Second Life Ranker

5. Mask Off (5)

Yeongwoo's man wanted to say something, but he slightly frowned and suddenly remembered the part that was mentioned in the diary.

The other face of the former family, the previous family, was extinct in many ways. Tussile in electricity, while Allfoone had a midfield in electricity, the presence of a midfield in the % k4Ö//* i verb with electricity went out gram9//.

I've heard a lot of the above mentioned mechanisms.

I was friendly with them without any certainty because I didn't/do/do/do/look different/widow activities.

When Emperor Xerxes was the future King. Together, there was a saying that there were active beings that traversed the celestial system and the underwater system.

The Frostbite King. What if one of the seven castles appears? And if you have that look, you have a name that comes to mind.

“Huh? Don't you know me? Well, we've been pretty quiet for a while.

Hahaha! ”The lion mane slammed his sheep's fists and laughed loudly. Every time the laughter rings, the earth buzzes.

“My name is Sympathy.” Then curl up your mouth.

I roared ferociously.

“While he was still alive, he was called King Sada, and he was nicknamed Discretionary City by the congregation after dealing with the bastards of the whole school.” Yeon-woo's impression is rigid. The horror spread to the faces of Waltz and Wall, who were far away and paying attention to the gentleman's side of the swallow and the lions, but the soldiers were a cult that worshipped the Heavenly Horse. It's not a difficult place to deal with because of the features provided by the Heavenly Horse, but if I took the other Frozen Demon King with me, I had no choice but to worry about my competitors.

But the king Sada sat on the Archbishop's body. I asked Yeon-woo again, without any interest in such a summer.

“Then I'll ask again. What are you, our youngest? Well, apparently he's got a knack for it. But I feel bad.” It seemed to conceal the King Ahjussi's faults that had been absorbed from the Mountain of Agony.

Yeon-woo wanted to explain that.

“Well, actually, it doesn't matter.” King Satah laughed as he gave up his challenge to hear Yeon-woo's answer. The fangs were clearly visible through the open lips.

“I'm not really curious about that. I'm just trying to find out why. Mwahaha!" Yeon-woo bites as she watches the fiercely scattered speculation and amber of King Sada.

The wings of the struggle weren't enough to deal with a creature of that magnitude.

[I think the Taoist army is trying to kill King Sada. [The Ghost Mother goes to see King Sada.]] [Nergal reveals his teeth.] [Gsittigarva grins ferociously. [Osiris is with you] [Hell is with you. [All Death Gods Support Your Will] [All Death Demons Prepare Strength.] “Seems to be following a lot of interesting things. Ugh, it must have been rewarding for you to come down here, huh?” King Sada smiles more as he looks at the god of death and demons staring down at this place along the stream.

Rather, he seemed to want Yeon Woo to summon the god of death and demons here.

King Sada is the most ferocious and famous of the Eastern Child Warlords to enjoy fighting. After a while I came down to the river, I thought I would stir up a fuss.

Phaia-young gripped his teeth and began to prepare his strength. As I was gaining the sacred throne, I was judged to have fewer penalties for stubbornness as well.


• • • Yes? Oh, shit. Okay. Okay, I'll do it, I'll do it! The king suddenly frowns and stops walking, instead of running into Yeon-woo. Then he frowns and grumbles, staring at Yeongwoo.

“You little brat. You're lucky.” The moment I fell in love, I realized that King Satan was communicating with someone. And he wants to get the Archbishop out of here.

We have to stop them! 'Then Calatus' sphere surrounding the 50th floor of the house could be broken.

“Come here.

[By the authority of the Four Thrones, I have sought the help of all the Shinigami and demons.] [The pregnant couple will answer your call.] [Nergall answers your call.] [Every God of Death has accepted your request.] [Every demon of death has accepted your request.] [All sacraments of the Throne will be temporarily unlocked. Since Huai-Yun only had some sacred parts, she could not unlock all the power of the throne inherited from Hades because she was still lacking in courage.

But Yeon-woo tried to solve this differently.

We call the 666 spirits and devils who want to be with us along the King of the Black in the form of toughness so that we can share the probability and open the sanctuary altogether for a little while.

The power of the Throne of Four, Hell, has been manifested.] Yeon tried to stop King Sada by sprinkling Hell's cowardice in the form of Bress.

“Don't bother, mortal.” King Sada, who was so heartbroken that he couldn't get it right because of the King Bull's call, chanted his incantation freeing the Zero Cancer.

“Blow it, Pacho!” The waves are circular in the wind. It was also a tempest to extinguish the flames.

The winds of the waves that spread in the shape of the whirlwinds carried by zero pressure formed a huge barrier before the Hellfire Warlord reached King Sada, and King Satan clapped his hands together.

Suddenly, the sound of a universal bell filling the swagger.

The sky, which had become dull with cloudy colors, was torn apart, and a pillar of light came down and wrapped around the Demon King.

The wavelength of light began to envelop the horsemen near the Demon King, surrounding them with a transparent hemispherical shield.

[The dragon's curse begins to be lifted by an unknown effect of the external cause of the intervention.] [The epidemic of Calatus, who dominated the stage, "Vida will be lifted.] [External corridor starts to connect.] [Closed Portal Opens] We could see that the light pouring from the sky is the power of the Demon King and the Frozen Lord.

The Frozen Demon Kings on the outside, if the Demon King is on the inside, Calatus' dominion will be crushed to the ground.

This is exactly what the Archbishop wanted.

I sprinkled hell's cowardice to catch it, but I had no choice but to block the wall of the hurricane that the waves were creating.

As soon as this happened, it was Waltz and Tom who moved straight.

If I was stuck on a stage, the Archbishop gave me a chance as promised, so I had to start with this stuffy prison.

Yeon-woo scattered the scope of hell's cowardice in all directions.

At first, he didn't think he could catch all five 'kings' here.

They thought they could make a way out; they thought they could last 72 hours, which was a time limit. Though I did not expect to use such radical methods.


I'll get one more! 'Following the land that Huaiak-Yeon installed, hell is spreading.

“Grab it. Whatever it takes!” Leave it to Receive the command! "Sanon and Ghost followed Waltz and Tom, each with a light. The shadow follows. Disc Fluto also turned the window up higher than ever before.

It was around that time that Mahhee and the Phantom Regiment moved.

Even though the Frozen Demon King is releasing Calatus from power. The disassembly took time.

[Currently decommissioned: 16, 17 Meanwhile, at least one person had to eliminate more enemies.

Your brother focuses on catching the Archbishop! "And Yeon-woo listened to Edora's defiance. He was about to change the way he saw the Sada King disappear into a swarm of light.

If it cannot be broken from the front, there is no choice but to use other methods.

The timing I wanted was coming.

Sin stone.] COMPLETED [Calculate your Talents to explore new skills to unlock higher skills.] [Skill 'Blood of the Battery' has been created '] [' Blood of the Battery has discovered a new possibility through adra (a dietary breakthrough.] [The Holy Spirit of the Throne has been applied and a new possibility has been added.] [Calculate your Talents to explore new skills.] [Skill 'Shadow Sword of Hades' was created.] [Hades' Ritual Sword] Grade: Power Explanation: Skill, a new type of skill created by applying the 'Vampire Vampire of the Battery', and the sacred stone of the Throne, respectively.

The user not only gains vitality, but also the source of the soul. Rain squeezes into the target's entire existence.

When damaging the target, the target is engraved with a mark to make it an opponent for bleeding and poisoning. The user performs a continuous energy drain while the mark is engraved. The target takes additional damage per second by a certain percentage of its Attack Power. In addition, your movement speed is significantly slower and you will continue to experience pain.

The user roots itself to steal some of the target's stats and skills.

In addition, the energy extracted from the soul is applied to the soil of the low attention.

And there's only one of them. If you succeed in transferring the item to someone else, the unique item disappears, and an additional benefit option is given to the creator instead. As divinity increases, power increases proportionately, and so does connectivity with other powers.

The swallow on the left hand of Yeongwoo looks nothing different from the Vampire Sword of Battery.


Yeon-woo could definitely feel it.

The serpent's teeth, situated in the command, now have the ferocity to swallow everything as it came under his control. He wanted to free the fireweed through Hades' Phantom Sword as to the nature of the appetite that flowed from the Sinful Stone succumbed to arrogance.

Perception; Perception - “Swallow.” Unlike before, you have to reach the target directly to absorb it. This time, I just deployed my power into the air.

As soon as the evil tooth is revealed, the Abyss underneath it begins to suck out everything.

Over-excited with the breeze of the waves that were blocking the breeze and the cowardice of hell.

He was trying to 'rip off' the wind completely 'using the spirit sword of Hades.

And if possible.

I was going to rob the Wacho Ship.

If you're going to stop the horrors of hell, you're going to need it.

Because of this, the wall of the Great Storm that was protecting the Demon King and the Horsemen was partly torn apart.

["Vigrid_??? 'opens the hidden name,' Durendal '. When I draw the beagrid in a slash, the wall bursts free. I will pour hell's cowardice into it and cover the boundaries of light.

About three of the horseman's men who remained over-0 muscles were swept away. King Sada, who was halfway past the pillar of imagery, stepped forward and ricocheted off the hellfire with zero pressure.

Going to rip the wavy line? While all this tension between the goddamned king of Gazata and the god of death and the demons kicks in.

Many of the horsemen can vanish beyond the winter veil.

It is the last time King Sada can only turn back.

The next time I see you. You. His face is distorted, severed from his left arm, taking considerable damage to prevent Hell's cowardice.

Die in my hands. And that concludes.

Huaa! The pillar of light disappeared, and so did King Satan and the Horsemen.

[Current decommissioning rate: 105%] [All areas of Calatus are released "follow the message.

All rankers and players, including the White Dragon, the Black Dragon, and the League of Lions, have attempted to escape.

To get out of this hellhole as soon as possible.


To bring you the news that Hae Bon Wing, known to be dead, is back from the dead.

He came back with a knife for revenge.

That blade is now under their chin, just to be quick about it, bang! After losing power, Calatus struggles to get his head to the ground.

[Named Boss Monster, "Chaos Floor Calatus has been defeated.] [You have successfully completed the Sudden Quest (Kill the Dragon).] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional public space is available.] [You have earned 300,000 Public Points.] [Earned 500,000 additional Public Lands.] [As compensation • • • • • • •.] [All trials have ended.] [Great Record Achieved.

Would you like to put your name on the Hall of Fame?] [You have declined registration.] [But even if it's not public, your achievements will be engraved deep into the tower, allowing you to toggle whether or not you want to register at any time.] [Do you want to go up to level 51? [Leave behind a message that fills the grinding retina and the corpse of Kalatus, which has already begun to move.]

I glanced at Tom's head as if it had fallen in front of him.

Either he struggled until the end, or his face was distorted. With this, all the nine children that the Summer Queen had left were dead, except for Waltz.

Next to him stood a man who had chased Tom to the end and returned from killing him.

A familiar face for Yeon-woo.

He smiles slightly and extends his bloodied hand forward.

“It's been a long time, Jungwoo.” • • • Leonhard. You were the commander of the phantom regiment? "