Second Life Ranker

4. 50 floors (1)

50th floor, the Dragon Temple coffin.

“That herd-trick. Yes, it's magical. Here we are at last.” Everyone who crosses the path stops and starts to turn back and forth.

It was a huge swarm moving among them.

Unified, well-dressed and well-armed people.

I thought it might be a local wallop, but I felt the fragrance of a crooked oyster.

Besides, if you come near me without my permission, I'll cut it right off. You're swarming with life and speculation around you.

That's why the spectators looked at them quietly as if they were curious.

He was not able to give it at all.

The notoriety of these herds has been widely known within the tower for the past few months.

The accomplishments they accomplished were great.

Clan's destruction of the moon's night shadow.

The defeat of the radical Nine Blame.

The collapse of the Hidden Dungeon of Six Magic Crystal Caves.

Subdue Hidden Boss' Lord of Aleano '.

In addition, the examination of 'Magic Dachaon' = ⁄ 20129; not only did they attack the difficult quests each staircase had with overwhelming grades, but also the clans and rankers who had disputed with them died.

They had no command system to do this, but they had not yet been recognized as a force.

Sometime soon, they began to be regarded as a new emerging clan in place of the collapsed Tritons and Necropolis.

And the thunderstorms that they generate focused their attention on all at once, shaking the staircases below.


The most obvious one was 1-1 ashes apart.

1-It was Mahjong's chief, Mahjong Edora, the central point.

A woman with long hair and a crooked horn like a mountain goat from temples.

In her generous robe, she is now the trademark of her symbol, with a huge knife and a shin horse in her arms.

Since I was a one-horned cheetah, I have been doing a spectacular debut since I was a tutor, and now I'm trying to prove myself to be an outstanding warrior.

Especially when someone challenged me, it was as beautiful as dancing, despite the cruel look of swinging the bridegroom without coughing. That's why they were nicknamed 'Mahi.'

Some have rated her work as' the rise of a bloodshot sage, a talent who will lead a new generation of the one-horned tribe. '

Alternatively, it was described as' the only rival who can resist the dictatorship. '

Whatever the assessment, those in competition with the one-horned tribe were good news to fast again.


It also meant that the gaze and expectations of three people clinging to Edora were just as great.

And the news that she had now reached the 50th floor made it even clearer that that gaze and expectation would contribute to the debt.

50th floor, Dragon Temple.

Reference point for selecting regular players and rankers.

Edora was challenged on a Swedish so-called 'table of mourning', in contrast to the many skilled people who challenged to pass through here but had to be frustrated.

Of course, people weren't interested in Edora getting through here, because they were already expecting to reach, or exceed, Edora's skill level.

However; Edora was most curious about how to target the Dragon Temple.

The Temple of the Dragon has been widely acknowledged as the most 'bizarre' of many stages that players have ever undertaken, but each player's trial is different from the middle.

That's why some were considered to have sufficient skills to pass.

On the contrary, some people are lucky enough to pass and grow to become excellent rankers even though they don't qualify.

So I had no choice but to pay attention to Edora's tactical approach to completing the stage with overwhelming sexuality.


Edora was bored and bored with those eyes.

In fact, she was uncomfortable with so many of these interests.

The answer is where practitioners want to train their individual abilities and rise to higher heights. Of course, individualism is only as strong as that. It was because every day was short even when I focused on training myself.

Edora was like that.

That's what my father did, and that's what the people in my family did. Because that's what I saw and grew up with, I thought of course I should do the same attitude: Anyway.

What the hell is this? despite being classified as the most talented people on the planet they were born on and around the world.

I am passionate and cheerful about every action I take.

Already they had forgotten themselves and were satisfied with the advent of a new Luigi who could target the existing dominant class.

Moreover, there were only a lot of passengers who were clinging to the idea that if they followed themselves, they would be able to stand on their own for even a single seat or that even the Congolese products would tremble.

At first, I got rid of them all, but I was leaving them as long as they didn't disturb me.

Then the crowd that followed continued to burst like snowballs, and eventually they even had solid-state systems organized among themselves.

And the name Mahhee Sung was a little silly.

I didn't have much interest in them anyway, so I left them alone.

If it got too much, that's as long as I got a cut.

No, I didn't even care about that useless place.

Right now, I was only going to focus on Siren, the wall of the ravine.

- I want you to be my wings.

Before leaving the village one day, Yeonwoo's words were still firmly in her head, being a driving force to move her.

He was a bad man who didn't know where he was.

Thinking he's somewhere watching him.

2 `Near Leedo, I slowly picked Shinmado from the sword house.

Suddenly, the door to the great temple approaches.

[The trials begin. To the land where lava flows like a river.

The mason flugrad roared with a wide flap of its wings, loosening like a creased sheet of paper.

Though the waves were so strong that the foothills of the mountain shook.

['Vigrid-??? Unlocks the hidden true name, the gay ball. Beagrid, connected to the axy-female pole in the seawater earring, has plunged into Flugrad's chest in one fell swoop, leaving a huge trail.

Gay Bolg: The new beagrid's true colors

Gay Bolg is a spear made of dead sea monsters' ribs, with a tradition that he descended to Hero 0 2 • • 6 and reached the hero named Gu1-Geunhulin.

Whatever the goal was, he also had a specific indication that dozens of visible values rose from the persecution spot to attack his enemies.

So when Yeon-woo first opened up the gay Bolg, I wondered if this was the right thing to do.

Beagrid was always the swordsman's brother.

However, the future can change to steam depending on whether or not the body is separated from the body, and it was not unusual to think that ordinary beeswax was used in conjunction with the female beacon.

Above all.

Recently, it has also been an awkward experience for lotus weed, which has been used a lot for pitchforks.

Gay Bolg is a well-known weapon for pitchforks. Of course, it had to be doubled in power.

Gugu Gugu Gur Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Guy Follow the chest, along the chest of the chest, with his back and up

Flukrat grunts in pain as it struggles, but his screams are soon buried.

Following the black bitten bone thorns, a shadow burst out and began to eat his body metallurgically.

I will eat, I will eat. "Dear Owner 7, The monsters who had not enjoyed the delicious food since they had been better in tartartarus said that they would eat at least a little more flukrat.

In the end, Plugrad struggles in the swamp of shadows and collapses.

As Hidden Boss on the 39th floor, many players tried to attack but ultimately couldn't.

[All trials have ended.] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional public space will be provided.] [You have gained 100,000 Public space.] [200,000 additional Public Values.] [Heals HP and Magic Power.] [Recovers all status conditions.] [All the gods of death look up to you in astonishment. [All the demons of death nod satisfactorily to your medicine.] "[Many gods carefully watch over you.] [Many demons reveal their greed for you.] [Sums all Public Values.] [Great Record Achieved.

Would you like to put your name on the Hall of Fame?] [You have declined registration.] [But even if it's not public, your achievements will be engraved deep into the tower, allowing you to toggle registration whenever you want.] [Would you like to go on the next broadcast? “You're number one on the stage again. It's amazing what a quick attack like that can do.

Abraham smiled bitterly from afar, looking at such a lotus.

Galilee crosses her arms and nods as if she had no choice.

“I have to draw. Hidden Piece, which we don't even know about, is sweeping up all the Hidden Pieces. And no matter how high and high the stairs are, it's too easy for him.” It was probably not the 50th, or 60th floors, but there were no stages with dangerous difficulties going to Tartaros.

No, considering the events experienced by Yeon Woo, that could also be lacking.

Given that Period Tomagia has erupted, the Mother Earth has appeared, and at the end of the day she's trying to interfere with Allfowon.

Perhaps few players have experienced such large-scale events.

Only nine kings could compare.

“I'm sure you're also a little preoccupied.

Maybe I don't know, but maybe I'm still trying to control it as much as I can. ”Galilee recalls returning slowly, wearing a mask on the 36th floor and holding a pocket watch.

There was no Jung on the way back.

Without an explanation, it was not difficult to notice what was happening. The Jungwoo they met was a great tetrahedron that would not be strange when existence was broken, and it would never have been possible without the medium of the clock.

Jungwoo probably noticed that, so he went back into the clock and fell asleep for a long time.

I also knew that Yeon-woo was aiming for a month.

Complete resuscitation.

Or resurrection.

It is only preached as an unbelievable myth, but it is also to draw a miracle that even the transcendents could not achieve.

In order to do that, we need to climb the stairs at least one day.

But there were still so many obstacles across the stairwell.

It still took me a lot of time to clear them out.

Since Yeon-woo knew it well, it seemed like she was going to step through the steps in order.

He was also a human being, so he couldn't hide his anxiety completely.

The attack was continuing much faster than I expected.

How long has it been since we passed the 36th floor? We're already at the 39th floor, so we're 40 bucks ahead.

Usually it's cold as if a needle wouldn't bleed. It was a pity that I could not hide my emotions easily in matters involving poisonous incest.

“But if the bag was still on the clock, then where did the soul go?” Well, "and I'm sorry to see that. Abraham and Galilee couldn't question the rest until the end.

'Being is a combination of the conscious bag and the soul.

Jungwoo's mind remained on the clock.

In that case.

Where is the soul of Jungwoo? “Obviously, he didn't just leave his saturn on the clock to make a diary.” Abraham muttered a little, narrowing his glances.

Clearly, the intention of leaving a journal for the first time was to use privileges to induce rapid growth of the pond.

Is that the only reason? I thought it wasn't Abraham.

His friendship was not as naive as he knew it to be.

He was smarter than I thought.

'The first will be meaningless when I return only to my soul. Do you keep your memories and your ego separate?' I thought this would not be the end.

No, I had to.

In the worst case.

The privileges could be repeated over and over and over again, leaving only memories and complete annihilation. • • Abraham swallowed a murmur.

'Let's hope not.' Then it would be too sad a story. I just wanted to have some condolences.

“You, however, are Brahmin of Chosun. You still don't know?" "You've lost your temper, you've lost your sacred spirit. I've been putting the power and the power away for a long time, but I want to know how much more per month.” Brahab laughed at Galilee's remarks and ignored them.

Then a new message appeared to them.

proceed to the t40 floor, where the staircase attack was continuing without any rest.