Second Life Ranker

6. 50 floors (3)

- You and 2nd generation should be u It's very simple. Hat Cutter vs. Cutter) While they move to eliminate the monopoly, you should keep an eye on the monopoly.

Jonathan, the deputy commander of the Iron Brigade, brushes his head and chews up what only the leader and the Iron Boy have said.

After the last defeat at Mt. Gohan, the Iron Brigade suffered a sudden upheaval.

Due to the fact that I was defeated by a monopoly, my branch as a mercenary will only become late.

It caused internal problems with the command system, and all the mercenaries who had had a serious relationship with the Iron Brigade tried to stay away or escape the order around the Iron Brigade.

But he never accepted it.

Rather, I even drew my own knife thinking that I would straighten it out.

There was a lot of bleeding, and the glorification system was much tougher than before the erythema.

And Ayman built a mercenary alliance based on this.

The reason I brought it up was simple.

The atmosphere surrounding the tower.Mercenaries need unity.

But it was obvious, other than being an idiot, that he could see where Ivan's target was.

'Against the monopoly and the mob to help him. How resourceful the commander is.

In fact, Jonathan felt that confrontation with a dictator was not a good choice.

A mercenary must live as a mercenary to earn its value.

If you take the liberty and force it, the branches will fall. However, he was heading in that direction. Is it because I think I need to get my son back, or is it because I want to recover my wounded ego?

Moreover, given the power of the monopoly, the people who follow him, and the forces who defend him, are all equally great.

It can't be that easy.

Perhaps because the child knows that, he's sent himself to make sure he knows the power of the monopoly that has returned to the stage in almost a year.

'My head hurts.' Jonathan was pressing his temples with steam paper.

“Haha. What a beautiful day. Isn't it the perfect day to cut the logs? Haha. All the troops are assembled.” Over a dozen players walk to Jonathan's place. They were fierce together. Specifically, their eyes were shining with frenzy.

Head cutter.

These guys were actually well-known among the radicals.

The twelve brothers-in-law hobby of making jewelry by cutting the heads of jumpers all at once.

My hands are cruel and I've made a lot of enemies everywhere. I used to breathe in the grave.

However, because of her outstanding skills, 11 clients were always looking for her.

Then, this time, he was asked to move.

They chose the white team as we discussed before joining the trial on the 42nd floor.

Jonathan did not deserve the attitude of those who touched him the whole way, but he did not point out.

If they could understand us just by talking in the first place, they wouldn't have had a crazy quest to hunt down a lone wolf.

“Did you find out where the monopoly is?” “Heehee. I didn't even have to find it.” “What does that mean?” Shadow monsters stood in the way of the Black Team. What does that mean? ”Jonathan's eyes sparkle.

“Solitary to own the team?” “Bingo! Our greedy goal is to be greedy again.

It's easy to overreact. Uheeheehee.

They were busy giggling at each other. 5 seconds of the year-go \ assigned to one team. If you poison it yourself, of course you will be forced to drive the debuff that is given to the team.

On the other hand, in addition to the head cutter, there are more than 60 workers combined, including hired goalkeepers and wire runners.

Even if you get a debuff of skeleton crest, it will be equally counterproductive if you divide it among a lot of people. I have no choice but to show myself to the poisonous dictator.

There are so many people here right now.If you can bring them down on your own. For them, it was welcome with open arms. He was desperate to die.

In that situation.

Jonathan feels uneasy about something.

This is how he comes out? 'Jonathan grimaces, still touching his right forearm. Long ago, the only person he knew who had been cut off by a monopoly had never held a handshake that looked so obvious.

I wonder how many geese are on the run. But I don't know if you know Jonathan's concerns.

“Hopefully the stage wire will start soon.” “The one and only. There's a lot of rumors going around. What do you think? Just before the throat was cut, it sounded just like the others.” “What do I make this time? Giggle, giggle!” Hadcutters and killers have already been busy giggling at each other as if they had caught all the monopoly.

[Team assignment time is running out. Finish your choice.] [00: 01: 00] [00: 00: 59_991As soon as the countdown for team assignment expired, you started to panic.

The Hadcutters originally had the positions they used to go hunting, and the other killers began to inspect their weapons.

Those who handled the poison fell back, checking the disease, and those who moved directly into the body hid their tracks one by one while using a hidden four-way.

[00: 00: 24-56] After 30 seconds had passed, the darkness around the void began to gradually fade.

Then it was a landscape of a vast forest with stage views that became more apparent.

But they were on the White Team, and they knew there were all kinds of terrain out there.

The stage on the 42nd floor was a complex of terrain.

Between the four factions, three major roads and twelve small paths are complex to read, surrounding which consists of canyons, plains, swamps and alpine areas.

The features continued to change randomly each time.

Because, at the beginning of the stage mission, the first thing you need to know is features.

Depending on their use, they could find shortcuts to infiltrate other teams quickly, or set up an ambush site, and some hidden hidden hidden hidden hidden hidden pieces that would help in combat.

That's why the role of those who were often named PathFinder 'or' Jungler 'was the most important.

The second wave of mercenaries who participated as guides slowly stepped forward. Some of them have elves in their ancestors. As expected, Ivan handed them over to Jonathan in particular.

[00: 00: 19-61] “I'll make this brief before I set out.

The head cutter quickly sweeps through the terrain as it looks beyond the darkness, turning its head toward you in Jonathan's voice as he suddenly wears it.

They were annoying.

It was not once or twice that Jonathan scratched their nerves with such useless noises: “The monopoly does not know how to get out, so firmly“ Hey, Deputy Chief. "[00: 00: 10-33] At that time, Hadcutter's leader, the 'Slayer of Ions' Paradan rolled one lip coldly.

“It is entirely our responsibility to work from the moment we receive your request. That's not what you want to talk about. I know you're worried about the moon, but you just sit there and watch, and Hajonathan shuts up. The fierce men try to make a move, but Jonathan reaches out and restrains his hand and shakes his head.

[00: 00: 6-1 When he saw it, he thought Jonathan was wearing a tail.

Then he turned to his brothers and laughed.

“Iron Legion, Iron Legion, singing like that, now their teeth are falling out. Being scared all the time! [00: 00: 3-98]“ Isn't it supposed to be the front water pushing away the back water, the generation being replaced, something like that? ”Kuhaha! Should I challenge the mercenary king for a while?" [00: 00: 2-1] If I were you, I'd still be able to do it. Why don't you cut off your exclusive head and bring in the accessories and unite the mercenaries; sir? ”“ Draw? ”Damn things.

Jonathan stares at them with a stiff face.

[00: 00: 1-59] “Well, let's finish that and take our time thinking about it.” The count was at the end.

The Darkness was almost gone.

[00: 00: 00-0 [00: 00: 00_01] [00: 00: 0] The count is over.] [Players who have not selected a team will be randomly assigned a team.] [Then the trials begin.] [I wish you luck.] “Now then, the paratroopers are strong enough to move forward equally.

Suddenly, his head was cut off just like he said. The head separated from the shoulders rolled to the ground.

Those who had just had a pleasant conversation with the Paradans were instructed not to immediately notice the situation, then later felt the blood rushing behind the bush and quickly tried to bite back.


A swift whirlwind of fangs, spawning, and thrashing - already swiftly approaching the girls. The rope falls off, and the growers on the outskirts try to leave in a panic.

But the same thing happened to them.

Put "What's this?" ”One day, their shadows were stretching upward and tightly restraining the recruits.

A faint curve was drawn by the pupils of the immortal, which were revealed in the shadows. It looked like he was smiling happily.

Players tied to an indestructible creature have somehow turned their backs to cast out the shadows.

The more I draw, the more violently the beast binds them and pulls the players into the shadows. The whole time they are being sucked into the Shadow Swamp, they struggle to save their noses and mouths.

"You should know where to reach your feet. Those bastards." As the space cracks open, a ghost appears smoking a fierce glare.

He grips a large knife and growls.

Eat it all. "Following his cry, the shadow rises like a tidal wave and envelops the white team.

It wasn't just the White Team's camp that was in chaos: Aaaah! “Faust! Why did you run away from Richie's magic? • • •“ Run! "“ Magic! Magic won't work! Aaaaah! "Beyond the Mercenary League, there were also wizards dispatched from the Magic Alliance that were composed around the Five Horsetowers.

Called the 'War Meiji', it was divided into numerous academic sects. Some were specialized in attack magic, and the most illustrious of them was the Wemakesier who lived on stage in the war.

The Magic Alliance gave them substantial artifacts and ordered them to capture the monopoly.

At the beginning of the stage mission, I was forced into a sudden surprise attack.

Even when attempting to build a seal or strike back, the magical power in the body does not budge.

Those who were looking for the cause with blue faces were able to figure out why later.

It was because of that barn built along that high rise with Dom's brother.

volcanic eruptions (, i | £21692; £21692; £38499;)

If anyone who has mastered the magic of the prisoner trapped in the dome is confined firmly and can take away the power of life, Faust, a legendary creature who can emerge, but who is known to have disappeared with him, only appears.

And at the top of the dome was this huge, huge infli-1Renault site looking down.

The moment I saw those eyes, the war mages hardened their heads without thinking how to move.

Rats in front of cats, maybe.

The mazes had to realize that their fate had already been decided before the unstage began.

The owner of that eye knew the position and was fully prepared.

There's no way they can match a magical cannon through the millions of marshes built along the dome.

You tried to escape, but there was no way to avoid the flooding of shadows and ghosts by blocking the entrance.

The hand of death tightens around their necks.

Subject. fig. I don't know. Things. "Wealth dared to use all those who did not know the topic and wanted to harm the master, and began to increase the output of magic.

Even after Maestro disappeared, he lost his memory and identity as a Faust again. He still had the remnants of that faucet. The cotton woodwork quickly returned.

The ringing sounded ominous.

The monsters will move quickly and cross the skeleton crest.

[Chaos quietly roasts the battlefield.] [I received the 'Skeleton Crest x5' from the White Team.] [Divif applies.] [You collected the Blue Team's 'Skeleton Insignia x5'.] [Debuff is applied.] [Power, 'Combat instincts enabled, debuffed successfully. While Yeon-woo felt her body getting heavier, she managed to expel them all using the power she had received from Ares a long time ago. The Battle Instinct had a great effect on temporarily releasing things that were getting in the way of combat.

But he left the battlefield to the clans and was greeting the other Sunni.

“Welcome.” “It's been a long time since I've seen a bowl. You are his best friend. Long time no see. Cain." The Prime Minister of the Kingdom, Duke of the Kingdom of the Kingdom, smiled and gave out in a circle.