Second Life Ranker

10 currency. 50 floors (7)

The duc was the one who brought Edora news. He received the appetizer's commission and brought the best strike team in the bloodline to convey news he came across by chance.

'For those who want to borrow the power of the one-horned tribe, it's a good thing that they brought out the story with the intention to provoke Yeon-woo.

The moment I saw the bright light of Yun Yuan leaking through the mask, the duc was surprised and flawed.

Then I realized I was more vigilant than I needed to be, and I pretended not to.

However, the dazzling eyes of Yeongwoo remained unchanged.

The duc opens his mouth, not even realizing that he was placing a lotus horse, "What happened, exactly what he said again."

“Do you remember the whole Mercenary Alliance and the Magic Alliance you had already encountered? Besides, they say Triton and Negropolis are starting to come after Mahi in unison.” Yeon-woo's eyes are still, and she hears the duc's words.

“That's why Mahi was so badly injured on the 50th floor. The problem is that Elohim and the horsemen are involved.” Elohim and the Horseman? ”“ Yes. Even if all the places you and your enemies have fallen, it's too much for you. ”Duc Duc Duc Duc Duc pounces.

After clearing my mind about hearing his explanation, I nodded quietly, grabbing the duc on the signet belt and passing by.

It was only for a short time.

Duc Duc Duc Duc Duc Duc Duc does not let out the cool glare of Yeongwoo below the mask.

It's going to be quite a mess. 'Duke of Tuen rolled up one mouth with his arms crossed. Suddenly, he was filled with joy, forgetting that he had been momentarily pushed into the storm. The more angry the proprietor gets. It was a big deal for him.

With the duc like that, the skinny man approaches quietly.

“What you've heard from Avamar and Dalia's cheeky creature. How could Avama ask you to join hands with such a rude man, Master?” “You can't just focus on the surface. He will be our very good ally. Be angry, Your Majesty.” Known as the Crown Prince of Men and Blood, "he frowned publicly.

The esteemed Suzanne proverb did not say much because of the Duke's persuasion, but it was a powerful face.

Anger prevailed when he stared back at the disappearing image of Yeongwoo.

Duke Duc was such a disciple that he had to take good care of the lord who would serve him in the future.

In fact, it wasn't that his heart didn't understand.

He was the only son left to the appetizer, the emperor of the bloodline, who had always lived more naturally to be lifted up around him than that, and there was always nothing more powerful than what he wanted to be.

Around the time he was comfortable as always, the appetizer suddenly gave him an order.

_following the dictator around, learning from him.

From the point of view of a hatchet, should the proprietor actually hang out with a guy like that who believes in his recent gains of fame, who has no roots at all? You want me to watch the moon and learn? However, the esteemed Father, the emperor of Food and Drugs, had long been asking for a serious face, and he could not resist being a hairdresser.

It was because he knew how to react when he reacted to it.

Like all brothers, he must have put it on the table. 'Domonica, who did not want to step on the train of the dead brothers, was forced to participate with the SS who followed him, crying and fighting.

His comrades were the elites directly recruited by the Food and Drug Administration, saying that they were as talented as they were in the bloodline.

But do you think he knows? They are, in fact, the eyes of the appetizer, monitoring and evaluating him.

Duc Duc did not mention it. Instead, I tried to calm him down.

“Don't you know that the Emperor is never going to make a fool of himself? Learning from him is for a good reason.” “But with the author like this, you'll lose to your own horseman or Elohim? They're also going to have to criticize one day, and they're going to expand the wire to zero, Ambassador.

The Acolyte is hot-tempered by the duc's little warning, but does not bend his claim.

The duc nods.

It was because he knew that there was no hearing in his words.

“We're worried about that, too. But beyond that, it is the judgment of the Emperor and us that there is more to our country.” “The labyrinth of the dragon should be as effective as it expected. I hope Jersey doesn't get in the way.” The dodo realizes that his opinions don't work, and grunts a little as he sticks out his lips.

I didn't complain anymore. However, the look of contempt for Yeon-woo did not disappear.

Duc Duc Duc Duc looked at the goddess quietly. It was because he thought jealousy would cover his eyes if he lacked qualifications as a successor, but the cost would be seen if enough.

And, as he expected, it didn't take him a day to change his mind.

[Successfully defeated the Beast, the Lava Beast, and the Ice Witch.] [The 44th floor of the trial is over. Do you want to go up to the next stairwell? "Shit! And?" How long has it been since the 43rd floor? "The 44th floor of the trials alternates between the Lava Zone and the first mountain, killing the two most central monsters.

However, in order to get to the center, monsters on each stage had to be hunted, and each time it was drawn, a little buff was applied to the monsters on other stages, making simultaneous attacks very difficult.

However, Yeon-woo asked the helmsman and his bodyguards to take care of the monsters and hid their tracks, and within a few hours, she did something absurd that defeated the two monsters once and for all.

Given that both monsters possess the power to prey on the likes of them. So, given that the blood country has a raid team at the time of the raid, it was too early to tell.

I wanted to get through it in less than an hour since 43 insects entered the stairwell.

[43rd Floor Ranking] First Place. 2nd private. 3rd private. Edora [44th Floor Ranking] 1st Place. 2nd private. 3rd Edora. It was a joke, really! 'Despite trying to attack so quickly, the stage ranking has always been' private.

He could not have known that it was meant for Yeongwoo.

How the hell did that happen? Given that it takes at least a month, at most years for others to get through one staircase. You'd be surprised what two flights of stairs can accomplish in a matter of hours. Yeonwoo is changing to stage ranking.


Yeon-woo's shock to them did not stop there.

[45 floors of trials are over. Would you like to go up to the next stairwell? [49 floors of trials are over.] “Huff, huff, huff!” “Please! Slow down!” I'm going to die. Please let me rest a little. "” Urrgh. ”Yeon breaks the stairs without rest and climbs back up.

Every time, the helmet and the guards had to follow me back and forth to eat mustard while crying.

Their primary mission was to deal with small monsters around them, take on their own divvies, and find things while the moats focused on major targets.

Of course, most of the members of the SS are rankers, so we can solve all the challenges in the 40th floor.

However, there had to be a significant number of people who stepped on the trials gradually and hurled them at once without rest.

It was crazy, considering that most people pass through the 40th floor in just one day.

Eventually, as they passed through the 49th floor, their complexion began to fade slightly.

Even if we talked about it for a little while, it didn't even work on Yeon-woo.

No, the more I draw, the more I'm beating my target speed.

The exhausted SS troops fall apart one by one. However, most of the crew endured the country's patience.

It was because the helmet was chasing after Yeon-woo like a villain.

Is that even possible? Are you really the player from the 40th floor? It was a rumored board room? 'His gaze continued to change the whole time following Yeon-woo.

At first, the feeling of contempt changed to horror, disgust, jealousy, and then finally to desire.

'Fantastic!' Domoni looked at her with a glamorous eye every time the swamp cleared.

Someday, that's where he wanted to be.

He conquered the trials with his own power and quietly moved to the next step as if he had nothing to do with it, and the impression of contempt disappears everywhere, and the idea of wanting to resemble him grew up in my mind.

I knew now why my father and teacher told me to chase after Yeon Woo.

I felt like everything I knew about the world was falling apart.

And, receiving their glances as much as I could, I raised my head up.

[Great record achieved, you refused to register until you put your name on the Hall of Fame.] [However, even if it is not public, your achievements will be engraved deeply into the tower, allowing you to toggle registration whenever you want.] [Will you please proceed to the next staircase? As always, register privately in the Hall of Fame, and finally reach the 50th floor! [This is the 'Dragon Temple' on the 50th floor.] The smell of dry desert was carried by the wind.

We're finally here.

A place where I heard the voice of the dinosaur Calatus after I first developed a solvent, and thought I'd have to come someday. After Jungwoo's body woke up, it was also a place that I searched a lot more for.

It took me longer than I anticipated to arrive. However, Yeon-woo's heart was beating as if it were going to explode right now.

[The mountain society, Asgard, is astonished at your work with the 40th floor in a single day.] [God's society, 'Cheonggo quietly watches over you.] [The Devil Society, Le Infiniteural, has agreed to end the discussion of your rage after much deliberation.] [Voting is currently in progress. There are some societies that do not yet have voting rights. Please wait.] I remembered the reactions of many gods and demons at the same time. The discussion was still ongoing, so I no longer cared.

However, 'Olympus', which was always most responsive to Yeongwoo's daily struggle, remained silent.

Is the fight in Tartarus still not over? Perhaps Elohim did something about the Earthworm in Edora-Muscle Circle - Feb. 1-process.

With all those thoughts.

Yeongwoo quickly expanded her cognitive area and sought to find the place where there was the greatest commotion.

Also, we were able to pinpoint the location where the energy wavelengths collided intensely.

Northwest. Forest of Weapons! 'The distance is too far away to be sure, but Edora seems to be in a lot of danger.

“I'll go first. Follow me.” Yeon leans forward, leaving a note to the duc and his guard that she still has a weary tone.

Watching the lotus vanish into a one-point-dot. The helmet and the guard look dull. I was surprised that I still had as much strength as I did after moving so vigorously.

Then they looked at each other.

“Gotta go. If you're here to help.” “Chapter 1 • According to the helmet, the SS was forced to rise again to eat mustard while weeping.

They start running back into the Forest of Weapons towards Yeon Woo.