Second Life Ranker

12 currency. 50 floors (9)

Cawing! Kindred's right hand, which has been bitten green, has been bent like a hook and dipped into the head of a kitten.

A move as nimble as a little tweeze.

Especially his eyes were glowing gold. It meant that the coin was on the move.

It swings Beagrid upward. The black error fluttered over the day that shined pure white and swirled like a whistle.

The moment his hands and blades collided, the Black Orcs shook and exploded to all sides.

Despite a hyper-precise collision, the wavelength of the collision spread out drawing a wave.

The appearance of poppers or dragons makes the ground crumbling harder and the pillars of sand rise high.

Pava_but the two of them immediately fought back, as if they would not stop there.

“Today, I will tear you to pieces.” Before that, I will send Goi beside the Heavenly Horse whom you long for.

Oh, I was abandoned by Thousands of Horses.Will you come and get me? ”“ You're a -- you're a hearing mouth! ”Kindred's current point of weakness is the horseman's point of attack. He blushes his face and becomes stronger.

The atmosphere was hot all at once as the flame blazed through his hands.

Ka! Look at my puppet king, now that he's still alive. "Yeon-woo drove the admiration of Shannon into his ear and stabbed Beagrid into the fire.

['Vigrid-? Uncover the hidden name,' Durendal '.] [Herald: Sunrise Storm] A massive storm released from Vigrid blows the flames away.

And I dug deep into it. As the blade loosens, Kindred's movements gradually press out.

Weeing_Yeon turned the magic to its fullest and swirled the dress. It was so strong that it felt like a magical storm was raging along the stream.

Overwhelming - [Yuan Jing] [Yong Sin 'an] [Gyeom Gu Gu Dhara - Wise Man's Eye] In addition to this, I did not forget to empower my eyesight to prevent Kindred's agile movements.

The three-layered eye cut off his ankle while predicting and tracking Kindred's movements to escape the storm somehow.

However, the wings of the sky were never spread.

'We need to hide the wings as much as possible. To be part of the spleen.' The more beats you have hidden in order to begin revenge in the future, the better. Especially if he wanted to deal with the High Septon and the Archbishop, he was reluctant to expose the power.

However, just because the wings of the sky were not exposed, it was never that the lotus was weak.

He had already reorganized his body in Tartarus by building the Artman system, and had achieved remarkable growth from Hades to the throne of the Order.

That alone was a remarkable accomplishment. Already he boasted that he would never be outnumbered by King Ahem without spreading the wings of the sky.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! As I hit Vigrid hard, Kindred bounces back as the lightning falls.

Kindred becomes a wet oyster in shock, inflicting a black and stinging wound.

I knew for a moment that Yeongwoo had the ability to absorb the shortcomings of the Archbishop and break the link to the Emperor, but I also remembered that she made a big mess of herself at night in Valpurgis.

However, the lotus that remained in Kindred's head was nothing more than a child struggling to survive on the 20th floor and the mountain of misery like the other Sadducees.

But for a moment, it was shocking to be so driven away while mixing my hands.

In just a few years, the growth of the millennium was at a level that made no sense.

But he's either shocked or he's not.

Yeonwoo spread the wings of fire as if this wasn't the end, then swarmed back to him.

I bought a bunch of blood on_Kindred's young face. The thought of not being able to lose to a child here dominated my mind.

Everything he was trying to get at Edora in the first place was a ploy to draw her out. It seemed okay for Zari to watch the battle here.

Ho} Aah! Kim Kim's golden radiance rose at the same time as Kyndreid's two eyes as if they were burning soon.

In the myth of the Emperor, Heavenly Horse conceived the first fire. The power to follow him is the spark and the fire that such a yeast used.

Glug_Kindred extends his hand forward. Then the flowing flower formed on my fingertips and shaped like a long club. After taking all the pieces from Yeon-woo on Mt. pentang, it seemed to have built that shape in its place.

As the hatch collides with Beagrid, the shock wave reaches out into all directions.

The moment the two weapons were trying to stop each other, suddenly, a spark of fire appeared around the lotus and rushed in with a new shape.

They were in the shape of Kindred together. The self-immolation that King Mi-Hu used to love. Dozens of Kindred shout in unison.

Kill him. Kill him.

Dozens of “Juma“ coins were sharply forged and pierced through the cow all at once. Il-soon Yeon-woo looked like a Margie Hedgehog.

“Now!” Immediately, watching the clash between Yeongwoo and Kindred, the seven Elohim ligaments that had fallen behind move.

As those who had no reason to interfere in the conflict between the dictators and the horsemen, it was natural to look at the squad and move when given the opportunity.

Their main purpose was the death of Yeouido, but Mahishi was about to become indifferent. Seven trajectories shoot out of Edora like arrows.

However, their prey had to be blocked in the middle of a few steps.

Suddenly, the shadow that they were walking on stretched out like a flint, and then it became a barrier.

Yang! "Kids, think if your head is tinting empty. You didn't think you were coming from the Seven Nations? Zanon protrudes from the shadow, lowering the sword breaker to the oblique line.

It appeared with a light attitude, but his hand was never easy.

“Gdauros managed to block the fire, but when Volcano exploded, a flame erupted from the Southward Breaker and enveloped him in a single stroke. It was an enormous fire power.

Moreover, the darkness that flowed through the ground like water was scattered all over the place like tentacles, sweeping the back.

“Kuaak!" “While this was a displacement of the • • • 7 ligaments, another shadow suddenly appeared.

Hangul quickly began to dance with nine blades sprayed into the air.

• • • Don't tell me, Domucin? ”The faces of those who recognized the tomb of the 'Nine Swords', now known as dead, were hard.

A special unit owned by Elohim. Of course, I had several times when I was in Purgatory, when I was fighting like a fighting ghost.

However, the Seven Tribes tried to face each other with a strong posture, as if they were trying to defend their mission. Rebecca settles quietly over their heads.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - [INTERNATIVE, SPEEP takes over Player Combat,] [INTERNAL, INTERNATIVE PLAYER ARS ARCEN1.] The League of Lions confronts the Brotherhood and the Seven Elohim Families.

Clearly, the lotus, which had been pierced by dozens of burnings, became a mirage.

Dozens of Kindreds begin to look around as quickly as they thought they would.

HUM Jing follows the truth. Fast movements like bowling leave traces of magic, so you can find them quickly. At that moment, the head of the outermost self flew away before Kindred's thoughts were finalized.

“There it is!” “There it is!" ”The other Kindreds react as they reach towards you.

It stretched like a legendary giraffe and pierced the location of the pond. However, she stepped back and triggered the sublink. This time, she appeared in front of the innermost Gindred and hid her footsteps again.

“You rat!” “You rat!” “How dare you!” Pufferpyeong! Kindred and his body all tried to catch the lotus somehow, but each time he painted it, he hid his longevity like a ghost, then repeatedly appeared, and removed himself vigorously.

The movement using Wind Road and Bling was so fast and complex that Kindred was hard to do.

It was Kindred who broke his heart.

Even if I pull out the hatchlings and spirits, I have to clap my hands to make a sound. I can't do that, but I'm missing the time. I have to boil inside.

[Kernunos watches you quietly.] [Bimagildara sees the battlefield as a mess with great satisfaction.] And suddenly, the bloodlines appeared on the battlefield.

“The enemy is right there. Help everyone, Cain! Push them out!” Follow His Highness! Protect His Highness! ”Duc Duc Duc and the Guards, including the helmet, started hitting the horses from the outskirts.

In particular, Duc Duc was fierce to show why he was called a heretic. With the crack in the unfolding tribal space, the players fall out of line.

I couldn't get enough of the role of the helmet. He stands at the forefront and helps Yeongpu Cain! ',' keep Cain as I am! 'I commanded the battlefield.

Kindred never understood this situation.

They knew Halkook was different from Yeon, but they didn't think that those who were struggling with the White Dragon would do foolish things that led them to the Horsemen and Elohim.

Unlike the emperor who was judged to be a fool by his instincts, it was crazy that Duke of the tongue tien was doing this.

But the blood country didn't care about that at all.

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo hurls the Kindred faster and scatters its black flames everywhere.

Over-exertion - [Wind - Wind Gust] [Wave of Fire] [Cheyeon - Whirlwind] Acceleration on the beagrid has advanced to the level of cutting off, stabbing deep into the heart of Kindred.

What a ridiculous month. "Looking at the frightened Kindred.

Yeon-woo smiled softly.

In the end, the lines of self-immolation that looked like they were pressuring Yeongwoo died.

The left-handed scrub | “Something-1 • •“ Work • • Pufferp- • Curry ”slashed off the neck to lure the waist back, and the head-slapping attack avoided the Blingh. And an attack aiming at the blind spots did not allow for a hard turn against Kindred, who swung a beagrid and slaughtered him with a hatchet.

I cut, stabbed, and crushed their heads, avoiding everything. In the barrel of self-immolation, Kindred's outfit seems to burst.

“Zenziang!” The furious self-mutilation pierces through and disappears.

Armpit, boil currents (31061; please specify).

As she continued to gain combat experience in Tartaros, she made various application ceremonies using a combination of armored beams, which she mixed with the zebra to achieve a qualitative improvement.

Thanks to you, Yeon-woo was able to get an assessment from Han that she had already advanced to a higher level in swordsmanship skills.

Apparently, Kindred, who was focused solely on the firepower of women's skills, was unable to keep up with the movement of the moat.

Eventually, Kindred's identity quickly ended, leaving only one man behind.

Even so, Migrid is deeply embedded in the right chest.

Puff! Kindred is pushed back, stabbed by a beagrid. Then I hit a hard wall or something and stopped.

At the same time, I felt excessive and hot pain on my right shoulder. The snake bites his arm badly. The wall he was going to hit was the body of a dragon.

Grrrrrrr! “Grrrrrrr!” Kindred felt like something was breaking in his head.

He reaches out and grabs hold of the dragon's jaw and tears it open, evidently.

Left and right, the torn blood and flesh splattered into the air, and then disappeared with a flame.

“I'm going to kill you." The blaze of fire burns again and heals the wound, but the fury that was pushed all the way to the tip of your head never goes away.

Not on Mount Agony, not on Cesar, not on Valpurgis' night, not this time. When I met Yeon-woo Bun, I had to suffer humiliation, so I thought I would finally be able to bathe.

The fact that he's no longer a match makes his insides boil.

But Kindred's anger does not grow long.

Strange hands suddenly pierced his left chest, reaching for Yeon-woo. It was a hand full of boiling magi like bubbles.

Yeon-woo was startled and took a step back. The wings of fire snap open quickly.


I guess I'll have to do it from now on. Take a break. The faint voice echoes through the air, and the darkness from Kindred's left chest finally consumes his entire body.

and gradually took on a different form.

The image of an old man holding a backpack.

Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep. It was unusual for Magi to come out of the line along the darkness.

“I've never seen you like this, have I?” The old man glanced at Yeongwoo and laughed earnestly. However, the two eyes did not draw the arc line and did not miss the sharp glow, Yeon-woo.

He was a stranger, after all.

Yeon-woo could see who he was all at once.

I'll never forget that look.

Instinctively, I had to endure the almost flapping wings of the sky.

The old man smiled as he responded.

It was the moment when the head of the horseman himself appeared.