Second Life Ranker

2. Four Thrones (2)

It was inevitable that something would happen.

There was no sign of this, no will. You want to surround Olfowon, but suddenly you turn the spear back.

Something resembling Yeon-woo made me feel like Allfowon is bursting for the first time. '

Even though Allfowon is looking at the tower, he can't predict everything until the future.

Group identity was equally shocking.

Along the broken heart, numerous new personalities' blood splattered into the air, and the soul slowly rose above the dying cornea.

Looking at it.

Something resembling Yeon-woo knew too well what she had to do.

The three frames of Jiaying-Jihok's brotherhood shivered long together.

The shadow on the bottom begins to spread at a rapid rate along the ground.

Shadows are consumed by light, but sometimes they contain darkness that feeds on light. The shadow is the rifle of darkness, the source of power. Of course, it also contained a collection of souls.

As the dark clouds rise above the shadows, they begin to mingle with the souls of the Discover Fluto.

to include them in the collection of souls.

Olfowon tried to read their prey and spread the gray fog all over the place to stop the spread of shadows.

Hahaha! You're crazy, you're crazy! You're all fucking crazy! But, Allfowon, it doesn't make sense that you, the craziest of them all! Conclusion Owner. Wh... interruption. Don't. "The Bone Dragon once again spits out Subres and burns the gray fog, and the Boo_Faust suppresses the other powers of Allfo when using monsters.

It was a protest to stay out of the way of Yeon Woo and Dis Pluto.

Meanwhile, one by one, I began to come into contact with the spirit of the mixed Dis Pluto with the black azimuth.

Their thoughts, accidents, and aspirations were all conveyed to Yeongwoo in one voice.

"My new king." Booda "" Our aspiration. "Make it happen • • The spirit that they spit out was conveyed to something that resembles a lotus tree.

“As king.” Yeon-woo rolls up one side of her mouth, grinning unwittingly.

“I accept your blasphemy.” With that, I spread my left hand wide and put it on the ground.

The starter didn't have to memorize it. Greedy bastards never miss an opportunity like this.

Along the black swamp, Saehaan's teeth stick out onto the ground.

High angle, high angle - ['Vampire Blade of the Battery' undergoes massive absorption. [Specified 0] A massive shadow that binds the souls of Guuo_Nice Pluto starts drawing a vortex and is drawn into the Vampire Vapor of the Battery.

Nice Fluto is a group of men who are all or equal to the end soldier.

Their souls are very large and sacred.

Their & '92; death &' 94; had no choice but to have a profound impact on the Throne of the Union, the Throne of the Four Thrones.

In addition, their actions contain not only strong belief in unity, but 41 points beyond that.

The martyrdom in which such faith is made to be a bazaar is coming to God with enormous empathy.

Right now.

Something resembling Yeon-woo stood as the king of Nice Pluto, who chose martyrdom as a group, and as their god.

“Something similar to Ahaha Yeon-woo burst out a big smile as I felt the puffy black rising.

“Hahahaha!" Death! This is the most basic form of chisel! [You have completed the second and third conditions of the Sudden Quest (Exodus).] The second requirement for Axodus quests was to escape Tartarus safely, and the third requirement was to find a safe habitat for base camp.

However, the conditions for a safe habitat were not stated separately.

Wherever the system can be reassured, the hump, or a place where Nice Pluto, who is protected, can be reassured.

A collection of souls filled with the power of darkness was an unrivalled safe haven.

There was no need to worry about anything else in there, so as long as there was their King and God, it could never have collapsed. No, the fact that they can be with God even after they die is the perfect ideal for them.

[Surden quests (exodus) are achieved perfectly.] [You have accomplished an achievement that no one can easily accomplish, an additional public value will be provided.] [100,000 PJC [200,000 additional PJC.] [You won the 'Mighty Land' Line as a reward. From now on, we can project the power of the Throne into the designated area "[As a reward, we have obtained the 'Renewal Qualification of Tartaros'. We are able to establish a new tartarus for Erebos.] [You earned a true piece as a reward. You have received a hint of 'transcendence' as an additional reward.] [The reign of power that was locked in the 4th Reign of Darkness has been released.]] [The Mind of the Locked Mighty Throne 'has been released.] Overwhelming -“ The bowl's hardened again. ”Something resembling Yeong-woo burst out a good smile and kicked the tongue.

I thought I was doing something nice for a guy who wasn't cute.

But this was not to be trifled with.

This body was a vessel that he was going to take all by himself one day. The harder they hardened, the more beneficial they became.

While enjoying the pleasant feeling for a while, I looked over at Allfowon. I still saw the Bone Dragon widow-Faust fighting fiercely.

I reached out my hand and cried out.

“Declare the Land of Destiny.” [New attributes will be granted on the already specified area 'rainfall.] [Land is set!] The black azrang, who danced along the lotus, stretched out like a tentacle and drenched the sky.

As the darkness settles again, it pushes off the gray fog and starts to reveal something dark underneath, one by one.

Wearing a helmet and shining armor with a dark tinge. Soldiers who have long intestines glowing in disgust.

The red glare shines under your helmet as hot as a flame.

The army of the Order rises again from the shadow of the new king and raises its spear.

The immortal army that never dies.

There was a ridiculous army of gods there that could be restored several times over.

It wasn't just martyrs there.

Those who have fallen powerlessly in Tartarus. The souls of the other soldiers who gathered said Yeonwoo would save them one day were also mixed together.

The soul of the most glowing of them all screams out loud.

A wicked man who wants to desecrate the king's title! "And as I was saying here, the other commanders succeeded.

"Punish it right here!" Before - Armies! "Charge!" Charge! "The army of the Guwoo_commandment rushed to Olfowon in unison. Full of the energy of death.

Bone Dragon and Rich, followed by an endless army of numbers.

In front of that incredible sight.

Olfowon, who has long been the ruler of the tower, looks like a deserted island in the open sea.

At that time, Allfowon glances this way and turns away.

I wonder if I can stop myself with this.


“Of course, it won't end here. Something resembling a lotus smiles softly to Olfowon."

Olfowon grimaces, not knowing what he was thinking, and suddenly he sees Yeon raising her beagrid high and her eyes wide open. Later, I realized whether he was going to take a month.

But not before he stopped it.

I tore something resembling a lotus 1-0 1- long. Along the wide open void beyond, another energy seeps out.

"I'm going to push you, of course!" Kick there! Even though the bowl is a little more rigid, wouldn't you do this much to stop yourself with this body right now? ”The energy emanating from the void, as if it had finally heard the wall that was banging on the woman, began to flood the stage with joy.

Boom, boom, boom - with a huge shock wave that was about to break the space, the air opened up even bigger and the energy began to surge.

Even Allfowon is tough enough to handle.

Yeah. Ah. Eat. C.

Let go. Ah. Ra.

My. Thing.

It leans around looking for something, and soon catches and moves the creature that dominates the stage.

First, we instinctively set out to eliminate the owners of the realm in order to take control of the realm.

Of course, the target is Allfowon.

A wedge-goang! Something resembling a lotus blew up the façade while looking at it.

His enormous passion was engraved in everyone's head.

What appeared as an open space with the tartarus.

It was the Mother Earth.

The one who's still struggling to find Yeon Woo and find the stage.


Guaiang-Groundskeeper did not detect the coincidence that was immediately pointed out. It was because something bigger hid the scribe while holding onto Yeon Woo.

For this reason, the goddess thought Allfowon swallowed the pits he was about to swallow instead.

As Allfowon, it was a confusing situation.

You never would have guessed that the Earth Mother would come after the Order of the Realm.

However, it was unacceptable for a sovereign to infiltrate the stage carelessly.

In the end, Olfowon thought it would be dangerous, but he had to drag the placenta of the body that had been tied to the 77th floor this way.

Whyrie - the swarm of light surrounding him was wide open and unfolding like a thread.

Bang! As the pressure on the stage grows stronger, a huge presence rises in between.


It was the first appearance of Olfowon in decades.

The armies of the Dark Order rush to the left, and the goddess of the earth approaches to the right.

Allfoone begins to move to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The 77 floors could be eroded by the heavenly bodies if we held back for a little while.

“What should I do?" Oh Hyo Hyo Hyo! ”As Yeon listens to the dejected managers, she turns and reaches out to the group.

If I had an accident like this, I could fall back now 1.

Even if it's Allfowon, it won't be a problem to deal with that many things properly.

And when the fight is over, you'll have to go back to the 77th floor and focus on your defenses.

Repairing the damage from the stage due to heavy rainfall and the afterstorms will be unlikely. Maybe even a system restriction? It was good in many ways because he was about to unmerge.

We should be able to avoid his annoying horseshoes for a while. Above all, I was satisfied that I punched him in the face.

“Kiki kik!” Something resembles Yeon Woo moves through the stairwell smiling like that.

[Do you want to go up to the next stairwell? [Go to level 36.]