Second Life Ranker

6. Arthura (1)

The meeting with Lee/Onhart is shortly after his real ascent to Tal.

Pla/Ö/er, where the strange environment/everyone was observing the soy sauce-e/4 by himself and watching 7/P/as it was crumpled up/7/g/going away.

There were no specific/special/weeks to go from the pinenut impression to the/sun/.

Artiya's Simulator.

Or the great swordsman of Artia.

If you say hi Leonhard, it's a modifier that follows.

That's why he was nicknamed after his family.

There were many people who thought that Artia could grow so quickly because of him, who was equipped with humility, wisdom, and literacy.

And he thought the same thing.

No matter how much she started to give her name with her wings. There was a big difference between being a ranker and leading a clan.

In that way, he was able to run forward as much as he wanted without looking back, because Leonhart supported the inner circle behind him.

He was also able to do what he wanted because he was grateful to his brother who trusted him that much.

But the relationship between the two of them began to get confused, both inside and outside of Artia.

After his brother became nervous about addiction, Leonhart was unable to calm him down and gave up and left.

It was then that Arnia began to collapse rapidly.

After the person who had to become a pillar disappeared while the roof was shaking, it was hard to endure any longer.


Leonhard was the one who brought complex hearts to Yeongwoo.

0 0 00 0 I felt the clock was vibrating well with the body of his brother.

It means the same thing.

Unlike Bajal or Lient, who turned their backs directly, Leonhart was just tired of his brother, so there were a lot of factions to call treason and grudges.

Leonhart was trying to hold on to Artiya until just before he left.

To the best of his knowledge, he never did anything to harm Artyria after he left.

'But that didn't mean Jungwoo was there when he was so lonely.

I didn't just have a grudge, but I didn't lose my hatred for him.

Even if there's a reason.

No matter how cold you look.

Yeongwoo is the blood of Jungwoo. I had no choice but to have feelings for my brother.

This appearance of Leonardo Hart is an unwelcome sight.

• • • Also a lot of self-scissors. ”Leonhard reaches out for a handshake, but still smiles bitterly at his lonely hands.

“But I missed you so much.

Yeon-woo still said in a blunt voice.

“I heard you were committed to the sea of poetry.” “I was. But it didn't take long. It just came out.” Precisely after they found out you were dead. Leonardo Hart adds a hint and goes on.

“Isn't that my house?” “Everything was going wrong, and the traitors were running around saying they were good to each other, and the giant clans were staring at each other. Forget about the things I loved about you, like when.” Leonhart clenches his fist.

I felt a little anger on my face.

“That's why I wanted to make things right. I hid in the shadows and gathered my comrades one by one. And I realized later that you were having a hard time.” Yeon-woo still has no answer.

“Then all of a sudden, there was a lone wolf.” I'm a little enthusiastic about Leonheart's eyes.

“At first, I was looking for a way to embrace the idea that super luger had emerged. That's when I knew. That you're back." “You were wearing a mask.” “How can you not recognize it?

You can tell by the shape of your body or the look in your eyes. It was sharper, but it was natural. ”“ I still can't forget that moment. So I thought I'd look you up, but I don't know where to look.

I think I know why you hid your identity. So. "Leonhart lets out a long description, then takes a deep breath and slowly empowers the horse.

“I've been waiting for you to come up. When I showed up again, I thought Doug should be in power to give me strength.” Yeon-woo didn't say anything for a moment. I scoured Leonhard and Kreutz behind him, and the members of the phantom regiment, who were quite exhausted by the battle but still hadn't lost their speculation.

In the end, the phantom regiment was a knife.

A blade that Leonhard sharpened for revenge the other day.

Then, thinking that he had returned, he was greatly pleased and pounded to make the sword harder and sharper.

What do you think of the year? 'Since Leonhard started explaining, the clock hasn't been shaking as much, which means he's got a complicated mind.

Yeongwoo looks back at Leonhard's eyes. The eyes that were still hot were filled with gladness and sadness.

An opponent with a grudge, but no grudge.

The one who left his brother, but lived in his honor.

“But how did the disease get better? How did you defeat the poison in the first place? If you tell me what happened in the meantime, there is no deception in the behavior, emotions, speech, or anywhere that you can see it. Yongsin said it was all true.


Yeongwoo suddenly felt the urge to break her false expectations and misconceptions.

In any case, it was true that he couldn't stay by his brother's side until the end.

In fact, what my brother wanted was not an understanding or revenge.

Being by my side.

That's all there is to it. ”So Yeon-woo's mouth was still stiff.

When Yeonhart suddenly referred to 'Jungwoo' as the third person, he laughed deeply.

Later, I realized the hidden meaning of the word.

“Jungwoo is dead.” Leonhard's eyes widen.

“I think you're mistaken. Let me introduce myself again.

Yeongwoo looks at Leonhart's two violently shaking eyes and says,

my name is nature woo ”His voice was so cold.

“I am the twin brother of Jungwoo.” Rumors spread quickly along the tower.

Three incredible things that happened on the 50th floor.

The first of them, of course, caused the biggest blue,_the dead Haebon Wing is back! At one time, all the players who climbed the tower were idols, and they were called the Saviors against the tyranny of the giant clans and high ramkers.

However, he came back because he could not finish the banishment and had to fall on his wings.

Especially when it comes to the fact that he's been known recently as Super Luigi.

Everyone was so shocked that they couldn't say anything for a while.

Especially the fast-catching players were trembling with anticipation of the coming clouds.

He realized that there was going to be a great war.

And the second rumor blurred out their expectations, and the answer struck straight.

The death of food eater, dictator Magnus, and autumn monarch Tom.

Havon Wing is a beacon for his magnificent resurrection, and has shown a shocking status to kill three of the nine kings in the past.

I've been ranked sixth before.

At the time, he did not directly overthrow the 'kings'.

But this time, the story was different.

The last blade of revenge shows that there are no exceptions for 'kings'.

Especially since Queen Waltz and Archbishop of Spring ran away with one wing and one arm torn off, I couldn't say anything more.

Rather, some were even afraid.

The last time I tried the wings, they were always like the shining ocean, but now they were as dark and violent as the moon.

I had no idea how that blade was going to blow.

The destruction of the Dragon Temple, the third rumor, was also very bad.

The impact of the harbour wings was so great. The tower was held in silence for a while and had to kill its breath.

And I began to observe politely.

about where the resurrected Haven Wing blade will lead this time.

• • • How did it end up like this? ”The place where Yeongwoo and her group left.

Leonhart stands alone dazed, blindfolded.

Yeon-woo's words still did not leave my mind. That you're not the midnight friend you were looking for. The belief that had sustained him was shattered.


In fact, he had some expectations.

I wonder if someone with that much intelligence really believed in the resurrection.

At the time, Jung Woong was destined to die. The only one who came back climbed the tower while updating the 'new' record. It was the tower's rule to never revise the public values that had already been written, even if they could return to the stage.

In that sense, a lone wolf could never be a friend.


Just in case.

I thought there might be a miracle I didn't know about.

A world of mysteries and miraculous signs. He vaguely expected that there would be resurrection or resurrection.

So, maybe it was just a brief exercise in the fallopian tube.

When I heard that Kreutz was meeting a unique owner, I suddenly hid myself. I am afraid of what I will say if my faith is broken.

However, Sungagan's hope for this truth was shattered.

Yeong-woo, who called herself the twin brother of Jungwoo, left a few words behind.

- I can't thank you enough. It was Jungwoo's fault at the time. It's true you left Jungwoo's side after all.

Now that I've come to pay the cost, I can't collect spilled water.

Leonhart covers his face with his hands.

I'm still in my head. There was nothing good in my head anymore.

“Where will you go?” The masters who were watching over Leonhard opened their mouths cautiously.

In the thought of helping Yeon-woo, there was no need for the target to refuse.

The bitterness in Leonhard's mouth was young.

“Well, where do you think they're going? I have no idea. Gil 0," I wish someone would step up and teach me.

It was hard to lead someone. It was much easier to focus on my inner circle without thinking about it.

- So don't think you can outrun me. I might lose you first.

I don't even want to follow Yeongwoo. Her eyes started to look completely different, even though she was face of Jungwoo.

I can't help it.

Leonhart sighs deeply and sweeps his face down.

I'm only hesitating for a moment.

As soon as it is better outside, the wheels begin to roll. I couldn't stop anymore.

'I have to see the end.

Both the appetizer and the duc and the centerfold must have fallen into political panic, and the Lion Federation's placenta must have collapsed as it flew away.

Elohim, who was killed by Magnus and his seven armies, had little hope of collapsing due to his strong organizational system, but he could not escape his fate to be outnumbered.

The phantom regiment had to aim for this point.

Not just in the newborn clan, but to leap the tower into the smashing giant clan.

Even if Yeon-woo donates them.

There's not even a pile of swords in Leonhard's mind.

I'm trying to keep up appearances.

“Kreutz?" Leonhart looks back at Groitz in his own place, unlike the men following him.

“Soldier, I'm sorry, but that's all I have to do.” “X.O.! What's that?” “What are you talking about?” The first platoon members, as well as the other captains, look back at Groitz in astonishment. The welcome knights who followed him looked a little surprised, but soon they retreated and remained silent.

Leonhard stared at Groitz like that.

Under the helmet glowing in silver, there was an expression of remorse in Groitz's eyes, but the regrets were unwavering.


Leonhard smiles without knowing it.

“I've been around for almost a year. Looks like he just fell for the one-of-a-kind.

We're sorry.

“No. I just had a quick chat, but I was a friend who was charming enough: if Yeon-woo asked me to do it.

Maybe he wanted to be by his side. Leonhard thought so. The magic of catching Yeon-woo's people was that great. Much more than her sister, Jungwoo.

“Too bad, though. You and I spent some time together, and it was taken from us.” Leonhart grins and approaches Groitz with his hands outstretched.

“Still, the X.O. 's position is always compromised. Come back anytime." “Thank you for understanding.” Groitz lowers his head, zeroing for Leonhard.

“Do you know where to go = 1-?” Groitz reminds me of a place where Abraham gave me a sneak peek before the kitten left.

Vice President Laputa: Come there. You'd find it.

There is the old Clan House of Artiya.

“Well, that's a relief. I hope you win.” “I want the regiment commander to do what he wants. Let's go. Come on.

Following Kreutz's orders, the welcome knights summoned the unified Wyvern to board. Then slowly rises up and disappears in the direction that Yeouido moved.

Leonhart slowly turns to face the other way, standing still for a long time.

“We'll go back, too. But don't rush it.” Leonhart's eyes sank deeper.

“It's going to be a long night anyway. ”