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22.Dragon Temple (9)

“Shit! These lunatics don't end if they're killed. Where did they start?

They were swelling in their big dreams just until they crossed the portal together, holding hands with the Green Dragon.

I will read all the dragon king's legacy. So I will do what Mother Summer Queen couldn't do. I made a commitment.

But the dream of such a wall was shattered the moment it entered the maze.

The disciples who brought him with him were scattered to unknown places.

Every time I move to find them, the fierceness of the Guardian and the Dragon Warrior encountered in the Stone Chamber was too rough.

The problem is getting rid of them.


Tremble, tremble! ['Dragon Curse is enhanced.] [Second Crucible: Lead the way.] There was a black mist hovering, and the bodies that had already fallen began to rise.

They pointed their swords at the wall, looking exactly like the mercenaries that had already been defeated.

Like this, the dragon's curse forced the dead to move and showed a vicious temper to stop intruders. "Damn it!” Tom eventually couldn't stand it, exploded and jumped forward. Suddenly, he turned into a sculpture, and he began to sweep everything away.

I'll kill you! First, it was most important to find other brothers according to the crystal words left by Mother.

Light! Overlight - I can't wait to wander around the maze like that.

Tom was finally able to find other brothers in the cornered stone chamber, along with a few of his henchmen. "That's ridiculous. Tom laughed as if he had no one to look at one of his brothers as if he were in a mess. He was badly wounded by Iron Holiness, including the cracked and patched of a hard covering.

Hall, Leesoo and Baharatan were already bleeding to death, holding their backs against the wall, and Weiburn's body was turned into a severed left wing opponent, but Baharatan was holding a healing spell on the other two brothers, blindfolded, to see if the opponent was okay.

Most of the people who looked like they were under their control were lying there, "torn to death." Most of them seemed to be dying soon, even if they were still breathing.

Everywhere I looked, there were no normal people.

Tom looks at them, slightly drowsy. Once moderately ill, a way to quickly recover is to absorb the hemolysis having the same dragon factor.

He had a history of being a brother to Trigger 2012; O (7). I knew how sweet it was. Swallowing hemolysis not only meant recovering, but also that the 'septum' rose and became closer to the polyp.

“Don't try to do anything stupid," he grunts, as if he had already guessed what you were thinking. Hall and Leesoo stare at him with their eyes wide open.

Maybe one or two. No matter how injured you are, you must deal with three brothers at the same time.

Eventually, Tam took a step back.

"I don't know what you're thinking, but I have no intention of harming my brothers. “ You're talking nonsense. Right now, I'm holding hands because of the legacy of Calatus, but remember, we don't trust you. "Okay, okay. I can't believe you're driving your youngest son like this. " Maybe next time.

Tom quickly turned to talk while thinking like that.

But why is everything like this? Even though one step is weaker than Waltz or Tom.

According to the three leaders of the Green Dragon, they were skilled enough to threaten the next position of the nine kings.

I couldn't believe how important they were, even though they were in groups of three, because of the signs of fighting that remained in the stone chamber. Who is he? Did he bump into one of the nine kings? “Because of him.” That guy? “Breathe. Here he comes.” Tom turns his head in the direction Baharatan speaks. I can feel something approaching from around the corner.

Jubbuck, Jubbuck - “I saw the dyslexic emperor wandering around with his half-lost eyes, gagging at dragon meat and dragon meat.

Crawling chaos? ”Yun mumbled a little and remembered one of the many things in the diary that was underneath: Ton =/not a divine being, species such as polyps and giants lived in favor of the unspoken Ajujana fir/Tal.

But it wasn't just about the electricity of the Coden transcendent.

There are such zones//even in the dizzy resources referred to as common PlaÖ/Awesome/Awesome/Unobservable External Resources, Confusion d. 7//(; c 34426; c).

Some of them have been overwhelmed and sometimes approached.

However, those who had a conscious system separate from monotonous interference or heresy/thought were around to be drafted.

7 parts E for a very long time;/observe them and move/downward/50744; h The polyp used to call them by their own name/something like this/.

It was before the ride.

The god of the other systems that the polyp observed was not so numerous.

It does not have a form to do this, and it boasts such a huge stretch that it is hard to measure, and sometimes it is too difficult to observe because it is often focused on various resources and space-time.

Though I thought I had seen something new, it was unusual to be the same person I had previously observed.

From the perspective of the polyp, there were a lot of slow movements that seemed to be right.

However, some beings that were usually active or interested in the top world were observable, and were given various names depending on their characteristics.

Gear swings were the most active of them all.

Unlike other beings who are consistent with thorough indifference to the outside.

The only one who recognizes, is curious and approaches the tower.

However, the approach to the tower was too simple and unreadable, as was the cat that cared about Margaery's blindness, so I did not know what the thinking system was.

Obviously, they have a vast system of knowledge.

So, when my brother was usually active, he sometimes heard about other gods, but he didn't pay much attention.

And that kind of thing threatens Laputa? But what might be the reason to rush things back to calatus. It was not that dependent or anything.

“What the hell is that doing here?” Because of the covenant made in the past. "Agreement"? ”I asked Yeongwoo, but she kept her mouth shut as if she could never tell me about it.

Yeon-woo kicked his tongue lightly. I don't even know what I'm guessing at all.

“Then what the hell is Allfoone doing?” Let the gods and demons say that's what keeps them from reaching the Summer.

However, the answer soon returned made Yeon-woo spit out insults.

This is the Dragon's domain, 'Bina'. “Damn it.” Just as Dardaroth put it on Hidden Stage, Hades' territory, to stop Olfowan from interfering.

The labyrinth and Laputa here were also Calatus provinces that were not inferior to Hades, meaning that there was no way for Olfowon to reach them.

What if the crawling chaos eats up the lavuda and comes out on stage?

If it weren't for that, Allfowon wouldn't have made a move.

As always.

All he wants is the safety of the Summer and 77 flights of stairs.

Could the crawling chaos have realized that and seen that kind of movement?

What do you want to do, go up? ". It's not dangerous to say," It can get in the way. The god of the other world can get in the way. "There are lots of reasons to fly just by trying to observe.

However, Yeon-woo has already achieved the feat of new blood and even gained some of the sacred things. I was confident it wouldn't depend on the influence of the chaos crawling around.


I had to figure out exactly what was going on.

'The relics of Jungwoo are there.' We'll have to reclaim the Clan House of Arthurya first.

Yun moves to Laputa, flapping the wings of fire widely. Ubala looks a little worried and follows behind her, flapping her wings.

Lafuta is in a much higher position than I expected. And the higher you go, the more threatening the Black Tentacles that roam around Laputa.

Seems like a big insect to me. Though he didn't seem particularly aware of Yeon Woo.

According to Yeon Woo, she is never outmatched by the goddess of the earth that threatened Tartarus.

You're saying it's just a glimpse, right? "The cross section is like the Mother Earth. Of course, the Goddess of Tartarus was only part of it. Even so, I could see how vast the universe was.

I feel like I can be distracted just by looking at it.

'If you don't keep your head straight, they'll eat you up.' Like black holes sucking away planets and dust. The crawling 1-money felt like it would wipe itself out if it went wrong.

There was already one ghost in the soul collection. He asked me to let him get away with it. He suppressed it with the power of the dark, but it was not easy, Owner.. "I was about to turn around thinking it would be really dangerous to continue like this, but suddenly, Boon Woo spoke to Yeon-woo.

He's never been rich enough to talk to anyone but himself, saying he's blasphemous. Yeon-woo laughed.

What's the matter? 'Wait. That. May I take a look? "Why is it suddenly like this?

Then, I remembered some of the old memories that had been lost.

Back in Faust, he made contact with the god of the other world for reasons of breeding, gaining knowledge, and completing the Emerald Tablet.

Now that I think about it, Gear = 1 - is a god of the other world who has a lot of interest in towers. Maybe Faust was the easiest to reach.

It's different.

"Obviously. First. I'm used to it." Beyond the expansive open space, two seemingly wealthy eyes were firmly fixed to the crawling chaos.

"I know. Report. Do you want to?" It would be dangerous: "Be careful. I'll do it." Rebecca. ”Whee-“ Go with the wealth. ”Audit. It bows its head and ascends to the thermal sphere with the Black Tentacle with Rebecca. I thought it would be okay if Rebecca, the spirit of Chernunos, was beside the chaos of wealth crawling around.

Yeongwoo looks at the two of them for a brief moment, and lands slowly on Laputa.

Tak! Lafuta was as gorgeous and beautiful as she had seen in the diary.

Dozens of roofs standing as high as the sky, fortified fortresses surrounding the area, gardens filled with deep ditches and yards flowing between the resistance and the outer perimeter, and beautiful trenches.

After Calatus closed his eyes, and the manager's brother disappeared, Laputa's system was still preserving the environment.

The shield, which cuts off the approaching chaos, recognizes the existence of the moat and releases it briefly to allow his landing.

Yeongwoo crosses a neatly organized road to the center of the fortress.

Every time I moved, the door that was tightly closed was wide open and I understood the defense system.

And when he tapped into a giant central hall,

You're here at last. Hundreds of meters of work sat quietly there.

It's as big as the one that went to Bono through Edora. But now that the shadow has disappeared, it appears to be in jeopardy, as if it were soon broken.

Despite all that's left of the job postings, the job postings.

Calatus is not strangely weak even when he falls down. He is covered in noise, and the razor that needs to be swarmed is lying on top of the bones, revealing a faintly dry body.

I waited. Only you came. I narrowed Calatus' eyes to make sure I couldn't focus properly.

Another Descendant of Questioning. Looking at him like that.

Yeon-woo asked the question.

“I'll take a look, and I'll ask. Are you the one who fixed Jung Woo's last?” No. It wasn't me. At that moment, Yeon-woo suddenly woke up.

Jiaying was either listening unconsciously or the crowd clock was shaking nicely.

Calatus' words were shocking.

You think Calatus is the one who recovered his brother when he was defeated by the enemy and sent to Earth? So who gave it to you? It was a rebellious child who claimed to be his friend. and in the name mentioned. Yeon-woo's eyes widened in horror.

Yes, Valdivich. I think you used that name.