Second Life Ranker

14. Temple of the Dragon (1)

“The regiment commander's here?” Groitz is the first battalion battalion battalion commander of the phantom brigade, with the news that Reel has brought.

After coming up from Tartarus and returning immediately to the phantom regiment, Reel asked me to meet the regiment commander, but Reel told me not to expect too much, because the regiment commander had recently seen the realization that they had not heard from him in a long time.

But Groitz said he would wait until the answer came back.

Yeon-woo still didn't seem to have any intention of visiting the phantom regiment.

He asked me to find him if I needed him.

On the other hand, the phantom regiment was used to establish a clear route with Jeongyeon Woo.

When Kreutz, who had been with Yeon Woo for a long time, saw that the tide of the tower would definitely go back around him.

If I was going to be an ally, I had to be a clear enemy if I was going to be an enemy. Of course, even if his personal feelings were dangerous, he thought it would be better to be an ally.

So I was waiting for the answer to come back.

Recently, I heard that a toilet burst on the 50th floor, and I was a little impatient.

Then, fortunately, Reel came up with an answer.

On the other hand, Reel argued that he was unfit. She understands how important the regiment leader is right now, so she thinks Groitz is just a distraction.

“Yes. You're the one who wanted to come out of the training ground for a little while."

So you need to have a good conversation. You know how important this is to the regimental commander, don't you? ”Kreutz nods heavily. I watched how many preparations the regimental commander made as he entered the closed tube training.

“Then come with me. Denny to guide you.” Kreutz begins his journey along the reel to a cave with a training ground.

The cave had to go through this complex process with multiple security systems to get to the center.

“Don't be rude to the commander. You were very supportive.” Then, at the last point, the reel strikes a warning and moves the wall mechanism.

I saw a man who was quietly closing his eyes while the walls of the cave moved and settled on the other side.

He has a mild impression like a scholar, but his aura is unusual.

The man slowly opened his eyes. Eyelight flashes through the darkness.

[All restores are complete. The remains of the Mother Earth have all been wiped out. It is possible to run the stage again.] The stage on the 36th floor, trembling quietly sinks. The stage that was messed up by the collision between the two giants was restored to its original state.

“Ugh. That's what he'll get if he does.” Managers were exhausted. While trying to restore my strength, I had to run around busy without sleeping well. The influence of Olfowon's body coming down was that great.

And I was bored already thinking about how many times it would be repeated again.

Yeon embraces the power of the King of Questions with all her heart. And Allfoone will start to be wary of it. The conflict between the two will have an impact on the operation of the answer in the future.

“But where did Ike go?" Where did he go? I was chatting. ”“ Ugh. It's really big. ”I wonder if you know what those other managers think.

Ibulke is walking to a place with a "Oh Hyo Hyo" laugh.

There, a shadow of a hazy person is merciful enough to return quietly. It's hard to recognize a fog-like figure.

“You yearn to die, but you can't, and you're not sorry.” Olfowon suddenly turned to see if he could spread his' grate 'on Everke's words.

There was silence between the two of them for only a moment.

He felt the sharp gaze pierced him, but he did not tolerate it and still held the day when his fangs were smiling loudly.

However, the eyes beyond the sunglasses were not curved.

What are you talking about? “Oh Hyo-ho. I mean, isn't the moment you've been looking forward to, if it's black? Isn't that okay?” "I don't know what you're talking about. Allfowon fades in amazement, leaving only that. He senses that the walls of the 77th floor are crumbling with the willingness of the Creator and the new gods.

Looking at Allfowon like that.

He smiled and changed his glasses. He has not forgotten the voice of Allfowon, who was clearly trembling well.

While the High Priestess and the Archbishop clashed.

And while Yeonwoo was escorting Edora, Duc and Hatchet also left the battlefield with the SS.

'For now, things are going according to plan,' Duke Duc nodded satisfactorily considering the plan he had planned in his mind.

The plan we set up with Yeouido for Calatus' tomb seemed to have successfully passed the first stage.

The League of Lions, Elohim, and the horsemen moved to catch the Union, but the bloodline completely changed.

When the appetizer arrives on the 50th floor, the White Dragon at war with them will be dragged this way, and the Black Dragon who retreated a moment will see this way.

In addition, I was sure that I would show any movement in the fantasy regiment or in the lonely tribe.

Wouldn't you be interested in the fact that so many of these forces are different forces? All of a sudden, the landscape is diversified.

'There's fire everywhere. In this situation, the duc's eyes glowed sharply as he plucked the oil called the "Grave of Calatus."

Flat and bursting. 'The plan that Yeon-woo proposed to them was very simple.

Draw as many forces as possible to the 50th floor and push them into Calatus's tomb.

It was only a matter of time before the tomb was discovered. Then it was better to make a premarital pattern before that.

'There's no place harder to tell apart than a lump of dirt.

You can get drunk, and sometimes you can draw the inner parts of the enemy into the fishing grounds.

As a blood country that was at last immersed in centuries, it was a great opportunity to turn all the plates upside down and obtain the treasure of the Calatus legacy.

The duc had more than a six chance of success in the cinnamon.

However, if you have concerns.

“Have you seen reverend 2? I never thought there'd be a man like that! Running the 40th floor in one day isn't enough. Don't you want to play with all those forces by yourself! Indeed, the wisdom of Abama was great. The modern man had been completely turned from contemptible toward eunuchs during the day, and he did not stop praising her to dry his mouth. The person who saw him at my age showed such outstanding benefits. Jealousy seemed to be transformed by his previous half-hearted feelings towards the mainstream.

But I don't know about anything else, but I had to be a little more vigilant.

The Crown Prince is the one who will lead the bloodline. The duc said the one who had to be admired by someone else was rather admired; the duc was taking Yeong-woo to be a vassal of the bloodline; if that's not possible, he was considering it to be something to give up.

It's still weak, but it's too dangerous to keep it as a friend.

'Except for the sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes only.' The duc stood up quietly thinking he should write to the helmet once.

That's his consolation.

The while-wind blows gently, forming Rebecca for only a moment, then fades away again quietly.

“Brother • • • Edora hugged Yeon as much as she could, although she would have smiled gladly while managing her emotions as much as possible. What had happened the past few days was enough to dull her calm.

Why didn't the League of Lions know why they were chasing them? Even if I hurt myself, I was troubled by the fact that I could have been a burden to Yeong-woo.

Yeon-woo dared to hug him without saying anything.

It's okay. You said nothing would happen to you now that you're confident.

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo also wanted to see Edora and Pant. Thanks for answering without any objection to asking me to be your wings.

I'm so thankful that I met you for such a short time, and I'm sorry that I had to go through all this trouble because of myself.

But the fact that our beautiful Lady Edora is in danger is also because of our human nature king. Wherever you are, you can't put your lungs in other people's lungs. "Between Sanon and Sanon.

The players of Mahi Castle became a part of the surprise.

For those who have always seen Edora's cold expression. It was the first time I realized that she had this look.

Edora's nickname, Mahi, was stuck because she never gave any reason to deal with her enemies, but always looked like a flower on a cliff.

But now that Edora looks like a woman who's completely in love, I feel strange.

“Did you say Mahi Sung?” While they were idle for a while, they were all enraged by Yeon-woo's voice.

“Well, yes.” Jatura takes the lead and nods.

She's very nervous. When I entered the battlefield of Yeonwoo, I suddenly remembered my appearance.

Even though Marhi and his family had been playing around with the Bishop of the Horses like a toy in the tower and used the family tree to push the seven notorious Elohim tribes, Marhi and the bishop were considered sacred, the dictator had already surpassed the sacred category. It was a level of shoulder-to-shoulder with high-powered muscles.

They were mostly Hanker-class. It was a belt between a High Ranker and Bibil Mann.

Thanks for helping Edora in the meantime. ”“ I did what I had to do. "So I'm going back.” Jatura's face is slightly crumpled.

“Edora means I won't need your help from now on.” Jatura and other magical players' expressions were stiff.

“What are you talking about! I thought Edora didn't have much interest in you in the first place. Following each other, forming an organization between you. Isn't that convenient for you?” “From now on, I will be with Edora, so go back."

Zatura bites his teeth. It means get out of here because it's useless.

The problem was that, no matter what he said, Mahjong was an organization that was created regardless of Edora's will.

An opponent who was ambushed by the League of Lions and destroyed his commanding officer.

It was an unclear opponent who might be able to rebuild the organization.

So they didn't have any value left.

I felt that Jatura should not be pushed out of here. She and her colleagues have been following Edora for different reasons, but she still shares her desire to be with her whenever she wants.

So she looks at Edora for a moment. Edora's eyes sank deeper and she could not understand her insides.

Eyes that have always been on them. What does it mean in there?

“If Mahi tells you to disappear, I'll disappear. We were those who followed Mahi, even though He did not allow us to do so. But,” Zatura pauses and looks back at Yeon-woo.

“Even you, don't underestimate our willingness and choice to defeat Mahi. As much as I've risked my life to get here, I think we deserve it.” Jatura draws a clear line that she will follow only Edora's orders.

Other colleagues stared at Yeon-woo with the same expression. Just below the surface of Sacca, Yeon-woo's eyes gleam, but they don't budge.

I hope so.

Blood-Suddenly, Yeon-woo's eyes curl slightly, and there is a sound of an affair.

Chatura and them frowned a little.


Following Yeon Woo's call, a black shadow suddenly rises to the side of the maestro.

They take it to the weapon side and are cautious. He thought he was trying to get rid of them by force.

Whatever. Yeon-woo looked at Sa Non and said,

“Go and pick 'em up.” Jatura swoops in.

“What the hell are you doing?” “We don't have much, but I'll give you one more chance.

“Get him and gather the scattered troops. I'll evaluate you later." I thought I knew what Jatura meant later. It meant that I would refurbish the mascara that had only been a follower group.

Their faces are burning with willpower.

Then why do I go? Why did I complain when Sanon complained when he had a lot of money and a lot of money?

“The bee that we ended earlier. I thought you said I was the king of the human race.

"Shit. What are you guys doing? I'm not moving fast enough. He burst like a dipshit!" When he couldn't find his home, he went to the Magpie Castle for no reason and looked for survivors who would be isolated elsewhere.

I swiped my head lightly while watching Yeon-woo.

'This is a new board. As soon as they get here, the stone will be ready.

That's when the wind blows and Rebecca approaches, shouting in silence. She is now being reborn as a complete spirit, communicating only to the physician and not speaking well.

Yeon-woo's jaw rises.

The news she brought was very simple.

- The Queen of Spring has arrived.

White dragons and waltz.

Right here on the 50th floor.

It was at the end of all the siege stones.


“Orabini.” “What's the matter?” “Do you happen to know the name Calatus?” The unexpected name comes out of Edora's mouth, and Yeon Woo's head quickly turns back.

“The moment you met Edora's eyes, Yeon-woo could find something deeply hidden inside.

Channeling that I did not know the name of the woman was encouraged} and I quickly covered up the compassion ceremony.

Huaa! And when I opened my eyes again, the shadow of the dragon, which was hundreds of meters tall, looked down at him quietly.

Nice to meet you. To the speaker