Second Life Ranker

25. 天 動 (6)

Tak! Olfowon will lay a rough hand on Yeon Woo's neck.

It was so tough that the right arm of Yeon-woo was cut off.

At the same time, Allfowon sprayed another hand as he drew a semicircle with his body.

A splendid light bursts from the end, as if the ocean were burning darkness.

Since the light of Allfowon was strong in nature, it had an excellent effect on the wall and axes.

The black that was making something resembling Yeongwoo was filled with death and chaos, so I had no choice but to conform to the image of the light in Allfowon.

In addition, light illuminates the world in the blink of an eye. Because of this, I was able to melt something resembling Yeon Woo in an instant.

So Yeon-woo did not bump in front of her.

Light! You roll your feet vigorously and project it onto the dark ground. Then, according to his will, the boulder rises high between the two of them, creating a huge barrier. From afar, the acid seemed to self-inflate.

When Olfowan's light created a tidal wave blocking the barrier, he was quickly recovering from a distance. The user raises a barrier to block the light, but half of its body flies away to make sure it hasn't completely blocked it.

However, I quickly recovered the black area that had flowed from the Smurf King's brothers.


Where are you going? Olfowon appeared as the space opened behind the retreating pond.

Moist. He folds the vein and activates his signature skill, which can appear anywhere he wants. The light burst once more.

Yeongwoo rapidly brakes as she flaps her wings and spreads her left hand as she draws a semicircle.

On this side, the black rose like a blade and split the light.

The shockwaves erupted as light and dark hit the over-ear-r, Guar_r_. The light that was trying to take the black somehow and the black that was trying to burn the debt were roughly encountered.

In between.

Something resembling Yeongwoo suddenly shoved her body inside without any reluctance to be destroyed.

[Regeneration] The regeneration skill you learned to chase Allfowon has given you just as much regeneration as it does in a blend of black and black.

Even though the body is torn out by the light, the black inside of it rises up and completes the restoration.

Then Yeon-woo reached near Olfowon one day and extended her hand forward. As the subspace opens, a beagrid pops out and grabs you.

I swung as hard as I could.

The eight-generation storm, from the short end of the Gurrung_Gun, to the iron soil of the Gun, was released naturally. Moreover, the zebra contained in it had multiplied its power.

Olfowon's limbs are quickly severed. The curtain of light was surrounded several times, but Beagrid dug deeper as he tore it apart.

But it wasn't just Allfowon who stood still.

His specialty is' Immortality 'and' Cheonan '.

No matter how many nominations I have to die, I can get a good restoration.

I was able to quickly identify Yeon-woo's actions thanks to her excellent eyes for her son-in-law.

For Allfowon, the body was just a disposable item that could be thrown away.

The head of Puhwa ack-Olfowon is cut off along with the left arm. However, the body quickly waved its hand as it had already been calculated, digging deep into Yeon-woo.

Excessive light! The rotating hand blade relentlessly targets Yeon's weaknesses. Fast martial skills that are never outmatched by an Armpit Sword. Even though he did not know about the shaman, he had no choice but to possess the skills of a trained practitioner for thousands of years.

Then, if you wanted to cut off all the leech-like bodies, some of the remaining bodies appeared from behind the leeches and were striking the axle roughly.

Half of Yeon-woo's neck flew away. I wanted to prevent the activation of my regeneration skill by allowing the light to seep in like poison as the darkness divides.

Something resembling Yeongwoo gripped its teeth and pushed its body to the side and sprinkled beagrid towards it.

However, Allfowon gave out a left arm and resurfaced, digging into the blind spots of Yeouido again.

As my hands widened, I tried to touch the chest of Yeon-woo.

Left-handed - Suddenly, the chain that was wrapping around Olfowan's arm tightened and pulled him back. No matter how many times I cut off my limbs, the chain was bound to my soul, so I couldn't easily untie it.

The chains were always in place.

When Allfowon regained consciousness, he thought the empire was open, and suddenly there was Yeon Woo in front of him.

"Rat!” Vigrid is stuck in Olfowan's neck. However, Olfowon once again stepped on the net, appearing behind Yeon and aiming for her waist with his blade. He turned around and pulled her back with his left arm to strengthen the chain.

Open, close, and over-space. Squeeze it, crush it.

Something resembling Yeongwoo and Allfowon had to repeat the persistent tail game.

I burned and burned the stage several times while the light interlocked with the dark.


He leans his head back and sprinkles a brace, as if to show that the Bone Dragon is here, too.

"Death. Those without. Yikes. Die. Mm-Faust launched a magical artillery round by opening hundreds of marshes along a wide 1- 0 range. Silver stone filled with Hellfire crashed like a meteor many times.

Overwhelming! Due to the conflicts between two beings that neither their stature nor their highest stature would ever be lacking, the battlefield is as fierce as those who build up a "legendary" class as players.

“Does that make sense?” I had no choice but to numb the people who were watching the situation.

“The grace of the sky was pulling them. He was kneeling on one knee and praying in devotion to the shock of the shattered worldview he had known all along.

I hung Zhulpicar's temperament on the ground and surrounded the sanctuary wide, pushing Yeon-woo for good luck again and again.


Jungwoo was watching the situation with a silent mouth.

His gaze does not fall from the battlefield. No, something that resembles a lotus, exactly.

When he first saved his life.

Jungwoo knew that 'now' Yeon-woo was a little different from her brother.

It was definitely something bigger.

Jungwoo knew it too well.

Frequently experienced by apostles, the recruits were usually like that. A phenomenon in which frequent contact with large beings causes souls to become more and more disoriented and eventually devoured by the gods who serve them.

In the past, Viera Dunne lived in fear of paranoia because of the risks.

She ate the Mother Earth again to overcome that fear.

Most apostles had to live with that risk in exchange for easy gain of power.

But now Yeon-woo said so.

Jungwoo knows, even though there is no such thing as him. It was being tightened by such an existence.

And it's not just that little personality.

The problem with the enormous thing that is never obsolete compared to the earthly godmother was that I had no idea what it was like, and I had so many privileges.

Even though it's time to resurrect two players who have been dead for a long time and battle equally with Olfowon who can't stand up to any decent character.

So it was clear that Yeon-ju was a dangerous situation.

He was also like that, but he seemed to be worried about Jungwoo until the end.

That broke Jung Woo's heart even more.

Even though I'm here, I'm a fake.

I felt sorry for my brother for trying to protect himself like that.


The body of Pas is already a difficult opponent to maintain. As the zeroes drifted, the writing continued to leak out.

A broken body even if I wanted to. I was barely holding on because of the longing to see my brother and the hope that I still want to be here.

“Midnight Friendship?” At that moment, Jungwoo turns his head toward you, away from his thoughts at the sound of calling. And I swallowed a small depression.

• Duvet. “Oh Hyo-ho. Oh Hyo Hyo! What a unique experience it is to meet like this.

It's good to see you. It's been too long. Oh, didn't that bother Midnight Woo? ”Irke smiles lightly, fixing his one-eyed glasses. He was able to see precisely what privileges were never known to the outside world.

You, the General Manager of the System, are terribly afraid of what Jeongwoo has to say when Everke brings the index finger to her lips.

The ugly-looking gorlin's eyes curve.

“Isn't that the only secret we were supposed to know?” Bone Oh Hyo. As I thought, you speak very well before and now. In that case, I have a gift for you. "Jungwoo narrows his eyes. Everke, whom he knew, was never the one to give the plaintiff a favor.

Ifuke smiled and applauded as if he knew the idea of such friendship.

Ack! At that moment, a grey cloud rises over Jungwoo's body. Then the leaky archers quickly became noticeably slower, and even the fading zeroes became a little clearer.

“That person over there asked me to fix you somehow. no matter how much you pay for what you have.” Jung opened his eyes wide. I didn't know what it meant at first, but I could soon understand what the Evil Crab meant.

An enormous resin that Yeonwoo has been accumulating since the stage ranking was renewed in turn. He stole it all and invested it in himself.

Jungwoo gripped his teeth.

Public space is a necessity for players to attack towers in the future. The more you collect, the greater the reward you will get, and sometimes it will be a means to greatly increase your skills.

Even though Yeon-woo was superior to the staircase, a zero enemy was necessary.

No, I needed more public values because I had surpassed them.

It's gonna cost you that much to get to higher ground. There wouldn't be one or two places to invest.

However, Yeon-woo gave up all the opportunities that could be useful to her and wanted to give them to Jungwoo.

You want him to live longer.

- He's my brother. No matter what anyone says, no matter what the fuck, it's my brother. That doesn't make a difference.

Jungwoo clenched his fist tightly.

Bad brother.

In fact, even with this treatment, it was only possible to slow down the breakage of the zeal, but it was not possible to completely restore it.

I'm just asking for as much time as I can.

Jungwoo suppresses his stubborn heart and turns around.

Duvet, I have a question. “Managers have a relationship with Midnight Friends, so I'll answer any questions you may have. There's actually quite a lot of public value left.” I know Evelkaega is purely 'funny' to give you an answer, but Jung ignores it.

“Oh Hyo! Yes. What do you want to know?” Jungwoo looked over his glasses and asked.

Where is the steamy midnight snack? The tail of Evil Crab's eyes slightly dries up.

“Nowhere. Nowhere. ”