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24.天 動 (5)

Kuang! The expression of the world melting might be appropriate. I sank so deep that I didn't know the end of the crotch. Even if the rocks are hard, there are no exceptions.

A few kilometers of long, funnel-shaped crater-shaped flame ignites.

Even the molten lava flowed through the rock, reminiscent of the river, and the seaweed steam blew through the surface like a tortoise's shell.

Over-expanded, over-expanded-rolling! However, the shock was still not sharpened.

With the tremendous distortion of the zipper due to the strong stimulus of Bress, many high earthquakes and the whole earth shook up and down.

Olfowon's treachery was pushed too far. Even if I tried to escape from the Bress, I still had to deal with the Bress in front of me because the chain was burrowing through the fog and tying up one arm.

Half flew through the gray mist, revealing his mortality. When I thought I could blow up all the fog if I stayed like this.

0 Suddenly, a space was opened behind Olfowon and the eyes of the sub-faust appeared.

Faust stretches his hand out between the voids. His bony fingertips touched Olfowon's back.

However, the result is never 'slight'.

Bang, bang! Like a giant pandemic. Invisible Strength pounds Olfowon.

Ghost Grace. An attack that forcefully shoots out common ghosts. It is intended to debuff the target with a powerful physical shock followed by the ghost curse.

Of course, the more of the number of ghosts consumed, the stronger the curse that spreads to the opponent.

Every time grace added up, he got carried away.

The fog breaks quickly. As the curse slowly seeped into Olfowon's righteousness, he continued to jeopardize it. Throughout the gap, the chain was pulled tighter and the rope was bound to keep Olfowan's clothes from moving.

Chains were merely bought, but not tied.

The material of the chain is Shin Jin-cheol. Beyond physical constraints, it leads to spiritual restraints.

With the iron that the gods and demons were so afraid of, it was natural for Olfowon to have the same effect. It's not the real Olfowon, it's Olfowon's legacy.

So, even if I tried to cast down the chain by flowing magic, the chain dug deeper and ate away the magic.

Thanks to you.

Olfowon continued to deploy the 'wetlands' to escape the aggression that continued forward and backward, but continued to ignite.

Was it so uncomfortable that you couldn't use your magic? Olfowon smiled bitterly.

Just as he was involved in the system and disabled the skills of the Fleury.

This time, her magic skills are tied up and she boasts about them. Her power continues to fail, causing a sudden departure.

Then most of the fog clears up, and this is the opportunity for the Boo-Fast to push his hand harder forward.

Thousands of squealing-spirits were crushed together, creating huge blades that create a single layer in space. Above it lies Olfowon's righteousness. I was going to cut it off all at once.

There's only one sub-Faust feeling towards Allfoone.

I was furious.

Oh, no. I can't. Olfowon sighed lightly, thinking that he would be right.

I was just trying to retrieve the unnecessary throne in the Summer, clean up Iregler, and go back. Things seemed to be going a lot more complicated than he thought.

Dark flowering.

And the resurrection of the dead.

The Summer Queen and Faust, both of whom once tortured themselves, were true.

If I held the black on my back like this, I had to go a little too far.

You have to play a little bit, but the defense on the 77th floor will be just as weak. However, he firmly thought that it would be better than black shaking the Summer.

Immediately, two glances flashed through the cloudy gray mist.

It was a liberation.

It was a fierce gust.

A strong wind that was generated along the veil of Allfowon suddenly shredded and spread out into all directions.

It was so intense that the Bress, which was so intense that it broke the stage, pushed back and destroyed all the surrounding space.

Eventually, the body of the Boou-Faust, which was hiding in the space, flew away as well.

Fortunately, Bu-Fast was able to regenerate his body quickly in the high air again, because he could always regenerate with a lifevestle.

When he regained consciousness, he looked down at the ground and saw all the stages where there was some form left.

There, Olfowon's gaze is annoying, and he grimaces slightly. The gray mist turned slightly whiter and was blazing like a flame.

Then the lower eye fog infiltrated the inside and looked like a Braille person.

Though not all of them were still there.

It was a big change compared to what I had always been able to hide in the fog.

Especially his "corpse" could be read strangely. It's probably a 'natural' place to look at anything.

The gray fog changed to a strong light one day as the braille color became clear.

Like the only shining star in the whole red and dark world. I was spraying the Qi everywhere.

No, it was like seeing the ocean emitting light alone in a universe full of darkness.

"Self-Identification." -Fost kicked his tongue. The newly awakened self, compared to the surplus, was releasing a definite sense of existence.

It might have been pushed if others had heard it.

I could've built a stage with my presence. Rather, he assessed the existence of 'at least' the higher level of self-immolation.

But the Summer Queen and the sub-Faust were really feeling that way.

They were only a few who challenged Olfowon during the history of the long tower for thousands of years: the statue that appeared to him in the memory of his collision was not only this.

- Faust knows that very well. Olfowon has been pushed to show his true strength.

Thanks to you, I did what I wanted.

It was very harsh to feel this way again. I felt like the old memories that were buried unconsciously came back to me.

That's what they call self-immolation.

What happens if the body shows up.

Boo-fast narrows his eyes. In fact, they had no intention of ending it on their own.

The goal is to drag the body of the 77th floor all the way down here.

Though the 'bowl' was not completed, it was not properly bloomed. However, after the Summer Queen and Faust woke up for the first time, they insisted that they wanted to achieve a dream they couldn't before dying.

Especially to Boo-Fast, "The first death was a memory I didn't even want to think about.

Around the time I thought I had reached the darkness I had hoped for so much, the intervention of Olfowon happened.

The price for ruining his research had to be repaid somehow, hundreds of years later.

By the way.

Stupid thing. I think I'll just log on like that. "Suddenly, the Bone Dragon laughed at each other.

Tremble. Tremble. The sub-Faust heads toward you and turns back.

He held hands because he had a common enemy called Allfowon.

In fact, the two of them had never had such a smooth relationship in their lives.

Rather, he was close to the enemy.

Faust, who made a pact with the other gods to explore the darkness.

The total number of Red Dragons that ruled the tower for thousands of years, Summer King.

They collided, and every time there was nothing left around.

At that time, if only two players showed up, they were in a hurry to escape. Even the arrogant Red Dragon tried to avoid Faust.

And there were no good memories between the two.

Being together like this was practically a miracle. Had it not been for the great roof of darkness, it would not have been possible.

Moreover, there was a reason why she stood by the dark side as the queen of summer. Even though he hated Allfoone, it was because he wanted to ask Midnight Woman Haven Wing.

"Look at the defeat. He came back to life, but his eyes never came back." Even though the Bone Dragon's tone was not impressive, he turned his head toward the Bone Dragon because he knew that she was not nonsense.

Then I opened my eyes and saw it.

The rising and falling of Koo-Olfowon has not ceased. The stage shook him up and down. The problem was the feeling that liberation wouldn't stop there.

"No way?" "Yes. Idiot. That's not self-immolation." The Bone Dragon growled loudly.

"Body paper." The Gwang-Bone Dragon once again breathed its last breath into Olfowon.

It was still a fire so intense it would boil the atmosphere.

Pujik-Allfowon wiped the Bress with just a finger.


Pot 1 I wanted to step forward, and suddenly my body sank down. Suddenly he appeared in front of the Bone Dragon.

Ismereos, it's been a long time since Guolfowon saw a Bone Dragon and twisted his fist tightly.

But I don't feel good now that the dragon's pursuit of reason has turned its course upside down. "The thunder-air shockwave was blown away. The Bone Dragon swiftly flapped its wings and used a blink to get out of position, but the shock wave surpassed the space and hit the Bone Dragon hard as it did.

Despite a single blow, more than half of the body of the Bone Dragon was cut in half.

The black covers the top again, but it quickly recovers, but the "Go-This 0}" doesn't seem to thin by a glance.

"Damn it, Thing!" Guava_Once more, Bress poured out. However, Allfowon once again appeared behind the Boo-Fost, waving his hand gently to push the brace, and once again deploying the wetlands.

Boo-fast was able to oxidize the flesh as if he had already guessed such a move.

Instead, various margins remained, overwhelming with the curse of the spirit, including the 'Hellfire'.

But even then, it disappeared like snow in the radiance emanating from Olfowon. And the curse of light, along with the repulsive force, was conveyed to Boo-Fast in reverse.

For him to live in death, the power of Allfowon had to be nominated.

Perperform-bu-poost's behavior was rigid. The fingertips that were wrapped in black were crumbling. The ghosts surrounding him disappeared as if they were protecting him.

Magics like the Hellfire have been ravaged.

Thinking it would be dangerous at this rate, Boo-Fast tries to leave the battlefield with an idea of cleaning up after his spirit. I tried to sneak into the dungeon as the Blink spread.

But Allfowon stepped on the net in a row as if he didn't want to miss it.

Like slaughtering a cow with an innocent eye. In his eyes, Faust, who was reborn and reborn against his principles, and the Summer Queen, were all to be removed.

Every time the screech, clatter-bu-poost, and the chase of Allfowon chased it, the place that made up the swage was broken like a broken window. The treasury also broke the rules of circulation when cracks spread out like spider webs.

The Bone Dragon made up the law to help the sub-faucet, and then he sprinkled a breeze and waited.

Whenever I draw, the law is restored, and Bress crosses nothing but air.

Though they did bring in the body of Allfoone as they wished.

In front of the power of Allfowon, I was helplessly humiliated.

Peek-a-boo! Then Wolpo-won bounces out with the busted space, with his fist swinging hard.

Allfoone will also appear shortly behind you, forcefully lowering his blade to completely remove the sub-faucet.

The light is about to cross the sub-faucet.

Left-rock_Suddenly, the chain that was wrapped around Allfowon is pulled.

Olfowon was sucked into the void. And when he regained consciousness,

“What a jerk. Who dares to put on anyone's things.” Something resembling a kite growls, grabbing the collar of Olfowon.