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24.Dragon Temple (11)

Kwang! Waltz slowly reaps his fist forward. After leaving the Dark Glass, Saehaan's smoke was still rising from her fist.

[You have successfully defeated the Guardian "The Way of God." [Release some from the Dragon's Curse.] “That's pretty impressive. It's the magic of the one-horned tribe of shamans and dragons.” The Archbishop smiled bitterly as he looked behind Waltz, pioneering the path.

When I first encountered Waltz, The Archbishop had to awaken the power of the Eastern Demon King, but he took it very seriously. It was because at the time of the breakup of Channeling with TianMa, Waltz thought that if he came at all, he would be exhausted.

However, Waltz glanced at the bishop and suggested that he would rather go with him.

The truce is still valid, and we don't know what's hidden in the maze, so we should stick together until we find our own people.

I agreed because I had no bad reason to be the Archbishop.

Now that I see it, Waltz doesn't actually need their help at all.

'You unlocked the secrets of the maze, and it was true. Sculptures that come after you crush the Garniens. Was that all you had to do?' The more I gathered these pieces of Calatus, the stronger the Woman's hold on Waltz seemed to return.

Besides, I think the road is about right now.

Archbishop still didn't know how to find the way to this complex maze, but Waltz seemed to have a hunch. The Archbishop assumed that he was using the magic of the dragons, or the Archbishop continued to move to the center of the labyrinth without difficulty.

In the meantime, I was able to find and reunite a number of servants in too many stone chambers.

That said, more than seven of the power we brought with us had already been hit or lost and were nearly destroyed.

However, this was not a bad result and the difficulty of the labyrinth.

Moreover, many of the players I encountered accidentally were busy surrendering with their weapons.

Suddenly, the crowd that followed Waltz grew to a hundred as they were called quickly.

'Maybe the White Dragon can make this crisis stronger.

There's no better way to keep multiple players aware of her than this.

'I need to find the key, too.' The eyes of the Archbishop sank deep. Fortunately, as he began to rotate the power of the Demon Lord, he was also recovering very little of the broken channeling. After that, all I could think about was finding Yeon-woo who did this.

Gurr_then. Waltz, who was moving forward, stopped walking for the first time. As she stares into the void with nothing, the players behind her look up in a daze.

The Archbishop couldn't wait to see the water. "I woke up.

Waltz is on it first.

The Archbishop felt a strange feeling and asked.

“What do you mean?” “Master of the Labyrinth.” Scary to end it.

The spherical-labyrinth starts to rattle up and down.

The Archbishop was surrounded by all the senses and could feel the shivering of all the powers of the Dongju Demon King.

Ha! Ha ha! I never thought I'd feel this way again! Oops • It's also black. It's hard to get the key back. Crawling chaos. At the same time, channels that had been clearly disconnected came back gradually. Although the noise was overwhelming and I couldn't understand what was going on, it was definitely the voice of the Eastern Prince.

However, only one of the Demon King's voices sounded so clear.

It was the voice of the alpha and the King Bull.

After trying to scream something, Archbishop “Everyone's Pose • • • • • Kwon” realized that it was too late and spread his magical powers all over the place, making big gestures.

The circle mixed together expanded and enveloped the baggage.


Kuang! Suddenly, the labyrinth erupts with an enormous sound.

Guar - “Mew, maze collapsed • • •“ What the hell! Arrrgh! "Lightning struck those who entered the Grammy Palace and searched for relics.

Most of the players are swept away by the crumbling walls and pouring torso, but are buried alive.

In the turbulence of chaotic magical power, skilled players also attempted to escape using the RapidRescroll and Anifact.

Gugu! The collapse of this vast maze has spread throughout the stage.

“The players who were about to enter the Demi Palace after hearing the rumors of what this is.

“Dammit! Cast the spell of riches together!" The stage is strange! "The semi-radicals were also in the middle of trials while visiting the Temple of the Dragon.

“Monkey, what did he do again?” Desolate, the rookies who had heard rumors about the 35th floor quickly retreated from the temple.

However, tremors of tremors, such as split surfaces and upside down, continued to grow as countless people were killed and lost.

When a huge shadow appeared and roared on the ground for decades at a time.

The players were all stunned.

The dragon, known to have clearly deserted, was also standing boasting a very large crotch, making a big roar.

[The Great Dragon King, Calatus has appeared!] [In accordance with Calatus' will, the entire 50th floor is designated as the Dragon's Realm.] [On the premise, the Dragon's Curse comes.] [The Dragon's Curse is enhanced by the 'Gearing: Money'.] [The Dragon's Curse is added by the 'crawling chaos'.] [Every player's channel is cut.] [All Talents have decreased.] [All resistance has been downgraded. ⁄ The curse of the Dragon Calatus, which was confined to the maze, soon filled the entire stage.

The sky became grey. All of the laws that were forming the stage were locked down, adversely affecting channeling, power and skills.

“Hey, what is this?" “No way!” Players who had barely escaped the earthquake were like lightning.

And a common message appeared over their retinas.

[On the 50th floor, Moppets entering the Dragon Temple will receive quests in common!] [Name Boss Monster, 'Hunt the Corrupt Dragon King, Calatus'] [Quest/Kill the Dragon] Contents: The Dragon Calatus has a previously lost child, a shattered contract to bring Ubala back to life.

He wanted to climb the tower, knowing that, based on the knowledge gained through the chaos of crawling, he could achieve transcendence by gaining divinity.

But he was blocked from climbing to Allfowon, which was on the 77th floor. He rebelled and started a war with all his factions, so this was the dawn of a great war called the Two-way War.

However, even the Two-way War faced the horrific consequences of the death of a dragon, and Calatus, who had barely lived, had to return to his old home maze and regret his past choices and wait for the day of his death.

And leaving only the "progeny," according to the contract with the crawling Marriage, I gave up my soul in return. The last great dragon-king was contaminated by the god of the other world.

And now, the dragon-king has been summoned for reasons unknown.

It's said to be contaminated, but the spirit of what remains is that its final resting place, the maze, has been desecrated by intruders, and the temple of our ancestors' deceit, has lost its function.

From now on, Calatus wants to punish those who disturb his resting place.

And the bigger he flies, the more influence he will be in the tower of crawling chaos behind him.

The stage is now Calatus' realm, with no escape or support.

Use the remaining power and resources to survive the catastrophe, or join forces to overcome and defeat the dragon's curse.

Limit requirement: 50 floors Players time limit: 72 hours on success.

1. Title 'Against the Dead' 2. Differential reward failure according to Contribution Points 1. Close section on the 50th floor 2. No flights of stairs 3. All participating players are killed • • "catastrophe". You're on a tough road.

Archbishop Tak kicks his tongue, landing far from the end of the stage with his men.


It was often used to cover quests with difficulties that were almost impossible to solve onstage.

Channeling with the Dongju Demon King, who seemed to be trying to connect, escaped to the outside, and couldn't be supported. I don't know how to hunt down a guy like that after taking all the strength I have left.

“Many will die.” I think I've already lost about three.

The Archbishop's eyes sank deep.

Far away.

Calatus spreads his wings wide and flies to the sky.

It was the beginning of a massive raid.

Tak! Yeon landed quietly on a cliff at the edge of the stage and bitten her teeth 'No way • • • • • • The real calatus appeared instead of the sarnum.' Let me get this straight.

Summoning the lion failed.

What he wanted to meet was Calatus' samuram, who knew the secret, not the old Calatus body that had been imitated by the crawling chaos.

"Ugly. That's the skeleton of the king who once led a great clan." Soon after, a summer queen with long black hair appeared beside her, laughing at her.

She was very young when the Second Killing War, when the polyps were Samuel, and she vaguely remembered Calatus as a magnificent king.

I feel so ugly now that I can see Calatus.

Even if you keep your dignity as a dragon, you'll still get to wear a hat. I'm the only one who's ever been confined to something big and lacking in self-esteem.

She had nine kids, too.

I didn't even want to understand the feeling of Calatus.

“You can't put what you were born with in love and what you need on an equal ship.

At that time, Yeon-woo stared at the Queen of Summer with calm eyes.

The Summer Queen smiled softly with her arms crossed.

You greet a lady's head with a passion. How rude of you to call me a thug when you can't even find one. "Life is not as strong as the back, but there is some connection between the Yeongwoo and the Queen of Summer so we can share our thoughts.

And the Summer Queen did not hesitate at all to reveal her thoughts.

It's like spying on Margie.

Given her arrogance, her insolence, there is also a natural way.

But Yeon turns her head back to Calatus, as if she didn't need to face such a summer queen anymore.

Like I said, the summer queen probably won't know for the rest of her life. Do we need to keep talking longer?

Yeon-woo slowly opened her eyes, thinking of Mother who had been entrusted to find her brother, holding her hand until the end.

[Yongsin 'an] When the dragon's eyes were opened, Hwang Jing Jing and Sage's eyes were connected at the same time, bringing a lot of color into view.

The black breeze was blown out of the air by a large calatus-a breeze mixed with poison, acidity and a curse.

He was on his way to hunt Calatus, exploding all sorts of colorful skill effects, without the arrowheads of the underbelly muscle 1-01.

Those who were quick to notice had already noticed that the "differential reward" that came to mind on the quest field was the heritage of the polyp.

And even though his abilities consumed Divif, there were so many giant clans, muscle cultivators, and semi-microscopes, there was a vague expectation that he would not be able to catch one of the calatus.


In Yeongwoo's eyes, everything seemed to be a meaningless soldier's play.

You can't see it in anyone else's eyes.

His eyes saw the tentacles rising above Calatus' body, which meant that the crawling chaos was borrowing Calatus' body and being directly involved in the tower.

'Cause setting the time limit to 72 hours is probably the best time to take over the stage. Afterwards, Allfowon and the Administration will have to intervene.

Olfowon 't let Calatus, the servant of the crawling chaos, go free.

'But then it's all over.

Unlike the players who have to hunt Calatus, Yeon somehow had to take it away from the chaos crawling around Calatus.

"Help me?" The Summer Queen read Yeon-woo's thoughts and smiled and asked. Clear ridicule.

This is the body whose name was still the last dragon. I also know a lot of secrets and weaknesses that I could never teach a stranger. "Words that must be tempted.

Unlike the living back, the Summer Queen was so weak in restraint that she could not force Yeon-woo. That would be a big help if she did it. "Get out of my way.” Hahaha! You're a funny human being, after all. If I had asked for help, I would have killed him right here, with my own hands. "The Summer Queen wants to lick her red lips.

Wealth appeared in front of the millennium.

Want to die. Silver. "With the tongue 0 muscle Do not step forward, bend, catch. Where the hell is this punk?" Enough, everyone. ”Yeon stood up slowly, ignoring the nerve wars of wealth and summer queen.

From the chaos of the crawling Calatus. If they heard it, they'd say it was crazy.

It's not like there's no other way.

Yeongwoo turns the corpse to the other side, touching the left hand of the Vampire Sword.

“Dragon, real dragon! Kahahaha! Meat! Give me the meat!" Instead of facing the dragons painted by the appetizer and the leaders of the Black Dragon, you suddenly turn and rush towards Calatus. Half an eye turned, drooling.

It seemed like I was halfway there already.

In his stomach. The appetizer's stone was rocking. Perhaps the dragon's curse was working, and the seal that had been forcibly imprisoning the appetizer's stone was partially released.

'If you use it, the two eyes of Yeongwoo sank deep.

And the moment I thought about it.

“Ubala:" I call upon the little elf, Ubala. He nods small.

Whatever you want. You're already the new owner of the maze and the Raftel. "Thank you.” Yeongwoo reaches down cliff1- near. Then all the systems in the raftel connected to Uvala spontaneously respond to these pieces of Calatus that were scattered throughout the stage as the labyrinth exploded.

These pieces of Calatus form a whirlwind along Ubala, then coalesce into the center. Ubala closes her eyes quietly as she enters the sphere.

Heave-ho! You have successfully completed the [Hidden Quest (Curse Harness 1).] [As a reward, I was blessed by the dragon.] [Combo Quest (Curse Magic Power Ⅱ) Combo Quest (Curse Magic Power Ⅲ) has been completed in order. [[I've accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Values are provided.] [You have earned 100,000 Public Values.] [200,000 additional Public Lands.] [The Dragon Blessing is enhanced as a reward.] [As an additional reward • • • • • • •.] [The artifact long muscle is complete.] A square house fell into Yeongwoo's hands. The main processor in the maze, Ubala. Therefore, it was the real process of the quest to conquer the labyrinth and become the heir of the dragon that gained recognition from it.

Yeongwoo pushed the carrot into the back of her right hand. Although the flesh was slightly torn, the carrots seeped into the skin and began to settle on the Artman system, assisting with thought circuitry and circulation.

The dragon's vast mental system cannot fully withstand a alliance that has not yet greatly deviated from the human mind. Carrots were calatus' saddles made to aid in this and enhance efficiency.


[You have successfully completed the Combo Quest.] ["Dragon Blessing" has been strengthened from all "Dragon Curses."] [All channeling is released.] [All abilities have been restored.] [All resistance has been restored.] [All powers have been restored.] Yeouido was the only one able to lift Calatus' curse from the stage.

[5th Solvent Awakening] [Power Front Opens] Yeon widens the channeling that remained until the end, spreading the wings of the sky as hard as ever.

The nine kings on the bones are Total Dawaltz, Tom, Magnus, the Grand Duke, and the Food Imperial.

'Today, at least two of them will die.

A pair of black and red wings spread like fire and filled the sky.

and weave them together like threads along the forward-facing 2012;

['Vigrid-???' Reveals the hidden true name, 'Aaron Diet.'] [Herald: Fireworks Thunder] Yeon drops Beagrid down hard.

Hundreds of lightning strikes a pillar of fire, plunged down from the sky to the ground.