Second Life Ranker

9. 50 floors (6)

50th floor, Dragon Temple.

Northwest 'Forest of Weapons'.

“I wouldn't have made it this far. What are we supposed to be if we miss it? No matter what happens, you have to catch him.

Parmat_Between trees so tall that I thought they might reach the sky, the players were moving fast.

It's always been a secluded forest where a lot of radical and semi-rankers trained.

It's been so noisy for so long. "Damn it.

Where the hell do so many come from? ”Thought I'd lost them, but I saw the trackers on the way.

Chatura, Mahi's patriarch, has been bitten.

She couldn't believe what she was going through.

At that time, I felt a hot breath behind her back.

Breath full of fever and fatigue.

'When I saw Edora on her back with the graceful look called Mahi Man Wake Up, I gripped her harder.

The sudden attack that began while Edora was trying to enter the Temple of Dragons has ruined everything.

Not only are they dressed differently, but they also know that their shaving members are not a single member, such as mercenaries or wizards.

The enemy was recently united under the name 'League of Lions.'

Focusing on the Iron Brigade, the Mercenary League and the Magic Alliance formed a group of remnants, including Triton and Negropolis, emerging clans, and Rankers about to embark on a new tide.

Although it was a complex and very long official name, the first thing to do was to subdue Mahi Sung as soon as he got out of the league called the Lion League, following the alias of the chairman Ai, who was adopted as an early blind man.

The excuses they gave me were simple.

There has been a lot of complexity in the order of the lieutenant ladder lately that Mahjong has brought together the opinions of several players and stopped them.

But as long as it's not foolish, no one knows that it's just a good excuse.

In the beginning, the members of the Lion League were mostly defeated in conflict with dictatorships, so they were strong enough to seek revenge on him.

So, as part of that, he was targeting a drug lord known as his own partner.

The problem was that Edora was focused on the trials and Mahishi was also slowing her guard down.

Because of that.

Edora was badly wounded after her ordeal was forced. What's more, she can't even wake up wandering around the females.

The same is true of Mahi, who was forced to fall prey to the League of Lions because she failed to build a defensive line.

I could spare time for the sacrifice of my followers.

We can't completely outrun the League of Lions' relentless pursuit, so we can only take our time.

Then I took refuge in the Forest of Weapons, located in the north-west of Swedge.

But given the way things are going, this forest has already been completely surrounded by them. 'On behalf of Edora, I had to roll my head to overcome this obstacle in some way as Jatura, who had actually served as General Manager of Maheesung.

It would have been nice to have another helping hand, but I couldn't have hoped for that.

Players residing on the 50th floor usually want to become rankers near zero 1.-seeming radius.

Of course, those who want to focus on trials do not have to buy the risk.

Moreover, the Lion Alliance is much larger in size than the four emerging clans combined, as there are many groups of forces. The power is never significantly behind the eight existing clans.

So of course, there was no place and no one who wanted to pretend.

It was because I had felt that there was nothing good about getting caught up in a monopoly conflict because I had experienced it in the past few times.

However, as Chatura, I wondered why the League of Lions had made such dangerous choices.

What the hell were you thinking? 'Even if Mahhee is defeated, Edora has a background. Now there was a king who was as good as a man.

Of course, if the one-horned tribe is not against the fame of the tribe, it is rather reckless about the work of the tribesmen.

However, after many times going through the King's peculiar farming in the last few decades, I was afraid that something else might happen.


Whether they knew it or not, the natural blindness was being driven roughly like a vendetta against Mahhee and the crippled heaven.

Giant fireballs pour down on their heads in excellence - just in time.

An earthquake opponent who has already stopped several magical shells from becoming the enemy of Mahi, including Jatura.

I still try to react, but another shadow suddenly pops forward.

“I'll hold this place off at all costs, so take Mahi and get out of the stairwell!” Nyens suddenly withdrew from his ranks and drew his sword.

“But • •“ is running out of time, hurry! ”Nylance doesn't have time to answer. He lunges at his enemies, grabbing his sword tightly.

_'Spicy Seoju,' the fruit fruit fruit of the tree, tied the pursuers' ankles tightly as a bundle of swords fell over the seat with his steam swinging.

Sacrifices you don't know how many times they've been made. However, Jatura and her group have no choice but to run back into tears.

But they knew. The fact that Nyers made that sacrifice won't help much.

The perimeter's tighter, and the escape routes are all blocked. Portal scrolling to another staircase was also inactive.

Should we just hand Edora over to them like this? There were steaming clouds above their heads.


0 in the meantime.

You can feel Edora's rough breath on Satura's back.

- The child you saw so many times in his eyes. With Soho's eyes.

The time when Mahishi was urgently pursued by the League of Lions. Edora was trapped in a dream and continued to talk about her encounter at the Dragon Temple,_but I didn't know it then, but now I see it. What is occupied with you.

It's like a stage where each player has a different set of trials.

Edora's ordeal was very different from what she had heard from her father the King or the Elder a long time ago.

It seemed like I was waiting in front of her, but it was a shadow so hard to even imagine.

Then Edora opened the 'coast' and found out what the shadow was.

It was easy.

A dragon so much bigger than any Summer Queen I've ever seen.

The dragon's golden eyes spit out mysterious words while holding her in a much larger pupil than Edora's.

Who "the child" refers to, and what "occupied" means.

And who you are.

Edora wanted to ask a lot of questions, but somehow nothing came out.

It's probably because what you see in the dragons was too great.

Father, even if I have to peek at the King for the second time, I don't think it will be like that.

The dragon components seen through Hye 'an contained all the laws that make up this world.

Like when you first saw the spectacular expansion of the Milky Way. She was overwhelmed by the sight and had to stare at it for a long time.

It also seemed to contain the secret of Yang Yang, whom she sought so hard for.


Edora wanted to get closer to the dragon.

Despite the suspicious dragon that seems to be alive, even though it's been extinct since the summer queen. I don't know who he is, and it might be a strange hallucination from the trials.

She was drawn by the dragon in strange ways. It seemed to be connected to an invisible thread.

So I stepped forward to touch the dragon.

That's when the League of Lions exploded.

The trials surrounding Edora broke down as well. The shape of the dragon is blurred, and the connection is forcibly severed, and the soul will be struck with a great blow.

- My name is Calatus.

So Edora had to be constantly tied to the huge dragon glass for a while.

- There is a royal family that has led the clan to destruction, and the words that the dragon intends to leave to her have been cut off from there as well. It was a blurry horse tail.

Was he going to tell me about the Great Moon? 'However, there was a word that was heard well in the fluttering voice.

- Cha Yeon-woo, bring Natural Rain to me. Time is running out.

Boom-Edora's eyes flash open with a shock that seems to be lowering vigorously.

The name of the dragon, Cha Yeon-woo.

That name was not low.

How did the dragon know that name? Edora wanted to continue to question that. But at that moment, I was caught up in a deep fluorine stabbing the tip of my nose.

While conversing with the dragon, an unknown group of people charged at him. So what happened next? It bounces back from the trials, and the memories of Mahishi's followers rescuing her come to mind in one piece.

And then there was no • • • memory at all.

“Mahi!” “Are you awake, Mahi?” I got up from my seat - pressing down on my aching head. Then I saw a lot of gaze pouring in this way.

A sigh of relief or wet glances in close proximity. From afar, I felt annoyed or annoyed.

As soon as Edora regained her sight, she was able to clearly understand the situation she was in. With Mahhee trying to protect herself, the League of Lions will soon completely surround them.

It would have been better not to keep up. I don't want to cause any more damage. ”Edora still has a headache pressing down on the deep aquatic canal. I was troubled by the loud, loud voice.

Looks like that's the face of the guy who ruined the ordeal.

“From you.” Edora clenches her hands tightly, filling for the first time with annoying voices.

“I'll kill you.

Between the hair spilling like a waterfall, Edora's eyes, which had sank awkwardly, flashed coldly.

“Seems like there are a lot of people looking for me other than you.” Edora flinches her eyes around and flicks her body toward them.

Wedge, "Get that bitch! Somehow!” As the man commands, the League of Lions begins to move swiftly.

“Oh, did you see us?” The moment Edora was facing her enemies.

There were people who were watching the situation from afar in real time. They are made up of high elves and other fairies. There's Elohim.

After the destruction of the Panes party, the new trust came down to Elohim - swallow the light and bring everything back to darkness.

Although it was a trust that was very disoriented for a very short time because we didn't know the exact nature of the objection.

Elohim was able to quickly figure out exactly what the content was.

Light is who they are, and darkness is what stands in their way. Darkness is the only one who's seen suspicious traffic lately.

However, there are many opponents who have to go through such things as one-horned tribes and bloodlines in order to defeat the monopoly. That's why Workforce also needed bait to lure out the monopoly. Like the League of Lions thought.

That's why he was going after the fishermen. Looks like they found this way.

“Then there's nothing I can do.” Elohim's Special Forces, the leader of the Seven, and the head of the Taoist family, Uros began to move as he swept his head.

“Elohim has moved.

“Then we jump.” Those who were watching the situation weren't the only Elohim.

The Reverse Kindred turns the robe upside down with a brutal smile.

And with him gone, the horsemen of fanatics also narrowed the perimeter. "Cain. This time, the solemn words left by Zulkindreid rip out your arrogant eyes and resonate like a drone.

• • Edora on the 50th floor? ”It was around that time that Yeon-woo heard the news of Edora.