Second Life Ranker

23.Dragon Temple (10)


The first colleague I met when my brother stepped foot in the tutorial. He was also the first member to establish Artia with Viera Dunne.

As a semi-anniversary, he was a heartbroken creature who always asked questions about his identity and feared many as a berserker who defeated his enemies as soon as the fire broke out.

However, at the end, there was someone who suddenly disappeared for no reason and even slapped a seal on Jungwoo's heart.

You fixed the last of your brother? Jiaying! The clock was trembling enormously.

The words that Calatus threw were shocking.

“What happened to • • • • • • instead?” Even Yeon-woo suppressed the noisy heart and asked. But the voice that was squeezed out between her lips was full of rage, and she didn't snore when she needed it, and that's what she was supposed to do at the end? Sympathy or atonement? Whatever it was & it was an unacceptable deception for Yeon-woo.

The first question is about Jungwoo. I knew it. “There's nothing more important to me than that. What the hell is going on?” This is what I feel now.

Your right hand has absolutely no way of coping. Jungwoo, he used to think of you until the end. Yeon-woo's eyes sparkled sharply.

“Okay, don't keep spinning the horse. Where is the soul of Jungwoo?” [Awakening 5-Star Solvent] De Daewoo unleashed his power as a drinking dragon all at once while driving the Dragon Heart and Wise Stone together.

A bunch of scales come up along the skin, and the dragon's wings and tail come up, and the ugly horse begins to turn.

(I was pulling the beagrid out of the sub-space.

It was a protest that Calatus would no longer stand idly by to avoid an answer.

"How progressive you are of what I have given you. In the old days, I would have frowned, saying it was a horrible hybrid. Calatus glances up and down and quietly nods his head. Satisfied but secretly bitter. He realized that there is no pure blood in the tower because there is a variety of energies mixed, not pure polyp power.

One eyebrow of Yeongwoo was dreaming.

When Beagrid was about to be swayed.

How the child named Valdivihi found the labyrinth, I stopped holding her hand tightly.

Calatus never told you? And yet it means one thing to come to me.

It must have been told by Jungwoo a long time ago. I was awake at the time. This body has always been a temporary precaution, just in case. "One wish that Calatus the Ancient wished for in his lifetime.

To reverse the extinction of the species that was forged by his own indiscretion, leaving the love of the dragon a path again.

But that hope became an agent with his brother's death.

The sandstone I had left in Lapuda to find a new solution has awakened.

To find a new heir.

Then the half man, the boy, came to me and asked. Can I fix Jungwoo instead? I want to send my body back home. It opened the gate to the earth. • • • • • • • After doing so, it disappeared again. Luek - Yeon-woo gripped her teeth and asked.

“Do you have any idea where they went?" I don't know. I can stay, and all I can detect here is Laputa. "Yeon-ju clenched her fist. Baldebich. He's been doing it for months now. Why did he seem to have waited the last time?

The clock, which had just been trembling like crazy, was also caught again.

Mara. I'll find him somehow. 'Yeon-woo petrified the clock and muttered a small muttering. He was supposed to face me someday.

As soon as this happened, I thought I'd find out and do it right away.

The problem is that his religion is subtle. Even if you try to locate the night outside the tower, the answer that comes back is "not found."

However, there are traces of a visit to Laputa. Based on this, I think I can find out something. Yeon looked up at Calatus.

Baldevich is Valdevich, but more importantly, where is the soul of friendship? ” Where it belongs. Where does it belong? Yeongwoo's eyes frowned.

“What is it? Deep Abyssal Swamp. Eggs mixed with darkness and chaos. A place where countless beings have awakened and collapsed." That "? Or" there "? There are a lot of things to say about it, but that's what I like to call it. Calatus' eyes narrowed.

Emptiness. Or Jihad 55162; at that moment.

The frame of the black king surrounding the wrists, ankles and neck of Yeongwoo trembled for a long time.

I feel like I'm going to fall away soon.

It was a violent vibration that felt painful.

Yeon-woo was also shocked, so she shouted indifferently.

“Why is Jungwoo like that? • • • • • • •, When the salmon grow up, it will return home. Your brother has returned to his rightful place in accordance with his instincts." Home Instinct "?" Do you think it is a mere coincidence that the legacy of the King of Child was passed on to you? Your brother has a talent for being full, so what have I been chosen for? 0 00 0 The vibrations have become more violent.

You and your brother were two sided mirrors, but they could not fall. Calatus had to stop on the way, not while speaking.

0 Suddenly, this time, I heard a long cry from the sky. The world was ringing. You stir as if your laputa were about to fall.


Fruit, Fruit_As if the egg's shell were broken.

As the gold begins to crack on the rooftop of the fortress, which was surrounded by a solid barrier, the Black Tentacle begins to swirl inward.

Evidence that the crawling chaos, which was about to swallow up the Laputa, began to move.

Calatus glances at the ceiling, smiling gently at 2 '-` 1, then bows his head back to Yeongwoo.

I asked for a reprieve, but I can't stand that bird. I'd like to have a longer conversation, but I really don't have time for this. “Where are you going?" • • • • • • The story is not over yet • • • •! ” Before I leave, let me tell you one thing. If you want to take back Jungwoo's soul. No, I don't know if there's a soul in there that devours everything. But if you want it back. Calatus looked at Yeon Woo with sad eyes.

Return to the Dark. There should be a way. "The roof of the blazing fortress was shattered and the tentacles were reaching out to Calatus.

But the dark may devour you yet unprepared, so you must be prepared, even if you are on your way. The intellectual, supportive, tentacle-tentacles rushed into Calatus' body, and there was a lot of noise.

At this rate, Yeon-woo sprinkles Vigrid roughly thinking that Calatus will really disappear.

There were too many things I haven't told Calatus yet.

What does it mean to have the soul of Jungwoo in the void or sunset, and to find the path to it? At the end of it, does the king of the black have anything to do with the castle? If so, how far do you know and what the hell that means? It was unacceptable to leave a bunch of riddles behind.

['Vigrid-???' Reveals the hidden true name, 'Durendal'.] [Heroic Victory: Team] Huy, Guayao_Mixing the enormous wind pressure from Vigrid with the waves of fire and even the celestial bodies. A flame storm swept over half the adults in Laputa and cut off the Black Tentacle.

Glug-ug_I wanted to climb all the way up to the Tentacles as the flames blaze.


The fiery black tentacles disappeared, and instead, more tentacles appeared in place, ensnaring Calatus as it was.

No matter how much Yeongwoo swung at Vigrid, the tentacles grew bigger, rather than disappearing.

Immediately before the darkness, Calatus cries out, looking at the groin with a sad look.

"Make your wish come true with Bunny, Jungwoo and I. • • • • 47558; New speaker. Clan House, the shrine of Pase-Calatus, has been sucked into the tentacle and disappeared, crumbling like a sandcastle.

The chaos crawling around seemed to be satisfying, and I reaped the tentacles and climbed back up to the sky where I had come from. The cosmic existence that had been drenching the heat was trying to return to where it had come from.

“This way!” [Channeling with Nergal has been restored.] [Channeling with Halphas has been restored.] [Channeling with Bimagildara has been restored.] [I want to check on the sudden situation of the gods associated with you.] [The demons associated with you are appalled at your confrontation.] [A message has come from Agares.] [Message: No! I don't know what's going on, but don't touch that!] [A message has come from Agares.] [Message: My words [Depending on the user's authority, a message has been requested.] Calatus, the subject of the curse that covered the labyrinth, disappears and the channeling begins to recover.

Yeongwoo held together such channeling that she spread her wings wide. [Powerful Front Opening] When the wings of the dragon mixed with the unholy wings on the back of the pond turned black to the wings of the sky, three pairs of shining wings.

Yeon-woo flew straight into the sky, blazing all her skills and powers.

It was a demonstration about leaving Calatus.

Furbible bun-but the snarl is only a tiny hole in the darkness. The crawling chaos is disappearing, already handing over the existence of the Great H beyond the gate.

“Zegiraaaal!” Yeon squeezes the Dragon Heart and Wise Man's Stone to the extreme and draws it onto Vigrii. The pillar of fire was not enough to burn down all the huge fortresses of Laputa and split the sky in half.

The fires spread from there and flood the stage with chain explosions again.

And through those clouds. A small eye appeared and stared at Yeongwoo.

There was so much language and information that I couldn't express in a moment.

The dragon mind system understood it this way.

7. Lump.

Ah, a job.

Oh, you. C.

The crawling chaos completely hides its tracks beyond the gate.

Now all that remains in the center of the maze is a blazing laputa.

The sky was shining in a vivid color.

Yeon-woo changed her teeth.


In Tartaros, on the 36th floor.

After being mocked by the Mother Earth and Olfowon, we will only be mocked by transcendent beings again.

The deeper I dug, the more I couldn't understand what was going on with my brother, and I was blocked from being able to do anything by the transcendents.

Do I have to let him go like this? No, it's not.

Yeon-woo could see that she still had a way.

Wandering in the stones of the sage "Maestro.” I know what you're looking at. Help me.

Please. ”But unlike the breeze of the Nile, the castle doesn't budge. This has nothing to do with you.

Yeon-woo slammed the floor with her fist, feeling helpless. Is it the only way to achieve transcendence?


A space appeared next to the lotus.

After investigating the chaos that was crawling around open, he was also a heavily injured opponent, such as being torn apart and damaged by magic. However, there was a golden glow in his large hand.

"Gear. Going Chaos. In the body. Silver. The Eye of Calatus. If this is • • • • • • •." When did he do this? "With.

Hey. The Way. The West disappeared into the dungeon, leaving only that. It was due to major injuries and urgent self-healing.

Yun expressed the King of Questions' power while tightly grasping the calamus he left behind.

The three frames were still vibrating.

['The lion's retreat has been triggered.] [Who would you like to summon?] “Calatus.” Calatus' golden eyes widen and scatter, rising into the air.


[Specified item used is' Infected '.] [The summoned target could not be found.] [The summoned object's information has an unknown impact and a similar presence is sought.] [Chaos Infected by' Getaway ', Floor Calatus is forcibly summoned.] At that moment.

The brow barrier at the center of the labyrinth, including the fruit fruit fruit_laputa, and the entire curse that surrounded the dragon labyrinth, ran wild.