Second Life Ranker

7. 50 floors (4)

Yeongwoo gazed quietly at the duc's hand on the tourniquet and grabbed him.

At that moment, the Duc's Eye fell over the belt.

'This, • • • he actually didn't expect much until he came here.

In fact, the situation in the bloodline was not so positive as it appeared to be.

As the war against the white dragons gradually escalated in size, the blood counts were very high.

The power of the White Dragon was much stronger than I expected.

Especially their leader, the Queen of Spring, was too strong. As soon as the emperor mixed his hands and felt the disadvantage, it was enough to know.

Since then, the alliances have been stepping down one by one. No matter how fierce the blood country was trying to prevent it, the aggression of the White Dragon was too great.

The Black Dragon, who had begun to observe the situation, was also a problem.

Later, they heard that the only one who had covered their tracks had been reinstated.

In the meantime, when the war broke out, it wasn't much of a bloodline to think of as a hideout.

I need to borrow a cat's hand right now.

That's why he would have originally sent an earl or a dead man to greet him, but the Duke himself moved in the tourniquet.

However, after coming, the two bands that had been full of negative thoughts began to light up little by little in the Duke's head.

Because the power he had was what he had in mind.

I've heard the news that the dictator has won the war against misfortunes that have been tangled with various muscle types, including mercenaries and necropolis.

But what happened in the stairwell below. I used to ignore her because I thought it would be great.

Now I could see that I wasn't.

You're destroying the War Mages of the Martyr Alliance, including Hadcutters, just by casting out mysterious factions.

'At this level, I will soon reach the monarchy level. No, is that enough? Perhaps the Vampire Lord Ercheffet Batori, who once ruled the tower with the body of a woman when he became a Vampire.

She and the party breathed the life out of a living creature, and performed a ridiculous feat of breathlessness.

Because of that, the Vampire Monarch was always full of death, and even if the elite among her scattered communities were among the best, her rivals would still be able to replenish at any time, even if they could barely cut the power, and the bizarre events that yesterday's colleagues became today's enemies were unusual.

But the clan alliance, which eventually felt threatened by the Vampirist trait, chased her all the way to Tutorial Land and attacked her.

Still, the fear left by the Vampire Monarch remained deep in the bloodline.

Duc Duc thought that Yeon-woo would become a slumlord for such a vampire monarch.

His skills are excellent enough to be a disciple of the King, and his clans are brave together.

'To make a cold judgment, • • Earl to Earl. If we combine the forces of the clans, we could be ducks. All right. That should do it.

At this rate, participation with immediate force will not be lacking. In the long run, it was more likely to be.

After a quick calculation, Duc Touttien handed over the skeleton crest he collected while making a bright day.

“I thought you might need this, but I'll give it to you as a gift.” I thank you, "[I have collected the 5 'Skeleton Crest of the Red Team.] [Successfully collected all skeleton sentences.] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Sites are provided" [50,000 Public Sites have been obtained.] [Additional Public Award Reached 30,000] The team with the Duke in the quote is the team. He did not insist on how he was able to collect all the skeletal sentences. They weren't the kind of people who would try to convince others to take the easy way out.

“Actually, Dory, since you're a friend of the king, you should bring a better gift, but after the situation was so impetuous, the duc bowed his head politely as if he had come here and offended you, and the duc wishes to forgive you as if he were truly sorry.

Hence, a flawless attitude and proper manners: It was frightening for players who knew the blood country.

You'd never think they'd take that attitude if they lived in a neo-National state all the time. It seemed like a genuine attitude.

Looking at it like that.

Below the mask, the tip of her lips twisted.

'Looks like you're in a hurry.

He wanted to intervene in the battlefield anyway. However, if you came to me openly, it would be welcome as Yeonwoo.

'But you don't have to let it go so easily.' The tip of Yeon-woo's lips became more and more wet.

'I need to get what I can.

Immediately, the light of the stream rises through the mask.

I'm going to have to lay out the boards the way I want them to.

I had no intention of plotting only for the Blood Kingdom and the White Dragon. The picture that Yeonwoo wanted was a bigger picture.

It had to be the recipient.

A deep receiver that anyone who lives in the tower will have to get caught up in.

And the beginning seemed to be the perfect place for the duc to put a tourniquet.

There were good things to think about.

I just needed to throw one bait.

"Phew, I blew a whistle. Though I was reluctant to hear what Sanon said about that personality. I ignored him as always.

“I've made a promise. Of course I'll walk with both arms.

The duc's face was brightened in the tourniquet. Then the expression changed strangely.

“But as you can see, the situation I'm in is not green.” Duc Duc Duc Tuen realized what Yeon Yu was saying and slightly narrowed down her appetite, where she is now on the 42nd floor.

The main battlefield, on the other hand, was more than the 60th floor, where large clans were crouching.

In a way, it was very natural for them to see that the 11th floor was the main battlefield of the Red Dragon and Purity. Of course, a battlefield like that was created by Yeouido. I had no choice but to think it was strange at the time because it was the duc who did not know it.

However, the bloodline mistook Yeon-woo for a radical. Who can look at the action figures he's seen and think he's a player in the lower levels? But how do we get him to the top of the stairs? It can only hurt a lot.

No matter how good you were, some trials required a considerable amount of time regardless of your skills.

So the duc had to have a headache when he needed the power to inflict it immediately.

“Actually, I can help you up to the 50th floor. There are their own offensive laws in their home countries, and if they have the goods they need, they will be able to support them.” Yeon-woo's smile darkened.

'It would be a good opportunity to steal their strategies and tactics.' The Stairway Attack Act was a top-secret security measure that each giant clan was trying to conceal.

It was because of their strategies and tactics, as well as all the discretion they needed in combat, within the law of attack.

Once the invasion law was revealed, it was also revealed that a large clan could be vulnerable to the destruction of its main power.

I am thankful for Yeon-woo's explanations.

We'll be able to sit comfortably and target the stairwell, and figure out the bloodline's weaknesses. They won't even know they're exposing my back.

Maybe she didn't find it, and she could get the Hidden Piece that the bloodline was keeping.

'Supported Anfacts are random.' Above all.

'The Hall of Skeletons might be completed sooner than I thought.' In the 40th floor, there were umbrellas of the existence of the Skeleton King everywhere.

For the/golden king//there was no size/case: 27/Triangle/is like his subway train 45801; 7//The adjunct sleeping envoy/John//Hilda, Duck/Jeoll//Growing Ga/⁄ k The giant sulfur's remains are to be occupied and the hall is to be gained as a god of many as the others./* However, one thing is certain: The hole made by twisting the entire umbrella of the skeleton is a very effective one.

As in the diary, Jungwoo accidentally gained a lot of privileges.

So the secret is still unclear, but acquiring the Skeleton King worked well first.

He had a Giant tradition that was hardly left in the tower, and it was related to the god of the other world.

If you give it to rich people, they'll use it well. 'The wealth that began to realize his identity as a Faust had a desire to return to that time without speaking.

Before realizing the power of darkness, Yeongwoo was thinking of handing over the Skeleton King's Hall to grow wealthy.

And the first material needed to complete it was 20 sentences by the hand of Yeon-woo right now.

I had to collect a total of 100 stages over the course of five days.

Other necessary materials were evenly distributed on the 40th floor.

However, it was difficult to gather all the necessary materials together, so I was expecting it to take time to target.

If you can get on the bus, things will get easier.

I wonder if you know such nasty thoughts.

The duc's words continue in the Tongue. "But, you know, on the 50th floor, it gets clogged. Of course, Cain won't make it through the walls of the song, but we can't help him there. Yeon-woo nods quietly, no matter how long it takes to attack.

The 50th floor, better known as the Wailing Wall, was not an easy place to break than the dragon temple.

The death of the Summer Queen and the death of the Seven, the home of the ancient polyps.

It was a more famous place for current players as a dragon's relic.

It was a place left by the polyps who were exploring the truth, so much more unexplored than the place where the tower's history had been searched for thousands of years.

There is no other tactic to do this, and each player will be subjected to a different ordeal to make their head tie.

Those who passed through here were called 'rankers' and were recognized as true players.


The 50th floor was a different place for Yeongwoo.

Where calatus sleeps. 'I only heard it when I first evolved the solvent.

The thought that the dinosaur calatus might still be alive is still firmly embedded in Yeouido's head.

Because he's the only one who can send a blindfolded friendship to Earth.

Moreover, Yeon-woo was constantly feeling that there was someone looking at her from afar.

[Halphas looks at you interesting.] [Hel watches you with his excited face.] [Osiris watches over you silently] [Bimagildara admires you for dreaming of a great war.]

Among them, there were channels that felt very faint, far away.

He didn't give me any names, but he just kept watching.

Somehow, it looked like the day was ripe.

But I felt a different energy than any other god, the demons.

Yeonwoo was predicting whether it might be the dragon Khalards, or whether it's related to him.

So Yeon-woo managed to reach the 50th floor.

However, if there is a problem.

It is not easy to open the Temple of the Dragon, the maze beneath it. The Temple of Dragon honors Hidden Stages, which are not disclosed during the female generation.

The call of Goru Kalatuz was/was 51845; • • • • - a provocation that seemed/was truly provocative.

No/Joe/❯/Hallucinogen0/Wouldn't it be like this? Or Pharaoh's heir/laguide.

The resting place of the Great Sagittarius */was no more than 7/4//: Jungwoo would never have found the tomb of the Great Sagittarius Calatus if it weren't for the guidance of Calatus. It was a place called "The Dragon's Beauty."

Yeon-woo was the idea of opening it.

If there was a problem, the Dragon Labyrinth could never be opened without the permission of its owner. Of course, Yeon-woo was inevitable.

Then there's only one way left.

We have to force it open.

However, Yeon-woo never intended to open it herself.

The Dragon Labyrinth is a safe place for the Ancients where the Guardians are defeated and a trap is set. Among them, there were many things that could not be handled by Yeon-woo.

And of course, the difficulty continued to increase as we got to the center. So, of course it was dangerous.


'If there are words to move on, the story is different.

Yeongwoo was going to use the Blood Kingdom as an opening horse for the Dragon's Maze.

He thought he could lure the white dragon or the black dragon and the green dragon who were about to fall behind.

There's nothing more tempting than a dragon's lair for those who are descendants of dragons.

'It's also a good place for horsemen and Elohim.' No one knows what umbrella the dragon left behind. It's easy to attract a lot of rankers.

So, in short, you want to open the maze by swapping out a lot of clans and rankers? Ka! That's my puppet king. On the Great "While Sanon bursts into amazement.

Let's bait him. 'Yeon said in a serious tone while shining her eyes.

“So here's the thing.

In fact, when I met my blood country, I had something to discuss in depth. ”Put & Ugh:" 2 '1The duc smiles with his eyes wide open.

“I happened to come across this on the 41st floor.” Duc Duc Duc Duc Duc quietly looks at what Yeon-woo has to offer.

It was a map painted on an old parchment.

He draws the structure of the map in his head, and laughs as if he was somehow oblivious.

“Well, what about this?” "As you can see, it's a map of the 50th floor.

“I think so. But something •“ Yes. Probably different. The reason I've been covering my tracks for almost a year is because I've been trying to figure this out. ”It was because he was in Tartarus, but it was worth it anyway.

Duc Duc revealed his interest because he wanted something to immerse himself in the monopoly.

When I heard that, I opened my eyes.

“Looks like we found Calatus' tomb, the last dragon king who disappeared.” Our human king threw a bait, and the woman bit it, and the woman's giggling voice rang out.