Second Life Ranker

8. 50 floors (5)

“Great, where did you get this?” Duc Duc Duc has begun to look at the map again as he rises from his seat.

A map that seems pretty old.

The map was clearly a detailed description of the Dragon Temple. It could be seen that it was not a fake, especially because it was drawn in a little-known area or a place that only the blood county had known.

There was a reference to the location of the gate to a secret location on such a map and the passageway to here.

It was clear.

This was about the Hidden Stage, which was not open.

And if it's what Yeon-woo said.

A treasure that can't be changed even if you give me a thousand gold pieces! 'Arctic calatus.

He was more commonly known by the different names of the three.

The last Dragon King, Calatus.

He led the peak of the dragon race, but failed to remove his sense of transcendence from his ancestors, and challenged Allpowon to ultimately lead his clan to destruction.

If only I could find his grave.

All secrets of the polyp will be kept secret. The research they left behind will reveal the treasure vaults, as well as the weaknesses of the descendants of the polyps.

Not only can a blood country turn upside down, but it will also be able to rebuild a country that has remained a grudge for thousands of years! "Oh my, the one who bit the bait, that's so silly." Paleolithic Paleolithic Paleolithic Paleolithic Paleolithic Paleolithic Paleolithic Lu's voice was enticed to one ear, and he added an explanation with a solemn voice, lowering his voice in case anyone else might hear it.

“This map came across by accident on the 30th floor.” Yeon-woo made a map and solved his overnight thoughts.

A story about obtaining a map through a coincidental hidden quest and the end of the quest leading up to the 50th floor.

And in return, I found the tomb of Calatus, the dragon beauty.

“Cain's been hiding his end for a reason. I understand. But why are you asking us for help? I wish I could have read it alone.

32792; I know it's hard to attack alone. ”Yeon-woo said that she was limited in pursuing the quest on her own from time to time. Increasingly difficult, but it took a limited amount of time and my feet were frozen.

The description of the past day was how passive and sad, and the whole time I was listening, I was mesmerized by the ducal cost.

Jungwoo clearly said that our Tough King can't act, it's a smoke act. Then why is he so gullible? If you close your greedy eyes, you can't see back and forth. "Enough nonsense. Stay true to your duty.We 're almost done here." I heard the soliloquy of Sanan and heard the sound of a ghost kicking his tongue through a distant link.

Despite his reprimand, he was still enjoying himself.

Don't worry, the duc is watching closely. "The explanation continued.

I finally reached the end. That's why I took the risk to ask my blood country for help. I knew how little blood country was going on right now, but I thought maybe it would help each other. ”“ I see. Reasonable. "The duc nods happily and strokes the map again. His eyes gleam in frenzy.

I hid it somewhere else.

Yeongwoo did not miss the greed hidden in it.


Suddenly, the duc's eyes sank deeper in the tourniquet. He touches the map, slowly releasing his hands and attaching his back to the chair. A sharp aura followed the eye area.

“But what you're proposing to us, it doesn't look like that's the only reason.” Still, the duc noticed that Yeon-woo had other prejudices at once, a kind of hereditary insight that led the great clan.

He coldly nodded and suggested a few things, because he wanted the story to be drawn even in Yeongwoo.

The duc nodded carefully and listened to the proposal.

Soon, I made a few comments and rolled up a little.

“I think that's enough. All right. Let's do it.” A sharp, cold smile, like his name after the old sword.

“Let's turn the last Dragon King's tomb into their tomb.” Oh, my gosh. "Yeon-woo's hand was touched by Duc Duc.

Under the mask.

Yeongwoo's mouth was dried up like a duck on a windlass.

It was a smile with a completely different meaning.

You know I'm watching, but you really want to do something nice. What a sight for sore eyes, human. "The moment the Duke of Huai-Tuen left to report to the Food and Drug Administration.

Suddenly, it slowly appeared as a group of encouraging laughter and a strong energy that was sweeping towards the back of Yeongwoo.

There's the Summer Queen.

Although the power of the Dark Lord was gone, it did not have the same strong energy as when he first regained consciousness.

Still, she was emitting her will while keeping the zeal blurry.

Then, Sanon, who had been hiding in the shadow, stood tall with her face open. to alert the Summer Queen.

Even if the Summer Queen came at the summons of Yeon Woo, she was not tied to her back as she lived.

That's why I don't know what I'm doing, so I can defend myself.

"The loyalty of the Watchdog who turned his master is great." Of course, it would be difficult to do any harm to Yeon-woo against the Summer Queen now. However, he had lived a long life in Wina, so he had no idea what to do with it.

However, the Summer Queen smiled and ignored the cute attitude of the safari.

Living in my life was nothing more than a facilitation class greeting that I had never encountered with myself.

He was fortunate enough to get this far, so he was looking at himself as the original owner, so he felt cute instead of offensive.

Nevertheless, Sanon did not seem confused at all, though he met the old master, but now his absolute loyalty trousers were a breed.

Soon, the Summer Queen looked down at Yeongwoo with her arms crossed, wondering if she was interested.

The White Dragon that Yeon is trying to destroy now, was her legacy in the world.


Despite seeing the attempt to destroy such a legacy, the Summer Queen was very calm rather than angry. Rather, I was interested in the mouth.

“After all, the truth is that your red dragon hurt your friendship.

Yeonwoo did not use the word 'making Jungwoo die' anymore. Given that there is a Sanam of Jungwoo sleeping on the clock. You should not use such words anymore.

“Why? So you can stop me?” Grill Lee. Do you think this body has a sense of life's work? It's for posterity to take care of. "Unlike many souls who wander from the Nine Thousand Heavens, even after death, they cannot detest foolishness.

The long-lived polyp tends to wipe out all the refinement after closing his eyes that much.

The Summer Queen had one last obsession with Jungwoo, and now she's still standing because of the clan's grudge against Olfowon.

However, he did not show much interest in the legacy he left behind.

No, silly enough to have a sense of humor. Not that I'm not interested at all.

More like, "Do you trust your children that much?” Trust the firstborn to be exact. "Even though the firstborn is being pushed by other brothers?” Then that's it.

The law of survival of the fittest cannot change the course of time. "The Summer Queen knew that her children had destroyed her legacy, but she was not the dog's 1 attitude.

In the end, we do not doubt that the last person who bites and tears each other will inherit the inheritance and will inherit his will.

And that the beneficiary will be the first Queen of Spring, Waltz.

“Try as much as you want.

He deserves to be king by defeating the competition and defeating all obstacles. Do whatever you want. "Yeon-woo took off her mask and sweeped her head up gently. The fearsome eyes pierce the Summer Queen.

Jungwoo may have forgiven her, but Yeon-woo hasn't.


The Summer Queen smiled softly and hid the trail as if she could.

With a little black power left over, it was hard for Yeon-woo to cover him.

Yeon-woo got up from her seat while wearing a road mask.

The trigger was pulled.

Then it is time to run again. The target was 50 floors.

Trying to turn around like that, I suddenly thought of one thing.

'By the way, Edo should be through the 50th floor by now.' Pandora and Edora. It was a day when I missed the drink I had shared with my younger siblings for a long time.

Urgh, it was raining heavily that day.

“So this is Jonathan?” Aiman the wire stood quietly in front of the carpenter, avoiding the umbrella offered by the undertaker. Such a dull voice. I was so clumsy that I couldn't feel a thing.

However, he knew that the nearby Ig was suppressing one-tenth of a coin with transcendent patience.

“I found you closing your eyes alone on the 42nd floor and I'm sorry.” That's how shocking the death of Deputy Director Jonathan was for the Iron Brigade.

Although I didn't have enough skills to call myself deputy director, I was like my mother who endured the mercenaries with warm personality in the right way.

And the group that respected Jonathan was widespread throughout the Iron Brigade as well as the mercenary system. It was hard to find mercenaries who weren't blessed.

It was a forced mercenary alliance, but at this moment, they were all building empathy with anger against the monopoly who did this.

And he seemed to understand why Jonathan had made that choice.

Jonathan has been depressed ever since he lost his henchmen in the last struggle. He didn't make a big impression, but everyone close to him knew it.

The guilt of not being able to judge the enemy properly and inflict damage. Even though the child said, "Winning and losing always happens on the battlefield," he could not get rid of it easily.

That's why, even when I heard the monopoly was back on stage, I decided to take the stage myself.

Aiman tried to stop him from thinking it was dangerous, but Jonathan's opinions were so strong that he eventually sent him on his own terms if he thought it was dangerous.

But anxiety is coming back to life.

I thought I knew why Jonathan came back like this. Enemies are already pouring out of the League of Disgruntled Confederacy due to forced mergers. His death was meant to be greater.

Ivan felt like his right arm was being torn off.

Jonathan squeezes his fist at the thought of not missing an opportunity to make this happen.

Her eyes, which rose slowly as she stroked the carpenter's neck, opened coldly.

“Done.” “Yes.

The deputy commander who was stationed next to him, now that he has been promoted to deputy commander, he bowed his head.

“You're done with your reader analysis, right?” “Yes. We're working on the rest of the data now.” The battlefield that passes through a firefight leaves a strong trace of the player.

Based on the opponents of the dead cultivators, they were analyzing data on their individual combat styles and looking for a countermeasure.

“So what's the result?” “We need to take a closer look, but it looks like there's a lot of damage here when we bump into the front.” It is already known that a monopoly is a monarch of many branches.

However, since we have reached the rebellion of superhumans, even a child can't avoid serious injuries. So it doesn't become "hunting."

“I thought you said there were bad guys at the headquarters?” “Yes. Alliance proposal. Many other places have sent envoys from Triton, Necropolis, various new clans, and rankers.” Already the movement of the Iron Brigade was not just limited to the legislation of the mercenary industry.

Those who had a grudge against the monopoly, those who were jealous of his injuries, those who were restrained, were moving in front of him.

And now, with the coordination between all the organizations, the first large-scale meeting was about to begin at the headquarters of the Steel Foundation.

Clean the Half-Back! Alliance.

There is no formal name for it yet, but it has been called among them.

“That's how many seeds of turmoil he sowed. But not just that. First I have to get rid of the power of the prey.” Aiman mutters in a slow voice, staring at everything he has to think of.

“By the way, didn't Mahi challenge the 50th floor of the one-horned tribe that she was acquainted with?” “Yes. At that moment, the child's mouth twisted wide.

“There's nothing like bait to draw power. As soon as the meeting is over, send troops to you.” His head bows in reverence.