Second Life Ranker

5. 50 floors (2)

[This is the 42nd floor, the coffin of the uprising.] [Begin the trial on 42nd floor.] [Trial: For a warrior long ago, the battlefield was the only stage to prove himself, and there was so much to prove. There are other things that can be proven on the battlefield, like bravery that doesn't fear fighting, weather that doesn't bend, Garrison that bends the crowd, physical ability that is superior to others.

It was a circle of wisdom.

In the battlefield, a clever man who knows how to coldly identify the power of his faction turns his eyes and environment from พอใจ to , but also needs luck to make his plans go forward without variables.

Right now, there are 99 other people with badges in the waiting area that are invisible to each other. And there are four paths ahead.

Red, blue, black, white.

Choose one of these and compete in a random setting with the faction at the end to win.

Competition rules include:

1. Once assigned, the team member can never change.

2. Each team is given 5 skeleton crests and 1 claw of the team.

3. Team with Skeleton Insignia will be given Diviv, and the more Insignia there is, the stronger the debuff will be. In other words, each team must somehow transfer the skeleton sentence to another team.

4. There is one anomaly. If you have the flag of another team, you have a symbolic exchange with that team. At this point, the skull crest is exchanged equally.

5. Team settlements are made every 24 hours, and the team with more skeletal crest loses.

6. The match lasts for a total of 5 days, with the team with the highest score winning the final.] Unlike most solo plays where the challenges of the 30th floor are predominantly based on their own ability to overcome.

The trial of the 40th floor was dominated by team play, which randomly formed teams and together underlined: 42 floors were famous for having the most complex rules.

There should be a limited number of 100 people divided into four teams, each of which should break out as many skeletal sentences as possible.

The more Skeleton Crest you get, the more Devif overlaps, so the team that suffered one defeat will continue to fall.

Moreover, even when you initially choose a team, you need to be aware of the fight.

Once a designated team member left, they could get tangled up in a mess if they were assigned to a handful of people, or if they participated in a weak area.

So, the 42nd floor was usually a team color for the people who liked it before entering.

There are many ways to save mercenaries.

However, being part of a weak team does not necessarily mean that there is an opportunity for reversal.

Variables can change the color of the team at any time.

The issue was that if a team member with a claw was exposed to the enemy and snatched away, the skeleton crest and the other team would be exchanged immediately.

There's no way to see how much skeletal crest the other teams have.

Judging based on the circumstances. Therefore, teams with a lot of sentences need deception strategies, such as pretending to be as absent as possible, or pretending to be a lot.

Sometimes there are various tactics, such as teamwork and betrayal.

It was not uncommon for the word 'dispute', meaning that it resounded chaotically, to become the name of the stage.

However, new variables were added to this meeting.

No, it was too big a snag to call it a variable.

“What? A lone wolf? Why is he here? Is he here to slaughter some kind of conservative?” Have you forgotten that? The monopoly hasn't reached the 50th floor yet? ”“ Oh, did you? Dammit! "“ I didn't see him for a while, so he must have died somewhere. • He showed up this time. ”" It's really Izzie, isn't it? ”“ After a month of • • • commotion.

“Of course we're going to find a team that has a monopoly.

Participants turned on the lights and began to infer where the monopoly had gone.

Though a lone proprietor has been missing for unknown reasons over the last few months.

But his reputation wasn't lost anywhere.

It was noted that the Ramkers were still overrated, but it was still as sure as they were overwhelming in the lower levels.

Particularly, the story of the defeat of the Iron Brigades and various Klein alliances on the 20th floor was still to the point of debate.

Of course, players were eager to become a team of dictators.

That way, you'll be able to get through this complicated 42-story ordeal.

But he had a split opinion about where he was going.

It was because there was no evidence to suggest this analogy.

So you usually had to rely on luck or your intuition.

Player Walump was also a common case of wanting to team up with the proprietor.

However, there is something a little different.

'I'm not like the blind.

Walrump laughed as he thought of other players who might be in trouble in their waiting spaces by now.

His trait is "The Star of Destiny."

Every choice I made was either a better outcome than I intended, or a very rare one with minimal defenses to keep me alive in the worst case scenario.

Thanks to this, Walrump was able to regularly target the staircase with quite high scores compared to his own.

Until now, I have been able to gain that luck and become an outstanding talent.

So, Walrump quietly pulled out two small dice from his arms before starting the 42nd floor trial again.

Dice of Destiny. A skill based on a trait. It was a thankful tool to occupy his destiny.

My colleagues were busy complaining about it, saying, "Lucky Mangem."

Walump believed this dice would bring good luck again.

Where there's a unique owner.

'Roll!' Walrump rolls the dice. I thought about the rules in my head. Based on the total number of dice of 12, I would choose red or less, blue from 4 or more to 6 or less, white from 7 or more to 9 or less, and black from 10 or more to 12 or less.

And the results were 6 and 6.12.

“No matter what anyone sees, I want you to go to Black. All right!” Walrump chants his joy as he retrieves the dice. It's not often that numbers appear so neatly. Then, this choice of his was unconditionally right.

So, without hesitation, I walked straight down the path to the Black Flag.

Along the dark darkness, there is nothing around, all you see is a narrow, crooked trail.

By the way.

What is it, Zigan? 'Suddenly, something big came out of the middle of the road.

Like a bunch of shadows, there stood a kind of humanoid figure that boasted the same color as the background.

Stand in front of a sword breaker the size of my body. It was exhaling an ominous energy.

Was there one on the 42nd floor? Walrump recalled the particulars of the trials he had been familiar with, but nothing came to mind.


The voice echoed from the Shadow Doll. The atmosphere was shaky enough to see how strong it was. Walrump stopped at a disadvantage because he thought it might be dangerous to walk beyond this.

"I'm sorry, but I can't go any further. Because he said he didn't want to fit in with the rest of the lowlifes. He's a really good guy, isn't he?" Walrump felt as if a shadow doll that could not tell what it looked like was smiling playfully.

And yet, your feet cling to the ground and you can't reach it.

Ignoring that, I feel like my head will come off my shoulders right now.

That wasn't just any advice.

It was a warning.

I could really die.

Then Walrump remembered.

A collection that doesn't know the tablet to be performed by a lone proprietor. That's the monster that eats every player as easily as it can, so it's sitting out there in the open. What do you think they're trying to do? Walrump never had the courage to check his curiosity.

“Do you think Doyle can be cured?” Black team with black paws sits alone, talking to Abraham.

Of course, he was still putting Sanon at the entrance to keep the score from coming in.

This is what the team is aiming for because the more they go through, the bigger the addition point will be.

In addition, Yeon-woo was about to collect a lot of skeletal crest. You'll get that many nibbuffs.

There are hidden pieces that can only be learned on the 42nd floor based on that. 'Then, when the last settlement was made, it was enough to beep the flags of those who didn't like them | Oh, my God.

Whether he had read such thoughts, Abraham nodded his head to the question that was thrown at him while sleeping his tongue gently.

“I think it's possible. We may need to take a closer look, but we haven't had a chance to channel it with the Fiirscellaneous just yet, so we should drop the synchronization rate.” While the moat is preoccupied with the stage, the other party is separated for a moment. "

Liver and Victoria went to Anadassa looking for a way to take Doyle off the channel with Fersselne, and Groitz has been away from the regimental headquarters for a long time. Hanova has returned to the forge with Galeed's help.

Then I heard from Doyle again.

I heard that Anastasia got horns again because Victoria brought Doyle.

As soon as the disciple who gave Adamantine Nova as a gift came back safely, he asked me to save the wand I'd never seen before.

But it was never easy to stop channeling with the transcendents, and for that to happen, we needed a rebuttal.

So the choice was Anastasia's spell.

Since borrowing power from a large being is the essence of magic, I thought it might be effective in changing the direction of channeling. I thought it would be a great help if Abraham, who was a substitute, added his opinions.

I was channeling with the Mother of Earth apostle, Persephone, so I didn't want to get cut off so easily.

I thought it would be possible because I had already lost my channel with TianMa.

Of course, there are no problems at all.

“The problem is to find replaceable dental planning.” Thousands of horses followed by the Mother Earth. Doyle's channeling was absolutely irreplaceable.

So it was not easy to find another replacement.

“We need to discuss that further.” “Of course. But luckily, there's still time. I think we can take it slow. And.” Abraham gives the rest of the group an earful, curling up his mouth and smiling mischievously.

“I also have some very interesting news.” Fun news? Yeon-woo glanced at Abraham with calm eyes.

“The seeds you planted, they don't look so good.

Soldier, things are going to be very interesting around here.

At that moment, Yeon-woo's eyes pierced the mask and revealed a lot of eyelight.

He realized what the seed was.

Blood and horses. White and black dragons. The situation of a war between the Magic Anvil led by a steed tower and the alliance of mercenaries assembled by the Iron Brigade. I didn't know Elohim would be involved because of Tartarus' work here.

“It's still just the beginning. The bloodline joined hands with the Black Dragon and began to clash with the White Dragon.” Under the mask, Yeon-woo's expression changed slightly.

I thought that a big force would be so complicated to read that there would be no big fights for a while.

It started surprisingly fast.

Was the dietary appetite that greedy, or what variables he didn't know involved?

I didn't know where it was going, but things seemed to be moving faster than I expected.

“Since when?” “I'll have to go into more detail.

From what I understand, it hasn't been that long. There's been a few minor clashes before, but there's no sign of it hitting.

I thought I saw Margie's liver. But, ”Abraham's eyes changed strangely.

I feel like I'm about to die for fun.

“Olfowon turned upside down at 180 degrees.” “The giants of the clan must have taken Olfowan's movements as some kind of 'sign'. Whenever he moved, there was always a big blue.

He thinks there's another big 'deal' that he can move on.

Yeon-woo grips her forehead without even knowing it.

In the end, the variable is what you create.

The sudden descent of Allfowon.

For those who did not know the situation before and after, there was no choice but to misunderstand all kinds of things.

Yeonwoo expected the tower to be quite noisy with the appearance of Allfowon.

It seemed to have a larger echo than he thought.

“The White Dragon, trying to keep the Summer Queen going, was trying to retake the 77th floor because he thought something was up with Moldoolfoan. Looks like the Black Dragon was right behind us, after all. The bloodstream rushes in,” What Abraham said after that was very simple.

The Black Dragon and the Blood Coalition, after the White Dragon, after the 77 pests.

Even before the outpost, the collision started, causing commotion throughout the stairwell in the tower.

Did you pull the wick first? I think that's what the appetizer threw.

The Food and Drug Administration had once offered alliances to Yeouido in order to attract an extraordinary band of outsiders. But before he even heard the answer, he started the war.

It seemed like they really believed Yeon-woo was on the same side.

“But here's the problem.” Abraham kicked his tongue lightly.

“It's good that they're fighting so hard, but the Black Dragon Exodus is putting it all on the front and looking a little backwards.” Yeongwoo narrows her eyes.

“If you're wrong, the bloodline will turn itself into poison.” “Something like that. The Green Dragon said he would help the Black Dragon, but when the battle started, he stepped aside. Anyway, thanks to you, the current situation.” “The bloodline is being beaten by a white dragon?” “That's correct.

Yeon-woo kicked her tongue with a slight twist.

No matter how small the White Dragon was, it was led by Waltz, the spring queen who was the rightful heir to the Summer Queen.

Kiehi Waltz is the best ranked among the nine kings.

The appetizer is not a worthy opponent.

It was easy to guess that the blood county was being defeated.


'You shouldn't.' The bloodline collapsed. It was a welcome day with open arms as well. It wasn't exactly what he hoped for to be turned so recklessly.

The judgement should have shaken it more.

So the vortex can swallow the tower.

I had to force all the forces into it, leaving nothing behind.

“I need your help.” Yeon thought the bloodlines would be looking for her by now. They're gonna need at least one more hand.

Moreover, Yeon-woo boasted that she had more power to shake things up.

It was because of the many crabs in Tartarus: the wings of death and struggle, the dyke of disco pluto, the greedy immortality, and the profound power of the Dark Lord.

If this adds up to other colleagues.

Based on all that power, it would never be outnumbered by other expected clans.

I was able to create a stir.

Of course, we have to hide as much power as possible until we reveal who we are.

But it was enough to shake the odds.

It is not too late to deal with the bloodlines and the appetizers, even after the vortex has grown.

“You made up your mind.

“When Jungwoo opens his eyes again, he shouldn't be in the dumpster. I'm going to sweep it clean.” Abraham nods and laughs.

“Good thinking. And now we have a chance.

I looked at him with my eyes as to what Yeon-woo meant.

Abraham's mouth dries up.

“Do you remember the Iron Brigade and the Marab? They said they'd pay for the grudge, and they hired the assassins on the 42nd floor this time. ”