Second Life Ranker

13F. 50F (10)

Just for a little while.

Yeon-woo quickly analyzed the power difference between himself and the Archbishop.

[Parallax cracking] The Archbishop was one of the strongest in the answer. The power that Yeon-woo now had belonged to an axis that was difficult to cope with.

Of course, I was confident I wouldn't lose.

But that was not the case if you asked me if I was confident in winning.

If you think about Doyle's body when he fought. Obviously, he was a great strong man.

How much better it would be to spread out the wings of heaven and open all the powers.

So Yeon-woo showed up for seven weeks wondering if we should get rid of him here.

Not yet. 'If you are facing one-on-one, it is best to hide as much as possible when there are so many eyes. When you spread the wings of the sky, you can take off your mask. It wasn't time yet.

Above all.

'If only the Archbishop had a hidden hand.

Obviously, Yeon-woo knows that Archbishop is struggling right now. He was rejected by Heavenly Horse as a formal apostle, and he knew that his body was being destroyed.

So I thought I was going to eat King Miu, another member of the Thousand Horses, and sit in a new body called Doyle and be reborn as a new one.

The Archbishop who was in front of me looked different from what I had seen in the diary.

Even though I looked at it in Yongsin, it didn't look like anything else at all.

Perfection. Close to perfection. In the meantime, it couldn't have happened if the Heavenly Horse woke up and recognized him.


Did you find anything? 'While he was in Tartarus, the Archbishop did something.

We don't know what that means.

If it's clear the Archbishop has the power back. And if it's true that I've gained new power, I have to let go of the idea of dealing with it easily. Among the nine kings, he was now the only one with Abigail's skill.

But as soon as he showed up like this, I thought I'd make a gap, so I couldn't just pass by, and I had to squeeze in.

“What are you even thinking about?” The Archbishop suddenly appeared in front of Yeouido, ignoring the flow of accidents.

Yun opened her eyes wide and spread the wings of fire as wide as possible.

It broke like a fast-flowing glass of time.

“You look very impressed. Avoidance is instinctive. I went to school.

The Archbishop smiled lightly as he looked at the cautious pond.

However, Yeon-woo stepped back and was cautious, with a cool sweat on her back.

You've been following the flow of my accidents? 'The poet Goose quickly turns the incident horn of the caster to make cold judgments about the situation. It was also the signature skill of Issen Creek, and now that it has become more skilled, there is almost no presence to interfere with the flow of this incident.

There were exceptions, of course. Greater than top-level personalities such as the Earth Mother, including Athena.

To them, the concept of time will be completely different from other players, so you can easily interfere with the flow of thinking.

The problem was that the Archbishop never belonged there.

It was true that the archbishop's power was much stronger than the subordinates encountered in Dardardaroth.

Nevertheless, it is absolutely not the case if you ask me a secret instead.

Then how? “Curious?" The Archbishop smiled slightly as if he knew the idea of such a relationship.

“Just stay away from the gods who have forsaken me for a moment, because they have been helped by their friends. Fortunately, you were happy to hear the wind from this body.” Friends? The wind? They were utterly unknown.

One thing was clear.

The Archbishop must have put his hand on something other than the thousand horses. It seemed to be the reason why empty bodies could move.

“I can't tell you the details right now. But I'm willing to give you an answer. I really like you. Won't you join us?” The Archbishop gave L to Yeon-woo. It was still a noisy battlefield due to the turbulence of many forces, but it was as quiet as if time had stopped where he was.

Yeongwoo twisted the tip of one lip while looking at her nose.

“It's not to my heart; it's to the 'possibility of heaven' that I will have.” Yeon-woo foiled the Archbishop's plan and swallowed up King Xu's faults instead.

In other words, it meant that the lotus could be another part of the thousand horses depending on the time.

As a horse soldier, this vessel is more desirable than Doyle.

“Oh, my God. Did they find you?” The Archbishop grabbed his hand and scratched his temples.

Then I smiled and backed up again.

“Well, then. I see why I'm here.” Scary to end it.

Guaoaoaoaoaoa! The Archbishop's new stature was about to collapse, and he suddenly appeared in front of Yeouido. Then I immediately lowered my hand wide open.

However, Yeon-woo calmly pushes the beagrid up without any embarrassment.

Kim caused a huge explosion when his error collided with Magi, the Archbishop.

A sphere! In the midst of a high rise along the skyscraper formed by the wave of fire.

The over-archbishop waved his hand lightly and cleared the path to the side, while pushing the other hand deeply forward.

His fingertips flare gently, and dozens of shadows of his hand blow across the lotus.

One by one, the hillside is strong enough to grind it apart.

Without directly hitting the shadow, the wings of fire flew as far as they could, connecting the Blink and Wind paths, spreading the gap wide again.

“Where do you think you're going? I'm not done talking to you yet.” The Archbishop folded the space and tried to approach Yeongwoo.

I'm sorry. ”Yeon-woo smiles lightly.

“I'm not the one talking to you right now.

At the end of the sentence, the Archbishop stopped and comforted his head, not trying to catch Yeouido.

Suddenly, a huge cost from the sky was falling like a meteorite.

The Archbishop quickly pushes his hand up and bounces the meteorite back.

Wet bees were strong enough to just erase the waves of fire, but the enormous flesh was simply surging. I bounced off the ball without a single blow and landed far away.

Knng! The real fleshlump was the food emperor.

The one who was shining with Fiji began to change his body with a slight twitch after seeing the Archbishop.

Duck, duck. The lump hardens and dries inward. Then it appeared that the emperor was sitting there, delicately dry and snowy.

The emperor who turned into a neurotic impression shouted with a ferocious smile because his fangs were clearly visible.

“Who! Are you being rude to my friend? At the same time as the appearance of the cruel patrol, there was a rough drum outside.

When the army of the bloodline marched, it was the sound of a blood ring. And beyond that, the Asrai army was coming with them.

The Archbishop turned his gaze toward you, frowned slightly and looked back at the appetizer.

“You want to spend the rest of your life with us?” He realized that the sudden appearance of the Food and Drug Administration was a plan between Yeouido and the bloodlines.

“There's nothing you can do.” “I hear you're getting hammered by a white dragon.” Kakaca! Victory and defeat is a sickness boss! Even if you lose a battle, you can win a war! ”With a smile full of frenzy, the Archbishop looks back and forth between the appetizer and the conch and smiles bitterly.

“I feel dizzy, so I'm going to empty the board at all. Don't let anyone touch you. Think of the Great War?” “Think of it your way. Let's see how ripe the Cultists' meat is. Machines say," Even the ghosts of the Dead affect those living in the modern age. We have to erase it somehow. "The High Septon and the Archbishop threw themselves at each other first.

Whilst everyone was baffled by the clashes between the nine sudden kings.

Yeongwoo was plagiarized someday where Edora is.

“Orabini.” “Leave this place to them, and let's get out of here first:” Yeon embraces Edora's waist, spreading the wings of fire as much as possible.

I'm sure you've just had a rough fight before. Edora's claw on a lotus item is slightly red.

Grrr! The battlefield is still raging with many clashes.

Accidents only. Him.

I knew there was no one like my master. "I thought I heard the voice of the living crowbar.

Yeon-woo left, ignoring her as usual.

“Damn things.” Anastasia cursed at Yeongwoo who was not here, raising her hand to her throats. How can she have such a painful job if she only gets involved with him?

“Teacher.” At that time, Victoria carefully called out her name, assisting Anasdasa.

If it wasn't for this kid, I wouldn't be so deeply involved in the tower. Anastasia shakes her head as she falls asleep inside.

“I can't." Why? ”The liver sticks out its head with a stiff face. Anastasia's expression is slightly distorted. If anyone was as distracting as Yeon-woo, it was this girl. The one who disturbs the mind of the only student.

Anastasia pledges to blow the disciple away if he tries to be chivalrous one more time, then slowly looks down at the patient who had just passed through the vein. Doyle lies with a pale complexion.

“What do you regard channeling as? Does it look like an antenna that can be easily removed?” “That is • •“ The disruption of channeling leading to this child is too severe.

You've already forcibly ripped off one person's channel, and now you're gonna rip off another one of your wounds? Then Anastasia smiled lightly, looking at the shocked overlooked Victoria, perhaps there would be no soul left.

“Moreover, the beings who had been connected with this child were the 'ones' whom you told me to take care of. Maybe that's why I picked them. The others want at least one. Tsk.” First of all, After that, the Mother Earth. Even if it had been connected to such beings, it was not so strange for one mortal to actually fly the soul all the way.

Anastasia only said that, and she didn't add any hindsight.

In fact, she knew more about the dangers of divine beings than anyone else. That's why he wrote the word 'he' on purpose, knowing that many gods and demons were looking this way.

It had something to do with the past she was hiding from someone else. I didn't really talk about it.

• • • There will be numbers somehow.

Let's face it together. ”The liver's eyelids tremble.

I was having such a hard time, and now I think I'm finally relieved. I never thought this would happen again. It was so heartbreaking for their brothers whether or not the day would come.

Victoria had to put her back into it.

0Anas Dasa thought with a long burst of smoke.

'You're so full of shit.

She looks like she doesn't sleep anymore.

However, he sighed and lowered his bear stand to the ground thinking that he would continue to see the bastard.

“But it's not like there's no other way. It's hard, but there's a way. What is” “?” “Find a substitute.” “If the substitute is • • • • • •?” All it takes is a thousand horses and the Goddess of Earth to replace the place they passed. "But can we find that existence, that easily?” At that moment, I met Victoria's gaze with the liver.

There was something that came to mind at the same time.

'Cain!' The two of them knew that Yeon had already inherited the throne from Hades. Though he hasn't yet acquired deception and transcendence, he also says he deserves it. There were those who woke up after pushing the body of Yeon Woo at the time of the encounter with Allfowon.

There was a mysterious power that gave Yeongwoo. I had a hunch that he was still embedded in Yeon Woo.

Then maybe Yeon can replace the place where the Heavenly Horse and the Mother Earth disappeared? It might be hard right now. I didn't think it was worth trying.

“And you'd better find that substitute as soon as possible. This child is now so forcibly re-masturbating, but I don't know when to look again. And then you might not even know him.

We don't have much time.

Liver and Victoria look at each other and nod heavily.