could not.

According to her power to take over the stage, various magical cannons poured into Olfowon as the law flowed.

Magic held great power one by one.

Explosions of intense heat and fire. It was as powerful as she was in her prime.

It was shining on behalf of the Purple Radiant Dragon Heart, which seemed to contain the energy of adra stones near its neck.

You're absolutely right. Jung looked at the dragon with an unbelievable look.

It is a Bondi dragon made of its own corpse because it could not have thought that the creature who has been ruling at the top of the tower for a lifetime would appear like that. That's not enough to answer the call of the enemy who killed him.

To the best of her knowledge, she sought a glorious death, and was never one to suffer such dishonor.

Before he died, she was the summer queen who hated herself so much.

I once had a deep friendship with her, and even tried to unravel what she had stored in her mind.

But if I think about it at the time, I don't even understand why it helps me.

Did you read the mysterious gaze of such friendship: The Bone Dragon's gaze headed this way for a moment.

Year, then why tell me • • • • • • •. After a short period of negligence, it was cut off. The Bone Dragon stared at Jungwoo for a long time. In her eyes, emotions were touching her as if she were comfortable.

Then, without saying anything else, she turns to Olfowon and flies up into the air, flapping her wings.

Grrrgh! The Bone Dragon swoops down at Allfowon. As dark magic rushed towards the gills, the brass spilled. Khur Leung, Gur_Amidst numerous explosions along the gray fog of Olfowan. The Inferno site, presumed to be Faust, has been leading the Darkness as far as Olfowon.

Tak! Jungwoo stares at it awkwardly for a long time, then looks around the pond, shaking his head at the sound of landing on the ground.

He was looking like a kite, but not a kite.

But in Jungwoo's eyes, he still looked like a pond.

I knew it was mixed with something else big, but the mind toward me is still the way my brother is.

So I'm so sorry.

I'm so desperate for my brother.

It wasn't really my brother after a long wait.

So what are you saying?

Baaak! Suddenly, Yeon-woo punches him in the back. The goal rings. Jung raises his voice without even knowing it.

Oh, shit! What the hell are you doing? “If you do one more useless thing, I will really beat you."

But I go • Paaaak! Damn it! It hurts! "I'm hitting you because it hurts.” Phew • Paaaak! Stop hitting me! Jungwoo wrapped up in a garment. It hurt like hell. I felt like Miri had fallen like that after eating a substitute.

However, Yeon-woo's eyes were blunt looking at Jungwoo.

“Does it hurt?" Does it hurt, then! "Then why are you a fake?” What? Words I never thought of.

Jungwoo's eyes widened.

Yeon-woo said in a small sunken voice.

“Bitch here says the same thing, thinks it, hurts. I have memories with me, and I have regrets and misses my past. So I ask you,” I thought the eyes of the purple lotus glow, Jung Woo looks very sad today.

“Is this bitch a fake or a real one?” • • What, let's study some of the philosophy you learned in high school again? Existentialism, something like that “You can name it whatever you want. But just remember one thing.

Yeongwoo stretched = towards the head of Jungwoo. Jungwoo shrunk from growing up without even knowing it.

“This is my sister in years. No matter what anyone said, he looked for me desperately, he waited for me, he ran harder than anyone else to save my mother, but he was like a faggot.

“So don't go anywhere.” Yeon-woo passed by Jungwoo, leaving only that. He is also willing to take part in where the Boo-Poot and the Summer Queen have been rampaging.

Jungwoo stood for a long time without looking back at the kite.

"Come on. Who's the faggot?" Then, his little grumbling eyes began to shed tears.

Pretending to be the best by yourself. Her sinking shoulders quietly fell down with her head.

Jung Woo embraces his body, which is about to pour out Braille.

I spit out a small insult.

Parker, the phage - zealot were crumbling.

Jubbuck, something resembling Jubbuck moved slowly. His gaze was firmly fixed on the sub-Faust above the sky, on the Queen of Summer and on Olfowon.

Urrgh, overblown - The stage is turning into a stunning battle.

Every time the Bone Dragon breathed a red Breach, the sky was bitten red several times.

With the hot wind spreading everywhere, the atmosphere became hot, and the ground became desolate in a flash, making it no longer a land where life could live.

Boo-fast was using his right hand to play with the flames that were spreading from here.

When the Hellfire, which Faust often used in his lifetime, spread, the pillars of fire soared to tens of meters above the ground, and a huge fire was pouring down like a rainstorm from the sky.

He also wanted to cover the earth with his left hand and rule over death.

Hundreds of thousands of ghosts who were caught up in the Womans' Yeongwoo collection came out as a group and ate away the fog of Olfog.

Then the ghost that swallowed too much black exploded, or mixed with other spirits and went out to the surface.

Fire dances along the ground, ghosts roam, and blackness falls from the sky.

I wonder if they've kept Hell in mythology all the way out here.

The power of Allfowon, who was forcing the law of the stage, tried to suppress it, but the more he painted it, the more he rebelled.

Superadmins sigh deeply, far away, afraid of the collision between the two giants.

I worked so hard for this on the 23rd floor. It felt like the déjà vu was repeated again at the time. Moreover, as many players have collided as the stages have suffered enormous damage. It's not just trouble.

But even with all that trouble.

Something resembling Yeon-woo seemed to be important.

And every step of the way, pieces of the ladies' pole slowly flowed out and banged.

Parker! Parker! Sculptures of the Woman's Wand and the Wheat Cyrus Park popped up. The more pieces that flow, the bigger the dance, the more sparks.

It was evidence that a piece of the Woman's Wand was rejecting Yeouido. Whether it was for Yeonwoo, 'something was owed because it did not match the image of Shin Jin-chul, the material of the female staff.

However, something resembling a lotus itself was at risk of being sealed by a woman's staff, but it was forcibly pulling the piece in black.

Every time I do that, my skin aches, but it never bothers me. His gaze still stayed on Olfowon, and the annoying 'residual ego wind was enough. Rescue his hope. If it wasn't a miracle of salvation or resurrection, I could do it with my eyes closed.

In that case.

It was time to fulfill the wish of the 'main self'.

And that wish was filled with only one object.


Names hateful to Yeon-woo or to him.

I wanted to see if the value of that name was still the same.

“There are limits to this body.” One of Yeon-woo's mouths dries up.

“But we'll have fun with the throne. Kakákkík!” With a strange laugh. Something resembling Yeongwoo reached out for a long hand in the direction of Olfowon.

At that moment.

Amazing-the sound of the chains that had been wrapped around the right arm of Yeouido and the despair of the King for a long time loosened for the first time.

Glug, glug, and chain quickly began to peel off a single lid like a bandage.

It was the first opening of Shin Jin-cheol.

And the pieces of the staff resonated with the same kind of magic.

More, woman. ”With the start of something resembling a kite, the pieces of the kite's staff sink into the flock and begin in turn with the long released chain.

Every time I heard the sights, sights, and interlocking sounds, the chains were greatly extended. Then, like a conveyor belt, the tip moves quickly, squeezing the space, and it gets sucked into the world.


When the void opened wide between the Bone Dragon and the bu-post, a chain popped out.

Six such vacancies. The chains move quickly and squeeze into the gray mist.

It was a profound world because of Jungwoo's fast release, but it was weakened until the break of the Bone Dragon and Boo-Fast's fierce aggression several times.

Then, when Shin Jin-chul, who had the characteristic of 'nullifying' all the laws, the underworld was completely destroyed.

Waxing spear! But the chain reaches its center, squeezing further inward as if it won't stop there.

Into an empty void with nothing, the chains start to roll quickly.

• • • It was short: a rat. ”Something resembling a kite rolls up one end of its lip cold, like a fisher fishing a crescent, and pulls its right hand tightly while holding on to the chain.

Instantly; the chains in the air seem to snap apart.

And as I was rapidly sucked into the void, I forcibly grabbed and pulled the veil of Allfowon.

Olfowon tried to butter it somehow, but it bounced away from the world as it did, with the sound of the whole place ripping apart.

The lost center of the gray mist and Aurora were torn apart and spread out along the sky. A violent shock wave is spreading through the shrapnel.

Along the way, Olfowon's gaze gradually grows small on the floor, taking on the shape of a person.

I couldn't accurately tell my face or gender from my long butt hair.

It certainly resembled the identity of Olfowon, who knew very little about who she was. Again, a deep fog lifted from under my feet and covered my body, but that was enough.

The Bone-Bone Dragon blew him away and condensed him so much that he couldn't compare to other times.

The seaweed made of fire covers the veil of Ghoranhiolfo.