Second Life Ranker

18Th, Temple of the Dragon (5)

Hrrrgh! The furnace burns fiercely, and as it collapses, it devours the very essence of a bloodline.

Only the corpses lying high would tell us that there was a brutal battle. A hill where no survivors could be found.

• • • What the hell happened? ”Then, with a voice of confusion, Groitz landed quietly and looked around from the sky.

When I heard that four giant clans had formed alliance lines to go after Yeongwoo and bloodline, I was in a rush, but unlike what I expected, the battlefield was still in ruins after all the battles.

Did he just go somewhere else? Sunga, who was trying to get rid of Julpicar SeongKim, said, "What is this? You didn't take a wrong turn, did you?” “It's too quiet for them to end up like this.” Above Groitz's head, the Wyvern horde of shadows pours down in succession, and players in spectacular armor pour down.

The welcoming knights, the 'Liberty', 'Black Wolf, and' Hwang dynasty 'were the main members of the illusion coalition: the ranking order of digits inside the tenth generation.

And at the end of the day, there are those who land on the ground who feel cool just by looking.

Despite the number of fewer than ten.

Their presence was much greater than that of other organizations, including the phantom limb.

Kreutz and other players who had landed first, bowed their heads as much as they did.

Step 1: Starting with a few of the wing panels in the air, they were the first to reveal that each member of the group that had created a phantom band of 108 tissues was made up of lacquer to underground lampers.

Now, they are more famous as "First Class" or "Guardian of the Regiment" than as the wings of the air.

A man slowly walks out of the door.

The winged crest on the chest is impressive. Although it's hard to tell what a face looks like by flipping the robe over.

In the meantime, her eyelids were sharp enough to pierce her son-in-law.

“It seems that there was a fair amount of fighting at first, but then some fell apart and resulted in a unilateral massacre. Hmm. What the hell is that? Is it a new force invasion?” The battalion commander whispers as he looks around quickly. He was an excellent judge of his surroundings quickly and gave timely contingencies, but today was the first time he had seen such a situation.

The Lion Alliance, the Horsemen, Elohim, and the White Dragon's chief suddenly disappeared, followed by a massacre.

Why did they suddenly disappear, and no matter how important, there was never a single speculation as to who could slaughter the elites of the Eight Clans so unilaterally.

Queekly, no one could think of anything other than the duc class of the bloodline, the bishop classes of the horsemen, and the mandatory cleanliness class.

And for what it's worth, Their trends are already well-known, so it was inevitable to avoid the information networks the regimental commander had set up everywhere.

“Is that what this is about?” Then the battalion commander found traces of the portal in the center of the collapse. It was already closed, but there was a slight trace of magical power left behind: “Ramart, check where the portal here leads. Even if it can be reopened. The coordinates will come out as soon as it has reverberation.” “Do you understand?” The third stage, the leader of the Liberty Priest, Ramart stepped forward and began memorizing the warrant. As the small effects erupt, the enchantments installed on the floor work little by little.

The battalion commander mutters in a small murmur, gazing at the resuming portal.

“I waited so long for • • • just a little longer.

Two years? No. Three years, maybe four years. I don't know if it's even close to 10 years.

'Since the star was there, he has forgotten the time altogether. I only lived for one purpose, and to this day. It was to clear the day of the fantasy.

Sooner or later, you will be able to achieve your long-cherished desire. As the first feeling of excitement in the eyes of the regiment leader was young, the magicians dreamt of it and vomited the red portal.

Beyond that, you notice a noisy commotion that the battle is raging.

“Everyone, cross the portal along the regiment leader. We don't know what's out there, so let's all get ready for battle!” Kreutz quickly raises his hand and shouts. Once the regiment was assembled, he was naturally assigned to the post of deputy commander.

As the rest of the regiment prepares to cross the portal behind the regiment leader.

“Hey, what are you guys?” Suddenly, you feel a series of miracles behind you.

The regiment commander and Groitz stopped on their way and looked back.

There was as much manpower as there was in the phantom regiment. It also exudes fierce vigilance.

Jatura and Sanon's hordes. It was Mahi Sung.

We've managed to seize many years. "It was around the time the horsemen, etc. appeared along the giant portal that Yeonwoo had defeated the Duke of Mogley from Han Dynasty.

Yeon-woo had to bear the bitter smile that almost flowed out without even knowing it.

I hope you're right. 'Strong Renaissance'.

Four ducks assisting the emperor. These were the symbols of fear that allowed the bloodlines to rule as eight clans today.

But from time to time, Yeon-woo, like her brother, had questions about their existence.

Where the hell did they come from? The bloodline was strong. The whale zodiac! 9//disappeared/had the same prolonged history as the previous year. The jungle-like foe/g//⁄ 7 fever was as strong as the nails, but when gritted and twisted, the bloodlines had a short-lived/long history 4 months before daylight.

Because of the unique general/nowhere else, and those who were just trying to resist/discriminate: That's why/The presence/the blood cells were closer to the major ( Po) e//.

All the factories in the Kingdom of the Kingdom of Granden are EI/Kwon & '92; t pay back because Equation * emperor stood up and did not say anything.

Since the food emperor began a senseless conquest. The bloodline grew rapidly, and the four ducs were shattered so much.

However, as long as the face of the member changed, the Food and Drug Enforcement Agency kept the duc in four places unconditionally.

There hasn't been any change since he was immediate.

It's the same now.

Despite the death of Duke Ardbad, who was already a force, he kept it public and never got rid of it.

I heard he's looking carefully for a successor.

Yeon-woo thought it would never be a coincidence.

The reason why the appetizer was able to ascend to the throne by erasing even the brothers and the predecessor emperor who was treated as a half eater.

I thought that the four peacocks of the super-strength who had surged up the power of the bloodline might have originated here.

No matter how blind the appetizer was to greed, it was this much blood-related.

I wouldn't have used a glutton stone to be completely dance-free.

Even if we can't handle it properly, the power derived from it should be enough to use it.

To strengthen oneself, the amount left unbearably was formed in the form of a "powerful god."

Fortunately, as Gran Yun predicted.

I succeeded in extorting the floating- ["Paran"]. [You have taken away some of the power of the Soul Eater Stone.] Existing adra stones (arrogant stones) react to each other "[adra stones (arrogant stones) crave a lot of power.] the message began to print at a rapid rate.

Jiaying_The Wise Man's Stone in the left chest rings nicely.


[Sudden Quest (Sin Stone) is created. [Sudden Quest/Sin Stone] Content: In the past, Luciel, a lighthouse keeper who had built the Great Fire, swallowed up the fire blind to greed, and fought many planets and long wars.

But even though God and demons had succeeded in tearing Luciel's wings, they were blinded by each other's greed and eventually failed to recover the original fire and had to watch it fall into the system.

At that time, the flames were mixed with Luciel's soul and poured out into 14 stones around the world.

Many of these were successfully recovered from the heavenly realm, but some remained. One of them is the stone of arrogance that has come into your hands.

And now, right here is another stone, the Sycamore.

Virtue is meant to be drawn to one another, and Sin to another. Unexpectedly, arrogance and appetite are also attracting each other.

Depending on the effect, from now on, combine the arrogant and gluttonous stones into one new, enhanced stone, the Sin Stone.

In order to do that, not only do you have to rob a powerful enemy with a glutton stone, but you also have to analyze the two stones closely and show the density of accidental bonding.

Limit condition: Limit time of adra holder: Reach condition: 1. Carry a Dining Stone.

2. Analyze the appetite stone.

3. Mix edible stones in arrogant stones to make new adra stones.

Reward:?? The cornerstone was cheerful inside.

It was exactly what I expected.

It was a remnant of the power that the emperor who did not properly handle the edible stones was unable to control the power.

As soon as we took one of these, the system recognized it.

If I had known this, I would have brought the Force with me when I slaughtered Duke Ardbad.

Yeon-woo felt sorry for him, but it was absolutely absurd considering the situation at that time.

I didn't know how Yeon-woo dealt with spiritual things at the time. I didn't think about power, and I didn't know how to take it. Even if I had my own diarrhea, I wouldn't have been able to obtain it.

Jiaying - Wise Man's Stone pours out its magical power as it wriggles. It's like giving yourself more power.

I feel like Maestri, who is trapped in the stone of the sage, is screaming.

However, there were remarkable changes or not 7121. In fact, even though it was fierce, it was only a handful compared to the power of the original edible stone.

'It means that the Food and Drugs Administration could not handle the stones properly.' However, after obtaining 'Pelant', Yeongwoo felt that the spirit became softer.

On the other hand.

The emperor's expression was stiff.

The rope that was always connected to him suddenly snapped and snapped. It means Duke Mogley is dead.

That's what I was prepared to do anyway, and I don't care if I can say good-bye.

The problem was, of course, that the power that had to be recovered had not returned.

What's going on? Did any of your enemies notice the Stone? But how? You've never been seen before. The emperor's mind became more complex and tightened. If we do not recover the lost power, it was a great loss for the blood country as well. No, beyond that 'it was a big deal: greedy him to lose something, especially precious treasure, was never going to happen.

“What's the matter, Your Majesty?” But the mind of the food emperor did not grow long. It was because the accident stopped during the sudden interruption of Yeongwoo.

“Enemies are already here. Beat the troops.If you keep this up, we'll really get caught up." The emperor quickly regained consciousness. It was important to think about how to get 'I' back, but for now I had to work on the plan.

Fortunately, 'three suspects, Archbishop, Magnus, and Waltz, who would have taken the bitch, all appeared to be entering the common area, and once we defeat them all, we'll be able to quickly find out who the culprit is.

“Prime Minister, step back!” All troops, fall back! ”All troops, scatter!” Scatter! ”At Duke Tuppelin's command, the bloodline advance back towards the sacred walls.

Then came the League of Lions, the Horsemen, Elohim, and the Horsemen, and they chased them deep into the community.

The shoulders of the Brawler who had been vigilant of the intruders, keeping both eyes open, began to open slightly.

[Multiple intruders have been discovered. Warning. No further access is permitted.] [You have discovered several intruders. Warning. No more unnecessary intrusions.] [The phase of the Safeguard system will be adjusted.] [Current Safeguard Phase: 5] [Depending on the designated Safeguard system, the opponent of the firefight 'always changes to an operating station'] The firefight took place slowly. The ominous energy starts to surge like a hurricane, but intruders, other than the bloodlines, find it late.

Of course I do.

The price was terrible.

Balkant's new brother was about to be taken out.

Puppy! Players who had just entered the portal disappeared into an explosion and a blood trap.

“W-what, this?” Magnus' eyes suddenly open as he sees them vanish into a handful of blood.

Among those who had just died was Uros. Uros, the head of the seven Elohim, the head of the Protogenous family! Imagine the danger Elohim is in because of the death of the prolonged protogenous states.

This was never supposed to happen.

“Son of a bitch!" In the end, Magnus is soaked in rage, and he flies one hand as it flies.

The story of the giver (37786;) It was his signature skill that unleashed a fierce storm, as if the original directly lowered his palm.

Magnus thought, of course, that a battle doll that he didn't even know about could be blown to smithereens.


Kwang! The firefight reaches out his right hand and takes the page. Same posture, same power, same skill.

The moment the aura of disbelief came to Magnus' eyes that was absolutely ridiculous.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr The same skillful as it just appeared, with superior skill and power.

A violent hurricane swept through the cavity as it swallowed Magnus.

roll-and they're all tangled up in this crazy fight. Yeongwoo swiftly flew away, flapping the wings of fire, toward the missing gatekeeper.