Second Life Ranker

2. Mask Off (2)

There were many people in the tower who were curious about the mask of a monopoly.

Some said that there would be a face disgusted by the burn, and some said that they were hiding their identity because they were a rare species in the tower.

There was a lot of speculation about hypocrisy.

Most of them have a gruesome relationship with some people in the tower, so they think roughly.

It was a game that entered the tower anyway, and no one had ever lived an ordinary life. Like a loner, there were quite a few people who wore hoods deep or covered their masks.

Not a giant clan that needs to be strongly identified. No one wanted to force the identity of the players who hid the tablets. Individualistic tendencies were the overall atmosphere of dominating the tower.


So it's not surprising to see a man without his mask on his back that everyone knew.

That face definitely belonged to someone who was supposed to be dead.

Long silence.

“Do it, Haven Wing!” It breaks with the sound of a scream leaking out of your mind.

“How do you feel • • • • • •?” The state, the state, was dead. It was not. The chaos that was repaired spread rapidly throughout the tribe like an epidemic.

“Flee!” With a crocodile by someone.

The panicked players' minds were filled with only one thought.

We have to get out of here somehow! “Protect the Dictator!” We must evacuate the Dictator! ”“ Take the Lord! ”“ Stop him at all costs! ”Rankers who were not affiliated started running away without looking back.

Players of the giant clan protrude forward thinking they must somehow stop the moat. It was to establish the tabernacle of the phosphorus and to restrain him.

It was thought that Yeonwoo was the resurrection of the wing. Then it's as obvious as the fire that he's after! Wedge_and correspond to their thoughts. Yeon-woo flaps her wings once more and swarms them.

Crouching! Magic and skills from the skies burst into the swanky effect and poured onto the kite.

“Rain," but she wiggles her grid to the side like a nuisance.

["Vigrid_??? 'opens the hidden name,' Durendal '. Jinyeon once again wields her blade, and it wiggles with error.

The Black Flame explodes, removing magic and skills from the air at once.

Paaaa_Yeon broke through the flames and pierced them all at once.

“Kuaak!” “Aah!” Players in the vicinity of Passing Rain fell down, either grabbing their hearts or struggling with blue bored oysters.

The power of death that rose from the shadow that was widespread along the floor, Kim pulled them to the swamp with his hands, and the place where Yeongwoo first targeted was the nearest place.

It was where Elohim and Magnus lived.

“Aaaaah!" Players who were there to protect Magnus stood to the side with a black flame and crossed swords, filling in their positions with seven ligaments.

Currently their dictator, Magnus, is an opponent who has lost his channel ring and spent considerable energy dealing with Calatus.

It was too dangerous to face Yeon-woo like this.

Cadet 1! Although several of the commanders, including Uros, died, there was a significant loss of power. They were only made of high rankers and had considerable power within Elohim.

Beagrid, who has been slaughtering players like cattle and pigs, has been blocked for the first time.

Grigia, who stopped the moat, was very happy for a moment to think that she could push it away.

Puff! A whirlwind will cut his throat so clean that it will cover the heads of seven men.

Rebecca will appear and join us shortly.

After all, the remaining seven ligaments are confronted with Rebecca, and her hands and feet are complicated to read.

Yeon-woo confronts Magnus.

I didn't need to say anything else. Just kill him with all your might! Paralax-chunk! Pieces of the Woman's Baton form a pop-up, drawing a whirlwind, and a beagrid sits on top of it.

[Sword of Armor - Bigeye Association (31061; Tax32363;)] [Jecheon - Rebuilding Tax] Employment, Papaj_Gurrung! As the female staff and beagrid move, the thunder sounds as if their ears are about to fall off the blade. A seagull with a black lightning bolt cuts off Magnus' limb.

“Hmph 33442; 'Magnus stretches out his hands in front of him, unraveling the choir. A strong wave poured forward like a fang, following the Giant's Crescent.

Crouch! Beagrid's momentary and relentless movements have slowed him down.

But Magnus, as if this wasn't the end, unleashes a twisted, continuous gust of wind.

Left-wing Kim tilts the error and pushes it aside, triggering a fire link and treading on Magnus' back.

However, Magnus stretches his palm forward, turning his upper body toward you without any sign of panic, as if he had been expecting such movement.

Grrr! With an enormous thunderstorm that makes the blade and palm clash, the grater rises upward and deeps into the ground and presses down into the depression.

“Long • • • • • Manny, Havon Wing. How have you been?” Magnus' eyelids, looking at the kite, shiver slightly. He's still searching to see if the opponent he knows is a Haebon Wing.

It was too different for him to associate with anyone he knew. Unlike the atmosphere, temperament, skills, and power • • • • • • • Haebon Wing, which was always full of just and colorful light, everything that Yeon-woo had was closer to death and darkness as one.

“How do you think you're doing?” Yeon-woo twists the tip of one lip, looking at that magnus.

Magnus wields the power of the giant and pushes Beagrid away. I lost my loving smile somehow.

“I hear there's been a lot of hard work. But we're not supposed to be like this. I'm • • • Awakened! As if she didn't want to hear any more, she pushed Vigrid hard enough to bounce Magnus away and almost saw what he had to say.

What happened before was a misunderstanding.

They didn't intend to.

Suddenly, that's what happened.

Magnus was always good at packing his righteous enemies, and he was always fooled there at first.

But I realized later.

Magnus never thought of him as a 'criminal'.

Magnus was right and an honest man. For the first time in Elohim, with a decentralized power, he was pure enough to volunteer his own retirement without inciting further greed, but it was only for those born of such bloodline everywhere.

In Magnus' eyes, they were just an uncivilized tribe to lead, like Elohim, the polyp, and the one-horned tribe.

The brother who inherited the power of the dragon was a lucky man who accidentally gained great power without knowing the title.

So Magnus tried to betray his brother's favor at the end and rob him of the power of the dragon.

Of course, in dealing with his brother, he never made the front page.

But that didn't change the fact that he was behind it.

No, except for that.

I will not tolerate you trying to touch the sacrifices.

Ever since Elohim first planned to restore the polyps, he's been trying to talk nonsense to Caesar.

I had no intention of letting Yeon-woo live at all. And Magnus behind it.

Guai-Yeon once again pushes Magnus back as the wings of the sky are indispensable.

Currently Magnus has all the dunneling disconnected to protect him. Now that power is flooding, we must capture it. Otherwise, he would have left it in front of him and grabbed his ankle.

[The remaining time for the "wings of the sky" is 27 seconds.] It was too much power from the beginning, and I spent more time than usual. Maintaining the Realm Invina was still consuming that much magical power.

Because there's less than 30 seconds left.

'This is enough.

Yun pushed Magnus away with power, burning more power and splendor.

Magnus had to watch as Sugar protected himself and all his magic was crushed by the ominous power.

(Not even the strength of the Giant's Thunder or the 'Absurdity' could stop the power of the Drinking Dragon completely.

When the blade of the puffer-pheng reached Magnus' throat and stopped for a moment.

[Bundesh Noh (Sanon) has defeated Player Nirving. "] [We succeeded in extorting the Ghral.]] [Clan, Death Noble (Ghost) has defeated the player 'Lion Tien'.] [You have succeeded in hijacking the Ghost.]] [Soul Stone (Arrogant Stone) has successfully hijacked all of the functions of Soul Stone (Eating Stone).] [Final result: 96.8%] [Attempt fusion.] [Try synthesizing.] [It may take some time to complete the Sin Stone.] The strength of the 'Da-da' (21191; ) was already obtained while defeating the food suppressant.

Following news of the defeat of Duke Thyrh01 and Duc Toulyeon, all the strong-willed refugees were handed over to Yeongwoo by themselves. The stone of arrogance has succeeded in consuming all of the functions of the gourmet stone.

And that meant another expansion of the pond.

A brief boost of power was enough to crush the snail that had barely kept Magnus afloat.

The tip of Vigrid's blade pierces through Magnus' throat.

Magnus frowned like a goldfish, as if to say something.

He swung loudly next to Beagrie, as if he didn't want to hear.

Known to have rebuilt the Elohist, it was the futile death of the 'King' who had received so much support from the clan members.

But the shadow soared upward and swallowed his soul into the collector line, not allowing him even a peaceful death.

“Ma, Magnus!” “Even the dictator • • The remnants of Elohim were halfway stunned when even the trusted Magnus was defeated.

[I ran out of time to activate the 'wings of the sky'.] [The next available trigger time is in 24 hours.] Fast - And just as the wings of the sky that were rising high were loosening and returning to the wings of fire, as the thousands of powers that were forcibly grasped stopped working together, I felt a stiffness in my body as soon as I felt the penalty returning.

He said coldly, alternating with the rest of the blood country (Filohim's remnants) as he now lost all his intentions.

“All clear.

Kick, Kick-Kaaaaaaa! Immortals and black shadows rise up against them in an ominous rush.

Leaving them behind.

Yeon-woo moves again.

There were still a lot of prey left.

"Glory to Owner/Crab!" To our king who sits on the throne of death, we will embrace the death of our enemies as a gift! "Through the battlefield where shadows overflow and monsters roar.

The death squad, which began to appear from time to time, held the black armor, the silver helmet, and the spear high. Armed with a blazing force, you begin to push your enemies away with a great shout.

Enemies, slaughter-Nice Pluto. It was Hades', but there was nothing that could stop the death squad from being passed on to Yeonwoo, the next king.

Though not all of the power of the body that Yeon-woo has yet to transcend can be used.

Still, they began to stop him in the thousands of years to prove that butter from the war with Titan-Gigas was never a coincidence.

In this situation, the most pressing were the white dragon, the black dragon, and the horseman.

The blood country and Elohim are almost annihilated. The next crisis was theirs, and, of course, the situation wasn't very good, but on the front was when Dis Pluto started pressuring.

On the left, the phantom regiment narrows.

In Wu, Mahi Castle is as strong as an anvil and has kept the butter from escaping them.

However, Calatus, who had just entered the four-letter phase, was in a frenzy.

Although he was corrupt as he wished, he could not conjure up the magic to say this, and even though he was reluctant to say that he was the first polyp, he was unable to show the majesty of being the last dragon-king.

But it seems to show that dragons are dragons. Currently, Calatus has trampled the players at random, restoring the flesh while burning the last remaining spiritual force.

Every time you shake your tail, the rankers bounce off the ropes, and every time Brest lands, there are a lot of people who can't leave even a corpse.

The Great Wall and the Archbishop are not very good friends. Just in time, you see a kitten flying this way while you clear out Magnus and the rest of the bloodlines.

“You won't get away with this.” The Archbishop smiles bitterly as he watches the kite fly this way. As Channel Rung 1 was cut off for too long, the physical aging he had barely held back was returning. I could already feel my body twitching.

“What do you think? Let it go now.” Then the Archbishop turned to Waltz and asked,

Waltz picks up his fist, throwing a dark glass at Calatus, and heads back to you.

The cold gaze faced the Archbishop.

What do you mean, eyes?

“Even if you live long enough to die, that's what 1,000 horses will do." Not you. You're still young, and you'll live a lot longer than you did on Lady Mountain. Are you willing to give up such a flower life here? ”Waltz stared at the Archbishop with no answer.

“And I can't spare my life because of the congregation that I left in this body. Let me make you an offer.

Woman's silent mouth opened for the first time.

“What kind of offer?” Please stop that troublemaker for a moment.

The Archbishop said while covering the floating stream this way.

“This old man's got quite a few things to hide. I'll get you out of this stuffy stage. So give me some time to concentrate on it.” “This is his turf. It's not easy being a prisoner.

“Don't keep trying to hide it. Do you think the imager has overcome it completely, and now that he's hiding it, he doesn't know that there are more dogs? If you had taken it seriously in the first place, the appetite or the Viper wouldn't have gone to waste.” Waltz didn't say anything.

“Probably looking at the right opportunity, he was about to cut down on a lot of useless numbers. But that's it. This isn't over.” In the end, Waltz stepped back.

How about a • • • month? ”“ I told you. Buy me some time. ”Tsk. A grumpy inspiration. Watching the Archbishop pierce Wales' insides, he fell asleep and stepped forward.

Just like Yeon Woo tried to get rid of them in chaos. In fact, Waltz was going to exhaust the power of Yeouido for the last time.

For her, Yeon-ju was the enemy of Mother Summer, who must be killed one day.

But after this, I didn't think I could wait any longer.

“I won't be long. There's a huge impact on the broken Eternal Spirit.” Don't be such a snob. In just a moment, Waltz stepped forward with his fist loosened. In fact, even though Yeon-woo had developed a solvent, she also stepped on more than that if she was confined to fighting materials.

“Declare a Realm.

At the same time as what she said.

A fierce blue wind spreads like a ripple around the Huaiak-Waltz and begins to push away the realm of shadows.