Second Life Ranker

17Th., Temple of the Dragon (4)

[The entrance to the labyrinth is where you stand now.] The entrance to the labyrinth was spectacular enough to fit the entrance.

Susan's name was founded in a colourful array of marble architecture along its cavity, which seemed to be acceptable at the same time, and the wall was filled with the mythology of the species.

And there was a huge iron gate in front of it.

Tens of meters long, I think. It was so big that I could never move.

Before that, a statue in human form closed its eyes quietly, with its scabbard folded. The sculpture was so sophisticated, it felt so vivid that it could move quickly.

And there was so much blood and corpses scattered all around. There are traces of gunfire left on the floor and along the iron gate.

“Said the cavalry boys couldn't wait to get through.

As you can see, the damage is rather minor. ”The emperor frowned as he walked past the well-groomed men and kicked the corpse with his feet.

“That must be the Guardian I've only heard of.” “Maybe I will. And I'm sorry for you. I didn't keep my promise.

Those vanguard bastards will be held responsible for the torture. ”As I narrowed my hugging eyes, I looked at the habitat.

Darren 7 Don/Migu 'in the underworld of the Dragon Warfare, prior to the wooden 0 „/7/of the Color-Fuse, there is a glamorous arc of the polyp with a v% water tube that reaches 2.

That is why it was divided/divided into sections/wolves, each compartment testing the following clauses/% true days.

Such exploratory roles were 0/right, Wudang/Gigi • • • • • • Kyoto Kalatus was alive/26015; Since his achievements today are Ö/Wonton Dragon King, he himself is very clean/7/.

The irresistible dragonflies9//scribe/named after them were high and/nose/grade/sun/swift, and some were comparable to the nine kings.

Dogs/dogs were only popular with %h and/or the owner/even though 7 were running for $4 a week, even though 7 was a no-show/7; if there was a wooden tribe - they were all the same backbone about cooking being healed/engraved.

It was no more than a dot/money/me after Calatus • • • • • • • • • • The most unique match/year in Wudon/7/was five periods.

One of them was a transverse gatekeeper.

Many dragons face Mary strong pla/Ö "/Which sail will it take? 'I asked the question, and I thought about it/make/q/Joe/Combat Artificial.

When I first pass the tutorial.

Yeongwoo once encountered copper dolls in the boss room of compartment A.

It was Gavanda who had become the motive of the dolls, who was quietly asleep in front of the iron gate.

Balnada is a trivial question because of the boredom of a polyp, and based on the conclusion that several polyps confronted their heads, Kalatu Assess made it himself.

That said, he had to have tremendous power. Normally, he stops all functions and keeps only his opponent still.

However, if there was an intruder attempting to pass through the entrance of the maze without permission, it was programmed to be immediate 1-- myopic.

Maybe even the bodies scattered around the Balkans were brutally attempted to enter.

The position of the labyrinth clearly ended all preparations, and made a pact to try like a kitten. He had already tried to get in before him.

It was a clear breach of promise.

'I didn't expect much.

Disappointment is only received from someone who has faith, otherwise it was not very impressive.

However, the emperor said it was a tree that was analyzing the entrance for no reason. The leader bowed his head, saying he would be condemned.

It was an act of cotton wool for everyone.

Yeon-woo doesn't care much about you, but approaches you with a firefight.

“Hazards • • • The food court and the advance troops were all trying to catch a surprise.

Fortunately, the rainfall only stops as it kicks in and comes to a dead end.

And then he projected the sheer force on him.

[Attempt to connect to the Battle Doll (Launch)] [Invincible.] [Access eligibility is urgent.] 'As well.

Yeon-woo lightly slept his tongue.

I was just trying to see if I could control the firefight from here. It didn't seem right.

Can you accept that Calatus is awake and unable to sequence the maze system? 'It seems difficult to get to where Calatus is easily.

In that case.

'We have to go according to our original plan.

Yeongwoo continued to infiltrate Balda.

[Attempts to connect to the battle doll (Balkanta).] [It's not working.] [Due to continued hacking of unqualified connectors, the Safeguard system operates.] [Current Safeguard Phase: 3] [Safeguard system is active at all times.] Flash! The firefight suddenly opens your eyes. Despite the statue, Mae Seo Un-Gwang broke his son-in-law.

The pupils rolled left and right.

It was as fierce as a predator looking for food.

At that moment, a deep silence settles at the entrance.

The Food and Drug Administration blaming the leader, as well as the recruiters, all silently looked this way. Especially the alertness of the vanguard that had already been hit by the firefight was overwhelming. I was on the move when I got there.

Fortunately, the flaming fire only makes my eyes wide and stare at Yeongwoo. He was still not moved.

“Hmph! The old-fashioned emperor who makes people tremble for no reason came to the side of Yeon-woo and whined, stealing sweat with a handkerchief.

The opponent is no matter how difficult it is to penetrate. I don't know how many more ferocious monsters there are inside the maze, but I can't fight them here without saving my strength.

'I'm ready for this.' But unlike the relieved appetizer.

Yeon Woo's mouth was smiling under the mask.

Safeguard system.

It meant security measures to prevent intruders from getting out.

Originally, the intruders were only set to be locked out at the highest level two, even if intrusions were detected.

The security phase will only escalate with subsequent attempts at connection by Yeongwoo.

Unlike the relief that dietary palace officials and others do not have much movement, all the creatures around them are now 'aware' and looking for the fastest route to quickly report their behavior and habits.

If this is where the battle begins.

It'll go up faster than four, five levels.

Of course, the higher the level, the higher the combat ability of a firefight.

What if I had thrown the League of Lions, the Horsemen, Elohim, the White Dragons? This is gonna get messy.

And no matter how hard you take down Balnanda, the other guardians inside the system will react instantly. The systems that follow will also embarrass them.

Yeongwoo barely tolerated the bitter smile and looked back at the emperor.

The paladin grinned. I smiled beautifully on my plate, but the puffy chin was disgusting.

“Anyway. Now that you've checked the labyrinth, you'll start right away, right?” “Yes, as long as they come.” It was just then.

Duke Mogley approaches and bows his head.

The Gaza Federation is on the move. The horsemen, Elohim and the White Dragon are also said to have finished their meetings and started moving immediately.

“Haha! They're not that good, either!” I've heard the news of the meeting of the Horsemen, Elohim, and White Dragons from Sezark, who has already been planted in the League of Lions, so I was wondering when they would make their move.

The emperor glanced at Duke of the Western Fund Ray with a cheerful smile.

“Mogley!" Say it. ”Duke Mogley bows with one knee to the ground.

“You are well aware of Lord Cain's guilt, aren't you?” “Yes.” Then at the risk of their lives, we'll have to draw them here. "Do you understand what I'm saying? You have a” “order!” Duke Mogley bows once more and quickly takes his place. It was to return to the stronghold where the enemy was approaching with a siege by now.

'Crazy bastards. They just say they're people. They just use them like cattle.' As a lure, it seemed obvious to me that a lot of blood country players were going to die.

Seeing Yeon-woo's back. I dared to recite.


The shadow that fell from Yeonwoo quietly entered Duke Mogley's shadow.

Make it! Don't let any of them live! ”At Aiman's behest, the forest was filled with mercenaries and old Tritons, and in the rear and sky, the wizards were praising them and carrying large amounts of beef.

'The neck of the proprietor is taken by me somehow.

As the League of Lions moves from the north, horses from the east, Elohim from the west and White Dragon from the south are closing in on their siege.

I didn't mean to implore anyone to take over.

Since we told each other not to get in the way, each of us naturally took a close position.

Their goal was only one.

The neckline of a lone proprietor.

Other interests may be read, but he first reached a tentative agreement that the goal of eliminating the monopoly would be to win.

And for what it's worth,

Aiman had no intention of retreating here.

After being ignored several times by the Archbishop, Waltz and Magnus, he was boiling.

That's why I wanted to crumple their arrogant faces somehow.

And I wanted to be alone.

I'm as good as you guys. One of the nine kings who will soon be straight will be his! “Cain!” You roar, pushing back the troops of the bloodline who attempt to make their move to protect their own.

“Kaiin!” Kuku Kung! At that moment, the Concentrated Fire of the Magic Alliance breaches your stone's defenses.

Along with only the leading child, the advancement of the mercenary league tried to enter the bloodline at once. That's when I saw him pushing the intruders back and forth from the inside.

Duke Mogley, a bloodline of whores, is causing all sorts of strange phenomena.

Duke Moglay bounces back, instinctively twisting his body to the sudden attack on his neck. He frowns, knowing the opponent is Ivan.

“Wire •“ Cain! "Do you think I'll tell you?” Yes “means you have to kill a • • • • • •!” Overzealous-IIvan thinks the duc, who is no more than the nine kings, ignores himself and starts pushing the Duke of Mogley with more rage.

The Lion's Advance. The skill of Visaker, which made the mercenary king of the time, exploded, followed by a smokescreen explosion. Duke Mogley also pulled his sword up as he triggered 'Pelant'.

The Kuku ground trembles and the sand climate rises high.

“What are you doing?! No higher songs!” At Duke Mogley's behest, the clans of the bloodline gather together to call the army high.

Bang, bang, bang! Every time the ground is flooded with boots, a surge of energy spreads out into the battlefield. The clan members' hearts beat violently, and their faces are covered in sunlight.

“Scream • • • Not Captain, Dream Flag Raised &/1 Battlefield Incarnation"/Rum.

Break Marley/Raah! Let our Laura ring.


All the clans of the bloodline, eager to die, sought to defeat the invaders who dared to once again ravage their territory.

As the battlefield grows dizzy.

“I don't see you here,” the archbishop clenches his tongue, leaving his fancy troupes marching like ghosts.

While Ivan was colliding with the Duke of Mogley, he quickly searched the battlefield to find that Yeongwoo and the appetizer were not on the premises.

“As long as it takes a piece of the female staff, he can't keep it going for much longer. He takes out the little wedges and marbles from his arms, then he breaks them down and recites them.

“The Child Demon King of Dongju. Please summon the hand of the ventilated castle to this place.” Whee! [Ventilation responds to your call.] [The Wind Celestial System is triggered.]] A whirlwind blows through the battlefield, swinging the Archbishop once. It was to find out where Yeon Woo was.

Similar sights were happening in the west and south at the same time.

Flowers! Is this guy playing tricks again? ”Magnus held his gaze to the sky while his tongue slept.

[The will of the gods be with you.] [The divine society, Asgard, is involved.] [The Divine Society, Deva, participates.] Blessed by many gods, Magnus thunders.

He'd been shot by so many gods, he'd been in a dictatorship. As the plan was being implemented, many divine societies were favoring him.

Opening up channeling for it, the gods' powers hit the stream and broke the bloodline's defenses.

Magnus hunts for traces of the moat that could be anywhere in the wavelength.

Waltz was oblivious to tearing the blood medicine soldiers apart and confirming that there was no compassion. He created about a dozen primitive souls and spread them to the place and expanded his feelings.

The three kings who ruled the tower chased after Yeouido in different ways, and they came upon a portal to almost unknown places at the same time.

“I can't go, these things!” Duke Mogley found three kings moving this way, pushing Ivan hard and turning his sword towards the portal.

Slush! Slush! Duke Mogley, who was barely facing him, was able to stop the three kings who were about to enter at the same time.

With the light arrow, the right arm splits into the air, and the left leg is cut below the knee.

The three kings passed through the 1-1 without a care for the fallen Duke of Mogley and were sucked into the portal that was hidden in the deepest part of the main barracks.

“Damn it! Everyone, stop fighting and follow me!” I no longer paid any attention to Duke Mogley because he thought he had lost the player, but took the least of the detachment and plunged into the portal.

The rest of the troops rush behind the leaders, quietly settling on the dizzy battlefield.

• • • Instrument Kick. Poor bastards. They don't even know it's all the King's condolences. They jump like fireflies. ”Duke Mogley turned his back on the rocks in an earthquake, but saw them leaping over the portal and laughed.

Although many people sacrificed themselves, they threw their arms and legs one by one.

But you brought in three kings and four giant clans. It was enough business.

They don't even know where they jumped from, and then they'll be swept away by the Guardians spilling out of the maze.

And word of the discovery of Calatus' tomb will spread throughout the tower, sucking in more troops and rankers like black holes.

Duke Mogley did not suspect that the last person to smile after such a massacre would be their emperor.

This sacrifice will be the solid foundation of the 'empire' which will soon be completed.

I believed that, so I laughed.

I didn't feel the pain in my arms and legs. I felt more proud that I had fulfilled my mission. Probably kept laughing until the rest of the headquarters came to pick him up.

I wish it wasn't the sudden ringing of your ears.

"Apologies, but the condolences were not made by your king, but by our King 7. You are no different from them" Duke Mogley swiftly turned his back on the crisis armor and swung his remaining arm. Above his abnormally stretched shadow, he looks this way and swings his sword: Duke Lhuahuak-Mogley could not, at the end, make up the word 'betrayal'. Because of the wind blowing from a blind spot right behind you.

The frightened man's head rises into the air.

Ghost and Rebecca look at each other and move to clear the rest of the camp.

As the shadow spreads like food, the creature begins to rise.

“Why, why, why, why!” It was the beginning of a massacre.