Second Life Ranker

1. Mask Off (1)

Nose! With the thunderstorm in place, the appetizer's blade and beagrid clashed strongly.

The Black Orc exploded and tried to tear the appetizer apart, drawing a violent whirlpool of fire.

“Teach? What the hell do you teach?!” Instead, the emperor forcibly tore up such a vortex and rushed to Yeongwoo.

It's like a one-by-one scrapbook to get through a gate. You're shot like a bullet with a massive swelling of body.

Bang! Yeon folds her wings inward, preventing the appetizer from hitting the torso. Kim surrounds him, and the flame rises high into the air with the shock wave again.

At that moment.

“The one and only! You've finally shown your face!” Slaughter the precious people of our home country in two ways? I will not forgive you! "The duc and duc of Tyring 1 appear in the Belt to the right and to the left of the emperor, tearing open the kitten's waist from both sides.

With the appetizer connected to the stone, he quickly returned realizing that the appetizer was dangerous.

However, the two attacks did not take place. As the shadow of Yeongwoo suddenly came up, Sanon and Ghost blocked their blades, respectively.

"Yi. Yi. You're disappointed you keep forgetting about us?" If not, I wanted to check firsthand the swordsmanship of the Dynasty. Good. "Huh? You've never done it? You said you were the spirit of the fight? They were already difficult to reach before I became famous • • • • •!" Challenge 1! Gurr_Sanon began to attack the Duke of Tirving by sweeping through the Volcano. "The flaming storm that comes with every swing of the sword keeps the duc from retreating.

He threw all nine blades into the air and began to dance in turn. In addition to being able to regain his vital power, his blade is lightweight and powerful, each with an additional ranker's soul.

“Could it be • • • • • • Domucin?” Do you recognize me? "Why was the spirit of the Purity known as dead" "This body was also from the party." One of them slaughtered Duke of Tontong, in horror. The duc of the Voodoo Belt started colliding, pulling out the blade of bone with his bare hands.


The owner's fight in the center of the real people became more and more violent.

["Vigrid_??? 'Reveals the hidden true name,' Durendal '.] [Heroic Beagrid: Transverse] Together we'll quickly split the air as the weight of the dragon remains lighter to slaughter it.

The steam is confined to the error by extreme compression of the waves of fire. Of course, when the compression broke, there was no choice but to have an explosion that big.

Yeon-woo actively took advantage of this.

Every time I swing my sword, the waves of fire erupt, and I slash, stab, and even cut the body of the appetizer, which squeezes in between.

LG: “Inououououam!” The more I painted the emperor, the more I felt like a pile of rubbish. After swallowing so much of Calatus' serum and meat, I was able to finally use the edible stone that had been too difficult to handle.

Nevertheless, instead of catching a win, they keep pushing it.

Especially, what made him unable to endure was that the flames sown by the Archbishop were still being cut out by the flesh-eating sword error.

Whenever a wound is inflicted, the purple energy quickly rises and heals.

There is no way to escape from the onslaught of Yeouido.

I guess it just doesn't work out, does it? ”The appetizer felt frightened by the golden eyes flashing beyond the mask. It felt as if his insides were clearly visible.

“Probably because you're using rocks like that. Use the Dragon Factor to control the stone? That's a good idea, but the wrong way around it is," The appetizer realized that he had discovered the adra stone that had been kept secret from everyone.

“It doesn't have to be that way, or Yeon-woo throws a sneer at the shocked appetizer and strikes Beagrid down. Lightning strikes the ground, resonating with the Wise Man's Stone and Dragon Heart.

The emperor's arm, which was trying to stop it, was cut off as it was. “Grrrgh!” But I liked the only one. Aggressive? It's quite useful.

It's the wrong way to use it. ”Yeon-woo sent Pelant to the wealth, whether he heard it or not or kept it in the stone of the sage.

Faran twists the law and distorts the truth.

It was also the best fit for wealth.

Along the high sky, two solid lines were drawn, illuminating Elder Rich's Inferno site as if it were an axe.

"Dear Death. Oh, Ra." According to the order of the wealthy who commanded the battlefield, the shadow of the ground became even wetter like a swamp.

The flames of the battlefield darkened and the eyes of the presbyterian monsters darkened, now shining purple together, revealing their ugly teeth, tearing out the lines of their prey.

With a giant life in the sky, I vomited up all the undead I had been stockpiling in the dungeon.

The emperor could not tell whether he was on the 50th floor of the Nine Thousand Realms or the Temple of the Dragon.

But he was also able to borrow the help of the other nine kings, bam, bam, bam, bam! Calatus, who had suddenly begun to enter three-way meat as the grain split, was somehow moving to grass, and the other Ahomes' feet were also tied tightly there.

Even though they're badly hurt.

“Damn!” The appetizer seems to be frustrated. The flying arm was restored, but it was being chopped off again one day, and the purple energy was relentless as spilling blood.

Moreover, it was not enough to rob him of the power he had given him right in front of his eyes, and when it was being used as a stopgap, the rope of reason was about to be broken.

The Dragon's Curse has constrained all powers. There was nothing he could do.

No, there was one thing.

Since I only used it once in the early days, the sequelae was so severe that I couldn't help but take out the way I had to seal it tightly. That's why he was able to eat all of his many brothers and flesh and sit on the throne.

“Gee Raaal!" The appetizer finally 'liberated' the edible stone in his stomach, which he could not bear.

Like a balloon with zero margin wind. Immediately, the Emperor's enormous figure swelled up dozens of times.

“Grrrgh!" Like a giant, forgotten species in Margie's mythology. The emperor roared for a long time, with his appetite magnified by tens of meters.

Now, the appetite stone poured out a purple energy and maximized the appetite and instinct of the appetite.

Eat it.

Feed them all.

Eat every last one of these and make sure no one underestimates you.

The emperor never forgot that he was an emperor, and he thought he should kneel before the Mankind God and bow down.

In such a ruling, things like this now only turn out to be blasphemous in order to instigate treason.

If so, I had to show my majesty as an emperor and make sure that I could distinguish between them and myself.

Nod + Nose + Nose} -0, 0, 0, and of course. It was Yeon-woo who thought the appetizer should kneel first.

Every time I hit the ground with my big stomping feet, the ground shook up and down.

The frenzy spilling out with the purple energy contained only the thought of killing Yeongwoo. Your eyes will be bloodshot and you'll suck.

[Sighs] Yeon-woo greeted the emperor as he ran towards himself. I analyzed him thoroughly in the slower time zone to speed up the accident.

I thought there might be a way to use adra stones that I could refer to, like a powerful adra.

He was just wielding his appetite's stone as he wielded it.

Without even using it properly. He was an addict who had been fragmented in more than a "equation."

But just in case, I let him come all this way.

I didn't think I'd have to leave it alone if it was just that.

In the beginning.

'He is not the vessel of the Nine Kings.' If he were not a stone of appetite, he would be nothing.

For a guy like that, adra is just a pearl necklace on a pig's neck.

Yeon-woo rushed forward, turning the time zone against the enemy.

The fist of the emperor slams into his place.

As the crack spread tens of meters along the surface of the road, a piece of rock splintered upwards.

Yeongwoo suddenly triggered a bling, wielding a violent beagrid that appeared behind the appetizer's bridge.

Knng! Knng! His right knee cut off the ground as the Achilles gun continued to cut.

Purple Energy did not need to be used to strengthen or strengthen his body 1- 1- 0.

The grain that I had stolen into Yongsin, from the edible stone, was severed by the flow of energy, and if the jaws were burned with a black flame to exacerbate the wound.

His severed ankle was covered in bloodstained flowers.

[Psychotrophic] [Black Gujara] The softy never misses a chance to lower his stance.

Left-Bigrid quickly unravels the beads of the Ultimate Blade in sequence.

Every time Beagrid swings, the appetizer's arms and legs are chopped into chunks and the surroundings are turned into blood in an instant.

“Ahhhh!” The bloodstained flower, filled with the emperor's palate, sucks out his stamina and magic, and delivers enormous energy to Yeongwoo as it is.

Inside, there was a purple energy that was boasting of the edible stone. The Wise Man's Stone did not miss it, but sucked it all up and added its adra properties to 107.

[Power, effects of 'Black Gubidara' partially absorb the magical power of the enemy "[Spirit Stone (Arrogant Stone) finds the energy of the Spirit (Dining Stone) and attempts to absorb it.] [Adra Stone (Arrogant Fields) finds the energy of adra (Eating Stone) and attempts to absorb it.] [Adra Stone (Eater Stone) rejects Adra Stone (Arrogant Stone). Adra Stone (Arrogant Stone) attempts a forced merge.] [Adra Stone (Arrogant Stone) has absorbed its magic.] [The adra (arrogant stone) is being reborn as the 'Sin Stone'. Absorb more magical power.] The appetizer was shocked when a number of his spleens failed, and the energy of the appetite stone was taken from him.

Then I realized what Yeon-woo was going to do. He was the same owner of the adra as himself.

How could you use it so well? "Ahhhh!" The appetizer threw a series of mana and punched more recklessly at the thought that he might be deprived of the stones of his appetite, but it was hard to keep up with the speed of Yeon-woo.

Rather, as he got bigger, his speed slowed down, exposing his larger weaknesses.

“The scaffolding beaker!” In the end, the appetizer stood on his back with a sense of crisis that he might be really defeated if he stayed like this.

All I've been doing is swinging, and feeling and concepts that I didn't know I was going to get him into the swamp increasingly.

“Ugh, ugh.

And • • • [Nergal laughs. Izanami laughs.] [The pregnant couple laughs.] [Ai Shima-Dai Bar laughs] [Halphas laughs.] [Hell laughs] And the appetizer realizes that behind Yeon-woo, many death gods and demons look at him and scoff.

The swamp of death grows beneath him to drown him.

Phew! Vigrid cuts off the appetizer's last remaining arm and squeezes the left chest in one swoop.

That was not enough for Yeongwoo. She pulled out the dagger and the arena at the back of her belt at the same time and shoved it right and right into her abdomen.

Between the bloodshed and the viscera that was still twitching and the bloodstained flowers that had already invaded it.

Meanwhile, the gourmet stone sprinkles a purple glow and weeps.

Did you think the stone of the appetite would be absorbed by the arrogance of the stone, the final move. I put more magic into it.

Rather, the more I painted, the bloodier the flower, the more it ate, the more it filled the Wise Man's Stone.

She pushes her left hand into it without delay. The black swamp opened widely between the palms of my hands, and my teeth came out and chewed the appetite stone in one sitting.

['Vampire Sword of Battery' snatches adra (Eating Stone).] [This skill is far outside the realm of development.

Skill activation failed.] [Skill has been relaunched.] [Failed.] [Skill has been relaunched.] [Failed.] [Adra Stone (Arrogant Stone) has been automatically connected to the skill due to its auxiliary effect on carrots.] [Skill has been relaunched.] [Thank you for the palace.] [Begin energy drain.] Overwhelming - The gluttonous stone that was pushed down the tooth tooth eventually could not withstand the greedy arrogance of the stone, and began to be absorbed as it was chewed away.

With the stone and soul consumed, the body of the appetizer began to collapse.

As the body that remained twisted in a strange direction, the bloodstained flower slowly covered my face.

The gluttinous emperor smiled coldly with his face close to the man who shouted so loudly, feeling that he might die after being eliminated from the Stone of Eating.

“You said that, right? When I'm done searching the maze, I'll give you one thing you want.

I'd kill for "“ if it was your life. Why are you telling me, "Don't worry. You'll see soon enough.” Yeongwoo now sees the emperor crumpling like a crumpled piece of paper. I shoved the Vampire Sword deeper into the Vampire Blade. The energy drain speeds up.

“Ah, the inside • appetizer pinched his lips, and eventually dried up like a mummy and disappeared.

['Vampiric Vampire of the Battery' has succeeded in ransacking the soul (Eating Stone). Final result: 89.2%] [Congratulations! Successfully achieved the skill level of 'Vampire Sword of Battery' to MAXIL.] [Improves all Talent Points related to skills.] [HP +20.] [Magic Power +35.] [Calculate your Talents to explore new skills.] Feeling the fiercely roasting arrogant stones and the gluttonous stones trying to avoid colliding in each other's stone.

I got up slowly and looked around.

Players who were already around had their faces wet with shock.

It was hard to judge with the summoning of mortals and undead. It was still because I didn't think the 'king' was going to die.

The Summer Queen had died once, but it was always done by the same king, King Neo.

But now, the only thing known as the female lugi was the colostrum ambassador who overthrew the king. The same was true of Magnus, Tom and other kings.

“Who the hell is a year?” The question Magnus is throwing with his trembling eyes.

Instead of answering, Yeon-woo took = to the mask.

And a face that clearly shows up. All players, including Magnus, and a group of rankers get even more frightened. Their faces are so familiar. The face that was known to be dead was right in front of me! “You're not saying you don't know who I am?” The dead man clearly passed by the wings of New Haan in a silver armor, and the sole proprietor here, on the contrary, was showing a contradiction and temperament with black wings on his black coat.

Rather, the black flame surrounding the rainforest felt even more ominous and gloomy.

Right now.

Yeon-woo rolled up one end of her lip as her younger sister. The fangs were clearly visible through the open lips.

“Just like Nihee did to me. From now on, I'm taking you to hell, too.

It was declaration of war.

Declare war for the first time in the name of my brother and Artiya.