Second Life Ranker

1. Four Thrones (1)

Stage 0 1-Long face became blank.

Then, I fixed my work and asked.

What does • • • • • mean? However.

“As you have heard.” There were no linen eyes in the one-eyed glasses. I couldn't help but be fooled.

“You won't find Midnight Woman's soul. Everywhere. Because I don't. Everywhere." Why? “Well.

Has it vanished? Repeating the privilege countless times brings a huge herd to the soul. That's why even the priest's body was in jeopardy. Then, even though the real soul wore out and disappeared, it was never strange.

“I don't know." But the answer still comes back: morse.

Or. So Jung felt like, "Just in case."

Where do you live? “Well.

A sarcastic tone.

In the end, Jungwoo shouted loudly without tolerating stuffiness.

By the way.

Parker! Parker! Evilke reaches out his hand behind Spark.

“Actually, I'm pretty overwhelmed by what you've told me so far. Look, the system is warning me that I'm interfering more than I need to. Oh Hyo Hyo! I can't tell you any more than this. That's a shame." Evilke rolls his one-eyed glasses back and forth.

“But I can tell you that under my authority • Midnight Wu was sentenced to death that day and 'logged out'.” Jungwoo muttered a little.

Declared dead. Logged out.

Some things that look like game terminology.

They were unforgettable words.

I had to tell Yeon-woo.

“But the truth is, maybe all you're thinking about right now is useless assumptions. As # # # has said, you are also a 'real' midnight soldier.” I'm just a guy with a perk.

“Sometimes, Midnight Wu is awake, but has a lot of stubbornness.” Jungwoo feels captivated by Everke's spirits.

“Have you ever heard the saying that the soul is often divided into souls and bags? 'Illusion is a common concept that we know of. Live, die. Longing to be reborn over and over again. That's it. Then, what is Park?” Traces of Soul. “Blindness. I heard it. It's a footprint.” The tail of the gaze slowly dries up.

“Soul loses all memory after a period of circulation. The question is, do you think it's that kind of memory loss? 'Da' is the sum total of all the memories and processes I've lived through, from the time I was born to Bondi. They're completely different people. Others. But what about the records, the process, the bag itself?” What a ridiculous, philosophical message.

Jungwoo shuddered without even knowing it.

Record as Cho Jungwoo.

And the process as Cho Jungwoo.

All those things, he had them.

On the other hand.

Even if Yeon-woo later searches for the real soul of Midnight Friend, unless it is previously remembered. Can you say midnight for him? “So keep your shoulders up and watch. Because, technically, you might be the real Cho Jungwoo Army, rather than the soul who doesn't know where it is.” Jungwoo shut his mouth tightly. I didn't say anything to him for a moment.


Jungwoo's eyes, which were sadly settling down, were firmly hardened as if they were determined to do something.

Then he turned his head toward Yeongwoo.

Ifuke did not lose his new will in Jungwoo's eyes.

A sneak peek at my will to live.

“Seeing that makes me feel better. Oh-ho-ho! Oh-ho-ho!” Ifuke's mouth catches in his ears delightfully, and the laughter of Everke doesn't last that long.

It was because new guests came to see him.

“Oops. It's been a while.

I have a lot of work to do and a lot of counseling to do. This must be why the most popular stars suffer so much. Hyo Hyo! ”Where Ifuke turned his head, the commanders and soldiers of Nice Pluto stood resolute.

“General Manager of the Administration, Igleserbant.” “Oh Hyo Hyo. In fact, it was long before the title and name. Thanks for the call, though. Yes, what can I do for you?” Gerard, the commander of the army, who temporarily dragged Nice Pluto on behalf of Ram, said with a firm expression.

“I have a deal I'd like to make with you and the Administration.” Oh. Deal. Okay. Let me ask you what kind of deal you want to make. ”Gerard takes a deep breath.

You must speak well from here so that they, of course, can create a way for their master to live.

Even though their owner is on the fence against Allfowon.

It's crazy to think that the spears and shields that should be the masters themselves are protected.

The guilt of losing the owner was enough just once.

Of course, dealing with the Bureau of Administration was not, in fact, a good choice.

Relationship with the Bureau of Management is like a cow's chicken. It was also unlikely that offering a deal like this would be a problem later. Now was not the time to cover that up.

“I'd like some advice.” I think I know what advice to ask for. ”“ How do I • • • • • to go beyond the standards of Allfoone? ”That was Gerard's conclusion.

Olfowon ordered his own intervention because it was in the covenant between heaven and the Summer. '

It was a breach of the treaty that Tartarus' forces had overthrown.

If so, eliminating the potential breach will remove the justification for intervention.

At least they knew that Allfoone had a proprietary side that forced both the player and the transcendents on their own.

He was famous for being so strict with himself.

“Avoid the eyes of Allfowon, Ra.” “I know that wasn't always the case. But it's not widely known. But you of all people should know that. Please advise.” “Ask for advice.” Ask for advice. ”Gerard followed by Dis Fluto's troops, all bent down.

Everke's eyes become a bit startled, and she smiles in a dazzling manner.

I never imagined that Dis Pailuto, among the heavenly soldiers, would be so proud.

I know it's been less than a day since you've served your new master.

You're already showing such loyalty? 'I knew it. # # #, you're always new and exciting to see. Oh Hyo Hyo!' Everke could smile comfortably at the fact that she hadn't heard her eyes since she was a tutor.

“Actually, it's a bit like this, but I'll give you one hint: • • • • • • The team stage will be more damaged than this. Luckily, there's only one way to do it.” At that moment, the heads of the lowered soldiers flashed.

More than "any • •“. Shouldn't we show them what you can offer in return for their advice? ”Gerard uses his insubordination to spread his lips, hoping someone will hear him with a stiff face.

At that moment, Yirke's eyes slightly widened, drawing a slight curve.

“Oh, are you really going to give it up? A treasure of great value to you all.” “Treasure. You have to have power to win."

But we don't have the strength right now. Then it's much better to leave the treasure where you can grow up and trust it.

“The expression is very interesting. Leave it; Ra. I never said I'd give it back.” “I don't care if you just use it. And if it's our new owner, it's not 711.” Gerard glares at the black flames and turns his gaze back to the conflicting pits of Allfowon.

The eyes that saw him had a firm faith.

“I'm sure he'll come back anytime. Even as a reward.” “Oh Hyo-Hyo Hyo! Very good, very good! That kind of confidence is very important in this tower.” Ibulke said, fixing his one-eyed glasses immediately.

“My advice is very simple.” “What is it?” “Four Thrones." ”At that moment, the fangs that appeared as I curled up one side of my mouth. It looks as cold as the Devil's.

“Take a good look at the character of # # 's seat. You'll see right away.” The soldiers of the order smile, not knowing what they're talking about, but for a moment, they think about something.

Hippopotamus • • “Yes. It's a great opportunity to test how great your loyalties are.” Something that resembles a wedge-like crease pulls your left arm inward, avoiding the blade of the hand cutting off your neck.

Iron Lord! As the chains tighten, Allfowon's touch stops.

Yeongwoo swings the beagrid deeply inward, flapping its wings widely.

["Vigrid_??? 'opens the hidden name,' Durendal '. [Heroic Winner: Team Member] Despite his best efforts, Allfowon managed to steer clear of the attack by stepping on the anvil.

The beagrid grazes the spot where he disappeared and the space splits apart. Beyond that, the tall foothills of Yeongwoo that had just been stepped on the ground were cut off and leaning to the right.

As the mountain became a hive, the mountain poured out enormous amounts of dust and sand dunes along the slopes.

The kite follows the trail of chain and moves in pursuit of the lost Olfowon.

Above the collapsed ridge. It was between the dust oils.

Puffering -- two beings rushing forward, explosions sounding like thunder. I could see how many times the haystacks were torn apart by the flashes of darkness.

Bone dragons and sub-faucets were also sprinkled with all sorts of breasts and magic to chase Allfoone.

Delegation - Twinkle! All flashes of water drained the stage and crabs completely annulled: and the flashes of light surged from there abolished even the set permissions they had sprinkled all over the stage.

At the same time.

Olfowon appeared behind the Bone Dragon, cut down his spine with his foot and smashed it into pieces, grabbing both wings and blowing them into the sky.

- When Faust moves to stop him, this time he deflects the light in all directions, emptying the space. Boo-fast unleashes a barrier into the dungeon of light, but is immediately dismembered and flew all the way to his left shoulder.

His strength began to consume the sub-Faust and the Bone Dragon. Olfowon tries to deploy the trench again to quickly eliminate his old enemies, but this time the chains have opened up wide.

Something resembling Yeongwoo flew over half of its body, stabbing Vigrid in the chest of Fool Temple with a crooked face.

The two of them fell straight from the sky to the ground. Along with the enormous dirt oil, Allfowon crashed into the ground and all the organs in its body had to be taken deep into Vigrid, being crushed.

However, he waved his hand as if it were nothing at all, and if it were light, he flew away for a long time and barely landed on the ground again.



Something resembling Yeongwoo quickly breathed while rapidly regenerating its body in black.

It was a difficult but difficult fight.

Dealing with the reanimated monster several times wasn't easy.


“Kick there!” Something resembling a lotus blew up a lighthouse in a good mood.

It's been a while since I've tasted the air.

After a while, I felt strangely pleasant to even run around.

Since the 'bowl' would have been lubricated quite well, it would not have been possible to use it properly if not for a fool.

'If you feel as frustrated as before, then it will really eat you up, but if there is a problem.

'That son of a bitch.

Fast - He's just like old times: No matter how many you kill, you never die. What are you gonna do now? With black smoke to the back, the original 1 appeared and spread its wings again. The purple energy from the Dragon Heart was rapidly recovering.

“That's only three things, right?” Olfowon was rapidly recovering from the center of a deep crater.

The gray fog and Aurora were blossoming with a hue of 0.

Allfowon rarely escapes the 77th floor.

Even if everything reveals the body in the staircase, it is merely overlapping parts of the body using resource interference.

He was well aware that many of his power was directed over 78 floors.

“Oh, now it's five.

Something resembling Yeongwoo shed a bloody smile as she watched Olfowon, who began to wrap in a gray mist. I could see the fangs between my lips.

In fact, it was him who hated Olfowon as much as Yeon-woo, or rather than Yeon-woo.

Exactly. He's beyond that.

Olfowon couldn't get out of there anyway.

But it's Agent Allfowon's job to keep him where he is. It was all about stalling, and now it's hitting the limit. If we stay like this, Yeongwoo will be completely consumed. This is why mortals were uncomfortable.

So I steal lips for free thinking I have to do something about it.

“Uhh 2” Suddenly Nice Fluto starts closing in on Allfoone with a siege net.

“What are they doing?” The hen frowns at something.

I may be here to help myself. His eyes were filled with endless acts of suicide.

In fact, he had nothing to do with them dying.

But the problem was intrinsic to him.

If they die, Yeon-woo will be hit hard. His heartbreak was not important.

Quest.It was Hades' will. In order to inherit the throne properly, I had to fulfill the last conditions.

It's the only way to get a proper uplift.It's the only way to make the bowl firmer.

And Hades' death was originally derived from the coziness he embraced.

It was convenient to retrieve something, so I didn't have to refuse.

All he wanted was just that.

But Allfowon was a big obstacle, so I thought I'd stop them.

“These things, something resembling Yun Wu trying to do something funny, read their expressions, realized what they were trying to do, and blew up Faan Daeso.

Even if I thought about it, I could only do "crazy."

They were still reeking of death.

The final condition of the quest is to find a new 'sanctuary and set up a base camp.

Next to Yeon-woo is the throne of death.

It also has the power of darkness to receive the dead souls, if so.

What is the last option for the desperate Disc Fluto? The answer to this was very simple.

“By death, we return to the king.” At that moment.

The soldiers of Nice Pluto stabbed themselves in the heart as they turned their blades back.