Second Life Ranker

15. Temple of the Dragon (2)

Yeon-woo was able to see who was right in front of her.

Although we don't know what the right shape is in the shadows.

The day was ripe as the giant golden eyes that shined in between.

Eyes staring at my brother a lot in the diary.

And I was also the owner of Channeling, the gaze that was always looking at me silently.

“You're still alive, Calatus.” I opened my eyes wide when I never thought of meeting you.

I never thought I'd have to go to the Dragon Maze to find Calatus here. Moreover, I did not expect to be contacted through Edora.

Calatus narrows his eyes. There seemed to be a faint sound in my mind for a moment. It seemed bitter.

"If this is also a living condition. Then the eyes slightly curved.

"Still, I think you've met the child." It's like he's sleeping quietly now. Fortunately, Calatus' gaze is fixed on the humid spot of the honeycomb. Where the clock is quietly turning. What he was looking at was Jungwoo.

“I'm sorry to cut you off, but I don't have time. Calatus' shadow fades briefly and his voice is muted. I don't know why it's not connecting and attractive.

As soon as possible. I want you here as soon as possible. "Jiggle, jiggle - voices and shapes began to blur again like unstable radio waves.

I must deliver something to you. Before they shut up. So.. Chief-Calatus hides his footsteps in silence, leaving only that word.

And Yeon-woo quietly bounced off the channeling and returned to reality.

Edora's focus, which had only been blurred for a short while, is restored. She was either watching Yeon Woo's encounter with Calatus or surprised.

“Just now, what was that?” “Perhaps Calatus had something he wanted to tell me through you.” “Did you know him, too?” “Because of my relationship with my brother. A little.” Yeon-woo is lost in thought for a moment.

Calatus' words resonate in his mind.

Hurry up.

I could understand that. It seems that Calatus, who tried to contact Yeon Woo, was closer to his remains than the main body.

However, I did not understand what was added next more easily.

Before they shut up.

What does that mean? Does that mean someone's interfering with Calatus' work?

Or does it mean there's another cost to break into the Dragon's Maze?

“Then I'd better hurry.” “I should • • • At that time, when Yeon-woo's words ended, suddenly Edora reaches out and takes off the mask he was wearing.

Yeon-woo was briefly instructed. The moment the mask is removed so easily, someone who might have made a joke like this sprouted up. Hi1Nova.

With that in mind, Edora quickly puts her lips to his.

An unexpected kiss: looking at the eyes of the fluttering lotus. Edora smiles at Bashi.

“Thank you, really.” A brief silence.

Yeon sees Edora without a word.

She looked so pretty.


“Edora.” You can't just end it here, can you? ”Sweetly looking at Edora, who slightly opened her eyes. This time he hugged her and kissed her.

- My dear daughter, if it were you. Perhaps I can fulfill my destiny.

Waltz, the Queen of Spring, praised Mother's voice as she could always hear when she closed her eyes.

Mother looked up at the sky and pledged to fulfill the ancestors' dream first. My mother stroked her head and said, If you're wrong. If you can't master it, I'll leave it to you. You said you could do it.

And what followed was the image of Mother dying by lightning falling from heaven.

There he was.


Like no king, an enemy that must be caught and killed someday.

Queek - I woke up with the sound of the wagon stopping.

Waltz slowly opens his eyes.

Soon the door of the wagon opened.

Gun Gun.

“Let's get out." Waltz steps out of the wagon in the same footsteps as the queen, taking an escort.

Then, the familiar smell came out and pierced the tip of the nose.

I've smelled too much lately.

The smell of a battlefield infused with blood.

“The Archbishop and the Fellowship have arrived first and are waiting.

Waltz nods softly and follows the guide deep into the battlefield.

There were those who followed behind her one by one. An ancient set of eyes that follow the waltz to the great work of the Red Dragon. Despite the lack of virtue compared to before, the skills of about a dozen individuals behind her are overwhelming.

Those who were standing around turned their backs, feeling bored together.

It was how they were still ranked among the top eight clans.

“0 High 01 Assessment.” The guide stopped in front of a large barracks. "Wait here.” Waltz briefly instructs his men and steps into the barracks the guards opened.

Inside, three men sat around a large table.

The Archbishop of the Horse Army smiles as intensely as Ivan and his neighbor's grandfather, who stare at us with overwhelming eyes.


“I never thought I'd see my old face again.” One of the three officers who led Elohim; 'Dictator' Magnus sat down.

Magnus frowns slightly at the waltz. Waltz was already Elohim and the enemy. Three former officers died at her hands.

Elohim had to be devastated by it, whereas Waltz was able to make his name for the nine kings in a heartbeat.

So it wouldn't be weird to run into him right now.

Magnus only smiles as if he didn't want to answer.

In fact, he had no intention of discussing the past here.

Elohim's brotherhood was great, and he had to somehow create a counterattack.

In fact, he was not supposed to be here.

Magnus is a former Tor apostle, a former hero who rescued the once crisis of melody from the mud with Hayatte and created the glory of today.

He was strong enough to be argued about in 'The Nine Kings', but recently, he had left everything to the future and was enjoying a relaxed, rural life.

However, the situation where Elohim was recently hit was more dangerous than ever before.

In the end, Elohim temporarily abolished the three-man constitution designed to suppress power, and resurrected the dictatorship system that drives all power to one person and invited Magnus to his place.

Magnus didn't want to appear in this world of vomit again, but he couldn't help but beg his descendants for mercy.

So I ignored Waltz's light provocation and handed it over.

In his eyes, she was only a child, the daughter of the summer queen.

Instead, it was the Archbishop who welcomed Waltz.

“Welcome. Seems like you've been through a lot coming a long way.” The Archbishop gave us an empty seat.

But Waltz stared at it with a blunt gaze and said, without even thinking about sitting down.

“There's nothing useful at all. Why did you put it there?” “Oops. What's that supposed to mean? How can we follow the world only for the sake of God? Everything is filled with the breath of a thousand horses, and His love goes on and on. Simply put.

The Archbishop smiled faintly.

“Jersey is also useful.

First of all, I don't think we have enough numbers. Could be bait for you. We could put it in firewood if we wanted to. Wouldn't our hands be more comfortable? "Obviously, so is he.” Aiman squeezed his fist as he listened to the conversation of two people, or Magnus, who nodded his head. I was not stupid, but I did not know who "Mikani" is, because they say "utility."

They are saying that they will insist on doing whatever they want even though the parties are right in front of them.

The problem was that only the child did not have the strength to protest here.

The League of Lions was made up of several prominent clans, but it was still colorful to compare to the Eight.

Above all, Ayman, the leader, was no match for the nine kings.

Everything he was able to attend was possible because he arranged the chapter of this discussion himself.

Archbishop Waltz and Magnus did not place the only child in Edacho's class. I only thought of myself as a servant at your convenience.

In fact, it was the two of them who were coordinating their opinions.

“Fine. Let me make this simple.

“I wish.

“This side of my proposition is simple.

Eyelight flashes over Waltz's eyes.

“Stay out of each other's way.” The Archbishop laughed.

“You want to know your way around.” Is there a problem? ”“ There can't be one. ”“ Neat.

Magnus, who had been speechless, added a single word.

The Archbishop woke up from his seat with a likeness.

“Well, that's settled then. I'll get up first. There was much to prepare, so as he walked out the door on the other side, all the bishops who were standing outside quietly bowed down and followed behind him. Lee Magnus quietly stood up and disappeared with Uros waiting outside.

Waltz soon returned to the door where he came from and left the barracks with his' Eyes'.

That concludes all discussion.

She never listened to her host's opinions at all.

Only the child left alone, like a barley sack, crumbles and bites his teeth.

Baduk! Yeon takes a light step up the mountain. After spending unexpected time with Dora all night, she left to avoid waking up.

However, Edora got up and was holding a watering can while wet her feet in the stream.

“Hello?” Edora smirks and is struck by him. Maybe because of what happened last night. Today, however, she seemed more lively.

Yeon-woo smiled unconsciously. I'm wearing a mask, but I can't see very well. Edora can see the look on his face with just a smile.

“When did you wake up?” “It didn't bother me. I wonder where you've been.

“In the marketplace ahead. I'll loosen up a bit when I'm nervous, and I'll provide a light cold.

“Have you saved the month?” 0: 1 0 I stopped Dora from approaching one-on-one.

“I'll make it for you in a minute.

You'll cook for me? Edora's eyes widen on their own because I didn't see Yeon Woo cooking except when she was making desserts for Cesar herself.

Yeongwoo opened the subspace with a mouthful of laughter and took out her personal tools and began to rust the materials that she had obtained while squeezing through the foothills.

Edora comes out of the stream, grabbing her backpack and wandering behind the stream. Then he looks up and down and watches him do nothing.

I put a big wok on top of a heavy fire and roasted the cost price thoroughly, but I didn't know who it was. Since she doesn't have to cook for herself as a royal, all she knows is that vinegar and sugar are the main ingredients.

He sliced the pork into thin slices and found it buried in starch and covered in oil.

I continued to follow Yeon Woo because I was more curious about the identity of Edora's cuisine because of the smell of it starting to bubble, but I had to go back to the final position and wait for it to finish.

Soon after that, two foods were placed in front of Edora.

The large plate contained fried pork and a thick sauce in another bowl.

It was the first food I had ever seen. Edora laughs.

“Is this the cost?” “It's called Tangsoo meat.

“Tang Su Meat?” “It'll be good to enjoy.

“How do you eat? You can pick up the fries with this and dip them in the sauce.” Yeon gave Edora her finger. Edora picked up a fried item with a crunchy chopsticks and dipped it in sauce, then slowly put it in her mouth. Freshly fried and hot, but after a few breaths, it was fine.

Well, after chewing a few times, my eyes drifted.

“How?" “Delicious.” “I'm glad you enjoyed it.” Under the mask, Yeon-woo's eyes slightly curved.

“Neither salty nor sweet. The sauce is so delicious. I like the texture of the meat.” Edora smiles as she picks up a few more things.

“I never thought I'd be able to eat my brother's food like this. You're a good cook, huh?” “Just go with it. It's no big deal." “But it's great how you do it.” Edora smiles happily, putting the fried pieces in her mouth.

“Looks like we're newlyweds. Isn't that right?” Yeon reaches out without a word and strokes Edora's head. Edora closes her eyes and feels his touch.

“Brother, you seem to have changed a lot while you were away.” “Is that so?” “Yes. You used to feel like you're being chased around in the middle of nowhere, but now you're relaxed. Should I say we're done? Like that.” I thought maybe Yeon-woo was right. Across Dardardaroth, reunited with his brother. And the more I opened my mind and made each of my colleagues, the more I felt that something was changing inside of me.

“Can you tell me what's been going on?” “It's gonna be a long story.” “Better that way. They have great dining.” Looking back at her big smile.

Yeongwoo sits on her butt across from Edora.

“But, brother, I think it's too boring to just take a picture like this. Wouldn't it be better to dump it with Zari?” Yeon tried to stop Edora, but by the end of the sentence, she was already pouring all the sauce on the meat.

Well, well.

“I knew it. I think the sauce is better because of this! ”