Second Life Ranker

4. Mask Off (4)

'It was shallow.

Yeongwoo kicked her tongue gently, feeling the touch on the tip of the blade. Deep inside the dragon's scales, you see Pagopi flowers, but to some extent, they were not invading more than that. Whether Dawaltz was furious at the fact that it might have been dangerous for a moment, his eyes turned pale.

Vaccine exploded again. Due to the explosion from too close, Yeon tried to protect herself by quickly folding the wings of the struggle in front of her body because she had no bird to defend.

With its wings twitching, the body flew backwards.

You clear your wings, and you re-position yourself to measure the timing of the attack.

Waltz is flipping his head back and taking that puffy motion with his cheeks.

Dragon Breeze! 'Yeon realizes later whether Waltz is going to Wall, and pushes Vigrid to the line. Follow the texture of Yongsin.

Guaya-Waltz spills out his brass.

The mother who gave birth to you, the Summer Queen's clan is Red. Because they have the properties of fire and volcanoes, Breith has an enormous amount of hyperthermia.

Just like a volcano explodes through a rubble. In a flash, the world turned crimson, and all the surrounding land melted away. Beagrid also vomited light.

Again, the waves of fire compressed in the form of a brace. The Wise Man's Stone and Dragonheart were trembling more vigorously than ever before to maximize their power.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! With both braces crashing against each other. The ground melts with fever and collapses. The two flames rose high into the sky, drawing a whirl.

And then the whirl disappeared.

There remained only the land where lava flowed like a river between the cracks.

The water vapor is thick as fog, so it's hard to tell.

Yeonwoo and Waltz 'knew each other' that there was still not enough power to defeat the opponent, 'and were preparing a new Breach for the jazz clash.

Gwaang_right then. Tom appears behind Waltz.

"Big Sis, if you look at me like this, it will be dangerous! I had known that I was too busy dealing with Calatus. Waltz was unable to respond and had to give his left wing to Tom's hideous chin.

Over-exploited-with the pain of tearing the wings.

Waltz's face was completely distorted by shock.

“How dare you!” Now that my mother and all the other brothers have left, Shouldn't our brothers and sisters be getting along? Tom grins as he chews off a piece of Waltz's wing.

In my stomach. “I know when the issue is and I will do it.

[New properties will be granted over 'Bina' in the area already designated "[Land (+20901)] has been set!] [All holiness relating to the Throne has been awakened] [From now on, it is possible to adjust all powers • privileges • settings in the land signed as the owner of the Throne of Four.] Due to lack of quality, a significant amount of power • privileges • cannot be set, or the effect is weakened.] Waltz stares at Tom, grunting and suddenly turning his gaze toward Yeon Woo in a hurry at a message that fills his retina.

Tom, who was tempted by the cough, suddenly opened his eyes.

'I tried to save this for last.' They were unable to defend the NELT 1-and launched a new attack.

Just like Bress' brother.

If the waves of fire are difficult to catch, [the power enslaved in the throne of the four kings, 'Hell's Terrorization' is exercised.] More than that, it was enough to use the flame at the top.

Hell frightens me.

It directly extinguishes the flame that flows through the system.

Originally, it was a flame of hot heat to purify the soul by condemning sinners, but it could never be implemented in the reality of the law.

It was possible to pierce the earth and lay siege to waltz and tom because of how much it was usable in the land that Yeongwoo declared.

What is this • • • • • •! Wales wanted to get as far away from Yeon Woo as possible, using Blinks and Teleports as he could while curling his body with his remaining wings.

The same goes for Tom, who polymorphed from the body to the human body, trying to escape in a hurry.

“Because of how much the player can use in the sanctuary and in the soil declared by Shin Yeon-woo, it was possible to pierce the earth and raise hell to catch Waltz and Tom.

What is this • • • • • •! Wales wanted to get as far away from Yeon Woo as possible, using Blinks and Teleports as he could while curling his body with his remaining wings.

The same goes for Tom, who polymorphed from the body to the human body, trying to escape in a hurry.

“How can a player have a sanctuary and a sacred place? • In the near past year, people who do not know what happened to Yeonwoo in Tartaros are shocked.

Sacred. It was one of the five conditions of transcendence.

Mother, the Summer Queen only got it in the last year.

You had a player who hadn't even treated her like a hostile! Moreover, the sanctuary is established to express divinity properly.

It was a divine thing that could not be compared to normal boundaries or realm settings! Fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-fruit-from the pain of melting the scales of the dragon that had protected them both, the waltz and the tom had to barely let themselves out.

And there may be a new attack from Yeongwoo, and I've squeezed all my magic.

Waltz is a mason that combines multiple boundary magic. Tom tried to defend himself by using the unique Anifact, a glare from the Mother Summer Queen.

The paddles that each of them hid until the end.

However, in a situation where we didn't know who the attack on Yeongwoo would lead to, there was nothing left to do but hide the cost.


Those who wanted Yeon Woo to go after were not them.

Someone who tried to stop them from getting close somehow. It was the archbishop who was trying to do something because he was directly behind the scenes.

Huaiac - [Yongsin An] [Yun Jing Jing] [Gim Eun Gubidara - Wise Man's Eye] [Hellfire Turbulence - Firewheel] Yeon had a pitching position with a beagrid connected to the female staff.

First of all, all you had was to open wide and make sure everything was set up, and drag the hellfire that flows along the land according to the laws of the flame wheel and condense it into Beagrid's blade.

[Aggravated Strength - Power (21191; )] [Dragon Killer] And during the aggravation taken from the appetizer, you used the power equivalent to the power, inflating the power of the dragon to the fullest extent, and gave the female staff a lot of strength.

And here comes the dragon killer.

['Vigrid-??? Opens the hidden real name, "Gay Bolg."] [Herald: Essential] Follow Gaybol's tradition that no matter how hard he runs, he never misses his target.

Vigrid and the falcon pierce through the air. The red trail falls like a meteor shower, followed by a twisted jet stream like a tail.

Yeongwoo was in a bad mood to get rid of the Archbishop somehow.

I was a little distracted dealing with Woman Waltz and Tom. I was noticing that the Archbishop had fallen behind and was preparing something unusual.

'Get rid of it somehow.' I didn't know what the Archbishop was after. Yeon-woo had only the thought of stopping it somehow. And I thought I'd file an Archbishop here as soon as possible.

On the 20th floor, the Archbishop encountered a mountain of misery, although he did appear to borrow Doyle's body. The target is definitely too strong.

I think I know why they rank among the 29 kings for the King and Queen of Summer.

As a result, all channeling was cut off and the power was lost, and we had to eliminate it until the moment the opportunity came.

The fold said that we must stop what we are preparing.


Muscle work! Muscle work! Waltz and Tom recognize each other's prey, turning the final hand they were preparing towards Vigrid.

Eventually, the trajectory that was hit outside was partially devastated. "Thanks to you, the axle gate is complete.” The Archbishop smiled and waved the droplet in his hand lightly.

Following the clear sound of a small piece of golden paper made of female staff, the Archbishop faded into fog 1.

Lobby Grid and the Dowager pole, where the Archbishop was late, sprayed all over the place at once. There, lightning struck and struck the mountain.

The archbishop who should already be there disappeared everywhere.

Instead, fog poured out dozens of times in an instant, following the airflow into the sky.

The sky quickly covered the four-sided cloud and was erasing the color that had been stained red.

And beyond.

It was hard to even guess the height1 - A huge shadow was slowly approaching here.

Guwoo_'O King Bull. Please answer my call.' The Archbishop took the risk of his soul disappearing, turning all remaining magical power into spirituality and turning it into a mist.

I wanted to call upon the spiritual power, not the spiritual mind.

The only thing I wanted was to deal with the Divine Power with him who was tainted by the Heavenly Horse.

I wish I hadn't mastered the 72nd technique so dramatically. It would have been impossible if you hadn't taken the risk of being understood.

That's it. The Archbishop was busy trying to break the rest of his congregation out of the 50th floor.

Even if he decides to die here, what sin is it for the faithful to be buried here?

So forget about the evil gods who desecrate the congregation.

I found another god.

The Demon King who will accompany you.

Otherwise known as Childae Province. They had a brotherhood with another face of Heavenly Horse, the Monkey Monkey King of the Emperor.

They were also such great beings that they left the Emperor Castle as the youngest.

As only seven, I could easily tell if I was great just by watching 'Relationship' and 'Crossbreeding'.

The only thing the Archbishop wanted to contact was King Wudang, the First of the King of Dongju.

A year ago, after his plan to become another face of Thousand Horses directly on the Mountain of Agony, he responded to his desperate call directly from the shrine he had found.

He was the one who wanted to care for them and take care of them more than God, and he was warm like his father.

"Jing Jing 'ang, will that be it?" And the King Bull responded again to his eager call.

Though the dragon's curse placed on Calatus is causing a lot of noise around the voice.

It does not seem untrue that the King Bull regards the Emperor of Bridges or the Holy Father of Bridges as underfoot. He was so easily communicating his intentions to the Archbishop.

'Please do so. "It will be like crossing a river that cannot be returned. " I wish.' Even though there was a lot of anger. A grudge against the youngest? If you still want it. Okay, I'll listen to you. Poor child. A lonely voice was moving gradually.

I will deliver you a shoulder through your brother. But the contract is sacred. You will have to come straight to the 'Abdominal War' as soon as the work is done. "Coming soon.

That's how you get away from your voice.

The Archbishop could feel the enormous existence inside his soul trying to be forced into place.

The process of deepening the existence of God in a large bowl called the Archbishop.

It was tough.

Grrrrrrr - and when all the power was made, suddenly a massive gust blew out, extinguishing the fire that covered the stage with fog.

The storm was so intense that everyone who was watching was amazed.

Waltz and Tom stared at the eye of the hurricane with surprised eyes, barely balanced.

There was an enormous freezing of pressure, much, much greater than that, as there was a hurricane.

A tremendous mysticism that only those who have pioneered their own status can emit their own form of desertion and transcendence in turn.

And Maggio was just as intense at the same time.

Mystic and Magi at the same time.

Were there any other contradictions in this tower? I did.

However, they were not widely known in the summer because they did not choose an apostle well. It was known to all who knew it.

But they're famous for being almost indifferent to the summer. Leaving their thoughts behind.

Over the face and appearance of the Archbishop, a vision of a lion mane was overlapping % lch! Ha! Hoo! Ha! Hahaha! I came down here on your orders, but it's so refreshing! The air down there is much better than the stuffy top. Olfowon, there is no need to interfere with the bait, and the man of the Lion Mane who looks like this is some kind of bishop cake laughed ferociously, seeing the huge debt he had in his hand.

“I like the waves.” Then I tightened my fist.

“But if you're a middle-aged man, you shouldn't rely on text.” The debts with the name Passe-Pacho line have been scattered and disappeared. It was scattered by the original shape 'of desires.

At the beginning, he did not give up his possessions or treasures.

Weapons are a matter of faith. Wouldn't a man have to hit him with two straight fists?

The man who looked like the Archbishop looked up at the frozen crowd, looking at Yeon-woo, smiling and rolling his feet loudly.

Bang! "It's you. The child that this child spoke of.

Yeonwoo frowned as she looked at the man of the lion mane who looked at her.

I didn't know exactly who he was.

One thing I knew for sure was instinct.

Equivalent to Hades or Nippon. What the hell is he? 'It is the power of the Three Weeks in the top 12 thrones representing Olympus.

It seemed like a worthy match for Nippon, the king of Titan-Gigas.

Although there is a limit to how much power is exerted due to the limits of tenacity.

Nevertheless, my back was creepy.

“But • • • then.

The lion mane's tail is off, and he raises questions.

What the hell is she doing with our youngest son? ”