Second Life Ranker

3. Four Thrones (3)

[This is the Blue Life Coffin, 36th floor.] Along the large open blue portal, the crowds poured in at once.

Fatigue strikes the faces of the group, including the liver. The battle in Tartaros followed by the arrival of Allfowon.

Other players felt dizzy after going through such a large event in a row that they could only go through once in their life.

“Cain!” But they don't even have time to show off their tough colors. As soon as he passed through the portal, Yeon-woo was losing balance and collapsing to one side.

The liver hurriedly ran and hugged Yeon Woo.

He was so weak that he wanted to be beaten by the man who had just gone so crazy against Allfowon.

From Yeonwoo, Sakman Azirang was coming out like a leak. Her body is boiling like it's on fire. It was a nephrotic Heat.

The liver was a shaman, and Abraham wanted to heal the alliance with magic.

However, the freshness that plagued Yeongwoo only got worse and there was no sign of sinking at all.

There are no limits to martial arts because they are like the overhits of the spirit of the new heathen like the successors that remain in the place where the stature is passed. Even though he was from the 98th floor, he didn't know better.


Suddenly, you hear a deaf voice behind you.

01 He turned his gaze toward the muscles 1-D and firmly fixed the impression.

The Summer Queen was walking towards Dohagay with a polymorph in human form one day.

Instead of her iconic red hair, she stretches her black-haired hair long. The Summer Queen frowned at those who were wary of her.

I knew exactly what you were thinking in your stupid head. That's not gonna happen. Out of my way. I don't like it, but I have to take his side now. "It was the power of unity to summon the Summer Queen. If the alliance goes wrong, the chance of resuscitation will fly away as well.

Just then, the group retreats to make sense of it.

But I still didn't let my guard down. It was because I knew how bad the Summer Queen was. Even now, even on the same side, there was no other way to hold a grudge against Yeon-woo than against her for killing herself.

I don't know if you know that.

The Summer Queen instead snorted and approached Yeon-woo. Then, someone else stood in her way. It was Jungwoo.

The Summer Queen was flawed for a moment. For her, the Code of Bone Dragon was a shameful act. Nevertheless, he accepted the offer because there was still a stubbornness about Jungwoo.

"Anything else? Anything else you haven't said, Havon Wing?" In fact, one of the biggest enemies for Jungwoo was the Queen of Summer.

Just as Jungwoo took her Dragon Heart, she took her life away from Jungwoo.

It wouldn't be weird to bump into them right now.

Jungwoo slowly shakes his head. Then he said with a slight smile, "No. Take good care of my brother. Article I beg you, Ismereos. • • • Heh. As I said, he is a one-sided opponent even though he doesn't like it now.

So do not wander around. "The Summer Queen shook her eyes for a moment because of the voice of Jungwoo calling her name. He swung as if he had never done so before and passed by. Jungwoo glanced at her back like that.

Stupid thing. Even if it's just for a little while, I should be able to overcome this. We still have a long way to go. "The Summer Queen widened her hands as she looked at the kite.

Ouch_A blue glow exploded along her hand.

Where is it? I thought the bowl had become usable. The contents of it are still poor. I felt dizzy even though I didn't have anything to eat. Everything.

Equipment Kick! I'm going to work a little harder. The opportunity you've been given is almost over. What are they talking about?

You're not the only one who's getting this good opportunity, are you? Isn't that right? "Opportunity? Yeon-woo felt dizzy.

I've been wandering deeper and deeper into the deep sea where I can't see anything, and my mind is barely returning.

And I remembered all kinds of conveniences.

Memories of the Maestro and the commotion. The moments when we fought together by returning Faust's memory to wealth and ordering Summer Queen to the Bone Dragon. Every time I waved my hands, the burning black seemed to still remain on my fingertips.

It was who it was and not who it was.

Something bigger.

It was something very young • something very large.


'It felt like I had taken away the old memories and personalities that I had buried beyond the sea of memories, which I had forgotten a long time ago as if I had gone back to the source.

Why don't you have something like that?

The iceberg that man is looking at is nothing more than a tip, and most of his body is submerged under the sea level; Yeongwoo feels like he is the tip of such an iceberg, and feels like he's pulled up a large body that was submerged subconsciously.

I just thought Maestro would come running. It was also embarrassing.


It seems like I have no intention of solving the question of Yeongwoo. Martha slowly faded away, harassing him for as long as she could.

Yeongwoo summoned him several times, but he did not look back at him at all and fell asleep inside the Wise Man's Stone.


Fortunately, thanks to Masung, we were able to outrun Olfowon.

I didn't have a clue what would have happened if it hadn't been for his help. Neither did Nice Pluto, nor the throne of the order he had received from Hades.

Of course, since it is the closest to the cell and the Almighty, it was likely to stop again at any time.

Yeon-woo thought that it might be difficult for a while, as Maestro judged.

Pressure on the upper stairwell should be kicking in again by now.

If the goddess of the earth reaches down to the feeble void below, and the goddesses and the goddesses reach out at the top, Even as Allfowon, I had to tie my ankles tightly, and even if Olfowon got rid of them somehow, I didn't think I'd reach out to Yeon-woo right away.

He has seen Yeouido awaken the power of the Zealot King, and will try to prepare a plan to stop him.

In the end, Yeon-woo also had to gain as much strength as possible before Olfowon tried to stop him again.

'Rather than that, he was clearly expressing a lot of anger towards Allfowon. How do you know each other?' Yeongwoo opened her eyes slowly asking such questions about Maestro's castle, and she was talking to someone who resembled her, a woman who had dark red hair.

Yeongwoo was a hair of color I had never seen before, but I knew who she was.

It's a face that ripens during the day, and it's connected to its spirit.

“Summer Queen.” In fact, the one in front of her eyes was the Summer Queen, but not the Summer Queen, because the real Summer Queen was completely nourished by the soul of the sweetness.

The Summer Queen in front of me was all that was left of her, like a shell.

The feeling of Yeongwoo looking at her was as close to seeing another identity torn from one root. Her source of existence has an enemy in the soul of Yeouido.

After a brief chat with Jungwoo, the Summer Queen saw that Yeon-woo regained consciousness and turned her head to this side.

She lights up and sweeps the kite up and down without a care companion, and still rises from her seat with a sketchy face.

"From the looks of it, you're feeling better now." 20993; Are you going? Jungwoo smiled bitterly and looked at the Summer Queen.

The Summer Queen smiled softly.

"I have already fallen into nothing and a ball. What's left of it is the past idiocy. If the grown-ups of the factions had seen it, they would have lost even if they lost." The polyp does not contradict the principle: it moves in accordance with the principle, and at times it moves in accordance with the principle and expresses its will. That was the secret to the blessing of Mana for their kind.

In this sense, it is impossible for a summer queen to be reborn against the principle of death.


As always, the Summer Queen did not regret her choice.

I had fun as much as I could, and I talk to you. Then it was done. "The Summer Queen's conversation with Jungwoo was nothing but a silly chaperone. It was because Yeon-woo opened her eyes more quickly than I thought.

But she was also satisfied with it.

Jungwoo smiled at himself as if he was still the enemy.

Despite a lot of grumbling, I have nothing to say. Rather, he said he was fine with revenge from his brother. Forget about the silver coins that died with the same body, and let's just get along like old times.

Or maybe he's broad-minded. I didn't know what it was. With such a short conversation, the Summer Queen was able to polish up the last remnants of her senses.

After 0 0 Summer Queen hides her trail in the wind.

Yeonwoo looked at Jungwoo.

The emperor was still blurry. It showed that the internal = axillary fissures flowed from 2 `month} to the root root cavity 1.

Still, it seemed to be stabilized more than before.

Of course, Yeon-woo knew that it was only temporary.

As soon as the Sanim realizes he is a Sa Nim, it slowly begins to crumble. Knowing that they are fake, they can no longer retain their form.

If we consume our spiritual energy, our retention time will be reduced even further.

“How are you feeling?” Eh. Thanks to you. “In that case, thank God.

Yeongwoo nods quietly.

It was a blunt attitude that I thought was really fortunate, but my brother knew that it contained the seriousness of my brother.

So, after the fight, I was able to tell him what I had in mind.

Do you remember the arm I had last time? “What do you mean?” I, who said I wanted to live again-I was an ugly child. But I want to be like her.

- I want to come back.

- I mean...

- So I want to hug her with my bare hands. Just like my mother did to us. - Can I do that? When Jungwoo first woke up from the diary.

He used to say that.

I want to hug her with my own hands.

I'm sorry to see Ananda again, and I also want to thank her.

Then, can I ask you again for that wish? So, Jungwoo looked at Yeon-woo with eager aspirations.

Yeon-woo nods heavily.

Somehow. "You know that resurrection is usually beyond the realm of God, right? “ Aldama.

You must have a lot to do. Jungwoo burst out at the funeral laughter.

There were still cases of dealing with corpses or harnessing the souls of the dead.

However, the event of returning a completely dead person to the same opponent as when they were alive has yet to take place in the tower.

Resurrection and resurrection were 'miracles' beyond the realm of ordinary skill overpower.

An area that must be original or transcendent in relation to creation or life.

Or it was a worthless area that inferred that only the thought of the Creators would be possible.

However, they had never been told they had succeeded.

In other words, it means that it may not be possible for a united nation to inherit the throne of the kingdom of the kingdom even if it gains its character and continues to grow.

In that case.

There is only one way Yeonwoo can revive Jungwoo.

All players' grudges.

Reaching the top of the tower, I had no choice but to become a 'real' god and fulfill my wish.

My brother, I'm going to live a very busy life. "Climb up to the 50th floor of the barrier of the Players, the 77th floor of Allfowon, and the 98th floor of God and Demons, where no one has set foot."

Unknown territories that players, transcendents, and anyone else have not yet reached.

From the 99th floor, no one knows who is there, and finding a soul who does not know where is there will be a previous homework assignment.

That's why Yeon-woo's determination seemed to be nonsense.

Jung thought that Jung could dissect the liver at any time.

The brother he had always seen was always like that.


Jungwoo was able to sleep comfortably.

The sovereign who was making the phaa-friendship began to become troubled. The typefaces flow out in strings. But fortunately, it's not leaking like it used to, but it's coming out one after the other.

The contents of the string were all reasonable. The letters that made up the diary; Until then. Jungwoo smiled as he blurred.

I'll wait here. PotlJeong Woo said that 1 and the group broke into pieces. As the bowmen danced along the kite, they slowly got sucked into the clock.

J. W. Without saying a word, CAH stroked the engraved letters on the back of the clock several times.

I ducked my head silently.

The ground was starting to drip with a brush that I didn't know where it fell from.