Second Life Ranker

20.Dragon Temple (7)

Are you based in a • • B2—ACII area? It's a little farther than I thought. 'Yeon recognized the exact position and kicked her tongue. Looks like you'll have to make a lot of moves to get to the deepest core, Rare.

'First here to the right. Then left, third exit, diagonal second?' [Wind gust] Yeongwoo leaves Yongsin wide open, and quickly moves along the path that creates the path of the wind.

I was going through a complex structure that I would never have been able to get through without knowing the structure of the maze in advance.

Sphere - "Intruder. Confirmation." Suddenly, with a sinister sound, the ground that Yeongwoo was trying to tread on was split, and the Skeleton Lancer in black armor slowly got up and blocked the way ahead.

Dragon sickness, spartoi.

A Guardian with the teeth of Calatus as a medium.

Larvae were usually exceptional because they were usually born with part of the body of a polyp.

Now, waltz and tamdo, represented by the Queen of Spring and the Fall Monarch, were originally born using the Queen of Summer's serum.

This labyrinth was filled with such mercenaries from Calatus.

However, there were steps among them.

If the highest rank belongs to the five grave keepers, Balnada, etc.

The one in front of you.

What's the third grade? 'The mercenary's red eye light lightly sweeps up and down the mildew and makes a mechanical sound.

"Intruder. While judging • • • Yeon-woo watched what he did.

Before I deal with him. I had to check something first.

Calatus clearly said he was coming. What the hell is a month? 'You were the only one who knew the position of the maze.

Who else is approaching? I thought it would not be a typical player.

No one would dare threaten Calatus directly in the Summer, and that was something even the Summer Queen couldn't do in the past.

However, if Calatus had asked Edora to look him in the eye himself, the fact is that the issue is abstinent.

So where are we on Calatus' approach to the "Gnomes"? Yeon-woo thinks she might be able to see the target if she sees the mercenary.

Balkanta, even if the programming is input.

The Guardians in the maze may be able to read the dragon's remains from themselves.

If you can see it, the system in the labyrinth is still safe from the "Gnomes," and there's nothing like that.

'That means the threat is already in sight.

By the way.

"Decision. Vanish!" The mercenary stretched his intestine forward long, beating the ground roughly without any judgment.

I knew it.

That's what I thought.

Cheyenne! You quickly pull the beagrid out of the sub-space to the side, drawing light from the inside of the lotus.

'You're a little heavy, though.' Pot | Yeon stepped forward while actively leveraging Artman's system.

An opponent whose blade was bent at an angle and hurled down on Yeon, but he had already disappeared using a Blink Link. He reappeared right behind the mercenary.

The Black Ordeal on Vigrid is almost over! Suddenly, two long days beside the lotus interrupt Beagrid as he makes a sudden intercourse.

Two mercenaries emerged from each side and rescued their comrades.

"Intruder rating, upward adjustment. Severity, 3. Given that the severity is up to 5.

“I don't like it.

Yeon-woo's hands are full of strength, thinking she'll be bothered by the longer she takes.

Grrr! The Black Orcs turn darker black and explode as if they were compressed firmly.

It was the 'waves of fire' I used in a while.

Although the debuff in the maze has significantly weaker power than usual.

It was enough to swallow the three mercenaries, and also to destroy the many mercenaries and traps that would be lurking behind them all at once.

When the sound of many explosions was swallowed up by the flowerpot and finally sank.

All that's left is a cave where everything burns black enough to melt away even the oil.

There were traces of mercenaries avoiding the ashes.

The only thing that remained was the head of the third grade mercenary that first encountered Yeon Woo, which was severely severed.

“Now I like it a little bit.” Yeon-woo grins and walks toward the head of the mercenary and searches the debris.

Then Nadana's palm-making orb.

[This Fragment of Ancient Calatus] Type: General Description: This Fragment of yours, which was used directly by the Ancient Calatus to make a Guardian.

Effect: 'Slightly repel the Dragon's Curse. The more pieces you have, the more effective it will be.

[The Dragon's Curse is lifted little by little by the effects of the artifact.] [I feel lighter.] [Partially eases the penalty applied to the skill.] [Hidden Quest (Curse has been created.] 1) Contains [Hidden Quest/Curse 1] You are now trespassing on the tomb of Calatus, the last Dragon King.

In exchange for disturbing the rest of the dragon king, you are now cursed to have your body unable to regain its function.

Also, information about intruders is passed on to all the Guardians guarding the grave, and they want to search this place for you and eliminate you.

Eliminate them within a set time or find these pieces of the last Dragon King scattered around the area.

Only then can we escape all curses.

Otherwise, the curse will eat you up.

Conditions of Engagement: Dragon Labyrinth Infiltration Time Limit: 48 hours on success.

1. 'Dragon Blessing' 2. If the match quest (Curse Harness Table) is unsuccessful: 1. Permanent stat loss 2. Cursed Soul Snatchers' Others never would have guessed this would happen.

The 24-hour timer was already being applied to all players from the moment they entered the maze.

But if we don't find Hidden Quest, we'll be cursed without knowing it.

The Dragon's Curse is called King Ahem, so it cannot escape.

No matter how you survive, and no matter how you escape the labyrinth, you cannot escape the curse completely. The spell of the dragon was so terrible.

It was the biggest reason Yeon-woo said 'and' to leave here.

Yeongwoo used the shadow to collect all these pieces lying around.

Yeonwoo took advantage of this for ten minutes to realize the advantages of the conflict in case there was a chance.

And the last time I collected this piece, I was like, "Aah!” Far away, you hear someone screaming very little.

Apparently, one of the intruders met with a useless child soldier.

Yeongwoo reaches out to the west as quickly as possible, widening the area of the supersenses.

Somehow, the day was ripe.

They've been facing each other like crazy since they left Tartarus.

But the fact that they're in chaos right now is also an opportunity.

Yeongwoo grabs Beagrid again.

To get rid of them quickly.

• • • • • • heel. Oh, my God. I look like shit. "The Archbishop smiled bitterly as he looked at the bishop with a sad look on his face.

Was he fourth or fifth? Or the sixth? I felt dizzy in my head, and I couldn't remember the number.

No, actually, it wasn't hard to get confused by the mess of parish chiefs and high priests that were directly below because they were crushed so often for some time.

Even though I shared convenience positions and ranks, they are all precious brothers and sisters with their own hands.

They are children born of love from the seventeenth horse.

In the beginning, he had never discriminated against the Thousand Horses.

'Even though you don't take care of your faithful children at all.' The Archbishop worried about himself, but gave something to the more blue bishop.

“First eat this and get your strength back. I can't believe he's protecting me like that.” “" But the Archbishop, this tip (f | 11 km) “" Even if you eat it quickly, "the Archbishop forced the bishop to feed what he had in his hand as if it were not to be exaggerated.

The bishop chewed through the tip with a face full of tears. The Fleet is an elixir that helps you regain your strength in the event of an emergency. Since the Archbishop and Black Dawn died, the recipe has been lost, so there are few enemies left in the Church. I can't help but give myself something so precious.

He vowed to protect the Archbishop in a place without this kind of danger.

The Archbishop took all the heads of such splendid bishops.

On the one hand, I was overwhelmed by other thoughts.

'What should I do now, by the way • • • A person who has lost all channeling with Thousand Horses who were weakly connected.

Although there was a 'power' obtained at the shrine of the Monarch of Dongju, it was able to endure it, but I did not know how long it would last.

That means everything here is caught up in his tricks. Even allies. Haha! The more I look at him, the bigger he is.

The Archbishop smiled at himself like this and lost his muscles.

'I'm the kid who has to get rid of it somehow. That way we can take one more step from here.

The Archbishop had already made a commitment to abandon the thousand horses after the failure of the mountain.

But it was definitely not the same as all the existing plans.

Even now, there was a notion that it would become a thousand horses.

'If the King Bull is right. Hyomah's' head must be there • • Archbishop muttered a little while thinking of the enormous presence he met at the shrine of the Lord of the East and West.

'To do so, we must retrieve the key from the sole proprietor, the child.

Of course, it won't be easy.

This was a place where iron gates opened and light bulbs suddenly moved, where channeling was cut, power and abilities were all shut down or weakened.

It's the worst place for a horseman to base his faith.

What happens if you run into an enemy in a place like this?

Even if they made a treaty not to disturb each other, the treaty would be abandoned if they knew the power was weakened like this.

If I had that chance, I would have made the same choice.

So I had to find a way.


• • Archbishop. ”“ Yes. I can feel it, too. "“ This is my place, Grand Master. I think it's too late. Looks like they're coming for us.

The Archbishop and the bishop's gaze turned toward the long corridor.

Soon, as the darkness around the corner split, someone appeared.

She looks pretty tired, whether she's been in a women's war or not. She glanced at the Archbishop and slightly frowned at whether she disliked it.

“I didn't expect to see you here so soon. Spring Queen." Waltz glances at the Archbishop with calm eyes.

The liver does not turn to the answer, but overhears people whispering in the marketplace. How many conversations have I heard today?

Hey, hey, hey! Did you hear the news? ”“ You bastard! That's why it's the 50th floor, isn't it? ”The last dragon king, Calatus' tomb, has appeared! Rumors of unknown origins began abruptly, spreading quickly throughout the world of the tower.

And now we're out of the question.

The ruins of the old dragon species, which have been known to have been completely destroyed since the summer queen, were of course bound to catch the attention of many players.

Of course, there were many large clans, including those on the 50th floor, who were forced to set fire to the eyes.

Moreover, on the 50th floor, there were semi-rammers who had to tackle several times but had to taste the bitterness of their failures.

They dive in to see if this is a new opportunity to become rankers.

By the looks of it, the portal to Calatus' tomb has quickly turned into a square in many factions.

They rushed to each other to claim the last Dragon King's legacy.

Calatus' resting place has been abandoned by many players for the first time since he died.

And the stragglers, who were staying outside the tower, were also in a frenzy.

Even if I did not become the last winner, it was great even if I accidentally only inherited one of the dragon's legacies.

So everywhere, they were already collecting money from each other to make combinations, setting up expeditions, and so on.

The Dragon's Maze.

Liver feels that way.

Caine's in there, right? 'I clenched my fist.

He was also on his way to find Yeon-woo because of Doyle's channeling problem. But the plan seems to be moving ahead sooner than I thought.

'It's time to get started.

When you look at the tower.

It seemed like a cloud of dark luck.