Second Life Ranker

7. Artyria (2)

The capital of the bloodline, Castle Blood. "Your Highness, stop this." Somehow! "Ha, but • • • • • • •! It's dangerous this way. We have to get out of here." Stop it! Can't you hear me? ”Ah, yes, I understand!” The situation was urgent, so the messenger who came to ask for asylum eventually bowed his head and went back in horror.

It was always a meeting place under a solemn atmosphere, led by four ducs and 36 duchesses.

The hall was already too cluttered.

Emergency messengers and communication magic pouring in from everywhere.

Earls who move in haste and give their orders.

Barons, barons, and fugitives looked at them and pressed their temples halfway down on the throne, blinking their eyes, saying they would lose.

Where did I go wrong? After the catastrophe on the 50th floor, which began to be called "the Elimination of Blood" for those who already like to talk.

The heiress was able to return to the Gateway Blood, barely secured an escape route at the expense of the Grand Marquis.

But his escape was nothing more than a 71- hour bee. It was practically a failure.

His father, the emperor of food, died, and four ducs, the pillars of the bloodline, were killed. More than half of the people who were worthy of running the bloodline were killed in the bloody empire.

In fact, he led half a day of blood countryside.

The problem is not just there.

The invasion of the enemy was soon to follow.

Because of the monopoly. 'The dodo still could not forget the moment when the desired target turned into the enemy.

When the Dragon Labyrinth is opened and the players are scattered to their corners.

All the congregation members were betrayed by their own traitors, and when they wandered the streets, they said that it would be a misunderstanding of the cost.

If only we could go back to the way things were.

I wanted to tear all of his mouths that were talking nonsense.

Kung-Kung, Kung Wung! Just in time, Castle Blood shudders up and down once more.

The officials who were busy roaming the hall stopped walking and looked up at the ceiling with their faces soaked in fear: It was a shock from the outside, but they kept coming closer to the nature. 1-Ghououl1_When Castle Blood was shaken again.

“Your Highness! They have entered the stronghold. The Marquis of the Narbinger hurriedly opened the hall door, vomiting blood, to warn the enemy of their arrival.

The blood spilled from his pierced chest begins to dampen the carpet one day, and the death squad, surrounded by a thunder-black shadow, pours in. The Royal Guards try to stop them at all costs, but the line goes dark.

“How dare they do this to me?" Ugh! ”“ Don't stop it! ”The hall turns into a rubble all at once.

The Earl stands in the way, and the Earls fall with their blood on their hands, and the knights and soldiers' decapitated heads roll to the ground.

Since the birth of the bloodline, Blood Gasle has been occupied, which has not been allowed to fall from the thieves, even though it will undergo a coup.

As a proponent who has to witness moments of such humiliation. I really wanted to die.

Whether you know it or not.

The death squad, Nice Pluto, killed and absorbed souls into the collection, forcing those who surrendered to their knees.

Fast, fast. Across the center of the bloodbath, a shadowed helmet and armor slowly enter the inner sanctum.

The light under the helmet that was pressed down deeply was so fierce that anyone who saw it would shake his heart.

The pressure that the helmet felt from people above the duc class filled the hall with a sudden thunderstorm.

The helmet shook his shoulders, but managed to grip his teeth.

Not to come down from the throne to the end. It was the last thing he had left of his pride, rebellion.


Hey! There you are. The Palace of the Talented Blood? "Unlike the harsh attitude of the Shadow Knight, the words were somewhat hesitant. I looked around the inside of the palace filled with luxury and whistled.

How much do you want to sell a few of these here? My old man, you've been whining about dying of penniless money lately. "Then his gaze was firmly fixed on the helmet.

"I see good artifacts." Although the Infini1Reno site seemed to draw a slight arc, the helmet exposed thereto felt as if the whole body was frozen.

"Hey, kid." The dreary energy spreading from the Knight of Death approached the hatchet like Howling the Beast.

No, it was a bit of an insult in a way.

The emotion of the nobles who have been promoted to ordinary white seeds. It was the eyes of those 'barbarians' who did not know the long history and traditions of the bloodline and were hostile to themselves.

Why don't you come down from there with your eyes closed when you say something nice? "The Knight of Death, Sanon slams the floor, holding a sod breaker in his hand.

Knng! Kim scatters like a shadow.

Kneel down and squeeze your head. I made a mistake. I won't do it again. Forgive me. The bloodline will be blindly loyal to Artyria from now on, so, you know what? Will I look after you for a bit? "Arnie.

The word landed heavily.

The names of the defeated who had been torn to pieces in his heart a long time ago, come back here and tear them apart. • • Are you finally going to restore the clan? ”Is it a matter for you to decide from our great toughness 7? But now that you're back, recycling will be a matter of time. I don't think you have a problem with that. You're not going to kneel?" His voice was full of laughter. There was no way I couldn't read the flesh inside.

I've been seeing a lot of people since then. Although our human king is a bit like that, his body says he will let us in.

When? "The helmet chews its lower lip and looks around the hall.

The nobles and knights who were already on their knees, emptying their weapons, were looking down on themselves.

“No, Your Majesty! Bringing home our country to our enemies! We are ready to surrender to the end!” “The indignant nobles among whom should not surrender • • were picked up and questioned, but the founding Dis Pluto unhesitated to cut their strings.

Other nobles and knights trembled at the sight of it. Until just now, those who insisted on struggling to salivate seemed to be drenched with fear when death approached them.

They glanced at the helmet with pathetic eyes, slightly avoiding his gaze. + What about those who bravely boast on the front lines, the ordinary soldiers who are still struggling outside.

Should we save one more? "The helmet turned to live again. His eyes widen, but his pupils flutter steadily up and down.

• • Will you let me live on my knees? ”I've seen what you do." You said that they are precious people. Does it matter if we all die? Actually, we don't care. "Rather, the more victims, the merrier we are. More souls. That's what it says.

His footsteps tremble as he eventually had to slowly step off the throne.

“Your Highness!” Doubtful! Your Highness! "The nobles burst into tears, looking at that helmet. Some people told me not to, but I had to swallow tears as the blade of Nice Pluto got closer.

One step, one step.

Thus, the door opens slowly down the stairs from the throne to the hall, and stands in front of life.

Sanon was too big for him to look up to.

No, no matter how small the actual size difference was, if the person standing in front of him felt so small, how big would the dictator be that he defeated the Abnegation food court? "Kneel." The helmet knelt slowly with his head down.

Blow blood on your forehead and hit the ground a little harder. Bang! The woodpecker began to grind his forehead to the ground as he envisioned it. The skull was broken at once and the flesh was torn and it was covered in blood.

"Okay, and what do you say?" I'm sorry. ” I can't hear very well." Sorry! ”The voice that was sneaking in became the end.

“Even if you are angry, all the mistakes our female blood country made in Havon Wing and Artiya • • • • • • A mistake?" No. Forgive me, Bunny, for all the horrible things I have done. If you forgive me, the nations will never forget that grace, and they will be his servants and hands and feet. Please forgive me. "A single burst of tears echoes through the hall.

Bang! The helmet slams its head on the ground once more. The nobles had to look away from the sight.

Sanon slammed his head on the bloody floor and looked at the back of his head that he had no intention of raising his head.

I lowered my posture slowly and sprayed my lips against the ear of the helmet.

"Tsk, tsk! No. No, not hands and feet, but a dog.

Dog. Dog. Don't you know?

What? "" Again. "Yes." Ming Ming Yang "Haha! That's right. Now it tastes like shit." Sanon stood up as it blew up Paan Daeso. The more I painted, the sound of the do-gooder's bark grew with a lot of crying.

"Phew. I can't wait to save my underlings. That's it. Son of a bitch, I think we're done here. The head slowly raised his head, barely holding back the tears that were about to pour out.

Just this once, I'll take the humiliation out of your hands. I thought so. Not only were there glorious years throughout the long history of the bloodlines, but there was also a crisis of more nuance than there is now.

And each time, all the ancient kings escaped the crisis of wisdom and wisdom, keeping the vein of the country alive, and leaving the resurrection to future generations.

It was only a thousand years ago.

It was the same now. For the time being, no, as long as your notice continues, you will have to live as Artiya's dog.

It was something you only had to endure on your own terms. I came to my children's or grandchildren's medical school and firmly believed that I could somehow repay my current humiliation.

So when I lifted my head again with Sanan's permission, When I thought I could keep the country, I saw flashes flying down my neck. I was dumbfounded and couldn't understand it for a short while, so I opened my eyes.

"Ugh, idiot." From afar, you hear the murmuring of nobles and knights calling to you.

Did you really believe that? "Shhh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh." ”Yeon slept with her tongue looking at the helmet that cut her throat with a blank face through the mental sensation associated with Sanon.

Acting like you're gonna save my life, humiliating me, and at the end of the day, knitting me.

I told Living Blood Kingdom and Elohim to clean up after Hanoi, but I told them not to leave any of them behind, but to destroy them all.

But that's the way it is. I didn't have such a bad habit.

Use the rest of them, too. Sanon gives orders to Nice Pluto under his command and bursts into laughter.

Where did I learn to do this? I stopped communicating with Sanon again, saying nonsense, following the great teachings of our great King Sung.

Up in the sky.

There was a rich laputa floating, which I thought was definitely gone.

Even though I almost lost my ability to be a ray in the half-wave, there was something there that needed to be searched for by Yeonwoo.

Artia's clean house.

It was his turn to collect the last artifact he had left with Elixir.