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VaporizationDragon Temple (8)

The leader of the Black Dragon, Autumn Monarch, couldn't help but cry out and wiped out all the items on the table.

A huge window. All of them wanted to be rare in the answer, and they were the treasures that Mother Summer Queen had left for him.

Now he never noticed anything like that.

Suddenly, the rumors in his ears caused him to lose his mind.

Rumor has it that the tomb of the Dragon King Calatus was found.

When I first heard that rumor, I thought there was another rumor going around.

There were rumors that there might be hidden relics related to the Dragon Temple, and even if they were found, they had no idea they would have found a stupid edible emperor.

The appetizer in Tom's head was just a convenient tool to be taken as a fisherman after eating a lot of the White Dragon's power later.

But when the rumors were known to be true,

He felt a dark emotion.

Only then will all the polyps perish.

And they are the successors of the genuine dragon species, and they wage war on the Triads. The ruins of the old dragon could be a hand that could turn the tide.

It was more than just relying on the heritage of the polyp, it became a good excuse to stand out as a true successor of the polyp.

However, it was in the hands of the Food and Drug Emperor who had once slapped Tom on the back of the head.

He was caught up in the war with Waltz.

Of course, he was the one who had no choice but to embrace the dark side.

“I have to intervene somehow. Though it was okay to jump into Calatus' grave and give him a reason to help the blood country right now.

The problem was that it could only lose power in the grave.

I heard through Sezards that the tomb is made up of the structure of a maze, so if you enter the wrong foot, you can be favored.

On the other hand, there is a map of the interior of the tomb in the blood country.

So I had to somehow satisfy the appetite of the emperor, the disgusting pig. In the morning, the positions of the two forces changed.

• • • You have to give the pig something he likes. What is it? What treasure would a vain appetite and vain appetite attract? 0 -Thom keeps rolling his head, wandering around his room dazed.


I heard, youngest, that things are not that different between you and us. How's that? I'd like to hold your hand for a moment. Suddenly, the orb that was lying around the floor with the other rubbish made a strange and familiar voice.

One of the three leaders of the Green Dragon, Hall Lee Ho.

Tom leans back and lifts the crystal ball.

A very long time ago, a crystal ball that the Queen of Summer gave to her children evenly. Since the brothers split up, something that had never been used was shining.

Maybe they were just as desperate as they were.

Tom slowly wears the idea of listening to their proposal.

“Been a long time, sir?” There were two thoughts that Ivan and his henchmen felt after suddenly 'flashing' while defeating the mercenaries.

It's hot.

And I'm angry.

I knew what it was like to walk through the walls of a cave, so I felt sorry for myself.

And when he regained consciousness,

With him, all of the men he had just conspired with disappeared, and only an abomination remained.

The man in the black mask and coat.

The enemy who took his son and destroyed his power.

The one and only, Cain.

• • • Why are you keeping me alive? ”Aiman growled as he looked at the kite.

He had already been dead for a long time, and he could not even trigger a skill to be called this because he was also called a strange chain.

Being dragged around like a prisoner of war or a dog on a leash was never his pride.

However, she was moving her shadow as if she couldn't hear her own voice. She was collecting strange beads from the terminating larvae just now.

“Why did you let me live?” In the end, he shouted without tolerating anger.

Then Yeon-woo stopped what she was doing and slowly looked back this way.

Kim's eyes below the mask appear to be silent, with no emotion in them.

“You're mistaken." “I'm not letting you live. I'm just letting it go because of the liver.” “I don't know what happened between you and the liver. But for me, my liver is a precious friend, and I just let it go because you're such a father. About that, I'm going to let the liver decide.” • • • If you think you can humiliate me, bite your tongue and kill yourself.

“I told you, I'm not keeping you alive for any other reason. If you want to die, die. It's my job to throw your body to the liver or just hide it or take care of it.” “And if you want to die, die alone. Don't bruise your only son's heart.” Aiman bites his lower lip. Eventually, he realized that he had no branches in Yeon-woo.

The Archbishop, Waltz, Magnus, and now again. The child desperately realized how insignificant his wich was.

And looking at a kid like that.

"I'm annoyed.

Yeon-woo kicked her tongue with her insides.

I knew something bad had happened between the liver and the child's rich son. And that's...

I was angry because I was angry because of what happened on earth for no reason.

A father who is irresponsible about family matters. However, I didn't want to see my egotist because he was disgusted.

But the reason he didn't die was because he thought it was right to leave the matter to the liver as I said.

Sometimes you can hold them hostage.

Yeongwoo glanced at the child caught in silence, and lifted her head again as she thought she would stop talking nonsense.

In front of him was a stone gate.

'If it was a diary, this would be the right place.' The maze was a complex structure like an ant's den, and there were many stone chambers hidden everywhere.

Each stone chamber was equipped with various facilities, such as a storehouse, weapons warehouse, laboratory, library, and material farm, and it was possible to have certain types of tests.

Every one of them was a relic left by the polyps, so it must have been amazing.

She was not interested in such things at all.

'The only things in the other stone chambers are failed experiments and malfunctioning products. "Real" treasures are kept in the Rare Calatus.

And this stone chamber was the 'only' passageway to that kind of rarity.

A stone gate that looks just like any other stone chamber.

When Yeongwoo put her magic on top of it, immediately, a letter above the stone gate appeared, vomiting the light.

The stone gate opens with the sound of his_and_rotating organ devices.

“Wait, there's something to see • • • At that time, only the child tried to call Yeong-woo instead of thinking something, but suddenly his shadow grew long and swallowed him up. The next thing I did was expose it to someone else, and there was no such thing as zero.

Inside the Yeongwoo stone chamber, it was a relatively small place to boast.

Where there are no institutions or facilities to do this. The distant fog of light on the central altar was all there was to one crystal sphere, though it seemed nothing special to the players searching for treasure.

It was the most needed item in the maze for Yeongwoo.

I slowly climbed up to the altar and examined the crystal sphere. There were cracks everywhere, and there were pieces of the maze missing.

It looked like it wasn't a crystal ball. It was elliptical, so I heard that it felt more like a star on the outside.

[Unidentified egg] Type: General Goods Contents: The used bird is unknown at all. It looks broken and needs to be restored.

Yeon took out all these pieces of calatus that she had collected so far.

Then the Black Crystal Ball and these pieces float through the air, drawing a whirlwind and merging into one.

And as if the Cube were spinning around, it soon turned into the little elf's brother.

"Did you wake me up? The elf slowly opened his eyes with a shivering light. There's no sense in it. It looks like a machine.

Yeongwoo nodded as she looked at him.

“Yes, Ubala, the main core processor in the maze. Right?” You know me. I've never seen you before. “You know better.” Although each of the five collages/7/of Calatus has a special specialty.

But the most important thing is to be 23608;/Muscle/between Ubala and Guardian/Respected by 7th/Complex *//Tau7khgh/Main Progezira.

And, g/The palace keeper's motive “To come to the grave, you can't call him a guest unless you recognize the owner's son:” Calatus was a duck/forehead//daye/sa/son.

His face fluttered with symbiosis.

The great dragon king, honey, but he ended up distancing his teachings and causing the death of the endless endless endings.

I didn't expect to wake up in a moment and be called that, but it was still a voice like a machine voice with no emotion.

Yeon-woo felt a deep sigh in his voice for some reason.

"My master, Calatus, kept in mind the memories of the children you loved. In that regard, I am merely serving as a reservoir, 'I have no identity as purple, so I am just Ubala, the system for managing the labyrinth here,' said Ubbala, and stared at Yeongwoo as if I didn't want to mention it anymore.

More than that, you woke me up to be the one Calatus and Midnight Wu were talking about. The person who was told by Kalatus and Midnight Woo.

As soon as I heard that, Yeon-woo's eyes lit up.

I wonder if not only Calatus, but Jungwoo also left a cost price here.

He said that his brother's body, which was asleep in the watch, had no memory at the time of death.

Maybe there was information about him.

“Yes.” Do you want to proceed with the authority that was given to Midnight Wu? “.” Got it. We'll do a quick step to confirm. Do you agree? "” Recognize your password here. A small light burst out in front of Yeon-woo and a transparent field opened. Yeon-woo puts her palms on top and gives her magic.

Each man has his own unique magical power. Yeongwoo was the same as Calatus because it was inherited from her brother.

Confirmed. User Natural Rain. You will inherit the rights of your existing user, Midnight Wu. At that moment, Yeon-woo felt like her body was suddenly floating into the air.


Huaaaa! The scenery surrounding him has changed. Yeongwoo is floating in a blue expanse, not a black cave.

And under his feet.

Everything that happened in the labyrinth appeared "thorough."

As if looking down at the summer from a landmark point of view.

- I think I figured out the secret to this place. Why don't you hold hands for a while, Archbishop? On the one hand, the Archbishop is meeting with Waltz.

Cain! Where's Cain? It's so different from what you said! - Your Majesty, please calm down. - I'm gonna eat them all! I'm gonna eat them all! On the other hand, I suddenly saw the Lost Mind Eating Trap 1 while wandering the streets and failing to control its power with the Dragon Curse.

- This is the labyrinth.

- There are a lot of fireflies. There are a lot of players crossing the portal to the entrance and a group of Black and Green Dragons that are pushing them over.

- Aah! What is this guy, a Guardian? That's how he fought back against them.

Why can't we get in touch with HQ? - We've just lost all contact! You see several players being overwhelmed by other guardians, confused by a random fall.

It wasn't just that.

Each passageway of the labyrinth followed all the traps set in the stone chamber, the position of the active guardians, and the authority to set them up.

As long as I was willing to be here, I could touch all the power I had over them.

The power vested in my brother was the Chief Administrator.

By 'accessing' Ubala directly, he has taken over all the power to tune the maze.

Too much information was spilling, making me dizzy.

Be careful not to get swept away by information flooding. The moment he was bewitched by the maze, he lost his ego. Yeon-woo closed her eyes for a short while, then reopened after clearing her breath.

As we evolved into the body of the dragon, the conscious world slowly synchronized with the recognition and interpretation of the maze information.

[Complete connection established] At one moment, Yeon felt confident that she could accomplish everything in this maze.

As long as we are in this labyrinth, Yeon has already acquired the power of a divine or demonic transcendent.

He had no intention of caring about it right away.

Now it was better to let chaos form bigger than his intervention.

Instead, you figure out where Yeong-woo is, make sure she's safely breaking through the labyrinth, and raise her head high.

Then, above the sky above which the lotus floated, I saw the huge stretching fortress of its spirit.

Floating (7 ⁄ 23386; ⁄ ) Laputa.

It is a rare and final resting place where Calatus stayed in his lifetime. It is also the secret castle of Artiya's Klen House.

Even in the maze, hidden places in the world are revealed.

We have finally reached the center of the maze.

Yeongwoo tries to go straight up there, but she stops before flapping her wings with the wings of fire.

Above the affluent lapuda, the sky that should shine in clear blue was locked in black light. The problem was that from there, strange tentacles appeared to be coming down like a mule and threatening Laputa.

It opened my eyes to a phenomenon that could not be seen in Yeongwoo's diary. Then I wondered if that was the man Calatus warned me about.

“What's the big deal?” Yeon turned to Ubala. If it's the main core that manages the labyrinth, you know exactly what it is to touch the Lafusda.

I don't know. Neither do I, nor my master left me. except that it's so far away that even the wise people of the great race can hardly recognize it, that they don't have a name for it, and they're often called gods of the other world. And that's all we can figure out right now is that we want to use this island as an inscription. She continued to speak while looking at the tentacles.

"That's why the wise people of the great race used to call it that. Ubala narrows his eyes.

crawling chaos.