Second Life Ranker

19. Temple of the Dragon (6)

It was Ivan who responded first to the appearance of Yeon Woo. The appearance of Baldanda caused the battlefield to become chaotic, following only Yeon's footsteps, but Balnada reached out to you as if no one would allow her to approach the Iron Gate. The space split apart from the slanted hand blade and went to L17A.

The Lion's Advance. His signature skill burst from him.

Aiman had to swiftly swing down the sword instead of running to Yeongwoo.

Ca 'ang, I heard a loud noise and my body was pushed away for a long time. Gyeom trembled and cracked more than half of it.

= -1 Cold sweat flowed along 0.

Power that would have flew away if the defenses were only a little late. His handwriting was more skillful than the lions.

'How does a battle doll know that the movement of a battle doll is nothing but a copy of the entered Motion. Even if you can mimic an opponent's skill, you can't mimic its skill or its power. This seemed to have gone beyond that.

Was it a secret weapon of the spleen made by a missing sole proprietor for less than a year, or did the nations hide the women? If that's not it.

[Hidden Stage, Entering Jean's Miguel.] Maybe it has something to do with a strange message that appeared on the retina as soon as we crossed the portal.

Dragon Labyrinth? What month is this? It's true that there are many terrain on the 50th floor stage, but there are no compartments with this name.

The Hidden Stage is definitely not that kind of place.

Is it related to the Temple of the Dragon, which everyone expected to be buried somewhere?

Grrrrrrrrr! But his thoughts don't grow. It was because he punched his abdomen hard as he came to the front.

When the child's sword finally exploded and a surgeon arose.

The Archbishop and Waltz went on a wild chase after Yeouido and the Emperor.

“Your Majesty! We'll take care of this place. Please open the door!" Nirving, take the king in charge! ”" In tongues! ”Duc Touttien, who used to patronize the food emperor, turns his back on the spring.

Magic power was triggered by rolling the foot firmly. Then, the flesh around him was torn, and the bony blade protruded out like a hedgehog.

The Bone Wolf Sword. A tourniquet signature skill used to craft swords by manipulating bones into artifacts.

The hardness of the bones became abnormally hard, combined with the 'overload' from the dietary tranquilizer, and he was a moving weapon.

After the duc put his magic into his shoulders, the blade of bone protruding from the outside suddenly expanded to tens of times and turned into a thicket. The archbishop and Waltz, who poured forward, frowned and waved their hands to the side as if they were annoying to death. As the space shifted, the pieces of bone burst out in vain.

But the crushed bone dust filled the space, obscuring vision.

Through the gap, the two inferno sites rose active as the space split at the end of the high cavity.

Approach. Unacceptable. "Magic cannons were poured out intensively along the margins on all sides.

As the ground splits, the pillar of fire rises high. It was a power spell as powerful as the ascension to Elder Reach: Hwaah_Bone Powder left a hole in the fog, and a lot of cracks along the ground caused the Archbishop and Waltz's access to it was temporarily blocked.

“These things!” Waltz splits his warrior shield with a bunch of crooked worms and lays waste to all the violence. However, it was not easy to sprinkle both peacocks and side joints on a speeding belt that decided to tie their ankles.

Mother, I used the magic I learned from the Summer Queen to spread the dispel and stop the margins.

Just as Jiyoung, Jing and Jiaying-Boo proved that their magic skills were even higher than hers, the display of the display performed an absurd level of magic.

Eventually, she separated herself from her primal self, thinking she couldn't do this.

We didn't want to do this so that it could reveal our weaknesses just as much as dispersing them.

That's not the case right now.

More than a dozen spirits spread out and chased after Yeouido in different paths.

Duke Duc Duc tried to stop all ten lifelong immortals because he wanted to, but it was not easy.

Eventually, some managed to overcome the cracks by avoiding their control.

Just then, while digging through the dirt, some unseen workers broke in.

“A fight like this from the start.

That guy, Jenna, is still in trouble. ”First things first.” “The Witch! This was the battalion commander of the phantom regiment, Groitz, Jatura, and Sanon. Recognizing that he is an ally, he quickly coalesced and crossed the portal.

Edora, who was with Yeon-woo, greeted them and lifted Shinmamo high.

Sheep! Sheep! And then one day, a Balkanist, who had his feet tied to Ivan and Magnus' back, started attacking Waltz and the Archbishop from the back.

In the midst of an explosion, the error is cluttered with chaos.

Yeon-woo's hand finally reached the iron gate.

[Visitor recognized. Successfully managed to bypass the [Gateway to the First Gateway of the Labyrinth] [Gatekeeper (Kick Out).] [Hidden conditions have been met, and the palate of the appellate emperor has been torn long.

We know there are still more ways out of this.

Unlike yourself who is familiar with the map, enemies must deal with numerous guardians at the moment the maze opens.

Even if it is not a massacre, there will be great consequences.

Then all you have to do is take over the heritage of the dragons that Kalatus left behind.

He's already got two bloodshot eyes, as if he's already got a lot of treasure ahead of him. There was a lot of drooling in my mouth.

By the way.

[The Hidden Trial begins.] [First Trial: Survive the Labyrinth.1. 2 "The emperor opened his eyes to a message that he had never thought of. At that moment, he unknowingly turns to the shore.

Under the mask.

Yeongwoo's eyes were drawing a hose.

It was a bitter, snowy smile.

Before the appetizers even summoned Yeon Woo.

Ho} Aah! I brightened the pulsating pulsations that started from the labyrinth and swallowed everything.

I was summoned by Calatus and immediately leaned toward Lee/e/eh/gambling even though I had not finished.

Later, I heard that/Guardian Uvalao,//77, was strange and small in the roots/chi around Migu.

The Labyrinth is made by Calatus in honor of many polyps. If anyone visited such a place/did %h/not eat, it was his/her eligibility to qualify for the co-moon.

g/The war on top of the palace/Even the feet have been challenged/blown on one of the grilled jerra eggs/.

And he/she - when I/= O • spoke ghöPF/.

But one thing is certain.

That Saro7 parts EI/Ramke Ilman PLA/0 „/These 5//are very much the same.

A labyrinthine labyrinth that works like a labyrinth/had a random/wooden/road? Dreams are endless.

After me/dragonman, is that/edie's nut to do?

Oh, and I didn't buy the Coney Calatus.

So Arnie the Lizard will do it? “For now, Yeon-woo looks around as if it's going as planned and is small.

All I can see is a cave wall full of oil. The tunnel lies long and creased along the small cavity, but it is difficult to recognize the structure because it is covered in darkness.

There seemed to be no one else around.

It meant that it worked as planned.

All those people at the entrance must have been scattered.

If we continue to fight against opponents who are read by various forces, this side is only disadvantageous.

However, if the location is randomly assigned, the story is completely different.

It is easy to control because it has the effect of forcibly distributing power, but it is also good to be vigilant between them.

If you roll around with only limited resources in this vast maze and struggle, I'll start with selfishness.

Each one will be destroyed, devouring each other, and each one will be called an exponential damage.

The League of Lions, Elohim, the Horsemen, the White Dragon, the Blood cells.

Besides, the rumors about this side should be spreading up here soon.

The Dragon Labyrinth has been discovered, and Calatus' tomb has been discovered. If such rumors spread, so will you. If the population continues to flow into the labyrinth, the plate that used to be a mess grows large enough that it can no longer walk.

A black hole that takes everything home.

That was the ideal scenario for Yeon-woo.

Above all.

The biggest problem with the labyrinth.

Can't you do that? 'It was to close all the channels that were always following me like a tail.

Dragon Advancement. Dragon Beauty. "In other words, Calatus was very fond of watching other John//DenÖ/'s views of his children.

In addition to the Apostle, many players borrow power from God and the Devil.

Their function stops everything.

It's because of the properties of polyps.

Unlike the gods and demons who ascended to heaven, the polyps remained in the stream.

But even the polyps were once shoulder to shoulder with them. There was no way to tolerate an unpleasant gaze.

And naturally, with all channeling closed, all power is cut off. Even Yeon-woo could not spread her wings.


'Still, the power of the Black King is working.

Fortunately, Yeon-woo nodded slightly, checking the three fine pulsating frames. Perhaps King Chilhok's brother borrowed the artifact and used the power, so it seemed to have nothing to do with the channeling cut.

It was a shame that I couldn't use the wings of heaven, but I didn't think it would be a problem to get through the labyrinth if I had the power of the King of Child.

There's already a shortcut in his head to Ray.

And another drawback of the labyrinth.

['You are exposed to the Dragon's Curse.] [Attack and Defensive Strength are limited.] [Attribution and dominance are only a certain number.] and Hidden Stage.

[Attribute 'Dragon Body' frees some from the 'Dragon Curse'.] At least the bee tends to be less influential thanks to its dragon-borne nature. Still, his body is heavier than usual.

'In this circumstance, no matter how powerful the king is, he will be forced to do so. The Dragon's Curse is as proportional as its level.' Even for Ramkerney High Ranker and King Ahome, how can we overcome the hardships and aggression of the Guardians with these enormous constraints?

Yeonwoo smiles faintly, thinking of those who would be suffering from the Guardians by now.

Although Edora, who had fallen apart, was gradually promoted.

'If it's him. You're gonna make it.

I secretly told you about the structure of the maze, and I trust that a smart Edora will escape safely and reach Rare.

[Survive the maze.] of the third trial.

Huai-Yun slowly spread out the area of the supersenses.

First, I needed to know exactly where I was.

'I see.

Then suddenly, before Yeon-woo came here, I remembered the face of the illusion captain I had seen with Kreutz.

You're sure it's him? 'Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.