Second Life Ranker

16. Temple of the Dragon (3)

Calatus told Yeon-woo to come to her place as soon as possible.

But the Dragon Labyrinth can never pass unless it's fully prepared.

So I had to prepare for the raid, even if it took me a while.

The first step to that was to draw in various forces, including blood nations: the larger the number, the better the rapid attack. It was time to wait for the fruit to ripen.


The work with Edora, as her worrying mind turned into relief, was created by an unexpected emotion.

But that did not make a big difference to their relationship.

Like always.

They fought for each other, only for each other.

Edora has heard interesting things from Yeon-woo.

The part about meeting Jungwoo was joyful together, and the story about the earthly goddess appearing and making Tartarus a mess was also fascinating.

“I saw Olfowon once.” “Olfowon?” I never thought of that.

I looked at Edora with a surprised face.

“Yes. I was too young, and all I saw was a touch. I was looking for my father.

The town was so noisy at the time, Edora still couldn't forget it.

“I don't really remember the details of what it looked like. Probably some kind of cognitive disturbance spell, right? But, you know, it's kind of weird and vivid.

“Atmosphere?” “Yes. It was unusual. While I was struggling, I drew a new impression of Dunolfo, which was buried in the memory of the month of Edo.

“Whether it's a wagon • • • • • or not, it looks like it wants to collapse on its own. I have to say, you look tired. It felt like that.” Yeon-woo was lost in thought for a moment. A jeopardized all-fou.

It was so different from what I thought of her, it was hard to understand.

Edora, however, had such excellent eyes that she learned Hye-An.

Even as a child, there would have been a vision that pierced the essence.

Or perhaps the image of Allfowon that would shine in her eyes is real.

'Hard.' Yeon-woo sweeps her head lightly. I thought that Allfowon, who had seen and experienced his brother, might actually be a lot different from reality.

But it doesn't make a difference. 'Whatever the truth may be.

The fact that it's a wall you have to climb to the top of the tower doesn't change that much.

Of course, there were more walls to overcome before that.

“Brother, do you have any more of these? It's so good.

Edora suddenly looks at Tang Su Meat with a sad look.

“There's more, so eat all you want. But this time, just take it. Because when it's poured, it gets moist when it's cold:" “But this is how it looks like the sauce soaks in and mixes well with the meat. This is how I want it!” Yeon-woo sighed calmly as she looked at the prodding flesh.

“I made some coffee. Do you want some?” That night.

Yeongwoo and Edora moved to the place where they decided to rendezvous with the Food and Drug Emperor.

“Ahaha! Jim's Brothers! Jim's old friend! It's no use showing up now! You know how much Jim wanted to see you!” The Food and Drug Administration closed on Yeong-woo with a big smile. Suddenly, he comes back overwhelmed with fatness. His face is full of sebum.

Yeon-woo tried to hug him, but suddenly two blades intersected Yeon-woo with the X-letter sentence.

“What are you doing, Duke Mogley?! Duke Nirving!" The owner of the two blades was Duke Mogley and Duke Tirving, both of whom were 'years and' gods'.

“Forgive my rudeness, Your Majesty.

“But the gods have business to attend to.” Before the appetizer shouts any more, Duke Nirving bows his head to one knee.

Meanwhile, Duke Mogley quickly narrows his eyes and stares at Yeongwoo.

“Lord Caine. Depending on your answers, we have turned to Duke Mogley and Duke Nirving, who will beg you to stay away from him at all costs.

“As you wish.” “The soup you've created has now entered a rolling bowl that will never escape. Now it's not just the White Dragon, it's even the bloodlines and Elohim. But the plan you proposed was too simple. How will you balance this power?” Edora opened her eyes behind her, but Yeon-woo stopped her.

Yeon-woo glanced at Duke Mogley and said with a shrugged reply.

“What if the phantom regiment states that they are willing to join forces and that Mahishi is planning to join forces soon?” Duke Mogley snorts.

“That's not fair! You think a bunch of mobsters can get more balance? At best, the League of Lions will be the last ones to face them.” “They're not the only two.” Yeon-woo chuckles.

“I have one, too.

At the end of Yeon-woo's words, Ji-ang! Suddenly, a shadow rises up and slaps Duke Mogley's sword at Yeon-woo.

At the same time, another blade protrudes from the back and reaches the Duke of Mogley's throat.

Don't move. I'll be thirsty by then. "Where in the world? 'Han stood right behind him, raising his blade as far as he could.

What happened so fast. Duke Mogley's eyes widen. He was also a brilliant prosecutor, and I couldn't even read his movements.

Yeon said coldly, looking at Duke Frozen Mogley.

“You already know that I am the Lord of the House of Shadows. I don't think this is the right balance of weight, but I think it's enough to get things done. Is this not good enough for you?" A player with a knack for stopping his attack on the duc, no matter how miraculous.

Duke Mogley had to admit his defeat.

• • • A lot of disrespect. "7 `Le! He straightens up and pushes the steam back into the foam bin. As he falls, he stares at him, then melts back into the shadows.

Duke Nirving also steps back, and the appetizer approaches with a furious face and raises his hand.

Yikes! "This sin will be blamed in the future. Stand back, I don't want to see you!” “Grace is like the Hahae.” Grace is like the Hahae. ”The ducs head down and retreat quietly.

The paladin continues to stare at them until they are completely gone. He rushes to take a quick step and scouts the ghetto.

“Pleasure, are you all right? Where's the chopping?” “Long time no see.

“Look at this guy! Say hello now! Your body is more important! This is not happening! Jim is never a matter of time!” “I'm aware of that. Don't worry." “How can I not worry?” “Don't punish the ducs either. It's all about loyalty to His Majesty, isn't it? I understand a hundred times,” The folk who knew Yeon-woo sounded crazy enough to see it.

The Food and Drug Administrator stole the red-eyed eyes with a handkerchief.

“Huh. Mind is a tall tooth. How did Jim finally meet someone like you? It would have been better if we had communicated earlier. The emperor held Yeon-woo's hand with a thick hand.

“Come on, let's go inside. I have prepared a banquet for my lord.” The appetizer led Yeon Woo to his barracks and did not spare any praise for the spit. The duc followed behind them.

“The Grave of Calatus! The High Spring Queen and all her bitches and her lovers deserve a fire in their eyes. Hahaha! And now that you've read the judgement, it's probably going to get complicated.” All the banquets and drinks were filled with sumptuous plates along the long table in the barracks.

“And as you asked, the investigation is complete. It's all I have left.

The appetizer slightly muttered to the ears of Yeongwoo and shed a real smile.

Other than talking in secret, there was no one else who didn't hear it.

While Yeongwoo was searching for Edora, the bloodstream searched for the grave while reviewing the map that Yeongwoo gave her to avoid the eyes of the thresholders.

To make sure the map was true.

And, of course,

The result was bingo.

It was a successful discovery of Hidden Stage.

The Food and Drug Administration emperor still couldn't forget the appearance of the officials when they reported that they had found Calatus' tomb in a hurry. When I thought about it, my mouth was full of saliva.

“That's what everyone says. Even though I'm only a beginner, there are so many precious things. I saw how the dragons of the past became transcendent, how the Summer Queen had been able to dominate the tower for so long.” The food emperor has already touched some of the dragon's legacy that the attendants brought. Every one of them is now compared to the top artifacts traded in the tower and never lags behind.

“Your Majesty.

“Hahaha! Why? Just say the word.

“Don't forget that everything you have seen is just what was at the entrance.

It means there will be more rare things inside.

“And everything in it will be yours.” The appetizer's jaw snaps open. Then he barely covers his mouth with his hands and speaks solemnly.

“Do you want Jim to snatch your ball? Or do you intend to turn the dot into a ungrateful tyrant? This is your share. Jim was just trying to help you. Everything here belongs to you.” Of course, Yeon-woo smiled inside, but 'you don't want to draw.' I wonder if he has endless greed.

The size of his greed was enormous, as he sat on the throne of the emperor after eating his brothers. It could be the adra in the stomach, the edible stone.

“I have neither the strength nor the desire to lose the treasure. Then, of course, it is right to take the treasure from the Emperor 7.” The food emperor barely soothed his wrinkled lips.

“What about you? Once you give me everything you've got in there, there 'll be nothing left.” “All I want is one thing in there." “What? If this is what you want, I can't spare hundreds of lives!” Can I talk to you about that then? ”“ Suit yourself! I'll give you anything in the name of Jim! Hahaha! I've had a lot of trouble, but I finally got my fill today! What are you all doing, without bringing out a feast? ”“ Wouldn't it be okay to enjoy your meal slowly after you've explored all the tombs? "“ Hahaha! You're like a man who came out of a burden.

How do I like every word you say? That's nice.

The tomb. No, Jim will lead you directly to the labyrinth. Follow me. ”Yeon-woo smiles with a cheerful smile as she watches the emperor roar toward the portal connected to the Dragon Palace.

You can't say I want your neck, glutton.

Soon the place was reversed with a swarm of light.

[Hidden Stage, I've got it.] 'The Dragon's Beauty