Second Life Ranker

11F. 50F (8)

The wedge-edge moves forward. The stage on the 50th floor was a structure of various terrain, based on a core called the Covenant.

A coalescent joA27, a wacky film, and a twist.

Fifty floors had the most significant stairways/of many conceptions.

Field Trip//The crossing made the battles of polyps motif: each species (£22725; £21247;/in pursuit of each and every favorite branch, many/many/many days/up.

Lee/De Dre/Gon slept with volcanoes, dragons with suns, and root dragons with roots in the sky.

In this way, each branch of Ronnie has its own characteristics, and every state has its own Hard and Fizz. Trace of polyp?//Moon9//Ghana Ztram is also of good quality-many F//Ö/O/s are used as major K tans7/s.

Yeongwoo searched the terrain based on a widespread area of cognition, while remembering the staging laws that remained in the diary and traveled to a shortcut.

About halfway across a mountain range, you see cliffs and temples that lie far southeast on the plain.

Temples large enough to hold tens of thousands of people at once.

On the 16th floor I had ever seen, it seemed like a temple that could not be reached even if all the temples of the three sitting goddesses were combined.

However, the road to the temple 0 at the end of the cliff was not maintained separately; a large number of players were struggling to climb the cliff.

In Yeon-woo's head, the contents of the diary passed again.

However, the mid-level//bird, 50th floor, was the most popular.

Woo/Woo/One passion.

It was a masturbation called "the study of mourning" Ö/La Bull.

For thousands of years, many of the players have challenged and frustrated the infamous wall, and the wall has shown its past history and carved 1-many traces.

Skilled people who were frustrated in front of the ranker's walls or those who somehow climbed to the temple left behind. There were traces of tears, blood, and sweat.


Yeon-woo knew.

Below those many traces, there are traces of the dragons that tried to somehow transcend the wall called Allfowon, just like another foe who had to stop at the walls of the Moors - the muscles of October - deep down.

Although no one remembers it now. The dragon calatus asked his brother to remember him as much as his successor.

Leaving behind his feelings that he would have felt then.

You rummage through her arms and pull out a token with skeletal crest on it.

[Skeleton King's Token] Classification: Amulet Grade:??? (Unknown) Blind Name: A token containing the secret of an ancient forgotten tribe. If you don't get a clue about secrets, you can only use them as a simple amulet.

However, the spiritual energy from the tokens shows that it is an object that commemorates a very strong existence. The more you have, the more the effect increases.

The Hall, the Skeleton King's Legacy, is a clue to the Giants.

However, he did not solve all of the secrets of the Skeleton King's Hall, despite carrying out numerous privileges.

The Giants were only known to be dead much earlier than the polyps, and there were few such things as their relics, usually left by the toys of gods and demons.

Although there were progeny who inherited their genes like the rebellious ones, they also knew nothing about their ancestors.

However, Yeon-woo knew how to use the 'Skeleton King's Hall'.

Left and right_Tokens started to flow one by one, one after the other.

Then a big marble was made in Yeongwoo's hand. Like the Caucasian white man in the Joseon Era, it was also called the Skeleton King's sari.

[Skeleton King's Hall] Kwon 21398; Let 11: Root • 0 Grade 1:??? (Not measurable) Description: The legacy left by the last king of the forgotten tribe now. If you fail to solve the mystery of the old race, you will not be able to confirm the truth.

However, the resourceful energy of the hall is powerful just by holding it. In particular, it seems to be very effective on the 'grouch' or 'evil' system.

You tighten your head as the darkness cracks open.

“Eat." "Thank you. I opened my mouth and swallowed it as soon as I received the Skeleton King's Hall thrown by Yeon-woo who appeared. After hitting a hard jawbone, the hole breaks and seeps straight into the wealth.

You might think it's bad to keep a hall that could be a clue to the Giants' secrets.

It was right to empower the wealthy who were craving more power than the secret of the old race, which they did not know when they would be able to unravel.

Phew! At that moment, the black energy rises from above the ship as the Inferno Sites in the wealth's snow blaze.

Ah. Ah. "He was a rich man who had slept a lot about his feelings when he became an undead.

At this moment, he was barking in joy without even knowing it.

While he was briefly reminded of Faust's memory, he was able to realize how powerful he was.

And compared to that, Evie is usually just as humble as she is.

Compared to Faust, Bura's existence is just a handful of dust. How can I compare it to a glorious Skeleton Wizard who studied Wise Man Stones through dealings with other gods and was happy with the great scholars who made Emerald Tablets but could barely move?

So he tried to regain his purity as a faucet. No, I wanted to stand even higher than I did then.

Only then will I be able to lift the compass higher, the existence that I serve.

Faust, who was once a failure, could never be painted in life.

So, I didn't want to lean on the darkness as much as I could. With his own strength, he tried to regain his old memory and strength and become stronger.

Since Yeongwoo knew the desperate desires of such wealth well, she was able to pass the Hall of the King of Bones without hesitation.


After absorbing all of King Dali's Hollows 1 to 1, there were no significant changes. It was only about 30 centimeters bigger.

However, honeycomb syringes can see that the inferno site is significantly different from before.

There's sulfur burning like blood rising from hell, the deepest in hell, Elder Reach.

Just as Sanon and Ghost were born as new beings, they were born with the guilt of being called Budo Rich and were born as higher ups.

{Voodoo master has moved beyond his usual limits to Elder Lich.] [I've been able to restore most of my past memories. I am aware of my identity as a Faust.] [However, due to dealings with other gods, important information has been locked. In order to recover the locked memories, we need a new deal with another god.] [Sudden Quest (Forgotten Memory) was created.] [Sudden Quest/Forgotten Memory] Content: The wealth that old memories left as fragments has finally succeeded in regaining its identity as a 'Faust' after many efforts. But not all of Faust's memories and powers have come back.

Just as I wrote Emerald Davulet, who created the stone of the sage, I still can't think of it as being covered with fog.

because the god of other systems randomly put “on that memory."

If you want to regain your memory of this moment, you have to come up with a new deal with the god of another world. Or we need to get a clue about it.

Follow the footsteps of the old Faust to remind you of the forgotten memories from now on.

Timeout: Reward.

1. Faust's Last Quarter2. Dealing with other gods 3. The clue to the 'Authentic' Emerald Tablet instructed wealth as he lowered the quest window.

“Go.” Commanded. Answer. "Through the link, the verse reads all of Yeouido's plans, lowers its head and quietly melts back into the darkness. Margie, who was much darker and more intense than before, suddenly flowed out and disappeared.

And as soon as Yeon arrived at the stage, she was able to reach certain coordinates.

He's standing on a ridge, down there.

You see a group in a full-scale battle following the vast expanse of forest.

Edora sighs roughly with a cane of cinnamon, as if she were quite exhausted. The white robes were always covered with dust, bleeding on the forehead, and there were only a few people standing perfectly on the floor surrounded by Gods near zero, as if protecting her colleague who appeared to be Mahishi.

And around it, a group of enemies were approaching, drawn to life.

Rather, they thought they had eaten all of Edora and her addiction 1- ~ They were having small conflicts with each other, such as eye-to-eye fights and neurowarfare.

At once, the Fellowship saw that they were the Elohim, the Horsemen, and the Lion Alliance the Duke spoke of.

Each has a different agenda.

For Yeon-woo, it was only a matter of equal status.

At that time, the horseman began to press down on the horse. The guy who is in collision with Edora looks familiar to Yeonwoo.

It was Kindred.

And then after Jigsaw Elohim, he started to press himself. The League of Lions was also busy moving, but their vigilance was escalating due to the collision between the three factions.


Kung-Suddenly, their movements stopped while pressuring Mahishi.

I looked at each other as hard as I could, and finally looked down at the ground they were walking on.

The origin was being detected downward when it hit the ground. Between the players? 'Even though the emotions have passed.

Thump, thump, thump! “What is this?” “Evade!” As the ground crumbles, something else rises high from the ground.

A gigantic, long-lived agari revealed as much dark esophagus as the Abyss, and swallowed up to a dozen players at once.

Each of the 50 special features has a different territory. And according to the owners of each district Ö/trail of steam, there are various Ö features of him/her./Dragons/Growing.

Especially in the north-western part of the jungle, the zoom of this weapon was' a type of weapon, Kyongryong/was biting.

He was as elongated as a snake, and even though he had a scales that glowed black and did not realize it, he did not qualify as a dragon, but he was smart enough to escape the fierce nature of the beast.

“Aah!" “What the hell, stop it!” Ahhhh! "Suddenly, an unexpected beast comes out and wreaks havoc, and three factions are forced to fall for it. Particularly, the Lion Alliance suffered major damage.

The horse soldiers and the workforce tried to get out of the place relatively calmly.

I can't move! Enemy! Dispel! Rip the dispeller's skull! ”Suddenly, the margins spread wide along their ankles, preventing their bodies from moving. Magic isn't flowing. Magic isn't working.

After hiding the trail for a while, he not only woke up the dinosaurs and led them to their children, but also spread the magic of the area to them.

Moreover, as they moved to eternity, the shadows stretched out and bound their limbs.

Even if I tried to defeat the beast with all my strength, Kyorong was already ready to unleash his anger at the invasion of my realm.

The moment she flicked her jaw and squirted out a thick breeze of acid, the horsemen were swept away in one fell swoop.

Moreover, he swung his tail and the dust tide soared several meters high.

Half of Elohim is broken, and blood and flesh are on his tail.

“Ahhhh!” Everyone's in a state of confusion. Edora and Mahjong, who were preparing to die, were surprised by the sudden situation and their eyes filled with horror.

Then, when I saw the tail of the dragon that had been luring the enemies this way, I tried to take a defensive position.

At that time, a shadow drops in front of Edora and flicks her tail lightly.

Edora opens her defensive posture and looks at the person who rescued her with a surprised face.

There was a masked man who scattered his black coat, sweeping the crowbar's head off.

The familiar mask I've always wanted to see.

And sunny eyes.

The eyes beyond the mask are clearly smiling this way.

The moment Edora was making the lotus small.

“Kai! You again!" Kindred rushes towards Yeongwoo with a furious face as he picks up dirt.

“Kindred, are you still alive? I'll kill you this time.” Wet bees also move quickly, pulling the beagrid out of the subspace.