Second Life Ranker

25. Temple of the Dragon (12)

“Beef, dragon meat • • • • • • • •! Dragon Meat Sister” • ha! Kully says, "Duke Attyrbing vomited blood as he watched the far-flung emperor disappear.

Ever since I could barely find the Food and Drug Administration as one of the consensus that we must somehow save the Lord in the collapsing maze.

The emperor was already half-blind, and Duke Irving knew exactly what that meant.

Occasionally, when a battle is lengthened and there are fewer calories. I feel very hungry and thirsty, and as this became more severe, the frenzy of the appetizer grew proportionately. At this time, the emperor of consciousness could not even stop the Duke of Tongue.

It was because of the frenzy that he wanted to swallow whatever was visible.

In fact, even in the war against the White Dragon, a few earls had to be sacrificed.

Then, after satisfying my hunger for a while, I came to my senses. Every time, the emperor felt guilty and regretted hitting the ground.


Something was too different today, but there were already a few soldiers eaten by the appetizer and a few heads of the enemy army.

However, the Food and Drug Administration did not regain its reason, and when Calatus appeared after pushing the three chiefs of the green dragon, he immediately turned towards them.

Recalling the word dragon meat like a spell.

Duke NirH01 tried to stop the emperor, but his left arm was ripped off.

"This way is dangerous." 'But instinctively, I kept thinking that I had to get up again somehow and get my master's reason back.

An opponent whose game has already claimed 8 or more troops from the Maze. Now that Calatus is here to take over the stage, we need to be prepared for extinction. I had to pursue my troops somehow, but it was difficult because of the condition of the Food and Drug Administration.

There's only one way left.

We must protect the king. 'Since you want to leave the stage for a limited time anyway, it was best to protect the appetizer and fall back.

“Protect Your Majesty!” All forces, march! ”“ Hunt the dragon! Show our valor to the thugs of the tower while the soldiers of the bloodline run again, following Duke Nirbing's cry.

It leans back on its neck and releases a violent burst of brace.

Bress is swarming with curses and venom, sweeping through the ground and defeating enemies who dared to attack him at once.


There are those who charge right over it.

They were 'kings' who temporarily formed an alliance in front of giant boss monsters called hyper-light-calatus.

“A dragon bitten by a horse. Nothing is uglier than losing yourself. Return to the earth you once were, great dragon!” Up high. Magnus glances down at Calatus and opens his hands. As the head of Elohim, who is the descendant of transcendent species and pilgrims, he was very sad to see what Kalatus was going through.

The god of the other world, who doesn't even know what myth he has, is one of Elohim's most despicable creatures.

I wanted to somehow set the spiritual Calatus free.

Parallac. Magnus' unleashed skills were more powerful than ever.

Now, the Giants killed are formerly natural warriors. The more they devour the world, the rougher their flames become.

The consensus is final. Magnus extends his hands forward.

A thunderous wave thunders across the corners of your clothing, flapping like a flag, cutting the left wing of Calatus long and through.

Grrrgh! Calatus turns his massive body to his side in terrible pain, rather than pouring his brass down. His flight was made of magic, not wings. He never crashed, but he still tried to catch the bugs that hurt him.

That was the moment.

The other 'kings' did not miss this moment.

“Meat! Delicious dragon meat! Kuhaha!” The appetizer suddenly appeared just ahead of Calatus in a frenzy.

even though it was too small and too small for Calatus. The paladin's aura was no less than that. As the stone of the glutton rises from its belly, purple energy seeps out of its pores.

“As long as I eat this! If I can make this mine, this stone will be mine!” Wag! The appetizer's lips rip through his ears and bite Calatus' right leg. Purple energetic fangs were not enough to penetrate the hard scales, forcibly separating the right leg from the body as if the beast were biting the prey.

“Meat, meat and ha-ha-ha-ha!” Kuang! Guar, Gugu-wallz released the Vaccine Rights to the Transcription Ceremony. The chastity play of Hexanthau, which strikes a huge blow to a distant enemy. Here, the power is applied to the magic of the 'Hanley Claw', and Calatus' left eye is crushed.

A large vent will appear in the back of the head, as if stabbed with an awl, and the chasm will come down with the main body and bite off the half of Calatus' head with its wicked teeth.

Calatus shudders in agony as half of his day flies away.

Magic has gone haywire, but there are only dumb players who are caught in the blinding fire. The Nine Kings could not bear this kind of damage.

They seem to show why they are called the Nine Kings, even though they are tightly bound by the Dragon Curse.

He dares to unravel his signature skill, as if confirming why he reigns at the top of the tower. He cuts off Calatus' wings and feet.

All of this was possible.

Even though Calatus was the last great dragon-king, it was also because the average talent of the players had developed for thousands of years, praying that Calatus would not be judged correctly by the chaotic star crawling around.

And as if to decorate the final days of Calatus, fallen in union with many kings.

“I didn't want to have to do this.” The Archbishop dared to sprinkle 72 spells by provoking the occult power of the Monarch of Dongju and burning it spectacularly with magic.

“I can't help it. I have to work a little harder.” Each finger has a different mesh. The expression is' fever, '' cow. 'It totaled 5.

This was absurd considering that each tactic contained forces that surpassed a normal skill. Archbishop, Black Dawn, was the limit.

Grrrrrrr! The Archbishop throws his hand down fiercely, trying to prove how he was able to kill both the Black Dawn and the Old Bishops.

A massive thunderstorm that seems to have mixed dozens and hundreds of stems from the sky.

As if a longevity in the sky had fallen by the blade, a great lightning bolt struck Calatus, exploding and consuming the flame at once.

Rrrrgh! Rrrrgh! Calatus tried all sorts of magic to somehow try to fire 7/1, but the more violent the flame was, the more it consumed him.

“Haha. It won't go well. Yes, it's a mixture of King Bullfrog's gout and King Bullfrog's gout.

The Archbishop was relying on the bishop who had helped him or not: When channeling with the monarch of Dongju was cut off, he forced his strength and reacted.

However, as effective as it has been, Calatus is unable to solve magic, and this time he crashes his body all over the stage.

The cliffs collapse with impact, and the temple is completely crushed by the landslide. Bress also heated up the atmosphere, spreading out everywhere. The mountain falls. The deep abyss remains on the ground.

It was a stage that collapsed with the collapse of the maze.

Calatus' frenzy brings only greater destruction.


Kung! Kur_Kalatus lost his balance of strength and fell to the ground.

Seeing that it was a big place, it only stopped after a few of the mountains were broken, and the flames became more ferocious, and it suddenly soared high enough to reach the sky.

Kuroc Kuroc! And.

“Dragon, down • •“ Let's go • • • • • now ”” Players saw the calatus causing the final convulsion and thought this was their chance.

Rewards are awarded differentially based on Contribution Points. When can I accumulate Contribution Points unless Calatus is losing power?

“Whoa!" “Kill him! Catch him!" Players start running in unison to cut off Calatus's strings. Each one of them showed off their signature skills, so the stage was dazzling with spectacular effects.

"Haha! That one is mine! What nonsense! It's me! I will take the Dragon King's heart!" At the forefront of the tribe were the three leaders of the Green Dragon.

Hall, Leesoo, Bahadan. They had already been crushed by the collision with the Food and Drug Administration in the maze.

Even if it was contaminated, it was due to the expectation that the serum of the last dragon king would complete not only the recovery, but also the evolution of the polyp that I so desperately wanted.

At that time, one wing left in the shape of the Wyvern fluttered and moved forward.

Hahaha! I ate this first, but Leesoo's words ended on the way. Leaping into the flames, he tried to chew off Calatus' remaining head, and suddenly another hand popped out from underneath him and tore him apart.

Shhh! “My meat! I touched my meat and roared like a ravenous beast eating meat from the calatus. Despite all the bruises and ugly mollusks, the purple glare in both eyes was overwhelming the son-in-law Completion! How dare you, my brother! Hall and Bahadan cried out as they watched their dying brothers so miserably.

I had a nervous breakdown when I had the chance. However, they lived with pride as brothers who inherited the same blood from Mother Summer Queen. I never expected such a false death from my brother.


A brief moment of carelessness brings yet another death. Calatus bounces his starry head off, thinking they were all going to die, and catches Hall in a flash.

That was Hall's last will and testament.

Fruit! Choo-choo, choo-calatus chewed Hall's mouth like a dog chewing gum and swallowed him whole. He rode off on a spilled collar. Thanks to some recovery of the serum, Calatus' focus is restored.

Gruo-Calatus roars for a long time once again, his body completely shattered, purging the flames.

[Successfully eliminated all Marki from 'The Fallen Dragon King, Calatus'. Reveals Hidden Mystery [Caution! Two-way Phase Begins.] as the dragon peer spreads like a ravage. I bore the faces of all the players rushing towards me in a flash.

I pressed harder than ever: as if gravity had multiplied several times, hundreds of nearby players blew up in a flash.

The feverish storm blows a few times, turning the ground over again and blowing the players all at once.

The Bajara also had its wings, legs, and tails blown off and left on the ground.

Fearful eyes are firmly fixed on the calatus, looking down at this side as it casts a huge shadow. He seemed to have met a predator who could never be opposed, or rather, he was terrified of a much higher class retreat.

Then Baharadan was able to understand my subject. As a dragon, he couldn't see past the dragon king in the first place. What I tried to do was wrong.

Soon after, Calatus' Agari came down to absorb Bahadan's serum. The shadows fill up and cover the Bahattan.

It was then.

It's as if another ocean suddenly appeared.

A huge fire column fell.

Ho} Ahhhh! Calatus does not try to bite the neck of the Baharadan, but quickly raises his head and strikes the body with his wings.

But the pillar of fire is not enough to turn the Bahamas into ashes in a heartbeat. As I changed, I broke through Calatus' grain.

The grain of gruh-calatus leads to crawling chaos. As they were all cut off, suddenly, the lost spirit rushed into a panic, causing a Kalatus seizure.

Here, the Fire Flame, Preapproved Fire Dragon Killing in Beagrid, 'according to the tale of Lancelot, the hero who cut down the flame, cleared Calatus' body and passed by.

On the line.

Phew! There's so much blood pouring down the lake that you can follow the torn body, evaporate with fever and disappear.

Gruo-Calatus cried out louder for the pain of being gone.

Those who were tied to the Dragon Pier and Presser and had to watch the scene foolishly. They were all in shock. I couldn't keep talking.

It seemed to their eyes that one moment the ocean flashed and cut through the calatus.

And by the time that ocean swerved again and realized it was coming for them, it was already too late.

I couldn't scream to avoid it or activate my skills.

Before I could scream, my whole body disappeared from a massive fever, and the ensuing tide of fire swept away all the remaining ones.


I feel like I'm going to erase everything that's left of the stage.

As well as the rest of the League of Lions' mercenaries, wizards, and Tritons. Blood, Elohim, White Dragons, Green Dragons, Black Dragons, Horsemen and Mazes. A lot of things disappeared without stopping the enemy.

At the moment of 'flashing'.

The problem was that it wasn't once.

The pillar of fire has divided the stage several times.

And every time I drew it, the subsequent flame storm swept through the rest as if leaving nothing behind. Again, the flames flashed upward, connected to each other by brains, struck the ground with a thunderbolt.

Roll, roll - it was a disaster. Catastrophe that takes over the stage.

Even the nine kings could not escape.

All of them exhausted considerable power to deal with Calatus.

Moreover, the dragon's curse was still working, so I could never be free from the damage.

Waltz suffers deep internal injuries from the destruction of all the aphrodisiacs, and Tom's right arm is severed. The Archbishop was forced to use the power of the Eastern Prince again, and his magic regressed, and Magnus fell into a deep slump while trying to keep watch.

Seconds} Coordinates - After the blaze of hell seems to last forever, “Declare Realm.

With a loud voice somewhere, a dark darkness settles.

[Dragon Warrior, 'Bina' has been declared.] The world still full of fire suddenly turned upside down, and there came a war.

A shadow spreads over the unquenchable ground, with monsters appearing one by one.

Kick, kick, kick! The monsters provoked a bizarre smile and rushed out from place to place to ambush the players who were barely breathing. There were delicious souls everywhere. I started a feast so I wouldn't miss an opportunity to fill my stomach.

Very greedy, crabby.

The stage was full of screams and cries from players all at once.

“Aaaah! Help me!" 'Aaaah! Aaaaahhhh! "“ The Monkey King! Proprietary players why they still think of Yeonju as an ally because they do not know the situation properly. Due to the subsequent betrayal, I had to sink into the swamp of death even more painfully.

“Kai Yi Yin!” And in between those hells,

The emperor who came out of Calatus suddenly raised his head.

Instead of hunger and thirst, his face distorted with burns was filled with only anger and grudges, “Come on, hurry!” The appetizer roars violently about how rational he is and why he has committed heresy. After treating Yeon-woo with favor, I did not understand the situation like this.

The plan they shared must have been hostile. How dare you betray yourself! “Why?” Yeon-woo smiles coldly, looking up at him from the sky.

“From now on, I will teach you,” the wings of the sky plummet as fast as they could. The waves of fire once again erupt and envelop the appetizer.